Alcorn State vs. Prairie View Box Score, March 6, 2018

Southwest Athletic Conference Scores — Mar 6, 2018

ARPB 77  
SOU 62  
PVAM 87  
TXSO 90  
Alcorn State
Prairie View
March 6, 2018
William J. Nicks Building, Prairie View, Texas
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Alcorn State PTS   Score   PTS Prairie View
19:51Yalen Reed makes layup+22-0
19:51AJ Mosby assist2-0
19:292-0Dennis Jones misses layup
19:29Devon Brewer defensive rebound2-0
19:14Maurice Howard turnover2-0
19:112-0Zachary Hamilton steal
19:012-0Gary Blackston misses 2-point jump shot
19:01Alcorn State Braves defensive rebound2-0
18:34Maurice Howard makes 2-point jump shot+24-0
18:224-2+2JD Wallace makes layup
18:224-2Dennis Jones assist
18:05Troymain Crosby turnover4-2
18:054-2Iwin Ellis substitution in
18:054-2JD Wallace substitution out
18:044-2Troy Thompson steal
17:474-5+3Troy Thompson makes 3-point jump shot
17:474-5Gary Blackston assist
17:29Maurice Howard makes 3-point jump shot+37-5
17:29AJ Mosby assist7-5
17:097-5Zachary Hamilton misses 3-point jump shot
17:09AJ Mosby defensive rebound7-5
16:55Maurice Howard misses 3-point jump shot7-5
16:557-5Gary Blackston defensive rebound
16:45Yalen Reed foul7-5
16:457-6+1Gary Blackston makes free throw
16:457-7+1Gary Blackston makes free throw
16:457-7JD Wallace substitution in
16:457-7Iwin Ellis substitution out
16:32Yalen Reed misses 2-point jump shot7-7
16:327-7Zachary Hamilton defensive rebound
16:19Yalen Reed foul7-7
16:197-7JD Wallace misses free throw
16:197-7Prairie View Panthers deadball rebound
16:19Troymain Crosby defensive rebound7-7
16:19Dante Sterling substitution in7-7
16:19Yalen Reed substitution out7-7
16:06Troymain Crosby makes layup+29-7
15:459-10+3Gary Blackston makes 3-point jump shot
15:459-10Dennis Jones assist
15:25AJ Mosby makes 3-point jump shot+312-10
15:25Devon Brewer assist12-10
15:0712-10Dennis Jones misses 3-point jump shot
15:07AJ Mosby defensive rebound12-10
14:53Devon Brewer misses layup12-10
14:53Dante Sterling offensive rebound12-10
14:45Troymain Crosby makes layup+214-10
14:45Dante Sterling assist14-10
14:3514-12+2Gary Blackston makes layup
14:3514-12Dennis Jones assist
14:17Troymain Crosby turnover14-12
14:1214-12Shaquille Preston substitution in
14:1214-12Troy Thompson substitution out
14:0714-12Gary Blackston misses 3-point jump shot
14:0714-12Shaquille Preston offensive rebound
14:0114-12Shaquille Preston misses 2-point jump shot
14:01Devon Brewer defensive rebound14-12
13:51Devon Brewer turnover14-12
13:4914-12Gary Blackston steal
13:4114-14+2JD Wallace makes layup
13:4114-14Gary Blackston assist
13:21AJ Mosby turnover14-14
13:1914-14Dennis Jones steal
13:1714-16+2Dennis Jones makes layup
13:11Dante Sterling misses layup14-16
13:1114-16Zachary Hamilton defensive rebound
13:0214-16Zachary Hamilton misses 3-point jump shot
13:02Devon Brewer defensive rebound14-16
12:45Maurice Howard misses 2-point jump shot14-16
12:4514-16JD Wallace defensive rebound
12:3814-18+2Dennis Jones makes layup
12:18Tyler Carter substitution in14-18
12:18Devon Brewer substitution out14-18
12:1814-18Iwin Ellis substitution in
12:1814-18Zachary Hamilton substitution out
12:13Troymain Crosby turnover14-18
12:1114-18Zachary Hamilton substitution in
12:1114-18Troy Thompson substitution in
12:1114-18Shaquille Preston substitution out
12:1114-18Iwin Ellis substitution out
12:0014-18Prairie View Panthers full timeout
11:5114-18Troy Thompson turnover
11:49Maurice Howard steal14-18
11:42Tyler Carter misses layup14-18
11:4214-18JD Wallace shot block
11:35Troymain Crosby offensive rebound14-18
11:22Troymain Crosby makes layup+216-18
11:1116-18Zachary Hamilton misses layup
11:1116-18Zachary Hamilton offensive rebound
11:0616-20+2Zachary Hamilton makes layup
11:03Troymain Crosby foul16-20
11:0316-20Zachary Hamilton misses free throw
11:03AJ Mosby defensive rebound16-20
11:0316-20Iwin Ellis substitution in
11:0316-20Troy Thompson substitution out
10:5016-20Gary Blackston foul
10:37Tyler Carter misses 2-point jump shot16-20
10:3716-20Iwin Ellis defensive rebound
10:3616-20Troy Thompson substitution in
10:3616-20Iwin Ellis substitution out
10:2616-20Gary Blackston misses 3-point jump shot
10:2616-20Troy Thompson offensive rebound
10:2016-20Zachary Hamilton turnover
10:18AJ Mosby steal16-20
10:16AJ Mosby turnover16-20
10:14Devon Brewer substitution in16-20
10:14Tyler Carter substitution out16-20
09:5516-22+2Dennis Jones makes 2-point jump shot
09:38AJ Mosby misses 3-point jump shot16-22
09:3816-22JD Wallace defensive rebound
09:2916-24+2JD Wallace makes layup
09:2916-24Dennis Jones assist
09:15Dante Sterling misses layup16-24
09:1516-24Dennis Jones defensive rebound
09:0916-26+2Dennis Jones makes layup
09:05Alcorn State Braves 30-second timeout16-26
08:5516-26Shaquille Preston substitution in
08:5516-26Zachary Hamilton substitution out
08:54Devon Brewer makes layup+218-26
08:5118-26Iwin Ellis substitution in
08:5118-26Troy Thompson substitution out
08:3818-26Dennis Jones misses 3-point jump shot
08:38Maurice Howard defensive rebound18-26
08:3318-26Dennis Jones foul
08:19Maurice Howard turnover18-26
08:1618-26Shaquille Preston steal
08:1418-26Dennis Jones turnover
08:12Maurice Howard steal18-26
07:57Dante Sterling makes 2-point jump shot+220-26
07:57Maurice Howard assist20-26
07:3120-26Shaquille Preston misses 3-point jump shot
07:31Dante Sterling defensive rebound20-26
07:22Maurice Howard misses 3-point jump shot20-26
07:2220-26Prairie View Panthers defensive rebound
07:1220-26Media timeout
07:1220-26Zachary Hamilton substitution in
07:1220-26Iwin Ellis substitution out
07:10Kobe Wilson substitution in20-26
07:10Troymain Crosby substitution out20-26
07:1020-26Troy Thompson substitution in
07:1020-26Shaquille Preston substitution out
07:06Kobe Wilson foul20-26
07:0220-26Gary Blackston misses free throw
07:0220-26Prairie View Panthers deadball rebound
07:0220-27+1Gary Blackston makes free throw
06:46Kobe Wilson misses layup20-27
06:4620-27Troy Thompson defensive rebound
06:3920-30+3Troy Thompson makes 3-point jump shot
06:3920-30Dennis Jones assist
06:2520-30Zachary Hamilton foul
06:25Dante Sterling makes free throw+121-30
06:25Dante Sterling makes free throw+122-30
06:25Troymain Crosby substitution in22-30
06:25Maurice Howard substitution out22-30
06:0322-32+2Zachary Hamilton makes 2-point jump shot
06:0322-32Troy Thompson assist
05:5022-32Troy Thompson foul
05:50Tyler Carter substitution in22-32
05:50Kobe Wilson substitution out22-32
05:35Tyler Carter makes layup+224-32
05:35AJ Mosby assist24-32
05:1624-32Troy Thompson turnover
05:16Maurice Howard substitution in24-32
05:16AJ Mosby substitution out24-32
05:12Maurice Howard turnover24-32
05:1024-32Shaquille Preston steal
05:0424-34+2Shaquille Preston makes dunk
04:52Dante Sterling misses 3-point jump shot24-34
04:5224-34Zachary Hamilton defensive rebound
04:40Maurice Howard foul24-34
04:4024-34Dennis Jones misses free throw
04:4024-34Prairie View Panthers deadball rebound
04:4024-35+1Dennis Jones makes free throw
04:4024-35Iwin Ellis substitution in
04:4024-35Keion Alexander substitution in
04:4024-35Shaquille Preston substitution in
04:4024-35Troy Thompson substitution out
04:4024-35JD Wallace substitution out
04:4024-35Zachary Hamilton substitution out
04:37Dante Sterling misses 3-point jump shot24-35
04:37Dante Sterling offensive rebound24-35
04:33Maurice Howard turnover24-35
04:3024-35Shaquille Preston steal
04:2824-37+2Dennis Jones makes layup
04:2824-37Shaquille Preston assist
03:58Troymain Crosby makes layup+226-37
03:5826-37Shaquille Preston foul
03:58Media timeout26-37
03:58Troymain Crosby misses free throw26-37
03:5826-37Zachary Hamilton defensive rebound
03:5826-37Zachary Hamilton substitution in
03:5826-37JD Wallace substitution in
03:5826-37Iwin Ellis substitution out
03:5826-37Keion Alexander substitution out
03:5426-37Troy Thompson substitution in
03:5426-37Shaquille Preston substitution out
03:5126-37Gary Blackston misses layup
03:51Devon Brewer shot block26-37
03:4726-37Prairie View Panthers deadball rebound
03:3026-37Dennis Jones misses 3-point jump shot
03:30Devon Brewer defensive rebound26-37
03:16Troymain Crosby misses 2-point jump shot26-37
03:1626-37Dennis Jones defensive rebound
03:0726-37Zachary Hamilton misses 3-point jump shot
03:07Troymain Crosby defensive rebound26-37
02:47Troymain Crosby turnover26-37
02:2326-37Gary Blackston misses 3-point jump shot
02:23Alcorn State Braves defensive rebound26-37
02:13AJ Mosby turnover26-37
01:4826-37Dennis Jones misses 2-point jump shot
01:4826-37JD Wallace offensive rebound
01:4226-37Zachary Hamilton misses 3-point jump shot
01:42Tyler Carter defensive rebound26-37
01:2926-37Gary Blackston foul
01:29AJ Mosby misses free throw26-37
01:29Alcorn State Braves deadball rebound26-37
01:29AJ Mosby makes free throw+127-37
01:05Devon Brewer misses layup27-37
01:05Alcorn State Braves offensive rebound27-37
00:5927-37JD Wallace misses layup
00:59Troymain Crosby defensive rebound27-37
00:4227-37JD Wallace foul
00:42Maurice Howard misses free throw27-37
00:42Alcorn State Braves deadball rebound27-37
00:42Maurice Howard makes free throw+128-37
00:4128-37Dennis Jones turnover
00:39Tyler Carter steal28-37
00:37Troymain Crosby misses layup28-37
00:3528-37Zachary Hamilton shot block
00:33Devon Brewer offensive rebound28-37
00:31Devon Brewer makes layup+230-37
00:1030-37Gary Blackston turnover
00:07Maurice Howard steal30-37
00:05Alcorn State Braves 30-second timeout30-37
00:0530-37Shaquille Preston substitution in
00:0530-37Iwin Ellis substitution in
00:0530-37Zachary Hamilton substitution out
00:0530-37Gary Blackston substitution out
00:02Maurice Howard makes layup+232-37
Time   Alcorn State PTS   Score   PTS Prairie View
19:46AJ Mosby makes 3-point jump shot+335-37
19:46Yalen Reed assist35-37
19:26Yalen Reed foul35-37
19:1735-39+2Dennis Jones makes 2-point jump shot
19:17Tyler Carter substitution in35-39
19:17Yalen Reed substitution out35-39
19:04Troymain Crosby makes layup+237-39
18:5337-42+3Troy Thompson makes 3-point jump shot
18:5337-42Dennis Jones assist
18:43AJ Mosby makes layup+239-42
18:2539-42Troy Thompson misses 3-point jump shot
18:25AJ Mosby defensive rebound39-42
18:04AJ Mosby makes 2-point jump shot+241-42
17:4541-42Zachary Hamilton turnover
17:42Troymain Crosby steal41-42
17:40Maurice Howard makes layup+243-42
17:40Troymain Crosby assist43-42
17:2643-42Zachary Hamilton misses 2-point jump shot
17:26Devon Brewer defensive rebound43-42
17:17Maurice Howard turnover43-42
16:5343-42Dennis Jones misses 2-point jump shot
16:53Devon Brewer defensive rebound43-42
16:36Tyler Carter turnover43-42
16:3243-42Dennis Jones steal
16:2943-44+2Gary Blackston makes layup
16:2943-44Dennis Jones assist
16:10Maurice Howard makes layup+245-44
16:10Tyler Carter assist45-44
15:52Tyler Carter foul45-44
15:5045-44Media timeout
15:5045-45+1Zachary Hamilton makes free throw
15:5045-46+1Zachary Hamilton makes free throw
15:5045-47+1Zachary Hamilton makes free throw
15:5045-47Iwin Ellis substitution in
15:5045-47Shaquille Preston substitution in
15:5045-47Troy Thompson substitution out
15:5045-47Zachary Hamilton substitution out
15:32AJ Mosby makes layup+247-47
15:0847-47Gary Blackston misses 2-point jump shot
15:0847-47JD Wallace offensive rebound
15:0247-47JD Wallace misses layup
15:02Troymain Crosby defensive rebound47-47
14:59Troymain Crosby turnover47-47
14:5947-47Zachary Hamilton substitution in
14:5947-47Austin Starr substitution in
14:5947-47Iwin Ellis substitution out
14:5947-47Shaquille Preston substitution out
14:3547-49+2JD Wallace makes layup
14:3547-49Dennis Jones assist
14:1947-49Gary Blackston foul
14:18Yalen Reed substitution in47-49
14:18Dante Sterling substitution in47-49
14:18Tyler Carter substitution out47-49
14:18Devon Brewer substitution out47-49
14:1847-49Shaquille Preston substitution in
14:1847-49Zachary Hamilton substitution out
14:08AJ Mosby misses 2-point jump shot47-49
14:0847-49JD Wallace defensive rebound
14:0047-49Zachary Hamilton substitution in
14:0047-49Shaquille Preston substitution out
13:5447-51+2Gary Blackston makes 2-point jump shot
13:5447-51Dennis Jones assist
13:4847-51Shaquille Preston substitution in
13:4847-51Zachary Hamilton substitution out
13:41Troymain Crosby misses layup47-51
13:4147-51Shaquille Preston shot block
13:3847-51JD Wallace defensive rebound
13:11Maurice Howard foul47-51
13:1147-51Zachary Hamilton substitution in
13:1147-51Austin Starr substitution out
13:0247-53+2Shaquille Preston makes layup
13:0247-53Dennis Jones assist
12:52Maurice Howard misses 3-point jump shot47-53
12:5247-53JD Wallace defensive rebound
12:3447-53Shaquille Preston foul
12:1747-53Shaquille Preston misses 3-point jump shot
12:17Alcorn State Braves defensive rebound47-53
12:10Dante Sterling makes 3-point jump shot+350-53
12:10Maurice Howard assist50-53
11:5350-53Iwin Ellis substitution in
11:5350-53Zachary Hamilton substitution out
11:4850-55+2JD Wallace makes layup
11:4850-55Dennis Jones assist
11:41Yalen Reed foul50-55
11:3250-55Media timeout
11:3250-55JD Wallace misses free throw
11:32Dante Sterling defensive rebound50-55
11:15Dante Sterling misses 2-point jump shot50-55
11:1550-55JD Wallace defensive rebound
11:0650-55Dennis Jones misses layup
11:06AJ Mosby defensive rebound50-55
11:03Dante Sterling makes layup+252-55
11:03AJ Mosby assist52-55
10:5852-55Shaquille Preston foul
10:58Dante Sterling misses free throw52-55
10:5852-55JD Wallace defensive rebound
10:5852-55Troy Thompson substitution in
10:5852-55Zachary Hamilton substitution in
10:5852-55Shaquille Preston substitution out
10:5852-55Iwin Ellis substitution out
10:2952-55Dennis Jones misses 3-point jump shot
10:29Devon Brewer defensive rebound52-55
10:26Devon Brewer turnover52-55
10:2052-58+3Troy Thompson makes 3-point jump shot
10:2052-58Dennis Jones assist
09:56Troymain Crosby misses layup52-58
09:5652-58Zachary Hamilton defensive rebound
09:4352-60+2Zachary Hamilton makes 2-point jump shot
09:4352-60Dennis Jones assist
09:2352-60Prairie View Panthers 30-second timeout
09:2352-60Iwin Ellis substitution in
09:2352-60Shaquille Preston substitution in
09:2352-60Troy Thompson substitution out
09:2352-60Zachary Hamilton substitution out
09:14Troymain Crosby makes layup+254-60
08:41Devon Brewer foul54-60
08:4154-60Troy Thompson substitution in
08:4154-60Zachary Hamilton substitution in
08:4154-60Iwin Ellis substitution out
08:4154-60Shaquille Preston substitution out
08:3254-60Zachary Hamilton misses 2-point jump shot
08:32Troymain Crosby defensive rebound54-60
08:27Troymain Crosby turnover54-60
08:1154-60Dennis Jones misses layup
08:11Devon Brewer shot block54-60
08:0954-60Prairie View Panthers offensive rebound
08:0254-63+3Gary Blackston makes 3-point jump shot
07:41Dante Sterling misses 3-point jump shot54-63
07:41Troymain Crosby offensive rebound54-63
07:35Troymain Crosby makes layup+256-63
07:20AJ Mosby foul56-63
07:20Media timeout56-63
07:2056-64+1Troy Thompson makes free throw
07:2056-64Shaquille Preston substitution in
07:2056-64Iwin Ellis substitution in
07:2056-64Troy Thompson substitution out
07:2056-64Zachary Hamilton substitution out
07:1556-67+3Troy Thompson makes 3-point jump shot
07:1556-67Dennis Jones assist
07:00Troymain Crosby makes layup+258-67
06:3258-70+3Dennis Jones makes 3-point jump shot
06:3258-70Gary Blackston assist
06:19Maurice Howard misses 3-point jump shot58-70
06:1958-70Shaquille Preston defensive rebound
06:15Troymain Crosby foul58-70
06:1558-70Zachary Hamilton substitution in
06:1558-70Troy Thompson substitution in
06:1558-70Shaquille Preston substitution out
06:1558-70Iwin Ellis substitution out
05:5258-70Dennis Jones turnover
05:50Dante Sterling steal58-70
05:47Dante Sterling makes layup+260-70
05:1960-72+2JD Wallace makes layup
05:1960-72Zachary Hamilton assist
05:08AJ Mosby misses 2-point jump shot60-72
05:0860-72Zachary Hamilton defensive rebound
04:4260-72Dennis Jones misses layup
04:4260-72JD Wallace offensive rebound
04:3360-72Gary Blackston misses 3-point jump shot
04:33Troymain Crosby defensive rebound60-72
04:27AJ Mosby misses 3-point jump shot60-72
04:2760-72Troy Thompson defensive rebound
04:0260-72Dennis Jones misses layup
04:02Dante Sterling defensive rebound60-72
03:5560-72Zachary Hamilton foul
03:55Media timeout60-72
03:55Dante Sterling makes free throw+161-72
03:55Dante Sterling makes free throw+162-72
03:55James Stokes substitution in62-72
03:55Dante Sterling substitution out62-72
03:49James Stokes foul62-72
03:4862-73+1Gary Blackston makes free throw
03:4862-74+1Gary Blackston makes free throw
03:48Dante Sterling substitution in62-74
03:48James Stokes substitution out62-74
03:4862-74Shaquille Preston substitution in
03:4862-74Iwin Ellis substitution in
03:4862-74Zachary Hamilton substitution out
03:4862-74Troy Thompson substitution out
03:3362-74Iwin Ellis foul
03:31Dante Sterling makes free throw+163-74
03:31Dante Sterling makes free throw+164-74
03:31James Stokes substitution in64-74
03:31Dante Sterling substitution out64-74
03:3164-74Troy Thompson substitution in
03:3164-74Zachary Hamilton substitution in
03:3164-74Shaquille Preston substitution out
03:3164-74Iwin Ellis substitution out
03:1164-76+2Zachary Hamilton makes layup
03:10Troymain Crosby foul64-76
03:1064-77+1Zachary Hamilton makes free throw
03:10Alcorn State Braves foul64-77
03:1064-78+1Gary Blackston makes free throw
03:1064-79+1Gary Blackston makes free throw
03:1064-79Iwin Ellis substitution in
03:1064-79Zachary Hamilton substitution out
02:47Dante Sterling misses 2-point jump shot64-79
02:47Troymain Crosby offensive rebound64-79
02:4264-79Shaquille Preston foul
02:42Troymain Crosby misses free throw64-79
02:42Alcorn State Braves deadball rebound64-79
02:42Troymain Crosby makes free throw+165-79
02:3765-81+2JD Wallace makes dunk
02:3765-81Troy Thompson assist
02:2765-81Zachary Hamilton foul
02:25James Stokes misses free throw65-81
02:2565-81Troy Thompson defensive rebound
02:25Devon Brewer substitution in65-81
02:25Yalen Reed substitution out65-81
02:1065-83+2Gary Blackston makes layup
01:59Maurice Howard misses 3-point jump shot65-83
01:59Troymain Crosby offensive rebound65-83
01:50Troymain Crosby misses layup65-83
01:5065-83JD Wallace shot block
01:4265-83JD Wallace defensive rebound
01:3065-83Dennis Jones misses 3-point jump shot
01:29Troymain Crosby defensive rebound65-83
01:29Dante Sterling substitution in65-83
01:29James Stokes substitution out65-83
01:2965-83Zachary Hamilton substitution in
01:2965-83Iwin Ellis substitution out
01:27Maurice Howard makes layup+267-83
01:2767-83Zachary Hamilton foul
01:27AJ Mosby makes free throw+168-83
01:2268-85+2JD Wallace makes dunk
01:2268-85Troy Thompson assist
01:1868-85JD Wallace foul
01:12Kobe Wilson misses free throw68-85
01:12Alcorn State Braves deadball rebound68-85
01:1268-85Zachary Hamilton defensive rebound
01:0768-87+2Troy Thompson makes dunk
01:0768-87Zachary Hamilton assist
00:4868-87JD Wallace foul
00:48Maurice Howard misses free throw68-87
00:48Alcorn State Braves deadball rebound68-87
00:48Maurice Howard makes free throw+169-87
00:4869-87Juan Hood substitution in
00:4869-87Jordan Lumpkins substitution in
00:4869-87Austin Starr substitution in
00:4869-87Xavier Eaglin substitution in
00:4869-87Troy Thompson substitution out
00:4869-87Gary Blackston substitution out
00:4869-87Dennis Jones substitution out
00:4869-87JD Wallace substitution out
00:2569-87Juan Hood turnover
00:13AJ Mosby misses 3-point jump shot69-87
00:13Alcorn State Braves offensive rebound69-87
00:07Kobe Wilson makes layup+271-87

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