Furman vs. Tennessee Box Score, December 20, 2017

Southern Conference and Southeastern Conference Scores — Dec 20, 2017

JMU 63
FLA 72  
HBU 48
VAN 81  
MSST 64  
WOF 79
UNC (5)  75  
FUR 61
TENN (21)  66  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Furman PTS   Score   PTS Tennessee
19:400-0Jordan Bone misses 3-point jump shot
19:40Furman Paladins defensive rebound0-0
19:19Daniel Fowler misses 2-point jump shot0-0
19:190-0Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
19:060-3+3Jordan Bowden makes 3-point jump shot
19:060-3Admiral Schofield assist
18:39Andrew Brown turnover0-3
18:190-3Jordan Bowden misses 2-point jump shot
18:19Devin Sibley shot block0-3
18:170-3Jordan Bowden offensive rebound
18:110-3Grant Williams turnover
18:10Andrew Brown steal0-3
17:52Matt Rafferty makes 3-point jump shot+33-3
17:52Devin Sibley assist3-3
17:223-3Grant Williams misses 2-point jump shot
17:22Daniel Fowler defensive rebound3-3
17:13John Davis misses layup3-3
17:133-3Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
17:043-6+3Admiral Schofield makes 3-point jump shot
17:043-6Grant Williams assist
16:47Andrew Brown misses 3-point jump shot3-6
16:473-6Kyle Alexander defensive rebound
16:313-6Jordan Bowden misses 3-point jump shot
16:313-6Kyle Alexander offensive rebound
16:08Devin Sibley foul3-6
16:08Alex Hunter substitution in3-6
16:08Jordan Lyons substitution in3-6
16:08Geoff Beans substitution in3-6
16:08Andrew Brown substitution out3-6
16:08Daniel Fowler substitution out3-6
16:08John Davis substitution out3-6
16:083-6Lamonte Turner substitution in
16:083-6Chris Darrington substitution in
16:083-6James Daniel substitution in
16:083-6Admiral Schofield substitution out
16:083-6Jordan Bowden substitution out
16:083-6Jordan Bone substitution out
15:583-6Lamonte Turner misses 2-point jump shot
15:583-6Grant Williams offensive rebound
15:293-6Chris Darrington misses 2-point jump shot
15:29Geoff Beans defensive rebound3-6
14:58Devin Sibley misses 3-point jump shot3-6
14:583-6Kyle Alexander defensive rebound
14:433-6Grant Williams misses layup
14:43Furman Paladins defensive rebound3-6
14:42Media timeout3-6
14:42Daniel Fowler substitution in3-6
14:42Jalen Williams substitution in3-6
14:42Devin Sibley substitution out3-6
14:42Matt Rafferty substitution out3-6
14:423-6John Fulkerson substitution in
14:423-6Derrick Walker substitution in
14:423-6Grant Williams substitution out
14:423-6Kyle Alexander substitution out
14:19Jordan Lyons makes 3-point jump shot+36-6
14:19Daniel Fowler assist6-6
13:53Alex Hunter foul6-6
13:536-6Derrick Walker misses free throw
13:536-6Tennessee Volunteers deadball rebound
13:536-6Derrick Walker misses free throw
13:53Jordan Lyons defensive rebound6-6
13:25Daniel Fowler misses 3-point jump shot6-6
13:25Jalen Williams offensive rebound6-6
13:236-6John Fulkerson foul
13:08Alex Hunter misses 3-point jump shot6-6
13:086-6Chris Darrington defensive rebound
13:00John Davis substitution in6-6
13:00Matt Rafferty substitution in6-6
13:00Devin Sibley substitution in6-6
13:00Andrew Brown substitution in6-6
13:00Jalen Williams substitution out6-6
13:00Alex Hunter substitution out6-6
13:00Jordan Lyons substitution out6-6
13:00Geoff Beans substitution out6-6
13:006-6Grant Williams substitution in
13:006-6Derrick Walker substitution out
12:556-8+2John Fulkerson makes 2-point jump shot
12:556-8Lamonte Turner assist
12:34Devin Sibley makes 2-point jump shot+28-8
12:348-8James Daniel foul
12:34Devin Sibley makes free throw+19-8
12:189-8Lamonte Turner misses 3-point jump shot
12:18Furman Paladins defensive rebound9-8
11:57Devin Sibley misses 3-point jump shot9-8
11:579-8John Fulkerson defensive rebound
11:449-8Media timeout
11:449-8Jordan Bowden substitution in
11:449-8Chris Darrington substitution out
11:32Matt Rafferty foul9-8
11:329-9+1John Fulkerson makes free throw
11:329-10+1John Fulkerson makes free throw
11:329-10Admiral Schofield substitution in
11:329-10Jordan Bone substitution in
11:329-10Lamonte Turner substitution out
11:329-10James Daniel substitution out
11:14John Davis misses 3-point jump shot9-10
11:149-10John Fulkerson defensive rebound
11:069-12+2Jordan Bowden makes layup
11:069-12Jordan Bone assist
10:449-12Grant Williams foul
10:44Matt Rafferty makes free throw+110-12
10:44Matt Rafferty makes free throw+111-12
10:4411-12Kyle Alexander substitution in
10:4411-12John Fulkerson substitution out
10:2111-12Admiral Schofield misses 2-point jump shot
10:2111-12Grant Williams offensive rebound
10:1011-12Grant Williams turnover
10:09Andrew Brown steal11-12
10:06Andrew Brown makes 3-point jump shot+314-12
10:06Daniel Fowler assist14-12
09:4814-12Admiral Schofield foul
09:4814-12Admiral Schofield turnover
09:4814-12Lamonte Turner substitution in
09:4814-12Admiral Schofield substitution out
09:33John Davis makes layup+216-12
09:2216-12Jordan Bone misses layup
09:22Devin Sibley defensive rebound16-12
09:14Devin Sibley misses 3-point jump shot16-12
09:1416-12Tennessee Volunteers defensive rebound
09:11Geoff Beans substitution in16-12
09:11Jordan Lyons substitution in16-12
09:11Alex Hunter substitution in16-12
09:11Daniel Fowler substitution out16-12
09:11John Davis substitution out16-12
09:11Andrew Brown substitution out16-12
09:1116-12Admiral Schofield substitution in
09:1116-12James Daniel substitution in
09:1116-12Kyle Alexander substitution out
09:1116-12Jordan Bone substitution out
08:5316-12Admiral Schofield misses 2-point jump shot
08:5316-12Jordan Bowden offensive rebound
08:48Geoff Beans foul16-12
08:4816-12Jordan Bowden misses free throw
08:4816-12Tennessee Volunteers deadball rebound
08:4816-12Jordan Bowden misses free throw
08:48Matt Rafferty defensive rebound16-12
08:38Jordan Lyons misses 3-point jump shot16-12
08:3816-12Lamonte Turner defensive rebound
08:36Geoff Beans foul16-12
08:2016-12James Daniel misses 3-point jump shot
08:20Devin Sibley defensive rebound16-12
08:09Geoff Beans makes 3-point jump shot+319-12
08:09Matt Rafferty assist19-12
07:5119-14+2Grant Williams makes 2-point jump shot
07:5119-14James Daniel assist
07:15Geoff Beans misses 3-point jump shot19-14
07:15Geoff Beans offensive rebound19-14
07:12Devin Sibley misses 2-point jump shot19-14
07:1219-14Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
07:0319-17+3Jordan Bowden makes 3-point jump shot
07:0319-17Admiral Schofield assist
06:35Matt Rafferty turnover19-17
06:3519-17Media timeout
06:35John Davis substitution in19-17
06:35Clay Mounce substitution in19-17
06:35Jalen Williams substitution in19-17
06:35Daniel Fowler substitution in19-17
06:35Geoff Beans substitution out19-17
06:35Matt Rafferty substitution out19-17
06:35Devin Sibley substitution out19-17
06:35Alex Hunter substitution out19-17
06:3519-17Kyle Alexander substitution in
06:3519-17John Fulkerson substitution in
06:3519-17Admiral Schofield substitution out
06:3519-17Grant Williams substitution out
06:2119-17Lamonte Turner turnover
06:20John Davis steal19-17
06:19John Davis misses layup19-17
06:1919-17James Daniel defensive rebound
06:1719-17Jordan Bone substitution in
06:1719-17Lamonte Turner substitution out
05:5319-17John Fulkerson misses 2-point jump shot
05:53Jalen Williams defensive rebound19-17
05:36Jalen Williams misses layup19-17
05:3619-17Kyle Alexander defensive rebound
05:2419-19+2James Daniel makes 2-point jump shot
05:04Jalen Williams turnover19-19
05:0319-19John Fulkerson steal
05:01Daniel Fowler foul19-19
05:01Furman Paladins 30-second timeout19-19
05:0119-19Jordan Bowden misses free throw
05:0119-19Tennessee Volunteers deadball rebound
05:0119-20+1Jordan Bowden makes free throw
05:01Matt Rafferty substitution in19-20
05:01Devin Sibley substitution in19-20
05:01Andrew Brown substitution in19-20
05:01Jordan Lyons substitution out19-20
05:01Clay Mounce substitution out19-20
05:01Jalen Williams substitution out19-20
05:0119-20Chris Darrington substitution in
05:0119-20Grant Williams substitution in
05:0119-20Kyle Alexander substitution out
05:0119-20Jordan Bowden substitution out
04:4819-20John Fulkerson foul
04:4819-20Admiral Schofield substitution in
04:4819-20John Fulkerson substitution out
04:37Daniel Fowler makes 3-point jump shot+322-20
04:37Matt Rafferty assist22-20
04:2122-20Admiral Schofield misses 3-point jump shot
04:2122-20Tennessee Volunteers offensive rebound
04:0522-20Jordan Bone misses 2-point jump shot
04:05John Davis defensive rebound22-20
03:57John Davis misses 3-point jump shot22-20
03:5722-20Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
03:4922-20Jordan Bone misses layup
03:4922-20Admiral Schofield offensive rebound
03:4622-22+2Admiral Schofield makes 2-point jump shot
03:15Daniel Fowler makes 2-point jump shot+224-22
03:0424-22Admiral Schofield misses 2-point jump shot
03:04Devin Sibley defensive rebound24-22
02:5924-22James Daniel foul
02:59Media timeout24-22
02:5924-22Lamonte Turner substitution in
02:5924-22Jordan Bowden substitution in
02:5924-22Jordan Bone substitution out
02:5924-22James Daniel substitution out
02:54Daniel Fowler turnover24-22
02:5324-22Chris Darrington steal
02:5124-24+2Lamonte Turner makes layup
02:5124-24Jordan Bowden assist
02:30Daniel Fowler misses 3-point jump shot24-24
02:3024-24Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
02:1824-26+2Jordan Bowden makes 2-point jump shot
02:1824-26Lamonte Turner assist
02:18Devin Sibley foul24-26
02:1824-27+1Jordan Bowden makes free throw
02:18Jordan Lyons substitution in24-27
02:18Devin Sibley substitution out24-27
02:0224-27Jordan Bowden foul
02:02Jordan Lyons makes free throw+125-27
02:02Jordan Lyons makes free throw+126-27
01:4426-27Lamonte Turner misses 3-point jump shot
01:4426-27Jordan Bowden offensive rebound
01:3826-27Jordan Bowden turnover
01:38Andrew Brown steal26-27
01:07Furman Paladins turnover26-27
00:5326-27Grant Williams misses layup
00:53Matt Rafferty defensive rebound26-27
00:29Andrew Brown misses 3-point jump shot26-27
00:2926-27Lamonte Turner defensive rebound
00:1926-29+2Lamonte Turner makes 2-point jump shot
00:1926-29Jordan Bowden assist
00:04John Davis misses 2-point jump shot26-29
00:0426-29Lamonte Turner defensive rebound
Time   Furman PTS   Score   PTS Tennessee
19:4826-31+2Admiral Schofield makes 2-point jump shot
19:4826-31Grant Williams assist
19:23John Davis misses 2-point jump shot26-31
19:2326-31Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
19:1426-31Admiral Schofield misses 3-point jump shot
19:1426-31Jordan Bowden offensive rebound
19:0726-34+3Jordan Bowden makes 3-point jump shot
18:46Matt Rafferty turnover26-34
18:4426-34Admiral Schofield steal
18:4226-34Admiral Schofield turnover
18:41Devin Sibley steal26-34
18:39Devin Sibley misses 2-point jump shot26-34
18:39Daniel Fowler offensive rebound26-34
18:12Devin Sibley makes 2-point jump shot+228-34
18:0628-34Jordan Bowden misses layup
18:06Matt Rafferty defensive rebound28-34
17:59Devin Sibley turnover28-34
17:5928-34James Daniel substitution in
17:5928-34Jordan Bowden substitution out
17:4728-36+2Grant Williams makes layup
17:4728-36Admiral Schofield assist
17:31Andrew Brown misses 3-point jump shot28-36
17:3128-36Grant Williams defensive rebound
17:21John Davis foul28-36
17:21Furman Paladins 30-second timeout28-36
17:2128-36Media timeout
17:2128-37+1Kyle Alexander makes free throw
17:2128-38+1Kyle Alexander makes free throw
17:2128-38John Fulkerson substitution in
17:2128-38Lamonte Turner substitution in
17:2128-38Grant Williams substitution out
17:2128-38Kyle Alexander substitution out
17:0828-38Admiral Schofield foul
16:51Devin Sibley makes layup+230-38
16:4230-38Lamonte Turner misses 3-point jump shot
16:42Devin Sibley defensive rebound30-38
16:28Devin Sibley foul30-38
16:28Devin Sibley turnover30-38
16:2830-38Chris Darrington substitution in
16:2830-38Grant Williams substitution in
16:2830-38Admiral Schofield substitution out
16:2830-38Lamonte Turner substitution out
16:1430-38John Fulkerson misses 2-point jump shot
16:1430-38Grant Williams offensive rebound
16:0130-40+2Grant Williams makes layup
16:0130-40James Daniel assist
15:38Devin Sibley makes layup+232-40
15:2932-42+2Grant Williams makes layup
15:2932-42James Daniel assist
15:08Devin Sibley makes 3-point jump shot+335-42
15:08Matt Rafferty assist35-42
14:3635-42James Daniel misses 2-point jump shot
14:36Devin Sibley defensive rebound35-42
14:29Devin Sibley makes layup+237-42
14:2937-42Jordan Bone foul
14:29Furman Paladins full timeout37-42
14:29Devin Sibley misses free throw37-42
14:2937-42Lamonte Turner defensive rebound
14:29Geoff Beans substitution in37-42
14:29Jordan Lyons substitution in37-42
14:29Alex Hunter substitution in37-42
14:29Andrew Brown substitution out37-42
14:29Daniel Fowler substitution out37-42
14:29John Davis substitution out37-42
14:2937-42Jordan Bowden substitution in
14:2937-42Lamonte Turner substitution in
14:2937-42Chris Darrington substitution out
14:2937-42Jordan Bone substitution out
14:1837-42Grant Williams turnover
14:17Devin Sibley steal37-42
14:00Geoff Beans misses 3-point jump shot37-42
14:00Devin Sibley offensive rebound37-42
13:55Devin Sibley makes layup+239-42
13:2739-45+3James Daniel makes 3-point jump shot
13:2739-45Grant Williams assist
13:10Devin Sibley foul39-45
13:10Devin Sibley turnover39-45
13:10Daniel Fowler substitution in39-45
13:10Devin Sibley substitution out39-45
13:0039-45Lamonte Turner misses 3-point jump shot
13:0039-45Jordan Bowden offensive rebound
12:5639-45Jordan Bowden misses 2-point jump shot
12:56Alex Hunter defensive rebound39-45
12:5339-45Lamonte Turner foul
12:53Clay Mounce substitution in39-45
12:53Matt Rafferty substitution out39-45
12:5339-45Admiral Schofield substitution in
12:5339-45Jordan Bone substitution in
12:5339-45John Fulkerson substitution out
12:5339-45Lamonte Turner substitution out
12:42Jordan Lyons misses 3-point jump shot39-45
12:42Clay Mounce offensive rebound39-45
12:40Clay Mounce makes layup+241-45
12:19Geoff Beans foul41-45
12:1941-45Admiral Schofield misses free throw
12:1941-45Tennessee Volunteers deadball rebound
12:1941-46+1Admiral Schofield makes free throw
12:03Geoff Beans makes 3-point jump shot+344-46
12:03Daniel Fowler assist44-46
11:4644-46Jordan Bowden misses 3-point jump shot
11:46Clay Mounce defensive rebound44-46
11:4444-46Admiral Schofield foul
11:44Media timeout44-46
11:26Geoff Beans misses 3-point jump shot44-46
11:26Daniel Fowler offensive rebound44-46
11:21Geoff Beans misses 3-point jump shot44-46
11:2144-46Grant Williams defensive rebound
11:20Clay Mounce foul44-46
11:20Andrew Brown substitution in44-46
11:20John Davis substitution in44-46
11:20Clay Mounce substitution out44-46
11:20Alex Hunter substitution out44-46
11:0444-46Admiral Schofield misses 2-point jump shot
11:04Daniel Fowler defensive rebound44-46
10:3344-46Grant Williams foul
10:33Geoff Beans makes free throw+145-46
10:33Geoff Beans makes free throw+146-46
10:33Geoff Beans makes free throw+147-46
10:33Matt Rafferty substitution in47-46
10:33Daniel Fowler substitution out47-46
10:12Geoff Beans foul47-46
10:1247-47+1Jordan Bowden makes free throw
10:1247-48+1Jordan Bowden makes free throw
10:12Daniel Fowler substitution in47-48
10:12Geoff Beans substitution out47-48
10:1247-48John Fulkerson substitution in
10:1247-48Grant Williams substitution out
09:57Matt Rafferty makes layup+249-48
09:57John Davis assist49-48
09:3749-48Admiral Schofield misses 3-point jump shot
09:37Daniel Fowler defensive rebound49-48
09:2849-48Lamonte Turner substitution in
09:2849-48Jordan Bone substitution out
09:18Daniel Fowler misses layup49-48
09:1849-48John Fulkerson shot block
09:1649-48Lamonte Turner defensive rebound
09:0449-48James Daniel misses 3-point jump shot
09:0449-48John Fulkerson offensive rebound
08:5949-48John Fulkerson turnover
08:58Matt Rafferty steal49-48
08:53Andrew Brown turnover49-48
08:5249-48Lamonte Turner steal
08:44Andrew Brown foul49-48
08:4449-49+1Jordan Bowden makes free throw
08:4449-50+1Jordan Bowden makes free throw
08:44Clay Mounce substitution in49-50
08:44Andrew Brown substitution out49-50
08:4449-50Grant Williams substitution in
08:4449-50Admiral Schofield substitution out
08:18Clay Mounce makes layup+251-50
08:18Matt Rafferty assist51-50
07:5751-50James Daniel misses 3-point jump shot
07:5751-50Grant Williams offensive rebound
07:4551-50Jordan Bowden misses 3-point jump shot
07:45John Davis defensive rebound51-50
07:33John Davis misses layup51-50
07:3351-50Grant Williams defensive rebound
07:2151-52+2Grant Williams makes layup
07:2051-52Chris Darrington assist
07:1951-52Tennessee Volunteers 30-second timeout
07:19Furman Paladins full timeout51-52
07:19Alex Hunter substitution in51-52
07:19Devin Sibley substitution in51-52
07:19Jordan Lyons substitution out51-52
07:19John Davis substitution out51-52
07:1951-52Jordan Bone substitution in
07:1951-52Chris Darrington substitution in
07:1951-52Jordan Bowden substitution out
07:1951-52James Daniel substitution out
07:01Daniel Fowler misses layup51-52
07:0151-52Lamonte Turner defensive rebound
06:5551-52Lamonte Turner turnover
06:54Matt Rafferty steal51-52
06:47Devin Sibley makes layup+253-52
06:3553-52Lamonte Turner misses 2-point jump shot
06:3553-52Lamonte Turner offensive rebound
06:3353-52Lamonte Turner misses layup
06:3353-52Tennessee Volunteers offensive rebound
06:2853-52Jordan Bowden substitution in
06:2853-52Lamonte Turner substitution out
06:2053-52Jordan Bowden misses layup
06:19Matt Rafferty shot block53-52
06:18Devin Sibley defensive rebound53-52
06:14Clay Mounce makes layup+255-52
06:14Matt Rafferty assist55-52
05:5655-52Chris Darrington misses 2-point jump shot
05:54Clay Mounce defensive rebound55-52
05:33Clay Mounce misses layup55-52
05:33Alex Hunter offensive rebound55-52
05:30Alex Hunter turnover55-52
05:2955-52Jordan Bone steal
05:27Matt Rafferty foul55-52
05:2755-53+1Jordan Bone makes free throw
05:2755-53Jordan Bone misses free throw
05:2755-53Admiral Schofield offensive rebound
05:2755-53Admiral Schofield substitution in
05:2755-53James Daniel substitution in
05:2755-53Chris Darrington substitution out
05:2755-53John Fulkerson substitution out
05:2255-53Jordan Bone misses 2-point jump shot
05:22Matt Rafferty defensive rebound55-53
05:12Devin Sibley makes layup+257-53
05:0957-55+2Admiral Schofield makes layup
05:0957-55James Daniel assist
04:32Matt Rafferty misses 3-point jump shot57-55
04:3257-55Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
04:1457-57+2Grant Williams makes 2-point jump shot
04:1457-57Jordan Bowden assist
04:11Furman Paladins 30-second timeout57-57
04:11Media timeout57-57
04:11John Davis substitution in57-57
04:11Andrew Brown substitution in57-57
04:11Clay Mounce substitution out57-57
04:11Alex Hunter substitution out57-57
03:51Matt Rafferty misses 2-point jump shot57-57
03:5157-57Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
03:3857-57Jordan Bowden misses 3-point jump shot
03:38John Davis defensive rebound57-57
03:33John Davis makes 2-point jump shot+259-57
03:3359-57James Daniel foul
03:33John Davis misses free throw59-57
03:3359-57Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
03:12Matt Rafferty foul59-57
03:1259-57Grant Williams misses free throw
03:1259-57Jordan Bowden offensive rebound
03:1059-59+2Jordan Bowden makes layup
02:39Matt Rafferty misses 2-point jump shot59-59
02:3959-59Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
02:2459-61+2Admiral Schofield makes 2-point jump shot
02:02Devin Sibley makes layup+261-61
01:4361-61Grant Williams misses 2-point jump shot
01:43Daniel Fowler defensive rebound61-61
01:13John Davis misses 3-point jump shot61-61
01:1361-61Tennessee Volunteers defensive rebound
01:0761-61Lamonte Turner substitution in
01:0761-61Jordan Bone substitution out
00:5461-63+2Grant Williams makes 2-point jump shot
00:35Devin Sibley turnover61-63
00:3461-63Admiral Schofield steal
00:2961-63Admiral Schofield turnover
00:28John Davis steal61-63
00:22John Davis turnover61-63
00:2261-63Lamonte Turner steal
00:22Andrew Brown foul61-63
00:2261-63James Daniel misses free throw
00:2261-63Tennessee Volunteers deadball rebound
00:2261-64+1James Daniel makes free throw
00:2261-64Tennessee Volunteers 30-second timeout
00:14Devin Sibley misses layup61-64
00:1361-64Grant Williams shot block
00:1261-64Admiral Schofield defensive rebound
00:05Andrew Brown foul61-64
00:0561-65+1James Daniel makes free throw
00:0561-66+1James Daniel makes free throw
00:05Furman Paladins full timeout61-66
00:01Geoff Beans misses 3-point jump shot61-66
00:0161-66Grant Williams defensive rebound

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