Austin Peay vs. Belmont Box Score, March 2, 2018

Ohio Valley Conference Scores — Mar 2, 2018

MURR 70  
BELM 94  
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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Austin Peay PTS   Score   PTS Belmont
19:46Averyl Ugba turnover0-0
19:360-0Dylan Windler turnover
19:35Dayton Gumm steal0-0
19:30Dayton Gumm turnover0-0
19:220-0Kevin Mcclain turnover
19:21Dayton Gumm steal0-0
19:16Dayton Gumm misses layup0-0
19:160-0Amanze Egekeze shot block
19:140-0Amanze Egekeze defensive rebound
19:09+22-0Tyler Hadden makes layup
18:44Averyl Ugba misses 2-point jump shot2-0
18:442-0Kevin Mcclain defensive rebound
18:34+35-0Amanze Egekeze makes 3-point jump shot
18:345-0Kevin Mcclain assist
18:17Averyl Ugba turnover5-0
18:17Zach Glotta substitution in5-0
18:17Dayton Gumm substitution out5-0
18:095-0Kevin Mcclain turnover
18:07Zach Glotta steal5-0
17:50Chris Porter-Bunton turnover5-0
17:495-0Dylan Windler steal
17:385-0Kevin Mcclain misses 3-point jump shot
17:385-0Kevin Mcclain offensive rebound
17:325-0Austin Luke misses 3-point jump shot
17:325-0Dylan Windler offensive rebound
17:14+27-0Tyler Hadden makes 2-point jump shot
17:147-0Dylan Windler assist
17:13Austin Peay Governors 30-second timeout7-0
17:13Richard Henderson substitution in7-0
17:13Averyl Ugba substitution out7-0
16:51Zach Glotta misses 2-point jump shot7-0
16:517-0Austin Luke defensive rebound
16:437-0Austin Luke misses 3-point jump shot
16:43Terry Taylor defensive rebound7-0
16:41Terry Taylor turnover7-0
16:41Steve Harris substitution in7-0
16:41Tre' Ivory substitution out7-0
16:33Chris Porter-Bunton foul7-0
16:24+29-0Tyler Hadden makes layup
16:249-0Austin Luke assist
16:10Richard Henderson misses 2-point jump shot9-0
16:109-0Amanze Egekeze defensive rebound
16:00Richard Henderson foul9-0
16:009-0Media timeout
16:00+110-0Tyler Hadden makes free throw
16:00+111-0Tyler Hadden makes free throw
16:00Averyl Ugba substitution in11-0
16:00Richard Henderson substitution out11-0
15:44Steve Harris misses 2-point jump shot11-0
15:44Terry Taylor offensive rebound11-0
15:41Terry Taylor misses 2-point jump shot11-0
15:4111-0Belmont Bruins defensive rebound
15:29+213-0Tyler Hadden makes layup
15:2913-0Kevin Mcclain assist
15:2313-0Tyler Hadden foul
15:23Tre' Ivory substitution in13-0
15:23Chris Porter-Bunton substitution out13-0
15:14Averyl Ugba makes 2-point jump shot13-2+2
15:14Steve Harris assist13-2
14:5613-2Dylan Windler turnover
14:26Zach Glotta misses 3-point jump shot13-2
14:26Steve Harris offensive rebound13-2
14:2613-2Amanze Egekeze foul
14:19Steve Harris makes 2-point jump shot13-4+2
14:19Tre' Ivory assist13-4
14:0513-4Kevin Mcclain turnover
14:04Terry Taylor steal13-4
13:58Zach Glotta misses 3-point jump shot13-4
13:5813-4Dylan Windler defensive rebound
13:46+316-4Austin Luke makes 3-point jump shot
13:36Terry Taylor misses 2-point jump shot16-4
13:36Averyl Ugba offensive rebound16-4
13:3516-4Amanze Egekeze foul
13:35Chris Porter-Bunton substitution in16-4
13:35Terry Taylor substitution out16-4
13:3516-4Burton Sampson substitution in
13:3516-4Mack Mercer substitution in
13:3516-4Tyler Hadden substitution out
13:3516-4Amanze Egekeze substitution out
13:25Steve Harris makes 2-point jump shot16-6+2
13:1216-6Kevin Mcclain misses 3-point jump shot
13:1216-6Belmont Bruins offensive rebound
13:10Dayton Gumm substitution in16-6
13:10Zach Glotta substitution out16-6
13:0116-6Austin Luke misses 3-point jump shot
13:0116-6Mack Mercer offensive rebound
13:00Steve Harris foul16-6
12:51Steve Harris foul16-6
12:51Terry Taylor substitution in16-6
12:51Steve Harris substitution out16-6
12:49Averyl Ugba foul16-6
12:4916-6Tyler Hadden substitution in
12:4916-6Burton Sampson substitution out
12:3216-6Kevin Mcclain misses layup
12:32Terry Taylor defensive rebound16-6
12:25Dayton Gumm misses 3-point jump shot16-6
12:2516-6Belmont Bruins defensive rebound
12:17Chris Porter-Bunton foul16-6
12:17Zach Glotta substitution in16-6
12:17Chris Porter-Bunton substitution out16-6
12:0616-6Kevin Mcclain turnover
12:06Zach Glotta steal16-6
11:50Zach Glotta misses 3-point jump shot16-6
11:5016-6Austin Luke defensive rebound
11:35+218-6Austin Luke makes layup
11:22Terry Taylor makes 2-point jump shot18-8+2
11:06+220-8Austin Luke makes layup
10:58Tre' Ivory makes 2-point jump shot20-10+2
10:3720-10Tyler Hadden misses 3-point jump shot
10:37Dayton Gumm defensive rebound20-10
10:27Terry Taylor makes 3-point jump shot20-13+3
10:27Tre' Ivory assist20-13
10:05+222-13Dylan Windler makes layup
09:53Media timeout22-13
09:53Acoydan Mccarthy substitution in22-13
09:53Tre' Ivory substitution out22-13
09:3822-13Kevin Mcclain foul
09:38Dayton Gumm misses free throw22-13
09:38Austin Peay Governors deadball rebound22-13
09:38Dayton Gumm misses free throw22-13
09:3822-13Dylan Windler defensive rebound
09:29+224-13Mack Mercer makes layup
09:2924-13Austin Luke assist
09:14Acoydan Mccarthy misses 2-point jump shot24-13
09:1424-13Kevin Mcclain defensive rebound
09:08Terry Taylor foul24-13
09:08+125-13Tyler Hadden makes free throw
09:08+126-13Tyler Hadden makes free throw
08:5426-13Dylan Windler foul
08:54Averyl Ugba makes free throw26-14+1
08:54Averyl Ugba makes free throw26-15+1
08:29+228-15Mack Mercer makes dunk
08:2928-15Austin Luke assist
08:2228-15Mack Mercer foul
08:22Tre' Ivory substitution in28-15
08:22Acoydan Mccarthy substitution out28-15
08:06Terry Taylor misses 2-point jump shot28-15
08:0628-15Dylan Windler defensive rebound
07:4928-15Kevin Mcclain turnover
07:48Terry Taylor steal28-15
07:39Terry Taylor misses 3-point jump shot28-15
07:3928-15Dylan Windler defensive rebound
07:1928-15Austin Luke turnover
07:19Media timeout28-15
07:1928-15Burton Sampson substitution in
07:1928-15Kevin Mcclain substitution out
07:05Zach Glotta makes 3-point jump shot28-18+3
07:05Tre' Ivory assist28-18
06:37+331-18Austin Luke makes 3-point jump shot
06:28Averyl Ugba turnover31-18
06:1031-18Burton Sampson turnover
05:45Averyl Ugba makes 2-point jump shot31-20+2
05:45Tre' Ivory assist31-20
05:2831-20Austin Luke misses 3-point jump shot
05:28Terry Taylor defensive rebound31-20
05:12Terry Taylor makes 2-point jump shot31-22+2
05:12Zach Glotta assist31-22
04:4331-22Dylan Windler misses 2-point jump shot
04:43Austin Peay Governors defensive rebound31-22
04:4231-22Seth Adelsperger substitution in
04:4231-22Kevin Mcclain substitution in
04:4231-22Mack Mercer substitution out
04:4231-22Burton Sampson substitution out
04:25Zach Glotta misses 3-point jump shot31-22
04:25Terry Taylor offensive rebound31-22
04:2031-22Kevin Mcclain foul
04:20Terry Taylor makes free throw31-23+1
04:20Terry Taylor makes free throw31-24+1
04:07+233-24Dylan Windler makes dunk
04:0733-24Austin Luke assist
04:07Zach Glotta foul33-24
04:07+134-24Burton Sampson makes free throw
04:0734-24Burton Sampson substitution in
04:0734-24Dylan Windler substitution out
03:51Averyl Ugba makes 3-point jump shot34-27+3
03:51Tre' Ivory assist34-27
03:3434-27Austin Luke misses 3-point jump shot
03:34Averyl Ugba defensive rebound34-27
03:26Dayton Gumm misses 3-point jump shot34-27
03:26Zach Glotta offensive rebound34-27
03:21Terry Taylor makes 3-point jump shot34-30+3
03:21Zach Glotta assist34-30
02:56+236-30Kevin Mcclain makes layup
02:56Tre' Ivory foul36-30
02:5636-30Media timeout
02:56+137-30Kevin Mcclain makes free throw
02:5637-30Dylan Windler substitution in
02:5637-30Burton Sampson substitution out
02:36Austin Peay Governors 30-second timeout37-30
02:3637-30Burton Sampson substitution in
02:3637-30Kevin Mcclain substitution out
02:34Zach Glotta misses 3-point jump shot37-30
02:3437-30Dylan Windler defensive rebound
02:14+239-30Seth Adelsperger makes layup
02:1439-30Austin Luke assist
02:05Tre' Ivory misses 2-point jump shot39-30
02:05Averyl Ugba offensive rebound39-30
02:0239-30Dylan Windler foul
02:02Averyl Ugba makes free throw39-31+1
02:02Averyl Ugba makes free throw39-32+1
01:43+241-32Dylan Windler makes dunk
01:4341-32Austin Luke assist
01:31Averyl Ugba misses 2-point jump shot41-32
01:3141-32Dylan Windler defensive rebound
01:17+243-32Seth Adelsperger makes dunk
01:1743-32Austin Luke assist
00:57Dayton Gumm misses 2-point jump shot43-32
00:5743-32Dylan Windler shot block
00:5543-32Austin Luke defensive rebound
00:46+245-32Tyler Hadden makes layup
00:4645-32Austin Luke assist
00:45Austin Peay Governors 30-second timeout45-32
00:45Steve Harris substitution in45-32
00:45Dayton Gumm substitution out45-32
00:4545-32Michael Benkert substitution in
00:4545-32Dylan Windler substitution out
00:34Steve Harris makes 2-point jump shot45-34+2
00:1745-34Belmont Bruins 30-second timeout
00:17Dayton Gumm substitution in45-34
00:17Steve Harris substitution out45-34
00:1745-34Dylan Windler substitution in
00:1745-34Michael Benkert substitution out
00:0245-34Austin Luke turnover
00:01Terry Taylor steal45-34
Time   Austin Peay PTS   Score   PTS Belmont
20:00Steve Harris substitution in45-34
20:00Dayton Gumm substitution out45-34
20:0045-34Burton Sampson substitution in
20:0045-34Kevin Mcclain substitution out
19:32+348-34Austin Luke makes 3-point jump shot
19:19Chris Porter-Bunton makes 2-point jump shot48-36+2
19:07+351-36Amanze Egekeze makes 3-point jump shot
19:0751-36Austin Luke assist
18:57Averyl Ugba makes layup51-38+2
18:57Tre' Ivory assist51-38
18:4251-38Austin Luke misses layup
18:4251-38Burton Sampson offensive rebound
18:3751-38Austin Luke misses 3-point jump shot
18:37Chris Porter-Bunton defensive rebound51-38
18:23Terry Taylor makes 2-point jump shot51-40+2
18:2351-40Tyler Hadden foul
18:23Terry Taylor makes free throw51-41+1
18:07+354-41Amanze Egekeze makes 3-point jump shot
18:0754-41Dylan Windler assist
17:54Steve Harris misses 2-point jump shot54-41
17:54Averyl Ugba offensive rebound54-41
17:5354-41Tyler Hadden foul
17:5354-41Mack Mercer substitution in
17:5354-41Tyler Hadden substitution out
17:46Chris Porter-Bunton makes 2-point jump shot54-43+2
17:46Tre' Ivory assist54-43
17:25+357-43Amanze Egekeze makes 3-point jump shot
17:2557-43Austin Luke assist
17:25Steve Harris foul57-43
17:25+158-43Amanze Egekeze makes free throw
17:25Zach Glotta substitution in58-43
17:25Steve Harris substitution out58-43
17:12Terry Taylor turnover58-43
16:58Tre' Ivory foul58-43
16:58Dayton Gumm substitution in58-43
16:58Tre' Ivory substitution out58-43
16:4958-43Dylan Windler misses 2-point jump shot
16:49Terry Taylor defensive rebound58-43
16:29Chris Porter-Bunton misses 3-point jump shot58-43
16:29Dayton Gumm offensive rebound58-43
16:2358-43Austin Luke foul
16:11Zach Glotta makes 3-point jump shot58-46+3
15:48Dayton Gumm foul58-46
15:4858-46Media timeout
15:48Steve Harris substitution in58-46
15:48Chris Porter-Bunton substitution out58-46
15:4358-46Dylan Windler foul
15:4358-46Dylan Windler turnover
15:32Terry Taylor makes 2-point jump shot58-48+2
15:1858-48Austin Luke misses layup
15:18Terry Taylor shot block58-48
15:17Terry Taylor defensive rebound58-48
15:09Steve Harris turnover58-48
14:51+361-48Amanze Egekeze makes 3-point jump shot
14:5161-48Austin Luke assist
14:38Steve Harris makes 2-point jump shot61-50+2
14:18+364-50Amanze Egekeze makes 3-point jump shot
14:1864-50Dylan Windler assist
14:04Dayton Gumm makes 3-point jump shot64-53+3
14:04Steve Harris assist64-53
13:4264-53Austin Luke misses 3-point jump shot
13:42Averyl Ugba defensive rebound64-53
13:35Zach Glotta makes 3-point jump shot64-56+3
13:2564-56Belmont Bruins 30-second timeout
13:25Chris Porter-Bunton substitution in64-56
13:25Averyl Ugba substitution out64-56
13:2564-56Tyler Hadden substitution in
13:2564-56Mack Mercer substitution out
13:13+367-56Amanze Egekeze makes 3-point jump shot
13:1367-56Dylan Windler assist
13:0367-56Burton Sampson foul
13:03Steve Harris makes free throw67-57+1
13:03Steve Harris misses free throw67-57
13:0367-57Dylan Windler defensive rebound
12:4867-57Amanze Egekeze foul
12:4867-57Amanze Egekeze turnover
12:37Steve Harris misses 2-point jump shot67-57
12:3767-57Tyler Hadden defensive rebound
12:36Chris Porter-Bunton foul67-57
12:25+269-57Dylan Windler makes layup
12:07Chris Porter-Bunton misses 2-point jump shot69-57
12:0769-57Austin Luke defensive rebound
12:01Chris Porter-Bunton foul69-57
12:01Averyl Ugba substitution in69-57
12:01Chris Porter-Bunton substitution out69-57
11:57+372-57Amanze Egekeze makes 3-point jump shot
11:5772-57Austin Luke assist
11:42Zach Glotta misses 3-point jump shot72-57
11:42Dayton Gumm offensive rebound72-57
11:33Averyl Ugba makes 3-point jump shot72-60+3
11:33Zach Glotta assist72-60
11:15+274-60Austin Luke makes 2-point jump shot
11:0874-60Tyler Hadden foul
11:08Media timeout74-60
11:08Averyl Ugba makes free throw74-61+1
11:08Averyl Ugba makes free throw74-62+1
11:0874-62Michael Benkert substitution in
11:0874-62Seth Adelsperger substitution in
11:0874-62Tyler Hadden substitution out
11:0874-62Burton Sampson substitution out
10:4174-62Seth Adelsperger misses layup
10:4174-62Seth Adelsperger offensive rebound
10:3174-62Austin Luke misses 2-point jump shot
10:31Averyl Ugba defensive rebound74-62
10:08Dayton Gumm misses 3-point jump shot74-62
10:08Averyl Ugba offensive rebound74-62
10:0574-62Seth Adelsperger foul
10:05Averyl Ugba misses free throw74-62
10:05Austin Peay Governors deadball rebound74-62
10:05Averyl Ugba makes free throw74-63+1
10:0574-63Burton Sampson substitution in
10:0574-63Michael Benkert substitution out
09:47+276-63Dylan Windler makes dunk
09:4776-63Austin Luke assist
09:31Averyl Ugba misses 2-point jump shot76-63
09:3176-63Dylan Windler defensive rebound
09:17Zach Glotta foul76-63
09:02+379-63Amanze Egekeze makes 3-point jump shot
09:0279-63Dylan Windler assist
08:51Zach Glotta misses 3-point jump shot79-63
08:5179-63Dylan Windler defensive rebound
08:2379-63Austin Luke misses 2-point jump shot
08:2379-63Amanze Egekeze offensive rebound
08:05+281-63Austin Luke makes layup
07:5681-63Seth Adelsperger foul
07:56Media timeout81-63
07:56Dayton Gumm makes free throw81-64+1
07:56Dayton Gumm misses free throw81-64
07:5681-64Burton Sampson defensive rebound
07:56Chris Porter-Bunton substitution in81-64
07:56Averyl Ugba substitution out81-64
07:5681-64Mack Mercer substitution in
07:5681-64Seth Adelsperger substitution out
07:37Terry Taylor foul81-64
07:37+182-64Burton Sampson makes free throw
07:37+183-64Burton Sampson makes free throw
07:37Averyl Ugba substitution in83-64
07:37Dayton Gumm substitution out83-64
07:26Averyl Ugba misses 3-point jump shot83-64
07:2683-64Mack Mercer defensive rebound
07:1383-64Amanze Egekeze misses 3-point jump shot
07:1383-64Mack Mercer offensive rebound
06:48+285-64Dylan Windler makes dunk
06:29Chris Porter-Bunton misses layup85-64
06:2985-64Mack Mercer defensive rebound
06:24Dayton Gumm substitution in85-64
06:24Steve Harris substitution out85-64
06:1285-64Austin Luke misses layup
06:12Dayton Gumm defensive rebound85-64
06:03Terry Taylor makes 3-point jump shot85-67+3
06:03Chris Porter-Bunton assist85-67
05:4585-67Amanze Egekeze misses 3-point jump shot
05:45Terry Taylor defensive rebound85-67
05:34Averyl Ugba makes layup85-69+2
05:34Zach Glotta assist85-69
05:33Austin Peay Governors full timeout85-69
05:33Steve Harris substitution in85-69
05:33Chris Porter-Bunton substitution out85-69
05:22Steve Harris foul85-69
05:22+186-69Dylan Windler makes free throw
05:22+187-69Dylan Windler makes free throw
04:51Zach Glotta misses 2-point jump shot87-69
04:5187-69Mack Mercer defensive rebound
04:2787-69Austin Luke misses 3-point jump shot
04:2787-69Belmont Bruins offensive rebound
04:25Chris Porter-Bunton substitution in87-69
04:25Steve Harris substitution out87-69
04:1987-69Dylan Windler foul
04:1987-69Dylan Windler turnover
04:1987-69Michael Benkert substitution in
04:1987-69Dylan Windler substitution out
04:1387-69Burton Sampson foul
04:13Chris Porter-Bunton makes free throw87-70+1
04:13Chris Porter-Bunton misses free throw87-70
04:1387-70Amanze Egekeze defensive rebound
04:13Averyl Ugba foul87-70
04:13+188-70Amanze Egekeze makes free throw
04:13+189-70Amanze Egekeze makes free throw
03:5489-70Austin Luke foul
03:54Media timeout89-70
03:54Zach Glotta makes free throw89-71+1
03:54Zach Glotta makes free throw89-72+1
03:36+291-72Mack Mercer makes layup
03:20Terry Taylor makes 2-point jump shot91-74+2
03:11Dayton Gumm foul91-74
03:11+192-74Austin Luke makes free throw
03:1192-74Austin Luke misses free throw
03:11Zach Glotta defensive rebound92-74
03:11Steve Harris substitution in92-74
03:11Dayton Gumm substitution out92-74
03:04Zach Glotta misses 3-point jump shot92-74
03:04Averyl Ugba offensive rebound92-74
02:59Averyl Ugba makes layup92-76+2
02:5792-76Belmont Bruins 30-second timeout
02:57Tre' Ivory substitution in92-76
02:57Zach Glotta substitution out92-76
02:5792-76Dylan Windler substitution in
02:5792-76Michael Benkert substitution out
02:3092-76Dylan Windler misses layup
02:30Steve Harris shot block92-76
02:28Terry Taylor defensive rebound92-76
02:15Chris Porter-Bunton misses 2-point jump shot92-76
02:1592-76Dylan Windler defensive rebound
01:47+294-76Amanze Egekeze makes layup
01:4794-76Dylan Windler assist
01:33Terry Taylor makes 3-point jump shot94-79+3
01:33Steve Harris assist94-79
01:0294-79Austin Luke misses 3-point jump shot
01:02Tre' Ivory defensive rebound94-79
00:54Terry Taylor misses 3-point jump shot94-79
00:5494-79Dylan Windler defensive rebound
00:2094-79Dylan Windler misses 3-point jump shot
00:2094-79Austin Luke offensive rebound

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