Rutgers vs. Purdue Box Score, January 3, 2018

Big Ten Conference Scores — Jan 3, 2018

PUR (13)  82  
ILL 67
MINN 77  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Rutgers PTS   Score   PTS Purdue
19:420-2+2PJ Thompson makes 2-point jump shot
19:420-2Carsen Edwards assist
19:22Mamadou Doucoure makes 2-point jump shot+22-2
19:22Geo Baker assist2-2
19:032-4+2Isaac Haas makes layup
19:032-4Dakota Mathias assist
18:33Mamadou Doucoure makes 2-point jump shot+24-4
18:33Corey Sanders assist4-4
18:054-4Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
18:05Rutgers Scarlet Knights defensive rebound4-4
17:44Geo Baker misses 3-point jump shot4-4
17:444-4Dakota Mathias defensive rebound
17:33Mamadou Doucoure foul4-4
17:334-4Isaac Haas misses free throw
17:334-4Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound
17:334-5+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
17:16Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot4-5
17:164-5Isaac Haas defensive rebound
17:074-5PJ Thompson misses 2-point jump shot
17:074-5PJ Thompson offensive rebound
17:044-7+2PJ Thompson makes 2-point jump shot
16:49Geo Baker misses 2-point jump shot4-7
16:49Mamadou Doucoure offensive rebound4-7
16:474-7Vincent Edwards foul
16:47Mamadou Doucoure misses free throw4-7
16:47Rutgers Scarlet Knights deadball rebound4-7
16:47Mamadou Doucoure makes free throw+15-7
16:47Shaquille Doorson substitution in5-7
16:47Mamadou Doucoure substitution out5-7
16:30Shaquille Doorson foul5-7
16:275-9+2Vincent Edwards makes dunk
16:02Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot5-9
16:025-9Isaac Haas defensive rebound
15:465-9Dakota Mathias foul
15:465-9Dakota Mathias turnover
15:46Media timeout5-9
15:35Corey Sanders turnover5-9
15:175-9Carsen Edwards turnover
15:16Deshawn Freeman steal5-9
15:14Deshawn Freeman makes dunk+27-9
15:14Corey Sanders assist7-9
14:537-9Isaac Haas misses 2-point jump shot
14:53Shaquille Doorson defensive rebound7-9
14:38Issa Thiam misses 2-point jump shot7-9
14:387-9Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
14:317-11+2Vincent Edwards makes 2-point jump shot
14:07Deshawn Freeman foul7-11
14:07Deshawn Freeman turnover7-11
14:07Mamadou Doucoure substitution in7-11
14:07Eugene Omoruyi substitution in7-11
14:07Mike Williams substitution in7-11
14:07Shaquille Doorson substitution out7-11
14:07Deshawn Freeman substitution out7-11
14:07Issa Thiam substitution out7-11
14:077-11Matt Haarms substitution in
14:077-11Ryan Cline substitution in
14:077-11Dakota Mathias substitution out
14:077-11Isaac Haas substitution out
13:52Eugene Omoruyi foul7-11
13:517-11PJ Thompson misses 3-point jump shot
13:51Mike Williams defensive rebound7-11
13:26Mamadou Doucoure misses 2-point jump shot7-11
13:267-11Ryan Cline defensive rebound
13:177-14+3Carsen Edwards makes 3-point jump shot
12:56Mike Williams misses 3-point jump shot7-14
12:567-14Ryan Cline defensive rebound
12:437-14Vincent Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
12:43Rutgers Scarlet Knights defensive rebound7-14
12:41Souf Mensah substitution in7-14
12:41Corey Sanders substitution out7-14
12:19Eugene Omoruyi misses 2-point jump shot7-14
12:197-14Ryan Cline defensive rebound
12:09Mamadou Doucoure foul7-14
12:09Candido Sa substitution in7-14
12:09Mamadou Doucoure substitution out7-14
12:097-14Isaac Haas substitution in
12:097-14Vincent Edwards substitution out
12:057-17+3Ryan Cline makes 3-point jump shot
12:057-17PJ Thompson assist
11:36Geo Baker makes 2-point jump shot+29-17
11:33Rutgers Scarlet Knights 30-second timeout9-17
11:339-17Purdue Boilermakers full timeout
11:33Corey Sanders substitution in9-17
11:33Geo Baker substitution out9-17
11:339-17Nojel Eastern substitution in
11:339-17Dakota Mathias substitution in
11:339-17Carsen Edwards substitution out
11:339-17PJ Thompson substitution out
11:239-20+3Dakota Mathias makes 3-point jump shot
11:239-20Matt Haarms assist
11:05Mike Williams foul9-20
11:05Mike Williams turnover9-20
10:549-20Nojel Eastern turnover
10:32Candido Sa misses 2-point jump shot9-20
10:329-20Ryan Cline defensive rebound
10:249-20Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot
10:24Candido Sa defensive rebound9-20
10:10Mike Williams misses 2-point jump shot9-20
10:109-20Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
10:009-20Nojel Eastern misses 2-point jump shot
10:009-20Isaac Haas offensive rebound
09:589-23+3Dakota Mathias makes 3-point jump shot
09:589-23Ryan Cline assist
09:26Corey Sanders misses 3-point jump shot9-23
09:259-23Dakota Mathias shot block
09:249-23Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound
09:22Shaquille Doorson substitution in9-23
09:22Geo Baker substitution in9-23
09:22Deshawn Freeman substitution in9-23
09:22Candido Sa substitution out9-23
09:22Souf Mensah substitution out9-23
09:22Eugene Omoruyi substitution out9-23
09:109-23Dakota Mathias turnover
09:09Deshawn Freeman steal9-23
09:08Deshawn Freeman makes dunk+211-23
09:0711-23Matt Haarms foul
09:07Deshawn Freeman misses free throw11-23
09:0711-23Dakota Mathias defensive rebound
09:07Issa Thiam substitution in11-23
09:07Mike Williams substitution out11-23
09:0711-23Carsen Edwards substitution in
09:0711-23Ryan Cline substitution out
08:5211-23Nojel Eastern turnover
08:51Geo Baker steal11-23
08:41Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot11-23
08:4111-23Matt Haarms shot block
08:40Geo Baker offensive rebound11-23
08:35Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot11-23
08:3511-23Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
08:2511-23Carsen Edwards misses 2-point jump shot
08:25Shaquille Doorson shot block11-23
08:2311-23Purdue Boilermakers offensive rebound
08:2311-23Vincent Edwards substitution in
08:2311-23PJ Thompson substitution in
08:2311-23Matt Haarms substitution out
08:2311-23Nojel Eastern substitution out
08:1911-23Isaac Haas turnover
08:02Geo Baker misses 2-point jump shot11-23
08:0211-23Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
07:5311-26+3Carsen Edwards makes 3-point jump shot
07:35Geo Baker misses 2-point jump shot11-26
07:3511-26Isaac Haas shot block
07:34Shaquille Doorson offensive rebound11-26
07:32Shaquille Doorson makes layup+213-26
07:1713-26Dakota Mathias turnover
07:16Corey Sanders steal13-26
07:13Deshawn Freeman makes dunk+215-26
07:13Issa Thiam assist15-26
06:5015-29+3Vincent Edwards makes 3-point jump shot
06:5015-29Carsen Edwards assist
06:28Deshawn Freeman misses 3-point jump shot15-29
06:2815-29Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
06:1715-29Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
06:17Deshawn Freeman defensive rebound15-29
06:10Rutgers Scarlet Knights full timeout15-29
06:10Candido Sa substitution in15-29
06:10Eugene Omoruyi substitution in15-29
06:10Shaquille Doorson substitution out15-29
06:10Deshawn Freeman substitution out15-29
06:1015-29Matt Haarms substitution in
06:1015-29Isaac Haas substitution out
05:50Eugene Omoruyi turnover15-29
05:41Candido Sa foul15-29
05:4115-29Matt Haarms misses free throw
05:41Eugene Omoruyi defensive rebound15-29
05:4015-29Vincent Edwards foul
05:4015-29Isaac Haas substitution in
05:4015-29Vincent Edwards substitution out
05:26Issa Thiam makes 2-point jump shot+217-29
05:26Geo Baker assist17-29
05:03Eugene Omoruyi foul17-29
05:0317-30+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
05:0317-30Isaac Haas misses free throw
05:03Deshawn Freeman defensive rebound17-30
05:03Deshawn Freeman substitution in17-30
05:03Shaquille Doorson substitution in17-30
05:03Candido Sa substitution out17-30
05:03Eugene Omoruyi substitution out17-30
04:41Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot17-30
04:41Shaquille Doorson offensive rebound17-30
04:37Issa Thiam misses 3-point jump shot17-30
04:3717-30Matt Haarms defensive rebound
04:2717-32+2Carsen Edwards makes 2-point jump shot
04:06Corey Sanders makes 2-point jump shot+219-32
03:4619-35+3Dakota Mathias makes 3-point jump shot
03:4619-35Carsen Edwards assist
03:19Corey Sanders misses 3-point jump shot19-35
03:1919-35Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
03:1219-37+2Carsen Edwards makes layup
03:07Rutgers Scarlet Knights 30-second timeout19-37
03:07Media timeout19-37
03:07Mamadou Doucoure substitution in19-37
03:07Mike Williams substitution in19-37
03:07Geo Baker substitution out19-37
03:07Shaquille Doorson substitution out19-37
02:51Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot19-37
02:51Mamadou Doucoure offensive rebound19-37
02:5019-37Matt Haarms foul
02:50Mamadou Doucoure misses free throw19-37
02:50Rutgers Scarlet Knights deadball rebound19-37
02:50Mamadou Doucoure makes free throw+120-37
02:3220-37Matt Haarms turnover
02:31Mamadou Doucoure steal20-37
02:26Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot20-37
02:2620-37Matt Haarms shot block
02:2520-37Matt Haarms defensive rebound
02:18Mike Williams foul20-37
02:1820-38+1PJ Thompson makes free throw
02:1820-38PJ Thompson misses free throw
02:18Shaquille Doorson defensive rebound20-38
02:18Geo Baker substitution in20-38
02:18Shaquille Doorson substitution in20-38
02:18Mamadou Doucoure substitution out20-38
02:18Mike Williams substitution out20-38
02:05Geo Baker makes 2-point jump shot+222-38
01:46Issa Thiam foul22-38
01:4622-39+1Dakota Mathias makes free throw
01:4622-40+1Dakota Mathias makes free throw
01:4622-41+1Dakota Mathias makes free throw
01:27Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot22-41
01:2722-41Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
01:0422-41Carsen Edwards misses layup
01:0422-41Isaac Haas offensive rebound
00:5822-43+2Isaac Haas makes dunk
00:55Issa Thiam misses 3-point jump shot22-43
00:5522-43PJ Thompson defensive rebound
00:5022-43PJ Thompson misses 2-point jump shot
00:5022-43PJ Thompson offensive rebound
00:4922-43PJ Thompson misses 2-point jump shot
00:49Shaquille Doorson defensive rebound22-43
00:37Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot22-43
00:37Rutgers Scarlet Knights deadball rebound22-43
00:3722-43PJ Thompson foul
00:37Mike Williams substitution in22-43
00:37Candido Sa substitution in22-43
00:37Issa Thiam substitution out22-43
00:37Shaquille Doorson substitution out22-43
00:3722-43Grady Eifert substitution in
00:3722-43Matt Haarms substitution out
00:3422-43Carsen Edwards foul
00:34Geo Baker makes free throw+123-43
00:34Geo Baker makes free throw+124-43
00:34Shaquille Doorson substitution in24-43
00:34Candido Sa substitution out24-43
00:1024-43Carsen Edwards misses 2-point jump shot
00:1024-43Isaac Haas offensive rebound
00:0824-45+2Isaac Haas makes layup
00:01Geo Baker misses 2-point jump shot24-45
00:0124-45Dakota Mathias defensive rebound
Time   Rutgers PTS   Score   PTS Purdue
19:43Mamadou Doucoure foul24-45
19:4324-46+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
19:4324-47+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
19:36Corey Sanders makes 2-point jump shot+226-47
19:2226-47PJ Thompson turnover
18:55Geo Baker misses 2-point jump shot26-47
18:5526-47Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
18:4126-47Vincent Edwards turnover
18:41Deshawn Freeman steal26-47
18:4126-47Vincent Edwards foul
18:4126-47Matt Haarms substitution in
18:4126-47Vincent Edwards substitution out
18:14Mamadou Doucoure makes 2-point jump shot+228-47
18:14Corey Sanders assist28-47
17:59Mamadou Doucoure foul28-47
17:59Shaquille Doorson substitution in28-47
17:59Souf Mensah substitution in28-47
17:59Corey Sanders substitution out28-47
17:59Mamadou Doucoure substitution out28-47
17:56Souf Mensah foul28-47
17:5628-48+1Carsen Edwards makes free throw
17:5628-49+1Carsen Edwards makes free throw
17:56Eugene Omoruyi substitution in28-49
17:56Deshawn Freeman substitution out28-49
17:24Corey Sanders turnover28-49
17:2328-49Dakota Mathias steal
17:2228-49Dakota Mathias turnover
17:21Geo Baker steal28-49
17:02Souf Mensah turnover28-49
17:02Mike Williams substitution in28-49
17:02Geo Baker substitution out28-49
16:58Souf Mensah foul28-49
16:4428-49Isaac Haas foul
16:4428-49Isaac Haas turnover
16:44Corey Sanders substitution in28-49
16:44Souf Mensah substitution out28-49
16:28Mike Williams makes 2-point jump shot+230-49
16:0930-49Carsen Edwards misses 2-point jump shot
16:09Mike Williams shot block30-49
16:0730-49Matt Haarms offensive rebound
16:0630-49Ryan Cline substitution in
16:0630-49Vincent Edwards substitution in
16:0630-49Matt Haarms substitution out
16:0630-49Dakota Mathias substitution out
15:5830-49Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
15:58Corey Sanders defensive rebound30-49
15:50Corey Sanders makes layup+232-49
15:33Shaquille Doorson foul32-49
15:3332-49Purdue Boilermakers full timeout
15:3332-49Ryan Cline turnover
15:33Deshawn Freeman steal32-49
15:3332-49Vincent Edwards foul
15:33Geo Baker substitution in32-49
15:33Candido Sa substitution in32-49
15:33Deshawn Freeman substitution in32-49
15:33Shaquille Doorson substitution out32-49
15:33Eugene Omoruyi substitution out32-49
15:33Issa Thiam substitution out32-49
15:3332-49Matt Haarms substitution in
15:15Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot32-49
15:1532-49Matt Haarms defensive rebound
14:5432-51+2Isaac Haas makes layup
14:5432-51Carsen Edwards assist
14:37Candido Sa misses 2-point jump shot32-51
14:3732-51Isaac Haas defensive rebound
14:19Candido Sa foul32-51
14:19Mamadou Doucoure substitution in32-51
14:19Candido Sa substitution out32-51
14:1932-51Dakota Mathias substitution in
14:1932-51Carsen Edwards substitution out
14:1832-51Ryan Cline misses 3-point jump shot
14:18Corey Sanders defensive rebound32-51
14:09Corey Sanders makes 2-point jump shot+234-51
13:47Mike Williams foul34-51
13:4734-51Dakota Mathias misses free throw
13:47Mike Williams defensive rebound34-51
13:4734-51Grady Eifert substitution in
13:4734-51Isaac Haas substitution out
13:27Geo Baker makes 3-point jump shot+337-51
13:0837-51PJ Thompson misses 3-point jump shot
13:05Mike Williams defensive rebound37-51
12:59Geo Baker misses 3-point jump shot37-51
12:5937-51Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound
12:58Mamadou Doucoure foul37-51
12:58Mamadou Doucoure foul37-51
12:5837-52+1PJ Thompson makes free throw
12:5837-53+1PJ Thompson makes free throw
12:5837-53Matt Haarms misses free throw
12:58Mike Williams defensive rebound37-53
12:58Shaquille Doorson substitution in37-53
12:58Mamadou Doucoure substitution out37-53
12:5837-53Nojel Eastern substitution in
12:5837-53PJ Thompson substitution out
12:48Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot37-53
12:4837-53Matt Haarms shot block
12:4737-53Matt Haarms defensive rebound
12:41Corey Sanders foul37-53
12:4137-53Dakota Mathias misses free throw
12:4137-53Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound
12:4137-54+1Dakota Mathias makes free throw
12:41Souf Mensah substitution in37-54
12:41Corey Sanders substitution out37-54
12:28Geo Baker turnover37-54
12:28Issa Thiam substitution in37-54
12:28Geo Baker substitution out37-54
12:2837-54Isaac Haas substitution in
12:2837-54Matt Haarms substitution out
12:1237-54Dakota Mathias misses 2-point jump shot
12:12Souf Mensah defensive rebound37-54
12:05Issa Thiam turnover37-54
12:0537-54Carsen Edwards substitution in
12:0537-54Dakota Mathias substitution out
11:5437-57+3Ryan Cline makes 3-point jump shot
11:5437-57Grady Eifert assist
11:35Mike Williams makes 3-point jump shot+340-57
11:1740-57Carsen Edwards turnover
11:16Issa Thiam steal40-57
11:00Deshawn Freeman makes 2-point jump shot+242-57
10:57Rutgers Scarlet Knights 30-second timeout42-57
10:5742-57Media timeout
10:5742-57Carsen Edwards substitution out
10:4142-57Carsen Edwards misses 2-point jump shot
10:41Rutgers Scarlet Knights defensive rebound42-57
10:39Rutgers Scarlet Knights full timeout42-57
10:39Geo Baker substitution in42-57
10:39Corey Sanders substitution in42-57
10:39Issa Thiam substitution out42-57
10:39Souf Mensah substitution out42-57
10:3942-57Carsen Edwards substitution in
10:3942-57Vincent Edwards substitution out
10:22Deshawn Freeman foul42-57
10:22Deshawn Freeman turnover42-57
10:2242-57Vincent Edwards substitution in
10:2242-57Grady Eifert substitution out
10:02Corey Sanders foul42-57
10:0242-58+1Nojel Eastern makes free throw
10:0242-59+1Nojel Eastern makes free throw
09:53Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot42-59
09:5342-59Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
09:4042-61+2Vincent Edwards makes dunk
09:3442-61Carsen Edwards foul
09:34Candido Sa substitution in42-61
09:34Shaquille Doorson substitution out42-61
09:18Geo Baker makes dunk+244-61
08:5744-61Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
08:57Corey Sanders defensive rebound44-61
08:49Geo Baker misses 3-point jump shot44-61
08:4944-61Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
08:3844-64+3Ryan Cline makes 3-point jump shot
08:20Deshawn Freeman misses 3-point jump shot44-64
08:2044-64Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
07:59Candido Sa foul44-64
07:5944-64Media timeout
07:5944-65+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
07:5944-66+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
07:59Eugene Omoruyi substitution in44-66
07:59Souf Mensah substitution in44-66
07:59Issa Thiam substitution in44-66
07:59Geo Baker substitution out44-66
07:59Mike Williams substitution out44-66
07:59Deshawn Freeman substitution out44-66
07:5944-66Dakota Mathias substitution in
07:5944-66Matt Haarms substitution in
07:5944-66Isaac Haas substitution out
07:5944-66Carsen Edwards substitution out
07:18Candido Sa misses 2-point jump shot44-66
07:1844-66Matt Haarms defensive rebound
07:15Eugene Omoruyi foul44-66
07:1544-66Vincent Edwards misses free throw
07:1544-66Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound
07:1544-67+1Vincent Edwards makes free throw
07:15Deshawn Freeman substitution in44-67
07:15Shaquille Doorson substitution in44-67
07:15Geo Baker substitution in44-67
07:15Mike Williams substitution in44-67
07:15Eugene Omoruyi substitution out44-67
07:15Souf Mensah substitution out44-67
07:15Issa Thiam substitution out44-67
07:15Candido Sa substitution out44-67
07:02Geo Baker turnover44-67
07:0144-67Dakota Mathias steal
06:5844-67Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot
06:58Geo Baker defensive rebound44-67
06:51Mike Williams misses 3-point jump shot44-67
06:5144-67Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
06:3044-67Matt Haarms misses 2-point jump shot
06:3044-67Nojel Eastern offensive rebound
06:2544-69+2Nojel Eastern makes tip-in shot
06:0544-69Matt Haarms foul
06:05Deshawn Freeman misses free throw44-69
06:05Rutgers Scarlet Knights deadball rebound44-69
06:05Deshawn Freeman makes free throw+145-69
06:05Souf Mensah substitution in45-69
06:05Geo Baker substitution out45-69
06:0545-69PJ Thompson substitution in
06:0545-69Nojel Eastern substitution out
05:4745-69Dakota Mathias misses 2-point jump shot
05:47Corey Sanders shot block45-69
05:4645-69Dakota Mathias offensive rebound
05:3845-69Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot
05:37Rutgers Scarlet Knights defensive rebound45-69
05:16Shaquille Doorson foul45-69
05:16Shaquille Doorson turnover45-69
05:09Souf Mensah foul45-69
05:0945-70+1PJ Thompson makes free throw
05:0945-71+1PJ Thompson makes free throw
05:09Geo Baker substitution in45-71
05:09Souf Mensah substitution out45-71
04:5545-71Dakota Mathias foul
04:52Mike Williams misses 2-point jump shot45-71
04:5245-71PJ Thompson defensive rebound
04:3345-71Vincent Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
04:3345-71PJ Thompson offensive rebound
04:2445-73+2Matt Haarms makes dunk
04:2445-73Vincent Edwards assist
04:11Corey Sanders misses 2-point jump shot45-73
04:1145-73Dakota Mathias defensive rebound
03:5345-75+2Matt Haarms makes 2-point jump shot
03:5345-75Dakota Mathias assist
03:31Deshawn Freeman misses 2-point jump shot45-75
03:3145-75Ryan Cline defensive rebound
03:1845-75Vincent Edwards misses 2-point jump shot
03:18Shaquille Doorson defensive rebound45-75
03:07Corey Sanders misses layup45-75
03:07Mike Williams offensive rebound45-75
03:0345-75Dakota Mathias foul
03:03Rutgers Scarlet Knights full timeout45-75
03:03Mike Williams makes free throw+146-75
03:03Mike Williams makes free throw+147-75
03:03Issa Thiam substitution in47-75
03:03Candido Sa substitution in47-75
03:03Shaquille Doorson substitution out47-75
03:0347-75Grady Eifert substitution in
03:0347-75Jacquil Taylor substitution in
03:0347-75Nojel Eastern substitution in
03:0347-75Dakota Mathias substitution out
03:0347-75Matt Haarms substitution out
03:0347-75Vincent Edwards substitution out
02:5347-78+3Ryan Cline makes 3-point jump shot
02:5347-78Grady Eifert assist
02:3547-78Grady Eifert foul
02:35Deshawn Freeman misses free throw47-78
02:3547-78Grady Eifert defensive rebound
02:35Corey Sanders substitution out47-78
02:3547-78Tommy Luce substitution in
02:3547-78PJ Thompson substitution out
02:2547-80+2Nojel Eastern makes layup
02:09Mike Williams makes 2-point jump shot+249-80
01:5149-80Jacquil Taylor foul
01:5149-80Jacquil Taylor turnover
01:51Eugene Omoruyi substitution in49-80
01:51Souf Mensah substitution in49-80
01:51Deshawn Freeman substitution out49-80
01:51Geo Baker substitution out49-80
01:35Mike Williams misses 2-point jump shot49-80
01:3549-80Grady Eifert defensive rebound
01:2649-82+2Jacquil Taylor makes layup
01:2649-82Nojel Eastern assist
01:1049-82Grady Eifert foul
01:10Mike Williams makes free throw+150-82
01:10Mike Williams misses free throw50-82
01:1050-82Ryan Cline defensive rebound
00:4450-82Ryan Cline misses 3-point jump shot
00:4450-82Tommy Luce offensive rebound
00:3750-82Tommy Luce turnover
00:1250-82Tommy Luce foul
00:12Candido Sa misses free throw50-82
00:12Rutgers Scarlet Knights deadball rebound50-82
00:12Candido Sa makes free throw+151-82

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