Little Rock vs. Georgia State Box Score, January 4, 2018

Sun Belt Conference Scores — Jan 4, 2018

GASO 80  
GAST 73  
APP 45
LA 78  
ULM 82  
TXARL 86  
USA 69
TXST 72  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Little Rock PTS   Score   PTS Georgia State
19:43Anthony Black foul0-0
19:430-1+1Kane Williams makes free throw
19:430-1Kane Williams misses free throw
19:43Oliver Black defensive rebound0-1
19:14Anthony Black makes 2-point jump shot+22-1
19:00Jaizec Lottie foul2-1
18:492-1D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot
18:492-1Malik Benlevi offensive rebound
18:462-1Malik Benlevi misses tip-in shot
18:462-1Jordan Session offensive rebound
18:442-3+2Jordan Session makes layup
18:33Oliver Black makes layup+24-3
18:33Anthony Black assist4-3
18:144-3Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot
18:14Anthony Black defensive rebound4-3
17:46Jaizec Lottie turnover4-3
17:284-3Jordan Session turnover
17:10Jaizec Lottie makes layup+26-3
17:10Anthony Black assist6-3
16:52Andre Jones foul6-3
16:526-3Jordan Session misses free throw
16:526-3Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound
16:526-3Jordan Session misses free throw
16:526-3Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound
16:52Ryan Pippins substitution in6-3
16:52Andre Jones substitution out6-3
16:376-6+3Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot
16:376-6Kane Williams assist
16:04Ryan Pippins misses 2-point jump shot6-6
16:046-6Malik Benlevi shot block
16:02Oliver Black offensive rebound6-6
16:00Oliver Black makes layup+28-6
15:50Jaizec Lottie foul8-6
15:508-6Media timeout
15:50Camron Reedus substitution in8-6
15:50Jaizec Lottie substitution out8-6
15:508-6Chris Clerkley substitution in
15:508-6Jordan Session substitution out
15:338-6Chris Clerkley turnover
15:33Cameron Corcoran substitution in8-6
15:33Anthony Black substitution out8-6
15:08Ryan Pippins misses 3-point jump shot8-6
15:088-6Malik Benlevi defensive rebound
14:528-9+3Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot
14:528-9D'Marcus Simonds assist
14:39Ryan Pippins turnover8-9
14:388-9Kane Williams steal
14:368-9Kane Williams turnover
14:36Ben Marcus substitution in8-9
14:36Damir Hadzic substitution out8-9
14:368-9Jeff Thomas substitution in
14:368-9Isaiah Williams substitution in
14:368-9Malik Benlevi substitution out
14:368-9Kane Williams substitution out
14:05Ryan Pippins misses layup8-9
14:058-9D'Marcus Simonds shot block
14:03Oliver Black offensive rebound8-9
14:02Oliver Black misses layup8-9
14:028-9Georgia State Panthers defensive rebound
13:52Ryan Pippins foul8-9
13:398-11+2Jeff Thomas makes 2-point jump shot
13:398-11Isaiah Williams assist
13:14Cameron Corcoran foul8-11
13:14Cameron Corcoran turnover8-11
13:008-11Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot
13:008-11Isaiah Williams offensive rebound
12:538-11Isaiah Williams turnover
12:53KJ Gilmore substitution in8-11
12:53Cameron Corcoran substitution out8-11
12:40Oliver Black misses 2-point jump shot8-11
12:408-11D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound
12:298-14+3Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot
12:298-14Devin Mitchell assist
12:24Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans 30-second timeout8-14
12:24Media timeout8-14
12:02Camron Reedus makes 3-point jump shot+311-14
12:02KJ Gilmore assist11-14
11:52Camron Reedus foul11-14
11:5211-14D'Marcus Simonds misses free throw
11:52Ben Marcus defensive rebound11-14
11:5211-14Jordan Session substitution in
11:5211-14Kane Williams substitution in
11:5211-14Chris Clerkley substitution out
11:5211-14Devin Mitchell substitution out
11:27Ben Marcus misses layup11-14
11:2711-14Jordan Session defensive rebound
11:1711-14Kane Williams misses 3-point jump shot
11:17Ben Marcus shot block11-14
11:1411-14Jordan Session offensive rebound
11:1211-16+2Jordan Session makes layup
10:51Camron Reedus makes 3-point jump shot+314-16
10:51Ryan Pippins assist14-16
10:2114-16Malik Benlevi substitution in
10:2114-16Isaiah Williams substitution out
10:1614-16D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot
10:1614-16Kane Williams offensive rebound
10:1514-16Kane Williams turnover
10:15Ryan Pippins steal14-16
10:00KJ Gilmore makes 2-point jump shot+216-16
09:4616-19+3D'Marcus Simonds makes 3-point jump shot
09:4616-19Jordan Session assist
09:20Ben Marcus misses layup16-19
09:2016-19Malik Benlevi shot block
09:18Oliver Black offensive rebound16-19
09:11Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans turnover16-19
09:11Kris Bankston substitution in16-19
09:11Ben Marcus substitution out16-19
09:1116-19Devin Mitchell substitution in
09:1116-19Jeff Thomas substitution out
09:0016-19Kane Williams turnover
09:00Ryan Pippins steal16-19
08:52Camron Reedus makes 3-point jump shot+319-19
08:52Ryan Pippins assist19-19
08:3419-19D'Marcus Simonds misses 3-point jump shot
08:34Ryan Pippins defensive rebound19-19
08:15Oliver Black turnover19-19
08:1419-19Devin Mitchell steal
08:05Kris Bankston foul19-19
08:0519-20+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
08:0519-21+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
08:05Damir Hadzic substitution in19-21
08:05Anthony Black substitution in19-21
08:05Oliver Black substitution out19-21
08:05Camron Reedus substitution out19-21
08:0519-21Jeff Thomas substitution in
08:0519-21D'Marcus Simonds substitution out
07:38Damir Hadzic misses 2-point jump shot19-21
07:3819-21Jeff Thomas defensive rebound
07:36Damir Hadzic foul19-21
07:3619-21Media timeout
07:3619-22+1Jeff Thomas makes free throw
07:3619-23+1Jeff Thomas makes free throw
07:1419-23Jordan Session foul
07:01KJ Gilmore misses layup19-23
07:0119-23Jordan Session defensive rebound
06:5019-23Jeff Thomas turnover
06:4919-23D'Marcus Simonds substitution in
06:4919-23Jeff Thomas substitution out
06:24Anthony Black turnover19-23
06:24Camron Reedus substitution in19-23
06:24Andre Jones substitution in19-23
06:24Anthony Black substitution out19-23
06:24KJ Gilmore substitution out19-23
05:5919-23Devin Mitchell turnover
05:59Camron Reedus steal19-23
05:5619-23Malik Benlevi foul
05:56Camron Reedus makes free throw+120-23
05:56Camron Reedus makes free throw+121-23
05:5621-23Isaiah Williams substitution in
05:5621-23Kane Williams substitution out
05:2721-23Isaiah Williams misses 2-point jump shot
05:27Ryan Pippins defensive rebound21-23
05:19Camron Reedus misses 3-point jump shot21-23
05:19Kris Bankston offensive rebound21-23
05:16Kris Bankston makes dunk+223-23
05:0223-25+2Malik Benlevi makes layup
04:40Damir Hadzic misses 3-point jump shot23-25
04:40Camron Reedus offensive rebound23-25
04:34Andre Jones misses layup23-25
04:34Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans offensive rebound23-25
04:31Oliver Black substitution in23-25
04:31Damir Hadzic substitution out23-25
04:3123-25Jordan Tyson substitution in
04:3123-25Jordan Session substitution out
04:30Kris Bankston misses layup23-25
04:3023-25Jordan Tyson shot block
04:2823-25Isaiah Williams defensive rebound
04:2323-25D'Marcus Simonds misses layup
04:23Oliver Black shot block23-25
04:2123-25Georgia State Panthers offensive rebound
04:1723-28+3Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot
04:1723-28Malik Benlevi assist
03:56Andre Jones misses layup23-28
03:56Oliver Black offensive rebound23-28
03:50Camron Reedus misses 3-point jump shot23-28
03:5023-28D'Marcus Simonds shot block
03:49Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans offensive rebound23-28
03:49Media timeout23-28
03:33Oliver Black misses layup23-28
03:3323-28Malik Benlevi shot block
03:33Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans offensive rebound23-28
03:27Andre Jones misses 2-point jump shot23-28
03:2723-28D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound
03:1723-28Isaiah Williams foul
03:1723-28Isaiah Williams turnover
03:17Cameron Corcoran substitution in23-28
03:17Ryan Pippins substitution out23-28
03:1723-28Jeff Thomas substitution in
03:1723-28Isaiah Williams substitution out
03:00Camron Reedus turnover23-28
03:0023-28Malik Benlevi steal
02:53Camron Reedus foul23-28
02:5323-29+1Jordan Tyson makes free throw
02:5323-30+1Jordan Tyson makes free throw
02:53Anthony Black substitution in23-30
02:53Camron Reedus substitution out23-30
02:28Kris Bankston makes dunk+225-30
02:28Andre Jones assist25-30
02:0425-32+2Jordan Tyson makes 2-point jump shot
02:0425-32Jeff Thomas assist
01:47Andre Jones turnover25-32
01:4725-32Jordan Tyson steal
01:47Ben Marcus substitution in25-32
01:47Kris Bankston substitution out25-32
01:4725-32Kane Williams substitution in
01:4725-32Devin Mitchell substitution out
01:3125-32Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot
01:31Andre Jones defensive rebound25-32
01:22Cameron Corcoran makes 3-point jump shot+328-32
01:22Anthony Black assist28-32
01:0228-32Jeff Thomas misses 3-point jump shot
01:02Andre Jones defensive rebound28-32
00:55Anthony Black makes 3-point jump shot+331-32
00:55Andre Jones assist31-32
00:5231-32Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout
00:5231-32Devin Mitchell substitution in
00:5231-32Kane Williams substitution out
00:3631-32Jordan Tyson turnover
00:35Ben Marcus steal31-32
00:32Andre Jones misses layup31-32
00:3231-32D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound
00:2331-32D'Marcus Simonds turnover
00:22Andre Jones steal31-32
00:06Anthony Black misses 2-point jump shot31-32
00:0631-32Malik Benlevi defensive rebound
00:0131-35+3Malik Benlevi makes 3-point jump shot
Time   Little Rock PTS   Score   PTS Georgia State
20:0031-35Jeff Thomas substitution in
20:0031-35Kane Williams substitution out
19:5131-35Jeff Thomas turnover
19:51Anthony Black steal31-35
19:48Anthony Black makes layup+233-35
19:2233-38+3Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot
19:2233-38D'Marcus Simonds assist
18:53Jaizec Lottie makes 3-point jump shot+336-38
18:53Anthony Black assist36-38
18:2936-38Jeff Thomas misses 3-point jump shot
18:29Andre Jones defensive rebound36-38
18:11Anthony Black misses 3-point jump shot36-38
18:1136-38D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound
18:0336-38Devin Mitchell turnover
18:0136-38Kane Williams substitution in
18:0136-38Devin Mitchell substitution out
17:43Andre Jones misses 3-point jump shot36-38
17:4336-38Kane Williams defensive rebound
17:40Damir Hadzic foul36-38
17:40Ben Marcus substitution in36-38
17:40Damir Hadzic substitution out36-38
17:2436-38D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot
17:2436-38Jordan Session offensive rebound
17:1236-38D'Marcus Simonds misses layup
17:1236-38Jordan Session offensive rebound
17:11Ben Marcus foul36-38
17:1136-39+1Jordan Session makes free throw
17:1136-40+1Jordan Session makes free throw
17:11Kris Bankston substitution in36-40
17:11Oliver Black substitution out36-40
16:5736-40Jordan Session foul
16:57Ben Marcus misses free throw36-40
16:57Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans deadball rebound36-40
16:57Ben Marcus makes free throw+137-40
16:4437-40Kane Williams turnover
16:32Andre Jones makes layup+239-40
16:0439-43+3D'Marcus Simonds makes 3-point jump shot
16:0439-43Malik Benlevi assist
15:38Andre Jones makes layup+241-43
15:38Anthony Black assist41-43
15:2641-43Kane Williams misses 3-point jump shot
15:2641-43Jordan Session offensive rebound
15:1941-43Jordan Session turnover
15:19Anthony Black steal41-43
15:19Media timeout41-43
15:19Camron Reedus substitution in41-43
15:19Anthony Black substitution out41-43
15:1941-43Devin Mitchell substitution in
15:1941-43Isaiah Williams substitution in
15:1941-43Jeff Thomas substitution out
15:1941-43Kane Williams substitution out
15:0641-43D'Marcus Simonds foul
14:49Andre Jones turnover41-43
14:3341-43D'Marcus Simonds misses 3-point jump shot
14:3341-43Malik Benlevi offensive rebound
14:2841-43Isaiah Williams misses 3-point jump shot
14:2841-43Devin Mitchell offensive rebound
14:2441-43Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot
14:2441-43Jordan Session offensive rebound
14:1941-43Jordan Session misses tip-in shot
14:19Kris Bankston defensive rebound41-43
14:02Andre Jones misses layup41-43
14:0241-43Malik Benlevi defensive rebound
13:3941-43Malik Benlevi misses 2-point jump shot
13:39Kris Bankston defensive rebound41-43
13:2341-43Devin Mitchell foul
13:23KJ Gilmore substitution in41-43
13:23Ryan Pippins substitution in41-43
13:23Oliver Black substitution in41-43
13:23Andre Jones substitution out41-43
13:23Jaizec Lottie substitution out41-43
13:23Ben Marcus substitution out41-43
13:2341-43Jordan Tyson substitution in
13:2341-43Jeff Thomas substitution in
13:2341-43Malik Benlevi substitution out
13:2341-43Jordan Session substitution out
13:15KJ Gilmore misses 2-point jump shot41-43
13:15Kris Bankston offensive rebound41-43
13:09Camron Reedus turnover41-43
13:0841-43D'Marcus Simonds steal
13:04Ryan Pippins foul41-43
13:0441-44+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
13:0441-44D'Marcus Simonds misses free throw
13:04Kris Bankston defensive rebound41-44
12:49KJ Gilmore turnover41-44
12:4841-44D'Marcus Simonds steal
12:4441-44Jordan Tyson misses layup
12:4441-44Jordan Tyson offensive rebound
12:4041-46+2Jordan Tyson makes layup
12:19Camron Reedus foul41-46
12:19Camron Reedus turnover41-46
12:0341-46D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot
12:03Kris Bankston defensive rebound41-46
11:55Camron Reedus turnover41-46
11:5541-46Georgia State Panthers full timeout
11:55Anthony Black substitution in41-46
11:55Camron Reedus substitution out41-46
11:5541-46Malik Benlevi substitution in
11:5541-46Devin Mitchell substitution out
11:3441-46Malik Benlevi misses 2-point jump shot
11:34Kris Bankston defensive rebound41-46
11:04KJ Gilmore misses 2-point jump shot41-46
11:0441-46Jeff Thomas defensive rebound
10:42KJ Gilmore foul41-46
10:4241-47+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
10:4241-48+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
10:42Andre Jones substitution in41-48
10:42Jaizec Lottie substitution in41-48
10:42KJ Gilmore substitution out41-48
10:42Ryan Pippins substitution out41-48
10:25Oliver Black misses 2-point jump shot41-48
10:2541-48Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound
10:24Kris Bankston foul41-48
10:1241-48Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot
10:12Oliver Black defensive rebound41-48
09:44Kris Bankston makes layup+243-48
09:44Oliver Black assist43-48
09:4443-48Jordan Tyson foul
09:44Kris Bankston misses free throw43-48
09:4443-48Malik Benlevi defensive rebound
09:3643-50+2D'Marcus Simonds makes layup
09:19Kris Bankston misses layup43-50
09:19Kris Bankston offensive rebound43-50
09:1543-50Malik Benlevi foul
09:09Andre Jones misses 2-point jump shot43-50
09:09Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans offensive rebound43-50
09:07Ben Marcus substitution in43-50
09:07Kris Bankston substitution out43-50
09:01Oliver Black misses 2-point jump shot43-50
09:01Andre Jones offensive rebound43-50
08:58Andre Jones makes tip-in shot+245-50
08:33Ben Marcus foul45-50
08:3345-50Jeff Thomas misses free throw
08:3345-50Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound
08:3345-51+1Jeff Thomas makes free throw
08:3345-51Jordan Session substitution in
08:3345-51Jordan Tyson substitution out
08:02Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans turnover45-51
07:4345-51D'Marcus Simonds misses 3-point jump shot
07:43Anthony Black defensive rebound45-51
07:36Andre Jones makes layup+247-51
07:36Anthony Black assist47-51
07:1547-53+2Jordan Session makes layup
07:1547-53D'Marcus Simonds assist
06:57Jaizec Lottie makes 3-point jump shot+350-53
06:57Ben Marcus assist50-53
06:4350-53Isaiah Williams turnover
06:42Jaizec Lottie steal50-53
06:40Jaizec Lottie makes layup+252-53
06:2152-53Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot
06:21Jaizec Lottie defensive rebound52-53
06:07Andre Jones misses layup52-53
06:0752-53Jeff Thomas defensive rebound
05:5552-53Isaiah Williams misses 3-point jump shot
05:55Oliver Black defensive rebound52-53
05:29Jaizec Lottie misses 2-point jump shot52-53
05:2952-53D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound
05:2352-55+2Jeff Thomas makes layup
05:2352-55D'Marcus Simonds assist
05:22Anthony Black foul52-55
05:2252-55Media timeout
05:2252-56+1Jeff Thomas makes free throw
05:22Kris Bankston substitution in52-56
05:22Ryan Pippins substitution in52-56
05:22Camron Reedus substitution in52-56
05:22Jaizec Lottie substitution out52-56
05:22Oliver Black substitution out52-56
05:22Anthony Black substitution out52-56
05:2252-56Kane Williams substitution in
05:2252-56Isaiah Williams substitution out
05:03Ryan Pippins misses layup52-56
05:0352-56Malik Benlevi shot block
05:0252-56Jordan Session defensive rebound
04:3752-58+2Kane Williams makes layup
04:37Ben Marcus foul52-58
04:3752-59+1Kane Williams makes free throw
04:17Camron Reedus makes 3-point jump shot+355-59
04:17Andre Jones assist55-59
03:4655-59Media timeout
03:46Oliver Black substitution in55-59
03:46Jaizec Lottie substitution in55-59
03:46Ben Marcus substitution out55-59
03:46Ryan Pippins substitution out55-59
03:4655-59Devin Mitchell substitution in
03:4655-59Kane Williams substitution out
03:4455-59Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot
03:4455-59Devin Mitchell offensive rebound
03:2955-59Jeff Thomas misses 3-point jump shot
03:29Kris Bankston defensive rebound55-59
03:0855-59Malik Benlevi foul
02:54Jaizec Lottie misses 3-point jump shot55-59
02:5455-59Devin Mitchell defensive rebound
02:3455-62+3Jordan Session makes 3-point jump shot
02:3455-62D'Marcus Simonds assist
02:26Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans 30-second timeout55-62
02:26Media timeout55-62
02:26Ryan Pippins substitution in55-62
02:26Anthony Black substitution in55-62
02:26Andre Jones substitution out55-62
02:26Jaizec Lottie substitution out55-62
02:12Camron Reedus makes 2-point jump shot+257-62
01:4457-65+3Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot
01:4457-65D'Marcus Simonds assist
01:4057-65Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout
01:23Camron Reedus turnover57-65
01:2257-65Jeff Thomas steal
01:18Ryan Pippins foul57-65
01:1857-66+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
01:1857-67+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
01:1057-67Malik Benlevi foul
01:10Kris Bankston makes free throw+158-67
01:10Kris Bankston makes free throw+159-67
01:10Jaizec Lottie substitution in59-67
01:10Andre Jones substitution in59-67
01:10Ryan Pippins substitution out59-67
01:10Camron Reedus substitution out59-67
01:1059-67Kane Williams substitution in
01:1059-67Jordan Session substitution out
01:05Oliver Black foul59-67
01:0559-67Devin Mitchell misses free throw
01:0559-67Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound
01:0559-67Devin Mitchell misses free throw
01:05Andre Jones defensive rebound59-67
01:05Camron Reedus substitution in59-67
01:05Ryan Pippins substitution in59-67
01:05Jaizec Lottie substitution out59-67
01:05Kris Bankston substitution out59-67
01:0559-67Jordan Session substitution in
01:0559-67Kane Williams substitution out
00:59Anthony Black misses 3-point jump shot59-67
00:5959-67Jeff Thomas defensive rebound
00:55Andre Jones foul59-67
00:5559-68+1Jeff Thomas makes free throw
00:5559-69+1Jeff Thomas makes free throw
00:5559-69Kane Williams substitution in
00:5559-69Devin Mitchell substitution out
00:50Andre Jones turnover59-69
00:5059-69Malik Benlevi steal
00:4859-69Malik Benlevi turnover
00:48Ryan Pippins steal59-69
00:43Oliver Black makes layup+261-69
00:43Anthony Black assist61-69
00:42Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans full timeout61-69
00:42Jaizec Lottie substitution in61-69
00:42Ryan Pippins substitution out61-69
00:4261-69Devin Mitchell substitution in
00:4261-69Jordan Session substitution out
00:37Andre Jones foul61-69
00:3761-69D'Marcus Simonds misses free throw
00:3761-69Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound
00:3761-70+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
00:3761-70Jordan Session substitution in
00:3761-70Kane Williams substitution out
00:31Andre Jones misses layup61-70
00:3161-70Jordan Session shot block
00:3061-70Devin Mitchell defensive rebound
00:25Jaizec Lottie foul61-70
00:2561-70D'Marcus Simonds misses free throw
00:2561-70Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound
00:2561-71+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
00:21Camron Reedus makes 3-point jump shot+364-71
00:21Jaizec Lottie assist64-71
00:21Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans 30-second timeout64-71
00:2164-71Kane Williams substitution in
00:2164-71Jordan Session substitution out
00:1964-71Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout
00:18Jaizec Lottie foul64-71
00:1864-72+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
00:1864-73+1D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw
00:1864-73Jordan Session substitution in
00:1864-73Kane Williams substitution out
00:08Oliver Black misses layup64-73
00:0864-73Devin Mitchell defensive rebound

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