Radford vs. Charleston Southern Box Score, January 9, 2018

Big South Conference Scores — Jan 9, 2018

CHSO 61  
HP 45
WEBB 62  
UNCA 90  
PRE 79  
LIB 73
WINT 70  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Radford PTS   Score   PTS Charleston Southern
19:480-2+2Christian Keeling makes 2-point jump shot
19:18Donald Hicks makes layup+22-2
19:022-2Christian Keeling turnover
18:56Donald Hicks turnover2-2
18:552-2Phlandrous Fleming steal
18:55Donald Hicks foul2-2
18:412-2Jamaal David misses 3-point jump shot
18:412-2Jamaal David offensive rebound
18:262-2Phlandrous Fleming misses 2-point jump shot
18:26ED Polite Jr defensive rebound2-2
18:14Carlik Jones makes 3-point jump shot+35-2
18:14Donald Hicks assist5-2
17:485-4+2Phlandrous Fleming makes 2-point jump shot
17:175-4Christian Keeling foul
17:17Caleb Tanner substitution in5-4
17:17Donald Hicks substitution out5-4
17:05ED Polite Jr misses layup5-4
17:055-4Javis Howard defensive rebound
17:005-7+3Travis Mcconico makes 3-point jump shot
17:005-7Jamaal David assist
16:27ED Polite Jr turnover5-7
16:27Travis Fields Jr substitution in5-7
16:27Christian Bradford substitution out5-7
16:155-7Christian Keeling turnover
16:14Carlik Jones steal5-7
16:12Carlik Jones misses 3-point jump shot5-7
16:125-7Charleston Southern Buccaneers deadball rebound
16:095-7Jordan Jones substitution in
16:095-7Cortez Mitchell substitution in
16:095-7Jamaal David substitution out
16:095-7Javis Howard substitution out
15:525-7Christian Keeling turnover
15:50ED Polite Jr steal5-7
15:48Travis Fields Jr misses 3-point jump shot5-7
15:485-7Christian Keeling defensive rebound
15:415-7Travis Mcconico misses 3-point jump shot
15:415-7Jordan Jones offensive rebound
15:355-7Jordan Jones misses 2-point jump shot
15:35Radford Highlanders defensive rebound5-7
15:33Media timeout5-7
15:33Devonnte Holland substitution in5-7
15:33Randy Phillips substitution out5-7
15:04Devonnte Holland makes 2-point jump shot+27-7
14:557-10+3Phlandrous Fleming makes 3-point jump shot
14:557-10Cortez Mitchell assist
14:44Carlik Jones misses layup7-10
14:447-10Cortez Mitchell defensive rebound
14:387-12+2Travis Mcconico makes layup
14:147-12Travis Mcconico foul
14:14Devonnte Holland makes free throw+18-12
14:14Devonnte Holland makes free throw+19-12
14:14Donald Hicks substitution in9-12
14:14Carlik Jones substitution out9-12
14:149-12Jamar Martin substitution in
14:149-12Jamaal David substitution in
14:149-12Christian Keeling substitution out
14:149-12Phlandrous Fleming substitution out
13:599-12Cortez Mitchell misses layup
13:59Devonnte Holland shot block9-12
13:57ED Polite Jr defensive rebound9-12
13:52Caleb Tanner makes 3-point jump shot+312-12
13:52Travis Fields Jr assist12-12
13:37ED Polite Jr foul12-12
13:2812-12Jamar Martin misses layup
13:28Devonnte Holland shot block12-12
13:2612-12Jamar Martin offensive rebound
13:2212-12Jordan Jones turnover
13:2212-12Jordan Jones foul
13:2212-12Javis Howard substitution in
13:2212-12Jordan Jones substitution out
13:0112-12Christian Keeling substitution in
13:0112-12Ty Jones substitution in
13:0112-12Travis Mcconico substitution out
13:0112-12Cortez Mitchell substitution out
12:53ED Polite Jr misses 2-point jump shot12-12
12:53Donald Hicks offensive rebound12-12
12:35ED Polite Jr misses layup12-12
12:35Travis Fields Jr offensive rebound12-12
12:26Travis Fields Jr makes layup+214-12
12:0714-14+2Jamaal David makes layup
11:55Caleb Tanner misses 3-point jump shot14-14
11:5514-14Jamaal David defensive rebound
11:4214-14Javis Howard turnover
11:41Devonnte Holland steal14-14
11:32ED Polite Jr misses 3-point jump shot14-14
11:3214-14Jamaal David defensive rebound
11:1914-14Christian Keeling misses 3-point jump shot
11:1914-14Jamar Martin offensive rebound
11:0414-14Jamaal David misses 3-point jump shot
11:04Travis Fields Jr defensive rebound14-14
10:42ED Polite Jr makes layup+216-14
10:42Travis Fields Jr assist16-14
10:22Travis Fields Jr foul16-14
10:2216-14Media timeout
10:2216-14Christian Keeling misses free throw
10:2216-14Charleston Southern Buccaneers deadball rebound
10:2216-15+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
10:22Christian Bradford substitution in16-15
10:22Tristan Owens substitution in16-15
10:22Randy Phillips substitution in16-15
10:22Carlik Jones substitution in16-15
10:22Donald Hicks substitution out16-15
10:22Travis Fields Jr substitution out16-15
10:22Caleb Tanner substitution out16-15
10:22Devonnte Holland substitution out16-15
10:2216-15Jordan Jones substitution in
10:2216-15Travis Mcconico substitution in
10:2216-15Phlandrous Fleming substitution in
10:2216-15Javis Howard substitution out
10:2216-15Jamar Martin substitution out
10:2216-15Ty Jones substitution out
10:00Tristan Owens misses 3-point jump shot16-15
10:0016-15Christian Keeling defensive rebound
09:5616-15Deontaye Buskey substitution in
09:5616-15Jamaal David substitution out
09:2716-15Travis Mcconico misses 3-point jump shot
09:27Christian Bradford defensive rebound16-15
09:22Christian Bradford misses 3-point jump shot16-15
09:22ED Polite Jr offensive rebound16-15
09:18ED Polite Jr turnover16-15
09:1716-15Christian Keeling steal
09:1216-15Christian Keeling misses layup
09:12Randy Phillips shot block16-15
09:1116-15Phlandrous Fleming offensive rebound
09:0616-15Christian Keeling foul
09:0616-15Christian Keeling turnover
09:0616-15Cortez Mitchell substitution in
09:0616-15Christian Keeling substitution out
08:4316-15Phlandrous Fleming foul
08:43Tristan Owens makes free throw+117-15
08:43Tristan Owens misses free throw17-15
08:4317-15Jordan Jones defensive rebound
08:43Leroy Butts substitution in17-15
08:43ED Polite Jr substitution out17-15
08:24Leroy Butts foul17-15
08:24Donald Hicks substitution in17-15
08:24Tristan Owens substitution out17-15
08:2117-15Travis Mcconico misses 2-point jump shot
08:2117-15Deontaye Buskey offensive rebound
08:0617-17+2Jordan Jones makes layup
08:0617-17Deontaye Buskey assist
07:48Christian Bradford misses 2-point jump shot17-17
07:4817-17Jordan Jones shot block
07:4717-17Jordan Jones defensive rebound
07:4017-17Phlandrous Fleming misses 3-point jump shot
07:40Radford Highlanders defensive rebound17-17
07:37Leroy Butts foul17-17
07:3717-17Media timeout
07:37ED Polite Jr substitution in17-17
07:37Leroy Butts substitution out17-17
07:2717-17Cortez Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot
07:2717-17Phlandrous Fleming offensive rebound
07:0017-17Cortez Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot
07:00Randy Phillips defensive rebound17-17
06:5617-17Jordan Jones foul
06:56Tristan Owens substitution in17-17
06:56Donald Hicks substitution out17-17
06:5617-17Javis Howard substitution in
06:5617-17Jordan Jones substitution out
06:25Carlik Jones turnover17-17
06:0617-17Travis Mcconico turnover
06:05ED Polite Jr steal17-17
06:03Carlik Jones turnover17-17
06:0317-17Cortez Mitchell steal
05:4817-19+2Deontaye Buskey makes 2-point jump shot
05:32Tristan Owens misses 3-point jump shot17-19
05:3217-19Cortez Mitchell defensive rebound
05:2517-19Cortez Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot
05:25ED Polite Jr defensive rebound17-19
05:10Tristan Owens misses 3-point jump shot17-19
05:1017-19Phlandrous Fleming defensive rebound
05:0017-19Phlandrous Fleming misses layup
05:0017-19Charleston Southern Buccaneers offensive rebound
04:58Devonnte Holland substitution in17-19
04:58Caleb Tanner substitution in17-19
04:58Travis Fields Jr substitution in17-19
04:58Christian Bradford substitution out17-19
04:58Tristan Owens substitution out17-19
04:58Randy Phillips substitution out17-19
04:5817-19Jamar Martin substitution in
04:5817-19Phlandrous Fleming substitution out
04:5617-19Deontaye Buskey turnover
04:5217-19Jamar Martin foul
04:52ED Polite Jr makes free throw+118-19
04:52ED Polite Jr makes free throw+119-19
04:3219-21+2Javis Howard makes 2-point jump shot
04:3219-21Cortez Mitchell assist
04:18Caleb Tanner makes 3-point jump shot+322-21
04:18Carlik Jones assist22-21
03:5722-23+2Javis Howard makes 2-point jump shot
03:24Devonnte Holland makes layup+224-23
02:5224-23Media timeout
02:5224-23Ty Jones substitution in
02:5224-23Jamaal David substitution in
02:5224-23Phlandrous Fleming substitution in
02:5224-23Javis Howard substitution out
02:5224-23Jamar Martin substitution out
02:5224-23Deontaye Buskey substitution out
02:4924-23Cortez Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot
02:49Radford Highlanders deadball rebound24-23
02:4824-23Charleston Southern Buccaneers turnover
02:37Travis Fields Jr turnover24-23
02:37Christian Bradford substitution in24-23
02:37Caleb Tanner substitution out24-23
02:2524-23Travis Mcconico misses 3-point jump shot
02:2524-23Phlandrous Fleming offensive rebound
02:13Carlik Jones foul24-23
02:1324-24+1Phlandrous Fleming makes free throw
02:1324-24Phlandrous Fleming misses free throw
02:13Carlik Jones defensive rebound24-24
01:48Travis Fields Jr makes 2-point jump shot+226-24
01:4026-24Jamaal David foul
01:4026-24Jamaal David turnover
01:40Caleb Tanner substitution in26-24
01:40Christian Bradford substitution out26-24
01:20Christian Bradford turnover26-24
01:0126-24Jamaal David turnover
01:01Carlik Jones steal26-24
00:5626-24Phlandrous Fleming foul
00:56ED Polite Jr makes free throw+127-24
00:56ED Polite Jr makes free throw+128-24
00:56Christian Bradford substitution in28-24
00:56Randy Phillips substitution in28-24
00:56Devonnte Holland substitution out28-24
00:56Caleb Tanner substitution out28-24
00:5628-24Deontaye Buskey substitution in
00:5628-24Jamar Martin substitution in
00:5628-24Jamaal David substitution out
00:5628-24Phlandrous Fleming substitution out
00:2728-26+2Ty Jones makes 2-point jump shot
00:2728-26Jamar Martin assist
00:00Carlik Jones makes 2-point jump shot+230-26
Time   Radford PTS   Score   PTS Charleston Southern
19:34Donald Hicks makes 3-point jump shot+333-26
19:34Christian Bradford assist33-26
19:0933-26Javis Howard misses 3-point jump shot
19:09Donald Hicks defensive rebound33-26
18:54Carlik Jones makes 3-point jump shot+336-26
18:54Christian Bradford assist36-26
18:3236-26Travis Mcconico misses 3-point jump shot
18:32Radford Highlanders defensive rebound36-26
18:27ED Polite Jr turnover36-26
18:2636-26Travis Mcconico steal
18:24ED Polite Jr foul36-26
18:2436-27+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
18:2436-28+1Christian Keeling makes free throw
18:16Carlik Jones turnover36-28
18:1536-28Travis Mcconico steal
17:5436-28Travis Mcconico misses 2-point jump shot
17:54Carlik Jones shot block36-28
17:53Radford Highlanders defensive rebound36-28
17:52Caleb Tanner substitution in36-28
17:52Donald Hicks substitution out36-28
17:39Caleb Tanner makes 3-point jump shot+339-28
17:39Carlik Jones assist39-28
17:1639-28Phlandrous Fleming misses 2-point jump shot
17:16ED Polite Jr defensive rebound39-28
17:05Caleb Tanner misses 3-point jump shot39-28
17:0539-28Phlandrous Fleming defensive rebound
16:5739-30+2Christian Keeling makes layup
16:5739-30Phlandrous Fleming assist
16:48Travis Fields Jr substitution in39-30
16:48Christian Bradford substitution out39-30
16:4839-30Jordan Jones substitution in
16:4839-30Cortez Mitchell substitution in
16:4839-30Jamaal David substitution out
16:4839-30Javis Howard substitution out
16:40Randy Phillips makes layup+241-30
16:1941-30Phlandrous Fleming turnover
16:15Carlik Jones misses 3-point jump shot41-30
16:1541-30Jordan Jones defensive rebound
16:0341-32+2Cortez Mitchell makes layup
15:39Travis Fields Jr misses 2-point jump shot41-32
15:3941-32Jordan Jones defensive rebound
15:2741-32Travis Mcconico misses 3-point jump shot
15:27Travis Fields Jr defensive rebound41-32
15:18Carlik Jones misses layup41-32
15:1841-32Jordan Jones shot block
15:1741-32Travis Mcconico defensive rebound
15:1341-34+2Phlandrous Fleming makes layup
14:4641-34Jordan Jones foul
14:46Media timeout41-34
14:46ED Polite Jr makes free throw+142-34
14:46ED Polite Jr makes free throw+143-34
14:46Donald Hicks substitution in43-34
14:46Leroy Butts substitution in43-34
14:46Devonnte Holland substitution in43-34
14:46Carlik Jones substitution out43-34
14:46ED Polite Jr substitution out43-34
14:46Randy Phillips substitution out43-34
14:4643-34Ty Jones substitution in
14:4643-34Travis Mcconico substitution out
14:31Travis Fields Jr foul43-34
14:3143-35+1Cortez Mitchell makes free throw
14:3143-36+1Cortez Mitchell makes free throw
14:3143-36Deontaye Buskey substitution in
14:3143-36Cortez Mitchell substitution out
14:1143-36Christian Keeling foul
14:11Devonnte Holland makes free throw+144-36
14:11Devonnte Holland makes free throw+145-36
14:11Carlik Jones substitution in45-36
14:11Christian Bradford substitution in45-36
14:11Tristan Owens substitution in45-36
14:11Travis Fields Jr substitution out45-36
14:11Caleb Tanner substitution out45-36
14:0045-38+2Cortez Mitchell makes layup
14:0045-38Deontaye Buskey assist
13:27Christian Bradford misses 2-point jump shot45-38
13:2745-38Jordan Jones defensive rebound
13:1545-40+2Cortez Mitchell makes 2-point jump shot
13:1545-40Phlandrous Fleming assist
12:39Carlik Jones makes layup+247-40
12:2647-40Deontaye Buskey misses 2-point jump shot
12:26Leroy Butts defensive rebound47-40
12:22Leroy Butts turnover47-40
12:2147-40Phlandrous Fleming steal
12:1847-42+2Phlandrous Fleming makes layup
11:45Donald Hicks misses 3-point jump shot47-42
11:4547-42Charleston Southern Buccaneers deadball rebound
11:43Radford Highlanders turnover47-42
11:4347-42Media timeout
11:43Travis Fields Jr substitution in47-42
11:43Randy Phillips substitution in47-42
11:43ED Polite Jr substitution in47-42
11:43Christian Bradford substitution out47-42
11:43Leroy Butts substitution out47-42
11:43Devonnte Holland substitution out47-42
11:4347-42Jamar Martin substitution in
11:4347-42Cortez Mitchell substitution in
11:4347-42Christian Keeling substitution out
11:4347-42Phlandrous Fleming substitution out
11:2447-42Cortez Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot
11:24ED Polite Jr defensive rebound47-42
11:1047-42Deontaye Buskey foul
10:55Carlik Jones misses 3-point jump shot47-42
10:55Donald Hicks offensive rebound47-42
10:3447-42Deontaye Buskey foul
10:34ED Polite Jr misses free throw47-42
10:34Radford Highlanders deadball rebound47-42
10:34ED Polite Jr makes free throw+148-42
10:3448-42Phlandrous Fleming substitution in
10:3448-42Jamar Martin substitution out
10:17Travis Fields Jr foul48-42
10:0948-42Cortez Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot
10:09Carlik Jones defensive rebound48-42
10:01Donald Hicks makes 3-point jump shot+351-42
10:01Carlik Jones assist51-42
09:2951-42Cortez Mitchell turnover
09:29Travis Fields Jr steal51-42
09:19Travis Fields Jr makes 3-point jump shot+354-42
09:19ED Polite Jr assist54-42
09:1754-42Charleston Southern Buccaneers 30-second timeout
09:1754-42Media timeout
09:1754-42Christian Keeling substitution in
09:1754-42Cortez Mitchell substitution out
08:5554-45+3Phlandrous Fleming makes 3-point jump shot
08:5554-45Christian Keeling assist
08:19Radford Highlanders turnover54-45
08:0454-45Ty Jones misses 2-point jump shot
08:04ED Polite Jr defensive rebound54-45
08:0354-45Ty Jones foul
08:03Christian Bradford substitution in54-45
08:03Caleb Tanner substitution in54-45
08:03Donald Hicks substitution out54-45
08:03Travis Fields Jr substitution out54-45
07:43ED Polite Jr misses 2-point jump shot54-45
07:4354-45Charleston Southern Buccaneers defensive rebound
07:4254-45Media timeout
07:42Devonnte Holland substitution in54-45
07:42Randy Phillips substitution out54-45
07:2054-45Phlandrous Fleming misses 3-point jump shot
07:2054-45Charleston Southern Buccaneers offensive rebound
07:05Carlik Jones foul54-45
06:4854-45Phlandrous Fleming misses 2-point jump shot
06:4854-45Jordan Jones offensive rebound
06:30Devonnte Holland foul54-45
06:3054-46+1Jordan Jones makes free throw
06:3054-47+1Jordan Jones makes free throw
06:0954-47Ty Jones foul
05:55Christian Bradford turnover54-47
05:5354-47Christian Keeling steal
05:4554-49+2Christian Keeling makes layup
05:25ED Polite Jr misses 2-point jump shot54-49
05:2554-49Jordan Jones shot block
05:2254-49Deontaye Buskey defensive rebound
05:19Carlik Jones foul54-49
05:1954-49Deontaye Buskey misses free throw
05:1954-49Charleston Southern Buccaneers deadball rebound
05:1954-50+1Deontaye Buskey makes free throw
05:16Travis Fields Jr turnover54-50
05:1554-50Christian Keeling steal
05:0154-52+2Phlandrous Fleming makes layup
04:42Randy Phillips substitution in54-52
04:42Devonnte Holland substitution out54-52
04:30Carlik Jones makes 3-point jump shot+357-52
04:30ED Polite Jr assist57-52
04:0557-54+2Ty Jones makes 2-point jump shot
03:43Randy Phillips foul57-54
03:43Randy Phillips turnover57-54
03:4357-54Media timeout
03:43Travis Fields Jr substitution in57-54
03:43Donald Hicks substitution in57-54
03:43Christian Bradford substitution out57-54
03:43Caleb Tanner substitution out57-54
03:2857-56+2Phlandrous Fleming makes 2-point jump shot
02:56Travis Fields Jr turnover57-56
02:5557-56Christian Keeling steal
02:5157-58+2Christian Keeling makes layup
02:25Donald Hicks misses 3-point jump shot57-58
02:25Radford Highlanders offensive rebound57-58
02:2257-58Jordan Jones foul
02:22Randy Phillips makes free throw+158-58
02:22Randy Phillips misses free throw58-58
02:2258-58Ty Jones defensive rebound
02:0058-58Ty Jones turnover
02:00Devonnte Holland substitution in58-58
02:00Caleb Tanner substitution in58-58
02:00Travis Fields Jr substitution out58-58
02:00Randy Phillips substitution out58-58
01:37Carlik Jones makes 2-point jump shot+260-58
01:3060-58Charleston Southern Buccaneers full timeout
01:30Travis Fields Jr substitution in60-58
01:30Randy Phillips substitution in60-58
01:30Devonnte Holland substitution out60-58
01:30Caleb Tanner substitution out60-58
01:1860-58Jordan Jones turnover
01:17Caleb Tanner substitution in60-58
01:17Travis Fields Jr substitution out60-58
00:4860-58Charleston Southern Buccaneers 30-second timeout
00:48Travis Fields Jr substitution in60-58
00:48Caleb Tanner substitution out60-58
00:46Radford Highlanders turnover60-58
00:3560-58Christian Keeling misses layup
00:35Randy Phillips shot block60-58
00:3360-58Jordan Jones offensive rebound
00:2460-58Christian Keeling misses 2-point jump shot
00:24Radford Highlanders defensive rebound60-58
00:22Caleb Tanner substitution in60-58
00:22Travis Fields Jr substitution out60-58
00:1460-58Deontaye Buskey foul
00:14Caleb Tanner makes free throw+161-58
00:14Caleb Tanner makes free throw+162-58
00:14Travis Fields Jr substitution in62-58
00:14Caleb Tanner substitution out62-58
00:0762-61+3Christian Keeling makes 3-point jump shot
00:0762-61Ty Jones assist
00:06Radford Highlanders full timeout62-61
00:0662-61Christian Keeling foul
00:06Caleb Tanner makes free throw+163-61
00:06Caleb Tanner makes free throw+164-61
00:06Caleb Tanner substitution in64-61
00:0464-61Christian Keeling misses 3-point jump shot
00:04ED Polite Jr defensive rebound64-61

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