Georgia State vs. Troy Box Score, December 31, 2017

Sun Belt Conference Scores — Dec 31, 2017

APP 80  
CCAR 48  
LA 88
ARST 78  
USA 69  
TROY 68  
ULM 62
UALR 71  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Georgia State PTS   Score   PTS Troy
19:36D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot0-0
19:360-0Kevin Baker defensive rebound
19:200-0Alex Hicks misses 2-point jump shot
19:20Devin Mitchell defensive rebound0-0
18:56Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot0-0
18:560-0Wesley Person defensive rebound
18:400-0Juan Davis Jr misses 3-point jump shot
18:400-0Alex Hicks offensive rebound
18:360-0Alex Hicks misses tip-in shot
18:36D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound0-0
18:26Jordan Session misses 2-point jump shot0-0
18:260-0Kevin Baker defensive rebound
18:130-3+3Kevin Baker makes 3-point jump shot
18:130-3BJ Miller assist
17:45Jeff Thomas makes 2-point jump shot+22-3
17:242-3Wesley Person turnover
17:22D'Marcus Simonds steal2-3
17:13Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot+35-3
16:555-3BJ Miller misses layup
16:55Jordan Session defensive rebound5-3
16:475-3BJ Miller foul
16:47D'Marcus Simonds misses free throw5-3
16:47Georgia State Panthers deadball rebound5-3
16:47D'Marcus Simonds misses free throw5-3
16:475-3Juan Davis Jr defensive rebound
16:295-3Alex Hicks misses 2-point jump shot
16:29Jordan Session defensive rebound5-3
16:10Devin Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot5-3
16:105-3Wesley Person defensive rebound
15:585-3Kevin Baker misses 3-point jump shot
15:58Jeff Thomas defensive rebound5-3
15:41Jordan Session makes 3-point jump shot+38-3
15:41Malik Benlevi assist8-3
15:128-3Kevin Baker turnover
15:10Jordan Session steal8-3
15:00D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot8-3
15:008-3Alex Hicks defensive rebound
14:478-3Wesley Person misses layup
14:478-3Alex Hicks offensive rebound
14:458-5+2Alex Hicks makes dunk
14:36Jeff Thomas makes layup+210-5
14:36Devin Mitchell assist10-5
14:3210-5Media timeout
14:3210-5Javan Johnson substitution in
14:3210-5Jordon Varnado substitution in
14:3210-5BJ Miller substitution out
14:3210-5Alex Hicks substitution out
14:1510-5Juan Davis Jr misses 3-point jump shot
14:1510-5Javan Johnson offensive rebound
14:1110-7+2Javan Johnson makes layup
14:11D'Marcus Simonds foul10-7
14:1110-7Javan Johnson misses free throw
14:11Jordan Session defensive rebound10-7
13:5310-7Kevin Baker foul
13:42D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot10-7
13:4210-7Jordon Varnado defensive rebound
13:1810-7Kevin Baker turnover
13:16Jordan Session steal10-7
13:00Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot10-7
13:0010-7Kevin Baker defensive rebound
12:4510-9+2Jordon Varnado makes 2-point jump shot
12:27Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot10-9
12:2710-9Jordon Varnado defensive rebound
12:07Devin Mitchell foul10-9
12:07Isaiah Williams substitution in10-9
12:07Devin Mitchell substitution out10-9
12:0710-9Alex Hicks substitution in
12:0710-9BJ Miller substitution in
12:0710-9Kevin Baker substitution out
12:0710-9Juan Davis Jr substitution out
11:50Jeff Thomas foul10-9
11:5010-9Media timeout
11:5010-9Jordon Varnado misses free throw
11:5010-9Troy Trojans deadball rebound
11:5010-10+1Jordon Varnado makes free throw
11:5010-10Darian Adams substitution in
11:5010-10Wesley Person substitution out
11:38D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot10-10
11:3810-10BJ Miller shot block
11:3710-10Darian Adams defensive rebound
11:1810-12+2Alex Hicks makes 2-point jump shot
11:1810-12BJ Miller assist
10:59Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot+313-12
10:3613-12Alex Hicks turnover
10:35D'Marcus Simonds steal13-12
10:33D'Marcus Simonds makes layup+215-12
10:0815-12Javan Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
10:0815-12Alex Hicks offensive rebound
10:0315-12Alex Hicks turnover
10:01Jeff Thomas steal15-12
09:58Isaiah Williams misses 3-point jump shot15-12
09:5815-12Alex Hicks defensive rebound
09:3015-12Darian Adams turnover
09:29Jordan Session steal15-12
09:24D'Marcus Simonds makes dunk+217-12
09:1817-12Troy Trojans 30-second timeout
09:1817-12Wesley Person substitution in
09:1817-12Kevin Baker substitution in
09:1817-12Darian Adams substitution out
09:1817-12Javan Johnson substitution out
09:11Jordan Tyson substitution in17-12
09:11Jordan Session substitution out17-12
09:0217-14+2Jordon Varnado makes layup
09:0217-14BJ Miller assist
08:41Malik Benlevi makes 3-point jump shot+320-14
08:41D'Marcus Simonds assist20-14
08:2420-14Jordon Varnado misses layup
08:24Georgia State Panthers defensive rebound20-14
08:0720-14BJ Miller foul
08:07Devin Mitchell substitution in20-14
08:07Isaiah Williams substitution out20-14
07:53Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot20-14
07:5320-14Kevin Baker defensive rebound
07:3720-14BJ Miller turnover
07:37Media timeout20-14
07:24Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot20-14
07:2420-14Alex Hicks defensive rebound
07:0320-14Wesley Person misses 3-point jump shot
07:0320-14Alex Hicks offensive rebound
07:0020-16+2Alex Hicks makes dunk
06:41Jordan Tyson misses 2-point jump shot20-16
06:4120-16Kevin Baker defensive rebound
06:39Jordan Tyson foul20-16
06:39Jordan Session substitution in20-16
06:39Isaiah Williams substitution in20-16
06:39Jordan Tyson substitution out20-16
06:39Jeff Thomas substitution out20-16
06:3920-16Juan Davis Jr substitution in
06:3920-16Jordon Varnado substitution out
06:2220-16Wesley Person misses layup
06:22Malik Benlevi defensive rebound20-16
06:09D'Marcus Simonds makes 2-point jump shot+222-16
05:47Devin Mitchell foul22-16
05:4722-16Juan Davis Jr misses free throw
05:4722-16Troy Trojans deadball rebound
05:4722-17+1Juan Davis Jr makes free throw
05:47Jeff Thomas substitution in22-17
05:47Malik Benlevi substitution out22-17
05:4722-17Javan Johnson substitution in
05:4722-17BJ Miller substitution out
05:35Jeff Thomas misses 3-point jump shot22-17
05:35D'Marcus Simonds offensive rebound22-17
05:30D'Marcus Simonds makes layup+224-17
05:1024-17Kevin Baker turnover
04:5524-17Juan Davis Jr foul
04:55Jordan Session makes free throw+125-17
04:55Jordan Session makes free throw+126-17
04:55Malik Benlevi substitution in26-17
04:55Devin Mitchell substitution out26-17
04:4326-17Juan Davis Jr misses layup
04:43Jeff Thomas shot block26-17
04:42Jeff Thomas defensive rebound26-17
04:21Jeff Thomas makes 3-point jump shot+329-17
04:21D'Marcus Simonds assist29-17
04:0029-17Wesley Person turnover
03:59D'Marcus Simonds steal29-17
03:56D'Marcus Simonds misses dunk29-17
03:56Jeff Thomas offensive rebound29-17
03:54Jeff Thomas makes layup+231-17
03:5431-17Media timeout
03:5031-17Jordon Varnado substitution in
03:5031-17Alex Hicks substitution out
03:3731-17Juan Davis Jr turnover
03:3731-17Shawn Hopkins substitution in
03:3731-17Juan Davis Jr substitution out
03:29Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot31-17
03:2931-17Shawn Hopkins defensive rebound
03:1731-17Shawn Hopkins misses 3-point jump shot
03:1731-17Wesley Person offensive rebound
03:0831-17Javan Johnson misses layup
03:08D'Marcus Simonds shot block31-17
03:0631-17Javan Johnson offensive rebound
03:0331-17Javan Johnson misses layup
03:03D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound31-17
02:54Isaiah Williams misses layup31-17
02:5431-17Javan Johnson defensive rebound
02:43Jordan Session foul31-17
02:4331-18+1Kevin Baker makes free throw
02:4331-19+1Kevin Baker makes free throw
02:24D'Marcus Simonds turnover31-19
02:2331-19Javan Johnson steal
02:2031-21+2Wesley Person makes 2-point jump shot
02:2031-21Javan Johnson assist
01:52Malik Benlevi makes 3-point jump shot+334-21
01:52Jeff Thomas assist34-21
01:3734-21Shawn Hopkins misses layup
01:3734-21Jordon Varnado offensive rebound
01:3534-23+2Jordon Varnado makes layup
01:20Jeff Thomas misses 3-point jump shot34-23
01:2034-23Kevin Baker defensive rebound
01:0534-23Javan Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
01:05Malik Benlevi defensive rebound34-23
01:01Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout34-23
01:01Kane Williams substitution in34-23
01:01D'Marcus Simonds substitution out34-23
00:35Jordan Session turnover34-23
00:3434-23Wesley Person steal
00:32Isaiah Williams foul34-23
00:3234-23Wesley Person misses free throw
00:3234-23Troy Trojans deadball rebound
00:3234-24+1Wesley Person makes free throw
00:32D'Marcus Simonds substitution in34-24
00:32Jordan Session substitution out34-24
00:02D'Marcus Simonds misses 2-point jump shot34-24
00:0234-24Kevin Baker defensive rebound
Time   Georgia State PTS   Score   PTS Troy
20:0034-24Jordon Varnado substitution in
20:0034-24Juan Davis Jr substitution out
19:5334-24Jordon Varnado misses layup
19:53Jordan Session shot block34-24
19:5334-24Troy Trojans offensive rebound
19:4334-24Wesley Person misses layup
19:43Jordan Session shot block34-24
19:43Georgia State Panthers defensive rebound34-24
19:22Devin Mitchell makes layup+236-24
19:22Jeff Thomas assist36-24
18:5836-24BJ Miller misses layup
18:58Malik Benlevi defensive rebound36-24
18:40Jordan Session makes layup+238-24
18:40Devin Mitchell assist38-24
18:19Jordan Session foul38-24
18:1938-25+1Alex Hicks makes free throw
18:1938-26+1Alex Hicks makes free throw
18:03D'Marcus Simonds misses layup38-26
18:0338-26Alex Hicks shot block
18:02Georgia State Panthers offensive rebound38-26
17:55Malik Benlevi makes 3-point jump shot+341-26
17:55D'Marcus Simonds assist41-26
17:4441-26Kevin Baker misses 3-point jump shot
17:4441-26Alex Hicks offensive rebound
17:4041-26Alex Hicks misses tip-in shot
17:40Malik Benlevi defensive rebound41-26
17:34Jordan Session makes layup+243-26
17:34D'Marcus Simonds assist43-26
17:2943-26Troy Trojans 30-second timeout
17:15Jordan Session foul43-26
17:1543-27+1BJ Miller makes free throw
17:1543-27BJ Miller misses free throw
17:15Jeff Thomas defensive rebound43-27
16:5643-27Jordon Varnado foul
16:50Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot43-27
16:50Malik Benlevi offensive rebound43-27
16:46D'Marcus Simonds misses 3-point jump shot43-27
16:4643-27Alex Hicks defensive rebound
16:3843-27Alex Hicks misses 3-point jump shot
16:38Georgia State Panthers defensive rebound43-27
16:17Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot+346-27
16:17D'Marcus Simonds assist46-27
16:0546-27BJ Miller misses 3-point jump shot
16:0546-27BJ Miller offensive rebound
15:4946-29+2Jordon Varnado makes layup
15:4946-29Kevin Baker assist
15:2246-29Wesley Person foul
15:22Media timeout46-29
15:22Jordan Session makes free throw+147-29
15:22Jordan Session misses free throw47-29
15:2247-29Alex Hicks defensive rebound
15:0447-32+3Kevin Baker makes 3-point jump shot
15:0447-32BJ Miller assist
14:36Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot47-32
14:3647-32Alex Hicks defensive rebound
14:2747-32Kevin Baker turnover
14:25Malik Benlevi steal47-32
14:02Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot+350-32
14:02D'Marcus Simonds assist50-32
13:4150-35+3Alex Hicks makes 3-point jump shot
13:4150-35Kevin Baker assist
13:16Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot50-35
13:1650-35Wesley Person defensive rebound
13:1150-35Wesley Person misses 3-point jump shot
13:1150-35Alex Hicks offensive rebound
13:05Jordan Session foul50-35
13:0550-35Alex Hicks misses free throw
13:0550-35Troy Trojans deadball rebound
13:0550-36+1Alex Hicks makes free throw
13:05Isaiah Williams substitution in50-36
13:05Jordan Tyson substitution in50-36
13:05Jordan Session substitution out50-36
13:05Jeff Thomas substitution out50-36
13:0550-36Javan Johnson substitution in
13:0550-36BJ Miller substitution out
12:39Isaiah Williams makes layup+252-36
12:3152-36Javan Johnson misses 3-point jump shot
12:3152-36Wesley Person offensive rebound
12:2452-36Kevin Baker turnover
12:23D'Marcus Simonds steal52-36
12:06Jordan Tyson turnover52-36
12:0652-36Alex Hicks steal
12:01D'Marcus Simonds foul52-36
12:0152-37+1Kevin Baker makes free throw
12:0152-38+1Kevin Baker makes free throw
12:01Jeff Thomas substitution in52-38
12:01Jordan Tyson substitution out52-38
12:0152-38Juan Davis Jr substitution in
12:0152-38Alex Hicks substitution out
11:47Jeff Thomas misses 3-point jump shot52-38
11:4752-38Javan Johnson defensive rebound
11:3152-40+2Jordon Varnado makes layup
11:3152-40Wesley Person assist
11:14Jeff Thomas turnover52-40
11:1352-40Kevin Baker steal
11:09Jeff Thomas foul52-40
11:0952-40Media timeout
11:0952-41+1Wesley Person makes free throw
11:0952-42+1Wesley Person makes free throw
11:0952-43+1Wesley Person makes free throw
11:09Jordan Session substitution in52-43
11:09Jeff Thomas substitution out52-43
10:43Isaiah Williams misses 2-point jump shot52-43
10:43Jordan Session offensive rebound52-43
10:3452-43Jordon Varnado foul
10:34D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw+153-43
10:34D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw+154-43
10:34Chris Clerkley substitution in54-43
10:34Jordan Session substitution out54-43
10:2154-43Wesley Person misses 3-point jump shot
10:21D'Marcus Simonds shot block54-43
10:2154-43Troy Trojans offensive rebound
10:11Chris Clerkley foul54-43
10:1154-44+1Jordon Varnado makes free throw
10:1154-45+1Jordon Varnado makes free throw
10:11Jeff Thomas substitution in54-45
10:11Chris Clerkley substitution out54-45
10:1154-45Alex Hicks substitution in
10:1154-45Jordon Varnado substitution out
09:58D'Marcus Simonds misses 3-point jump shot54-45
09:5854-45Alex Hicks defensive rebound
09:4354-45Kevin Baker misses 3-point jump shot
09:43D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound54-45
09:25D'Marcus Simonds misses layup54-45
09:2554-45Juan Davis Jr defensive rebound
09:0654-48+3Juan Davis Jr makes 3-point jump shot
09:0654-48Kevin Baker assist
08:35Devin Mitchell misses 3-point jump shot54-48
08:35D'Marcus Simonds offensive rebound54-48
08:28Malik Benlevi misses layup54-48
08:2854-48Juan Davis Jr shot block
08:2754-48Troy Trojans defensive rebound
08:24Chris Clerkley substitution in54-48
08:24Devin Mitchell substitution out54-48
08:2454-48BJ Miller substitution in
08:2454-48Kevin Baker substitution out
08:1154-48Javan Johnson turnover
07:5154-48Alex Hicks foul
07:51Media timeout54-48
07:51D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw+155-48
07:51D'Marcus Simonds makes free throw+156-48
07:3756-51+3Juan Davis Jr makes 3-point jump shot
07:3756-51Wesley Person assist
07:14Isaiah Williams turnover56-51
07:14Devin Mitchell substitution in56-51
07:14Isaiah Williams substitution out56-51
06:5956-51Wesley Person turnover
06:58D'Marcus Simonds steal56-51
06:37D'Marcus Simonds misses 3-point jump shot56-51
06:3756-51Javan Johnson defensive rebound
06:2056-54+3Javan Johnson makes 3-point jump shot
06:2056-54BJ Miller assist
05:56Devin Mitchell turnover56-54
05:56Jordan Session substitution in56-54
05:56Chris Clerkley substitution out56-54
05:3956-57+3Juan Davis Jr makes 3-point jump shot
05:3956-57BJ Miller assist
05:11Devin Mitchell misses layup56-57
05:1156-57Javan Johnson shot block
05:0956-57Juan Davis Jr defensive rebound
05:0556-59+2BJ Miller makes dunk
05:0556-59Javan Johnson assist
04:59Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout56-59
04:35Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot56-59
04:3556-59Juan Davis Jr defensive rebound
04:1256-61+2Alex Hicks makes layup
03:49Malik Benlevi misses 3-point jump shot56-61
03:4956-61Alex Hicks defensive rebound
03:3256-61Juan Davis Jr misses 3-point jump shot
03:32Jordan Session defensive rebound56-61
03:21Devin Mitchell makes 3-point jump shot+359-61
03:21Malik Benlevi assist59-61
03:18Georgia State Panthers 30-second timeout59-61
03:1859-61Troy Trojans full timeout
03:1859-61Jordon Varnado substitution in
03:1859-61Kevin Baker substitution in
03:1859-61Javan Johnson substitution out
03:1859-61Alex Hicks substitution out
02:5259-61Kevin Baker misses 3-point jump shot
02:52Devin Mitchell defensive rebound59-61
02:34D'Marcus Simonds makes 3-point jump shot+362-61
02:34Malik Benlevi assist62-61
02:1062-63+2Wesley Person makes layup
02:10D'Marcus Simonds foul62-63
02:1062-64+1Wesley Person makes free throw
01:50D'Marcus Simonds makes layup+264-64
01:3264-64Juan Davis Jr misses 3-point jump shot
01:32D'Marcus Simonds defensive rebound64-64
01:1164-64Juan Davis Jr foul
01:00Jordan Session makes layup+266-64
01:0066-64Kevin Baker foul
01:00Jordan Session misses free throw66-64
01:0066-64Wesley Person defensive rebound
00:3866-66+2Jordon Varnado makes layup
00:3866-66Wesley Person assist
00:0866-66Troy Trojans 30-second timeout
00:08D'Marcus Simonds misses 3-point jump shot66-66
00:0866-66Troy Trojans defensive rebound
00:0866-66Troy Trojans full timeout
00:04Devin Mitchell foul66-66
00:0466-67+1BJ Miller makes free throw
00:0466-68+1BJ Miller makes free throw
00:04Georgia State Panthers full timeout66-68
00:04Isaiah Williams substitution in66-68
00:04Jordan Session substitution out66-68

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