Florida Atlantic vs. Western Kentucky Box Score, February 8, 2018

Conference USA Scores — Feb 8, 2018

MTSU 94  
UNT 67
ALBIR 60  
LT 83  
FIU 66
MRSH 76  
ODU 68
USM 63  
FAU 63
WKU 75  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Florida Atlantic PTS   Score   PTS Western Kentucky
19:450-0Dwight Coleby misses 2-point jump shot
19:45Payton Hulsey defensive rebound0-0
19:24Justin Massey misses 2-point jump shot0-0
19:240-0Dwight Coleby defensive rebound
19:100-2+2Josh Anderson makes layup
19:100-2Dwight Coleby assist
18:51Payton Hulsey misses 2-point jump shot0-2
18:510-2Dwight Coleby defensive rebound
18:260-2Justin Johnson misses 2-point jump shot
18:26Payton Hulsey defensive rebound0-2
18:06Ronald Delph misses 2-point jump shot0-2
18:06Jailyn Ingram offensive rebound0-2
18:04Jailyn Ingram makes layup+22-2
17:482-2T Hollingsworth misses 3-point jump shot
17:48Jailyn Ingram defensive rebound2-2
17:19Jailyn Ingram misses 2-point jump shot2-2
17:192-2Josh Anderson defensive rebound
17:092-2Justin Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
17:09Jailyn Ingram defensive rebound2-2
16:56Justin Massey misses 3-point jump shot2-2
16:562-2Darius Thompson defensive rebound
16:492-2Darius Thompson misses layup
16:492-2Western Kentucky Hilltoppers offensive rebound
16:402-2Dwight Coleby turnover
16:40William Pfister steal2-2
16:24Payton Hulsey misses 2-point jump shot2-2
16:242-2Josh Anderson shot block
16:22William Pfister offensive rebound2-2
16:21William Pfister turnover2-2
16:022-4+2Josh Anderson makes layup
16:022-4T Hollingsworth assist
15:51Justin Massey foul2-4
15:51Justin Massey turnover2-4
15:512-4Media timeout
15:51Simeon Lepichev substitution in2-4
15:51Gerdarius Troutman substitution in2-4
15:51William Pfister substitution out2-4
15:51Justin Massey substitution out2-4
15:452-4Justin Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
15:45Jailyn Ingram defensive rebound2-4
15:25Gerdarius Troutman makes 2-point jump shot+24-4
15:07Jailyn Ingram foul4-4
15:074-5+1Josh Anderson makes free throw
15:074-6+1Josh Anderson makes free throw
15:07Anthony Adger substitution in4-6
15:07William Pfister substitution in4-6
15:07Jailyn Ingram substitution out4-6
15:07Payton Hulsey substitution out4-6
15:074-6Marek Nelson substitution in
15:074-6Lamonte Bearden substitution in
15:074-6Jake Ohmer substitution in
15:074-6T Hollingsworth substitution out
15:074-6Josh Anderson substitution out
15:074-6Dwight Coleby substitution out
15:04Gerdarius Troutman makes 2-point jump shot+26-6
15:04William Pfister assist6-6
14:50William Pfister foul6-6
14:446-6Darius Thompson misses 3-point jump shot
14:446-6Jake Ohmer offensive rebound
14:376-6Jake Ohmer misses layup
14:376-6Jake Ohmer offensive rebound
14:256-6Justin Johnson misses 2-point jump shot
14:25Ronald Delph defensive rebound6-6
14:18Anthony Adger makes layup+28-6
13:468-9+3Marek Nelson makes 3-point jump shot
13:468-9Darius Thompson assist
13:21Anthony Adger makes 2-point jump shot+210-9
12:5710-9Marek Nelson misses 3-point jump shot
12:57Gerdarius Troutman defensive rebound10-9
12:40Gerdarius Troutman makes 3-point jump shot+313-9
12:40William Pfister assist13-9
12:2113-11+2Lamonte Bearden makes layup
12:15Payton Hulsey substitution in13-11
12:15Jailyn Ingram substitution in13-11
12:15Simeon Lepichev substitution out13-11
12:15Ronald Delph substitution out13-11
12:1513-11Dwight Coleby substitution in
12:1513-11T Hollingsworth substitution in
12:1513-11Marek Nelson substitution out
12:1513-11Justin Johnson substitution out
11:53Anthony Adger turnover13-11
11:5213-11Jake Ohmer steal
11:49Payton Hulsey foul13-11
11:4913-11Media timeout
11:4913-12+1T Hollingsworth makes free throw
11:4913-12T Hollingsworth misses free throw
11:49Gerdarius Troutman defensive rebound13-12
11:28Gerdarius Troutman makes 2-point jump shot+215-12
11:1015-14+2Jake Ohmer makes layup
11:1015-14Lamonte Bearden assist
10:49Jailyn Ingram misses 2-point jump shot15-14
10:4915-14Dwight Coleby defensive rebound
10:3815-17+3Darius Thompson makes 3-point jump shot
10:25Anthony Adger makes 2-point jump shot+217-17
10:25Payton Hulsey assist17-17
10:0217-17Jake Ohmer turnover
10:02Ronald Delph substitution in17-17
10:02Gerdarius Troutman substitution out17-17
09:38Anthony Adger turnover17-17
09:3717-17Lamonte Bearden steal
09:3617-19+2Lamonte Bearden makes layup
09:0717-19Lamonte Bearden foul
09:07Payton Hulsey misses free throw17-19
09:07TM deadball rebound17-19
09:07Payton Hulsey makes free throw+118-19
09:0718-19Justin Johnson substitution in
09:0718-19Jake Ohmer substitution out
08:5118-21+2T Hollingsworth makes layup
08:34Payton Hulsey misses layup18-21
08:34TM offensive rebound18-21
08:34Justin Massey substitution in18-21
08:34Anthony Adger substitution out18-21
08:28Justin Massey makes 3-point jump shot+321-21
08:28Jailyn Ingram assist21-21
07:5321-21Lamonte Bearden misses 3-point jump shot
07:53Payton Hulsey defensive rebound21-21
07:46Payton Hulsey turnover21-21
07:4621-21Media timeout
07:28Jailyn Ingram foul21-21
07:28Simeon Lepichev substitution in21-21
07:28Jailyn Ingram substitution out21-21
07:1821-23+2Dwight Coleby makes 2-point jump shot
07:1821-23Lamonte Bearden assist
07:01Ronald Delph misses 2-point jump shot21-23
07:0121-23Justin Johnson defensive rebound
06:5421-26+3T Hollingsworth makes 3-point jump shot
06:5421-26Justin Johnson assist
06:49TM 30-second timeout21-26
06:32Justin Massey misses 3-point jump shot21-26
06:3221-26Justin Johnson defensive rebound
06:2221-28+2T Hollingsworth makes 2-point jump shot
05:58Justin Massey turnover21-28
05:5321-28Lamonte Bearden misses 3-point jump shot
05:53Justin Massey defensive rebound21-28
05:47Justin Massey makes layup+223-28
05:1623-28T Hollingsworth misses 3-point jump shot
05:16Justin Massey defensive rebound23-28
05:1123-28Darius Thompson foul
05:11Justin Massey misses free throw23-28
05:11TM deadball rebound23-28
05:11Justin Massey misses free throw23-28
05:1123-28Justin Johnson defensive rebound
05:11Gerdarius Troutman substitution in23-28
05:11Simeon Lepichev substitution out23-28
05:1123-28Marek Nelson substitution in
05:1123-28Josh Anderson substitution in
05:1123-28Dwight Coleby substitution out
05:1123-28Lamonte Bearden substitution out
04:4823-28Darius Thompson misses 3-point jump shot
04:48Ronald Delph defensive rebound23-28
04:39Justin Massey misses 3-point jump shot23-28
04:39William Pfister offensive rebound23-28
04:3723-28Marek Nelson foul
04:37Anthony Adger substitution in23-28
04:37Justin Massey substitution out23-28
04:19Payton Hulsey misses 2-point jump shot23-28
04:1923-28Justin Johnson defensive rebound
03:4723-30+2Marek Nelson makes layup
03:47Ronald Delph foul23-30
03:4723-30Western Kentucky Hilltoppers full timeout
03:4723-31+1Marek Nelson makes free throw
03:23Gerdarius Troutman makes 2-point jump shot+225-31
03:23Ronald Delph assist25-31
02:5725-31Josh Anderson misses 2-point jump shot
02:57Gerdarius Troutman defensive rebound25-31
02:39Ronald Delph makes layup+227-31
02:39Payton Hulsey assist27-31
02:1227-33+2Justin Johnson makes layup
02:0527-33Darius Thompson foul
02:05Anthony Adger makes free throw+128-33
02:05Anthony Adger misses free throw28-33
02:0528-33Justin Johnson defensive rebound
02:0528-33Jake Ohmer substitution in
02:0528-33Darius Thompson substitution out
01:4828-33Marek Nelson turnover
01:47Payton Hulsey steal28-33
01:43Payton Hulsey misses layup28-33
01:4328-33Marek Nelson shot block
01:41Gerdarius Troutman offensive rebound28-33
01:39Gerdarius Troutman makes 2-point jump shot+230-33
01:3330-33Western Kentucky Hilltoppers 30-second timeout
01:2530-35+2T Hollingsworth makes layup
01:1830-35Lamonte Bearden substitution in
01:1830-35Marek Nelson substitution out
01:14Ronald Delph makes layup+232-35
01:14Payton Hulsey assist32-35
00:5232-35Lamonte Bearden misses 3-point jump shot
00:52Anthony Adger defensive rebound32-35
00:22Gerdarius Troutman makes 2-point jump shot+234-35
Time   Florida Atlantic PTS   Score   PTS Western Kentucky
19:51Justin Massey makes 2-point jump shot+236-35
19:51William Pfister assist36-35
19:3136-35Justin Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
19:31Justin Massey defensive rebound36-35
19:11Justin Massey makes 2-point jump shot+238-35
18:5138-35Dwight Coleby misses 2-point jump shot
18:51Payton Hulsey defensive rebound38-35
18:24Justin Massey misses 3-point jump shot38-35
18:2438-35T Hollingsworth defensive rebound
18:20Jailyn Ingram foul38-35
18:1338-35Dwight Coleby misses layup
18:13Ronald Delph shot block38-35
18:1338-35Dwight Coleby offensive rebound
18:0638-35T Hollingsworth misses 2-point jump shot
18:06Payton Hulsey defensive rebound38-35
17:5738-35T Hollingsworth foul
17:57Justin Massey misses free throw38-35
17:57TM deadball rebound38-35
17:57Justin Massey misses free throw38-35
17:5738-35Justin Johnson defensive rebound
17:3738-37+2Dwight Coleby makes dunk
17:3738-37Darius Thompson assist
17:16Payton Hulsey misses layup38-37
17:1638-37Dwight Coleby defensive rebound
16:5938-37Justin Johnson turnover
16:43Justin Massey makes 2-point jump shot+240-37
16:43Jailyn Ingram assist40-37
16:2040-39+2T Hollingsworth makes 2-point jump shot
16:20Payton Hulsey foul40-39
16:2040-40+1T Hollingsworth makes free throw
16:09Jailyn Ingram misses layup40-40
16:09Ronald Delph offensive rebound40-40
16:0940-40T Hollingsworth foul
16:09Ronald Delph makes free throw+141-40
16:09Ronald Delph makes free throw+142-40
16:01Justin Massey foul42-40
15:5142-40Dwight Coleby misses layup
15:51Ronald Delph shot block42-40
15:51Payton Hulsey defensive rebound42-40
15:5142-40Josh Anderson foul
15:51TM Media full timeout42-40
15:51Gerdarius Troutman substitution in42-40
15:51Jailyn Ingram substitution out42-40
15:32Ronald Delph makes 2-point jump shot+244-40
15:32Justin Massey assist44-40
15:1444-42+2Dwight Coleby makes dunk
15:1444-42Darius Thompson assist
14:57Gerdarius Troutman misses 3-point jump shot44-42
14:5744-42T Hollingsworth defensive rebound
14:46Payton Hulsey foul44-42
14:4644-42Darius Thompson misses free throw
14:4644-42Western Kentucky Hilltoppers deadball rebound
14:4644-42Darius Thompson misses free throw
14:46Ronald Delph defensive rebound44-42
14:46Anthony Adger substitution in44-42
14:46Payton Hulsey substitution out44-42
14:24William Pfister foul44-42
14:24William Pfister turnover44-42
14:2444-42Lamonte Bearden substitution in
14:2444-42Josh Anderson substitution out
14:0244-44+2T Hollingsworth makes 2-point jump shot
13:54Gerdarius Troutman misses 3-point jump shot44-44
13:5444-44T Hollingsworth defensive rebound
13:3644-44Darius Thompson misses 2-point jump shot
13:3644-44T Hollingsworth offensive rebound
13:33William Pfister foul44-44
13:33Amir Smith substitution in44-44
13:33William Pfister substitution out44-44
13:2344-44T Hollingsworth misses 2-point jump shot
13:23Amir Smith defensive rebound44-44
13:16Anthony Adger misses 2-point jump shot44-44
13:1644-44Dwight Coleby defensive rebound
13:0944-44Justin Johnson misses layup
13:09Amir Smith shot block44-44
13:0944-44Western Kentucky Hilltoppers offensive rebound
13:06Anthony Adger foul44-44
13:0644-45+1Dwight Coleby makes free throw
13:0644-46+1Dwight Coleby makes free throw
13:06Jailyn Ingram substitution in44-46
13:06Justin Massey substitution out44-46
12:52Anthony Adger misses layup44-46
12:52Amir Smith offensive rebound44-46
12:5044-46T Hollingsworth foul
12:50Amir Smith makes free throw+145-46
12:50Amir Smith makes free throw+146-46
12:2646-46Lamonte Bearden turnover
12:03Jailyn Ingram turnover46-46
12:0146-46T Hollingsworth steal
11:59Jailyn Ingram foul46-46
11:5946-46Media timeout
11:5946-46Lamonte Bearden misses free throw
11:5946-46Western Kentucky Hilltoppers deadball rebound
11:5946-47+1Lamonte Bearden makes free throw
11:59Payton Hulsey substitution in46-47
11:59Jailyn Ingram substitution out46-47
11:34Anthony Adger turnover46-47
11:3346-47Dwight Coleby steal
11:2046-49+2Justin Johnson makes 2-point jump shot
10:52Payton Hulsey misses 3-point jump shot46-49
10:5246-49Darius Thompson defensive rebound
10:2946-51+2Justin Johnson makes 2-point jump shot
10:08Gerdarius Troutman makes 3-point jump shot+349-51
10:08Payton Hulsey assist49-51
09:4049-51Justin Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
09:4049-51Dwight Coleby offensive rebound
09:34Ronald Delph foul49-51
09:3449-52+1Dwight Coleby makes free throw
09:3449-53+1Dwight Coleby makes free throw
09:34William Pfister substitution in49-53
09:34Ronald Delph substitution out49-53
09:3449-53Jake Ohmer substitution in
09:3449-53Dwight Coleby substitution out
09:20Gerdarius Troutman misses 3-point jump shot49-53
09:20Amir Smith offensive rebound49-53
09:17Amir Smith misses 2-point jump shot49-53
09:17Amir Smith offensive rebound49-53
08:56Gerdarius Troutman foul49-53
08:56Gerdarius Troutman turnover49-53
08:56Justin Massey substitution in49-53
08:56Anthony Adger substitution out49-53
08:2849-55+2Justin Johnson makes layup
08:0549-55Darius Thompson foul
08:05Payton Hulsey makes free throw+150-55
08:05Payton Hulsey makes free throw+151-55
07:4451-55Jake Ohmer turnover
07:42Payton Hulsey steal51-55
07:4051-55Darius Thompson foul
07:40TM Media full timeout51-55
07:40Payton Hulsey makes free throw+152-55
07:40Payton Hulsey makes free throw+153-55
07:4053-55Dwight Coleby substitution in
07:4053-55Darius Thompson substitution out
07:25William Pfister foul53-55
07:2553-56+1Justin Johnson makes free throw
07:2553-57+1Justin Johnson makes free throw
07:25Ronald Delph substitution in53-57
07:25Simeon Lepichev substitution in53-57
07:25Amir Smith substitution out53-57
07:25William Pfister substitution out53-57
07:18Justin Massey misses 3-point jump shot53-57
07:1853-57T Hollingsworth defensive rebound
07:1253-59+2T Hollingsworth makes layup
07:09TM 30-second timeout53-59
07:09TM Media full timeout53-59
07:00Simeon Lepichev misses 3-point jump shot53-59
07:0053-59Dwight Coleby defensive rebound
06:3253-59Lamonte Bearden misses 2-point jump shot
06:32Payton Hulsey defensive rebound53-59
06:22Payton Hulsey misses layup53-59
06:22Justin Massey offensive rebound53-59
06:20Justin Massey misses layup53-59
06:20Justin Massey offensive rebound53-59
06:16Justin Massey misses 2-point jump shot53-59
06:1653-59Dwight Coleby shot block
06:1453-59Justin Johnson defensive rebound
06:14Simeon Lepichev foul53-59
06:1453-59T Hollingsworth misses free throw
06:1453-59Western Kentucky Hilltoppers deadball rebound
06:1453-59T Hollingsworth misses free throw
06:14Payton Hulsey defensive rebound53-59
06:14Anthony Adger substitution in53-59
06:14Jailyn Ingram substitution in53-59
06:14Justin Massey substitution out53-59
06:14Simeon Lepichev substitution out53-59
06:1453-59Darius Thompson substitution in
06:1453-59Justin Johnson substitution out
05:57Anthony Adger makes 2-point jump shot+255-59
05:5755-59Jake Ohmer foul
05:57Anthony Adger makes free throw+156-59
05:3256-61+2Dwight Coleby makes 2-point jump shot
05:3256-61T Hollingsworth assist
05:03Ronald Delph makes 2-point jump shot+258-61
04:4758-61Dwight Coleby misses layup
04:47Jailyn Ingram defensive rebound58-61
04:27Anthony Adger misses 2-point jump shot58-61
04:27Jailyn Ingram offensive rebound58-61
04:19Payton Hulsey foul58-61
04:19Payton Hulsey turnover58-61
04:19William Pfister substitution in58-61
04:19Payton Hulsey substitution out58-61
04:1958-61Justin Johnson substitution in
04:1958-61Jake Ohmer substitution out
03:59Jailyn Ingram foul58-61
03:5958-61Media timeout
03:5958-62+1Darius Thompson makes free throw
03:5958-63+1Darius Thompson makes free throw
03:53Payton Hulsey substitution in58-63
03:53Jailyn Ingram substitution out58-63
03:32Anthony Adger misses 2-point jump shot58-63
03:3258-63Darius Thompson shot block
03:3058-63Lamonte Bearden defensive rebound
03:0858-65+2Justin Johnson makes 2-point jump shot
02:4858-65T Hollingsworth foul
02:48Gerdarius Troutman makes free throw+159-65
02:48Gerdarius Troutman misses free throw59-65
02:4859-65Western Kentucky Hilltoppers defensive rebound
02:2059-65Lamonte Bearden misses 2-point jump shot
02:2059-65Justin Johnson offensive rebound
02:1659-65Justin Johnson misses 2-point jump shot
02:16Ronald Delph defensive rebound59-65
02:13Ronald Delph turnover59-65
02:1159-65Lamonte Bearden steal
02:0059-67+2Dwight Coleby makes layup
02:0059-67Lamonte Bearden assist
02:00Gerdarius Troutman foul59-67
02:0059-68+1Dwight Coleby makes free throw
01:54Payton Hulsey misses 2-point jump shot59-68
01:5459-68Justin Johnson defensive rebound
01:2559-71+3T Hollingsworth makes 3-point jump shot
01:2159-71Western Kentucky Hilltoppers full timeout
01:21Justin Massey substitution in59-71
01:21William Pfister substitution out59-71
01:09Gerdarius Troutman makes layup+261-71
00:57Anthony Adger foul61-71
00:5761-72+1Darius Thompson makes free throw
00:5761-73+1Darius Thompson makes free throw
00:4161-73Justin Johnson foul
00:41Justin Massey makes free throw+162-73
00:41Justin Massey makes free throw+163-73
00:29Justin Massey foul63-73
00:2963-74+1Darius Thompson makes free throw
00:2963-75+1Darius Thompson makes free throw
00:24Gerdarius Troutman misses 3-point jump shot63-75
00:2463-75Western Kentucky Hilltoppers defensive rebound
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