New Mexico State vs. Illinois Box Score, December 16, 2017

Western Athletic Conference and Big Ten Conference Scores — Dec 16, 2017

DET 58  
BUT 67
PUR (17)  82  
SH (15)  65
RUTG 71  
NW 62
DPAUL 60  
IOWA 90  
IND 80
ND (18)  77 OT
MSU (2)  86
OAKD 73  
CHSU 58  
IW 77  
CSUB 55  
APP 67
OSU 80  
ILL 69  
KU (13)  73
NEB 72  
TRGV 65  
STTL 89  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   New Mexico State PTS   Score   PTS Illinois
19:48Johnathon Wilkins misses 2-point jump shot0-0
19:480-0Aaron Jordan defensive rebound
19:250-0Mark Smith misses layup
19:250-0Michael Finke offensive rebound
19:210-0Michael Finke misses layup
19:21Sidy N'Dir shot block0-0
19:200-0Michael Finke offensive rebound
19:170-0Michael Finke misses layup
19:17Johnathon Wilkins shot block0-0
19:16Zach Lofton defensive rebound0-0
19:09Jemerrio Jones turnover0-0
18:550-0Mark Alstork misses layup
18:55Sidy N'Dir shot block0-0
18:52Johnathon Wilkins defensive rebound0-0
18:520-0Mark Smith foul
18:42AJ Harris misses layup0-0
18:42Jemerrio Jones offensive rebound0-0
18:40Jemerrio Jones makes dunk+22-0
18:26AJ Harris foul2-0
18:192-2+2Aaron Jordan makes layup
18:192-2Mark Smith assist
17:53Jemerrio Jones misses layup2-2
17:522-2Mark Smith shot block
17:512-2Te'Jon Lucas defensive rebound
17:202-2Aaron Jordan misses 2-point jump shot
17:20Zach Lofton defensive rebound2-2
17:06Jemerrio Jones misses 2-point jump shot2-2
17:062-2Mark Smith defensive rebound
16:542-4+2Te'Jon Lucas makes layup
16:542-4Mark Alstork assist
16:35Zach Lofton misses 3-point jump shot2-4
16:352-4Illinois Fighting Illini deadball rebound
16:35Sidy N'Dir foul2-4
16:35Eli Chuha substitution in2-4
16:35Johnathon Wilkins substitution out2-4
16:352-4Leron Black substitution in
16:352-4Trent Frazier substitution in
16:352-4Te'Jon Lucas substitution out
16:352-4Mark Smith substitution out
16:182-6+2Trent Frazier makes 2-point jump shot
16:09AJ Harris turnover2-6
16:082-6Mark Alstork steal
16:062-8+2Mark Alstork makes dunk
15:48Zach Lofton misses 2-point jump shot2-8
15:48Sidy N'Dir offensive rebound2-8
15:42Sidy N'Dir misses 2-point jump shot2-8
15:422-8Leron Black defensive rebound
15:42Jemerrio Jones foul2-8
15:422-8Illinois Fighting Illini full timeout
15:422-8Da'Monte Williams substitution in
15:422-8Aaron Jordan substitution out
15:282-8Mark Alstork misses layup
15:28AJ Harris defensive rebound2-8
15:22AJ Harris makes layup+24-8
15:084-8Leron Black turnover
14:57Zach Lofton misses 2-point jump shot4-8
14:574-8Da'Monte Williams defensive rebound
14:354-8Leron Black misses 2-point jump shot
14:35Eli Chuha defensive rebound4-8
14:25Jemerrio Jones misses 3-point jump shot4-8
14:25New Mexico State Aggies deadball rebound4-8
14:234-8Leron Black foul
14:23Johnny Mccants substitution in4-8
14:23Jemerrio Jones substitution out4-8
14:234-8Kipper Nichols substitution in
14:234-8Mark Smith substitution in
14:234-8Mark Alstork substitution out
14:234-8Michael Finke substitution out
14:19Eli Chuha makes 3-point jump shot+37-8
14:19Sidy N'Dir assist7-8
13:59Eli Chuha turnover7-8
13:597-8Aaron Jordan substitution in
13:597-8Kipper Nichols substitution out
13:34Zach Lofton makes layup+29-8
13:349-8Leron Black foul
13:349-8Leron Black turnover
13:34Keyon Jones substitution in9-8
13:34Sidy N'Dir substitution out9-8
13:349-8Kipper Nichols substitution in
13:349-8Te'Jon Lucas substitution in
13:349-8Leron Black substitution out
13:349-8Trent Frazier substitution out
13:28Zach Lofton makes 2-point jump shot+211-8
13:0611-8Aaron Jordan misses layup
13:06Zach Lofton defensive rebound11-8
12:54Zach Lofton misses 3-point jump shot11-8
12:54Johnny Mccants offensive rebound11-8
12:50Johnny Mccants misses layup11-8
12:5011-8Mark Smith shot block
12:48Eli Chuha offensive rebound11-8
12:45Zach Lofton turnover11-8
12:45Shunn Buchanan substitution in11-8
12:45Johnathon Wilkins substitution in11-8
12:45Jemerrio Jones substitution in11-8
12:45AJ Harris substitution out11-8
12:45Eli Chuha substitution out11-8
12:45Johnny Mccants substitution out11-8
12:4511-8Michael Finke substitution in
12:4511-8Da'Monte Williams substitution out
12:2911-8Michael Finke turnover
12:27Jemerrio Jones steal11-8
12:16Sidy N'Dir substitution in11-8
12:16Zach Lofton substitution out11-8
12:13Jemerrio Jones makes layup+213-8
12:13Shunn Buchanan assist13-8
11:3813-8Michael Finke misses 2-point jump shot
11:38Jemerrio Jones defensive rebound13-8
11:25Sidy N'Dir makes layup+215-8
11:17Johnathon Wilkins foul15-8
11:1715-8Da'Monte Williams substitution in
11:1715-8Trent Frazier substitution in
11:1715-8Kipper Nichols substitution out
11:1715-8Te'Jon Lucas substitution out
11:1115-8Trent Frazier misses 2-point jump shot
11:11Johnathon Wilkins defensive rebound15-8
11:05Zach Lofton substitution in15-8
11:05Keyon Jones substitution out15-8
11:0515-8Mark Alstork substitution in
11:0515-8Mark Smith substitution out
10:51Jemerrio Jones misses 2-point jump shot15-8
10:5115-8Trent Frazier defensive rebound
10:4615-8Trent Frazier misses layup
10:46Jemerrio Jones defensive rebound15-8
10:33Johnathon Wilkins makes 2-point jump shot+217-8
10:33Shunn Buchanan assist17-8
10:1117-10+2Aaron Jordan makes layup
10:1117-10Mark Alstork assist
09:47Zach Lofton makes 3-point jump shot+320-10
09:47Sidy N'Dir assist20-10
09:3220-10Trent Frazier turnover
09:32Eli Chuha substitution in20-10
09:32Johnathon Wilkins substitution out20-10
09:3220-10Kipper Nichols substitution in
09:3220-10Greg Eboigbodin substitution in
09:3220-10Aaron Jordan substitution out
09:3220-10Michael Finke substitution out
09:08Eli Chuha makes layup+222-10
09:08Zach Lofton assist22-10
08:5022-10Kipper Nichols misses 2-point jump shot
08:5022-10Greg Eboigbodin offensive rebound
08:4522-10Trent Frazier misses 3-point jump shot
08:45Jemerrio Jones defensive rebound22-10
08:33Sidy N'Dir misses 3-point jump shot22-10
08:3322-10Greg Eboigbodin defensive rebound
08:1922-10Mark Alstork foul
08:1922-10Mark Alstork turnover
08:19Johnny Mccants substitution in22-10
08:19Jemerrio Jones substitution out22-10
08:1922-10Te'Jon Lucas substitution in
08:1922-10Mark Smith substitution in
08:1922-10Trent Frazier substitution out
08:1922-10Mark Alstork substitution out
08:00Eli Chuha misses 2-point jump shot22-10
08:0022-10Kipper Nichols defensive rebound
07:5222-13+3Kipper Nichols makes 3-point jump shot
07:5222-13Te'Jon Lucas assist
07:15Sidy N'Dir turnover22-13
07:1522-13Illinois Fighting Illini full timeout
07:15AJ Harris substitution in22-13
07:15Keyon Jones substitution in22-13
07:15Sidy N'Dir substitution out22-13
07:15Shunn Buchanan substitution out22-13
06:5822-15+2Mark Smith makes 2-point jump shot
06:42Eli Chuha makes 2-point jump shot+224-15
06:42AJ Harris assist24-15
06:2824-15Mark Smith turnover
06:27Johnny Mccants steal24-15
06:14AJ Harris makes 3-point jump shot+327-15
06:14Zach Lofton assist27-15
05:5827-15Kipper Nichols turnover
05:5827-15Aaron Jordan substitution in
05:5827-15Leron Black substitution in
05:5827-15Michael Finke substitution in
05:5827-15Da'Monte Williams substitution out
05:5827-15Kipper Nichols substitution out
05:5827-15Greg Eboigbodin substitution out
05:32Keyon Jones makes 3-point jump shot+330-15
05:32Eli Chuha assist30-15
05:2530-15Illinois Fighting Illini 30-second timeout
05:0930-15Michael Finke misses 3-point jump shot
05:0930-15Mark Smith offensive rebound
05:0730-17+2Mark Smith makes layup
05:07AJ Harris foul30-17
05:0730-17Mark Smith misses free throw
05:07Johnny Mccants defensive rebound30-17
05:07Sidy N'Dir substitution in30-17
05:07AJ Harris substitution out30-17
05:0730-17Trent Frazier substitution in
05:0730-17Te'Jon Lucas substitution out
04:50Keyon Jones misses 3-point jump shot30-17
04:5030-17Leron Black defensive rebound
04:42Sidy N'Dir foul30-17
04:42Johnathon Wilkins substitution in30-17
04:42Shunn Buchanan substitution in30-17
04:42Jemerrio Jones substitution in30-17
04:42Sidy N'Dir substitution out30-17
04:42Eli Chuha substitution out30-17
04:42Johnny Mccants substitution out30-17
04:4230-17Kipper Nichols substitution in
04:4230-17Leron Black substitution out
04:3530-17Mark Smith misses layup
04:35Johnathon Wilkins shot block30-17
04:34Johnathon Wilkins defensive rebound30-17
04:3430-17Mark Smith foul
04:3430-17Da'Monte Williams substitution in
04:3430-17Mark Smith substitution out
04:12Zach Lofton makes 2-point jump shot+232-17
03:5432-17Da'Monte Williams misses 2-point jump shot
03:54Jemerrio Jones defensive rebound32-17
03:42Keyon Jones misses layup32-17
03:4232-17Michael Finke defensive rebound
03:3332-19+2Trent Frazier makes 2-point jump shot
03:19Shunn Buchanan turnover32-19
03:1832-19Trent Frazier steal
03:1632-21+2Michael Finke makes layup
03:1632-21Trent Frazier assist
03:10New Mexico State Aggies 30-second timeout32-21
03:1032-21Mark Alstork substitution in
03:1032-21Aaron Jordan substitution out
02:56Keyon Jones misses 3-point jump shot32-21
02:5632-21Mark Alstork defensive rebound
02:2932-23+2Kipper Nichols makes dunk
02:2932-23Mark Alstork assist
02:10Jemerrio Jones makes layup+234-23
02:10Johnathon Wilkins assist34-23
01:4634-23Mark Alstork misses 3-point jump shot
01:46New Mexico State Aggies deadball rebound34-23
01:4534-23Kipper Nichols foul
01:20Zach Lofton makes layup+236-23
00:5636-26+3Michael Finke makes 3-point jump shot
00:5636-26Mark Alstork assist
00:36Zach Lofton makes layup+238-26
00:1538-26Michael Finke misses 3-point jump shot
00:15Shunn Buchanan defensive rebound38-26
Time   New Mexico State PTS   Score   PTS Illinois
20:0038-26Leron Black substitution in
20:0038-26Aaron Jordan substitution out
19:3838-26Mark Smith turnover
19:36Zach Lofton steal38-26
19:34Zach Lofton misses layup38-26
19:3438-26Mark Smith defensive rebound
19:34Sidy N'Dir foul38-26
19:34Keyon Jones substitution in38-26
19:34Sidy N'Dir substitution out38-26
19:2138-28+2Leron Black makes 2-point jump shot
19:2138-28Te'Jon Lucas assist
19:03Zach Lofton foul38-28
19:03Zach Lofton turnover38-28
18:3938-28Leron Black misses 2-point jump shot
18:39Jemerrio Jones defensive rebound38-28
18:13Zach Lofton misses layup38-28
18:13Jemerrio Jones offensive rebound38-28
18:08Jemerrio Jones misses tip-in shot38-28
18:0838-28Te'Jon Lucas defensive rebound
17:5838-30+2Te'Jon Lucas makes layup
17:5838-30Leron Black assist
17:58AJ Harris foul38-30
17:5838-30Te'Jon Lucas misses free throw
17:5838-30Te'Jon Lucas offensive rebound
17:58Shunn Buchanan substitution in38-30
17:58AJ Harris substitution out38-30
17:5338-32+2Te'Jon Lucas makes layup
17:39Jemerrio Jones misses 2-point jump shot38-32
17:3938-32Michael Finke defensive rebound
17:3038-32Mark Smith misses layup
17:3038-32Michael Finke offensive rebound
17:2738-32Michael Finke misses dunk
17:2738-32Leron Black offensive rebound
17:25Zach Lofton foul38-32
17:2538-32Aaron Jordan substitution in
17:2538-32Mark Alstork substitution out
17:0038-32Mark Smith misses layup
17:00Jemerrio Jones defensive rebound38-32
16:36Zach Lofton misses layup38-32
16:3638-32Michael Finke defensive rebound
16:29Zach Lofton foul38-32
16:29Sidy N'Dir substitution in38-32
16:29Eli Chuha substitution in38-32
16:29Zach Lofton substitution out38-32
16:29Johnathon Wilkins substitution out38-32
16:2938-32Trent Frazier substitution in
16:2938-32Mark Smith substitution out
16:2038-34+2Te'Jon Lucas makes layup
16:03Sidy N'Dir misses 3-point jump shot38-34
16:0338-34Michael Finke defensive rebound
15:4838-34Michael Finke misses 2-point jump shot
15:4838-34Leron Black offensive rebound
15:4438-36+2Leron Black makes tip-in shot
15:2138-36Aaron Jordan foul
15:21New Mexico State Aggies full timeout38-36
15:21Jemerrio Jones makes free throw+139-36
15:21Jemerrio Jones misses free throw39-36
15:2139-36Leron Black defensive rebound
15:0139-36Aaron Jordan misses 3-point jump shot
15:01Keyon Jones defensive rebound39-36
14:49Shunn Buchanan misses 2-point jump shot39-36
14:4939-36Te'Jon Lucas defensive rebound
14:4139-39+3Aaron Jordan makes 3-point jump shot
14:4139-39Michael Finke assist
14:16Eli Chuha turnover39-39
14:1639-39Te'Jon Lucas steal
14:16Eli Chuha foul39-39
14:16Johnny Mccants substitution in39-39
14:16Shunn Buchanan substitution out39-39
14:1639-39Da'Monte Williams substitution in
14:1639-39Michael Finke substitution out
13:5139-39Leron Black misses 2-point jump shot
13:51Johnny Mccants shot block39-39
13:5039-39Leron Black offensive rebound
13:4739-39Leron Black misses layup
13:47Eli Chuha shot block39-39
13:45Jemerrio Jones defensive rebound39-39
13:3339-39Trent Frazier foul
13:16Sidy N'Dir turnover39-39
13:0439-39Te'Jon Lucas turnover
13:04Sidy N'Dir steal39-39
13:04AJ Harris substitution in39-39
13:04Keyon Jones substitution out39-39
12:48Eli Chuha misses 2-point jump shot39-39
12:4839-39Leron Black defensive rebound
12:3439-39Leron Black misses 2-point jump shot
12:34Johnny Mccants defensive rebound39-39
12:25AJ Harris makes 2-point jump shot+241-39
12:1241-41+2Leron Black makes 2-point jump shot
12:1241-41Te'Jon Lucas assist
11:57AJ Harris makes layup+243-41
11:44Sidy N'Dir foul43-41
11:4443-41Media timeout
11:4443-42+1Leron Black makes free throw
11:4443-43+1Leron Black makes free throw
11:44Keyon Jones substitution in43-43
11:44Sidy N'Dir substitution out43-43
11:4443-43Michael Finke substitution in
11:4443-43Mark Alstork substitution in
11:4443-43Mark Smith substitution in
11:4443-43Te'Jon Lucas substitution out
11:4443-43Leron Black substitution out
11:4443-43Da'Monte Williams substitution out
11:16Jemerrio Jones misses layup43-43
11:16Eli Chuha offensive rebound43-43
11:10Eli Chuha misses tip-in shot43-43
11:1043-43Mark Alstork defensive rebound
10:5443-43Michael Finke misses 2-point jump shot
10:54Jemerrio Jones defensive rebound43-43
10:29Keyon Jones misses 3-point jump shot43-43
10:2943-43Mark Alstork defensive rebound
10:15Keyon Jones foul43-43
10:1543-44+1Aaron Jordan makes free throw
10:1543-45+1Aaron Jordan makes free throw
10:15Johnathon Wilkins substitution in43-45
10:15Zach Lofton substitution in43-45
10:15Keyon Jones substitution out43-45
10:15Johnny Mccants substitution out43-45
10:1543-45Leron Black substitution in
10:1543-45Te'Jon Lucas substitution in
10:1543-45Aaron Jordan substitution out
10:1543-45Mark Alstork substitution out
09:55Eli Chuha misses 2-point jump shot43-45
09:5543-45Michael Finke defensive rebound
09:4643-48+3Trent Frazier makes 3-point jump shot
09:46New Mexico State Aggies 30-second timeout43-48
09:46Keyon Jones substitution in43-48
09:46AJ Harris substitution out43-48
09:34Johnathon Wilkins makes 3-point jump shot+346-48
09:34Jemerrio Jones assist46-48
09:1846-50+2Te'Jon Lucas makes layup
09:1846-50Mark Smith assist
09:01Zach Lofton makes 2-point jump shot+248-50
08:3848-50Trent Frazier turnover
08:36Jemerrio Jones steal48-50
08:33Eli Chuha makes dunk+250-50
08:33Jemerrio Jones assist50-50
08:06Eli Chuha foul50-50
08:0650-51+1Leron Black makes free throw
08:0650-52+1Leron Black makes free throw
08:06AJ Harris substitution in50-52
08:06Eli Chuha substitution out50-52
08:0650-52Da'Monte Williams substitution in
08:0650-52Aaron Jordan substitution in
08:0650-52Michael Finke substitution out
08:0650-52Trent Frazier substitution out
07:45Zach Lofton makes 3-point jump shot+353-52
07:2953-54+2Leron Black makes 2-point jump shot
07:29Johnathon Wilkins foul53-54
07:2953-54Media timeout
07:2953-55+1Leron Black makes free throw
07:17Zach Lofton makes layup+255-55
06:5855-57+2Leron Black makes 2-point jump shot
06:3755-57Te'Jon Lucas foul
06:3755-57Trent Frazier substitution in
06:3755-57Mark Smith substitution out
06:25Zach Lofton makes 3-point jump shot+358-57
06:1058-57Te'Jon Lucas misses layup
06:10Zach Lofton defensive rebound58-57
06:01Keyon Jones makes 3-point jump shot+361-57
06:01Johnathon Wilkins assist61-57
05:5761-57Illinois Fighting Illini 30-second timeout
05:5761-57Michael Finke substitution in
05:5761-57Aaron Jordan substitution out
05:5561-57Da'Monte Williams turnover
05:54Jemerrio Jones steal61-57
05:53Jemerrio Jones makes dunk+263-57
05:31Jemerrio Jones foul63-57
05:3163-58+1Te'Jon Lucas makes free throw
05:3163-59+1Te'Jon Lucas makes free throw
05:31Eli Chuha substitution in63-59
05:31Jemerrio Jones substitution out63-59
05:3163-59Mark Smith substitution in
05:3163-59Aaron Jordan substitution in
05:3163-59Da'Monte Williams substitution out
05:3163-59Te'Jon Lucas substitution out
05:09AJ Harris makes 2-point jump shot+265-59
04:4765-59Aaron Jordan misses layup
04:47Johnathon Wilkins shot block65-59
04:46Eli Chuha defensive rebound65-59
04:29Zach Lofton misses layup65-59
04:2965-59Michael Finke defensive rebound
04:1265-62+3Trent Frazier makes 3-point jump shot
04:1265-62Leron Black assist
03:5865-62Leron Black foul
03:58Media timeout65-62
03:58AJ Harris misses free throw65-62
03:58New Mexico State Aggies deadball rebound65-62
03:58AJ Harris misses free throw65-62
03:5865-62Aaron Jordan defensive rebound
03:5865-62Te'Jon Lucas substitution in
03:5865-62Mark Smith substitution out
03:3565-65+3Trent Frazier makes 3-point jump shot
03:18Zach Lofton turnover65-65
03:18Jemerrio Jones substitution in65-65
03:18Sidy N'Dir substitution in65-65
03:18Keyon Jones substitution out65-65
03:18Johnathon Wilkins substitution out65-65
03:1065-65Trent Frazier turnover
02:52AJ Harris makes layup+267-65
02:2667-65Trent Frazier misses layup
02:26Eli Chuha shot block67-65
02:24Jemerrio Jones defensive rebound67-65
02:08Zach Lofton misses 2-point jump shot67-65
02:08Jemerrio Jones offensive rebound67-65
02:04Jemerrio Jones makes layup+269-65
02:04Eli Chuha assist69-65
01:5169-67+2Te'Jon Lucas makes layup
01:34AJ Harris turnover69-67
01:3369-67Michael Finke steal
01:2569-67Trent Frazier misses 3-point jump shot
01:2569-67Leron Black offensive rebound
01:1969-69+2Leron Black makes layup
01:08New Mexico State Aggies 30-second timeout69-69
00:51Zach Lofton misses 3-point jump shot69-69
00:5169-69Te'Jon Lucas defensive rebound
00:3469-69Trent Frazier misses 2-point jump shot
00:3469-69Illinois Fighting Illini deadball rebound
00:3369-69Aaron Jordan turnover
00:31Jemerrio Jones steal69-69
00:30AJ Harris makes layup+271-69
00:30Eli Chuha assist71-69
00:3071-69Te'Jon Lucas foul
00:30AJ Harris makes free throw+172-69
00:23Zach Lofton foul72-69
00:2372-69Trent Frazier misses free throw
00:2372-69Illinois Fighting Illini deadball rebound
00:2372-69Trent Frazier misses free throw
00:23Jemerrio Jones defensive rebound72-69
00:2372-69Da'Monte Williams substitution in
00:2372-69Michael Finke substitution out
00:1972-69Aaron Jordan foul
00:1972-69Mark Alstork substitution in
00:1972-69Aaron Jordan substitution out
00:1672-69Mark Alstork foul
00:16Zach Lofton misses free throw72-69
00:1672-69Aaron Jordan defensive rebound
00:1672-69Aaron Jordan substitution in
00:1672-69Mark Smith substitution in
00:1672-69Leron Black substitution out
00:1672-69Da'Monte Williams substitution out
00:1172-69Illinois Fighting Illini full timeout
00:1172-69Michael Finke substitution in
00:1172-69Leron Black substitution in
00:1172-69Te'Jon Lucas substitution out
00:1172-69Mark Alstork substitution out
00:0472-69Trent Frazier misses 3-point jump shot
00:04Eli Chuha defensive rebound72-69
00:0372-69Michael Finke foul
00:03Eli Chuha makes free throw+173-69
00:03Eli Chuha makes free throw+174-69
00:0074-69Trent Frazier misses 3-point jump shot
00:0074-69Illinois Fighting Illini deadball rebound

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