Arizona State vs. Kansas Box Score, December 10, 2017

Pacific-12 Conference and Big 12 Conference Scores — Dec 10, 2017

ASU (16)  95
KU (2)  85  
ISU 78  
GONZ (12)  97
WASH 70  
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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Arizona State PTS   Score   PTS Kansas
19:460-2+2Devonte' Graham makes layup
19:30Shannon Evans misses 3-point jump shot0-2
19:300-2Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
19:180-4+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
19:180-4Devonte' Graham assist
19:13Vitaliy Shibel foul0-4
19:130-5+1Udoka Azubuike makes free throw
18:560-5Devonte' Graham foul
18:56Tra Holder makes free throw+11-5
18:56Tra Holder makes free throw+12-5
18:472-7+2Lagerald Vick makes dunk
18:472-7Devonte' Graham assist
18:17Romello White turnover2-7
18:162-7Devonte' Graham steal
18:122-10+3Malik Newman makes 3-point jump shot
18:122-10Svi Mykhailiuk assist
18:09Arizona State Sun Devils 30-second timeout2-10
17:51Kodi Justice misses 2-point jump shot2-10
17:512-10Malik Newman defensive rebound
17:372-13+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
17:12Tra Holder misses 2-point jump shot2-13
17:122-13Udoka Azubuike shot block
17:102-13Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
17:052-13Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
17:052-13Lagerald Vick offensive rebound
16:392-15+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
16:392-15Svi Mykhailiuk assist
16:21Vitaliy Shibel makes 3-point jump shot+35-15
16:21Shannon Evans assist5-15
15:555-15Malik Newman misses 2-point jump shot
15:55Romello White defensive rebound5-15
15:47Tra Holder makes 3-point jump shot+38-15
15:248-15Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
15:24Romello White defensive rebound8-15
15:09Romello White makes 2-point jump shot+210-15
15:09Tra Holder assist10-15
14:5010-15Udoka Azubuike foul
14:5010-15Udoka Azubuike turnover
14:50Arizona State Sun Devils full timeout10-15
14:50Remy Martin substitution in10-15
14:50De'Quon Lake substitution in10-15
14:50Mickey Mitchell substitution in10-15
14:50Shannon Evans substitution out10-15
14:50Romello White substitution out10-15
14:50Kodi Justice substitution out10-15
14:5010-15Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
14:5010-15Udoka Azubuike substitution out
14:33Mickey Mitchell turnover10-15
14:3210-15Devonte' Graham steal
14:1410-15Lagerald Vick misses 2-point jump shot
14:14De'Quon Lake shot block10-15
14:12De'Quon Lake defensive rebound10-15
13:44De'Quon Lake misses 2-point jump shot10-15
13:4410-15Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
13:3610-15Svi Mykhailiuk misses 2-point jump shot
13:3610-15Mitch Lightfoot offensive rebound
13:3410-15Mitch Lightfoot misses layup
13:34De'Quon Lake defensive rebound10-15
13:28Remy Martin misses 2-point jump shot10-15
13:2810-15Malik Newman defensive rebound
13:1910-15Malik Newman turnover
13:17Remy Martin steal10-15
13:13Remy Martin makes layup+212-15
12:5712-18+3Malik Newman makes 3-point jump shot
12:5712-18Devonte' Graham assist
12:41Tra Holder makes layup+214-18
12:1614-18Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
12:16De'Quon Lake defensive rebound14-18
11:48Tra Holder makes 3-point jump shot+317-18
11:48Mickey Mitchell assist17-18
11:3117-21+3Lagerald Vick makes 3-point jump shot
11:3117-21Svi Mykhailiuk assist
11:10Tra Holder misses layup17-21
11:1017-21Mitch Lightfoot shot block
11:09Arizona State Sun Devils offensive rebound17-21
11:09Media timeout17-21
11:09Kodi Justice substitution in17-21
11:09Shannon Evans substitution in17-21
11:09Romello White substitution in17-21
11:09Tra Holder substitution out17-21
11:09Vitaliy Shibel substitution out17-21
11:09De'Quon Lake substitution out17-21
11:0917-21Marcus Garrett substitution in
11:0917-21Udoka Azubuike substitution in
11:0917-21Lagerald Vick substitution out
11:0917-21Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
11:02Kodi Justice misses 3-point jump shot17-21
11:02Remy Martin offensive rebound17-21
10:48Romello White misses 2-point jump shot17-21
10:4817-21Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
10:46Mickey Mitchell foul17-21
10:46Tra Holder substitution in17-21
10:46Mickey Mitchell substitution out17-21
10:2217-23+2Malik Newman makes layup
10:05Shannon Evans makes 3-point jump shot+320-23
10:05Remy Martin assist20-23
09:53Tra Holder foul20-23
09:5320-23Lagerald Vick substitution in
09:5320-23Devonte' Graham substitution out
09:4720-23Svi Mykhailiuk misses 2-point jump shot
09:47Romello White defensive rebound20-23
09:36Tra Holder misses layup20-23
09:36Arizona State Sun Devils offensive rebound20-23
09:30Romello White misses 2-point jump shot20-23
09:3020-23Malik Newman defensive rebound
09:1720-23Lagerald Vick turnover
09:1720-23Devonte' Graham substitution in
09:1720-23Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
09:1720-23Malik Newman substitution out
09:1720-23Udoka Azubuike substitution out
09:10Shannon Evans misses 2-point jump shot20-23
09:1020-23Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
09:0120-23Marcus Garrett misses 3-point jump shot
09:01Shannon Evans defensive rebound20-23
08:54Kodi Justice misses 3-point jump shot20-23
08:5420-23Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
08:3920-26+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
08:17Tra Holder misses 3-point jump shot20-26
08:1720-26Svi Mykhailiuk defensive rebound
08:1220-26Malik Newman substitution in
08:1220-26Svi Mykhailiuk substitution out
08:0020-26Marcus Garrett misses 3-point jump shot
08:00Tra Holder defensive rebound20-26
07:51Kodi Justice misses 3-point jump shot20-26
07:5120-26Mitch Lightfoot defensive rebound
07:3320-26Lagerald Vick misses 3-point jump shot
07:3320-26Kansas Jayhawks offensive rebound
07:2920-26Media timeout
07:2920-28+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
07:2920-28Devonte' Graham assist
07:2920-28Udoka Azubuike substitution in
07:2920-28Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
07:06Kodi Justice misses 3-point jump shot20-28
07:0620-28Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
06:5820-28Svi Mykhailiuk substitution in
06:5820-28Marcus Garrett substitution out
06:4520-28Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
06:4520-28Udoka Azubuike offensive rebound
06:3820-28Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
06:38Arizona State Sun Devils deadball rebound20-28
06:11Romello White makes dunk+222-28
06:11Kodi Justice assist22-28
05:4822-30+2Lagerald Vick makes dunk
05:4822-30Svi Mykhailiuk assist
05:31Remy Martin makes 3-point jump shot+325-30
05:31Tra Holder assist25-30
05:1325-32+2Lagerald Vick makes dunk
05:1325-32Svi Mykhailiuk assist
04:58Shannon Evans misses 3-point jump shot25-32
04:58Romello White offensive rebound25-32
04:53Tra Holder makes 2-point jump shot+227-32
04:53Romello White assist27-32
04:3127-34+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
04:3127-34Devonte' Graham assist
04:2427-34Malik Newman foul
04:24Vitaliy Shibel substitution in27-34
04:24Mickey Mitchell substitution in27-34
04:24Kodi Justice substitution out27-34
04:24Romello White substitution out27-34
04:2427-34Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
04:2427-34Udoka Azubuike substitution out
04:16Mickey Mitchell misses 2-point jump shot27-34
04:1627-34Mitch Lightfoot defensive rebound
03:5027-34Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
03:5027-34Svi Mykhailiuk offensive rebound
03:4527-34Devonte' Graham turnover
03:44Remy Martin steal27-34
03:41Remy Martin makes layup+229-34
03:2829-37+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
03:2829-37Malik Newman assist
03:09Vitaliy Shibel turnover29-37
03:0929-37Media timeout
03:09Kodi Justice substitution in29-37
03:09Romello White substitution in29-37
03:09Vitaliy Shibel substitution out29-37
03:09Mickey Mitchell substitution out29-37
03:0929-37Udoka Azubuike substitution in
03:0929-37Marcus Garrett substitution in
03:0929-37Malik Newman substitution out
03:0929-37Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
02:5629-37Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
02:56Kodi Justice defensive rebound29-37
02:42Remy Martin turnover29-37
02:27Romello White foul29-37
02:1829-37Devonte' Graham misses 2-point jump shot
02:18Remy Martin defensive rebound29-37
02:09Romello White misses layup29-37
02:0929-37Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
02:0029-37Lagerald Vick turnover
02:00Shannon Evans steal29-37
01:57Tra Holder makes 3-point jump shot+332-37
01:57Shannon Evans assist32-37
01:5332-37Kansas Jayhawks 30-second timeout
01:3432-40+3Lagerald Vick makes 3-point jump shot
01:3432-40Svi Mykhailiuk assist
01:18Shannon Evans makes 3-point jump shot+335-40
00:5035-40Udoka Azubuike turnover
00:5035-40Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
00:5035-40Udoka Azubuike substitution out
00:36Romello White makes 2-point jump shot+237-40
00:36Tra Holder assist37-40
00:0637-40Lagerald Vick misses 3-point jump shot
00:06Romello White defensive rebound37-40
Time   Arizona State PTS   Score   PTS Kansas
19:4637-40Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
19:46Romello White defensive rebound37-40
19:3837-40Malik Newman foul
19:27Kodi Justice misses 3-point jump shot37-40
19:2737-40Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
19:1937-40Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
19:19Kodi Justice defensive rebound37-40
19:10Kodi Justice turnover37-40
19:0937-40Malik Newman steal
18:5737-40Udoka Azubuike misses layup
18:57Vitaliy Shibel defensive rebound37-40
18:39Shannon Evans misses 3-point jump shot37-40
18:3937-40Devonte' Graham defensive rebound
18:3137-43+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
18:04Romello White makes layup+239-43
18:04Tra Holder assist39-43
17:4339-45+2Udoka Azubuike makes layup
17:4339-45Devonte' Graham assist
17:23Romello White misses 2-point jump shot39-45
17:2339-45Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
17:1539-47+2Devonte' Graham makes layup
17:00Kodi Justice makes 3-point jump shot+342-47
17:00Shannon Evans assist42-47
16:49Tra Holder foul42-47
16:49Remy Martin substitution in42-47
16:49Vitaliy Shibel substitution out42-47
16:4942-47Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
16:4942-47Udoka Azubuike substitution out
16:41Remy Martin foul42-47
16:26Kodi Justice foul42-47
16:2642-47Mitch Lightfoot misses free throw
16:2642-47Kansas Jayhawks deadball rebound
16:2642-48+1Mitch Lightfoot makes free throw
16:13Romello White makes layup+244-48
16:13Tra Holder assist44-48
16:1044-48Mitch Lightfoot turnover
16:1044-48Udoka Azubuike substitution in
16:1044-48Marcus Garrett substitution in
16:1044-48Malik Newman substitution out
16:1044-48Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
16:04Tra Holder makes 3-point jump shot+347-48
16:04Shannon Evans assist47-48
15:4747-50+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
15:4747-50Lagerald Vick assist
15:23Remy Martin makes 3-point jump shot+350-50
15:1250-52+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
15:01Shannon Evans makes layup+252-52
14:4852-52Devonte' Graham misses 2-point jump shot
14:48Kodi Justice defensive rebound52-52
14:42Tra Holder misses 3-point jump shot52-52
14:42Arizona State Sun Devils offensive rebound52-52
14:39Media timeout52-52
14:3952-52Malik Newman substitution in
14:3952-52Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
14:3952-52Svi Mykhailiuk substitution out
14:3952-52Udoka Azubuike substitution out
14:30Romello White makes layup+254-52
14:30Shannon Evans assist54-52
14:3054-52Marcus Garrett foul
14:30Romello White makes free throw+155-52
14:3055-52Svi Mykhailiuk substitution in
14:3055-52Marcus Garrett substitution out
14:1755-52Svi Mykhailiuk turnover
14:16Kodi Justice steal55-52
14:13Tra Holder makes layup+257-52
14:1057-52Kansas Jayhawks 30-second timeout
13:5757-52Devonte' Graham foul
13:5757-52Devonte' Graham turnover
13:46Kodi Justice misses 3-point jump shot57-52
13:4657-52Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
13:3557-52Svi Mykhailiuk turnover
13:34Remy Martin steal57-52
13:31Remy Martin makes layup+259-52
13:1259-52Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
13:1259-52Lagerald Vick offensive rebound
13:09Tra Holder foul59-52
13:09De'Quon Lake substitution in59-52
13:09Romello White substitution out59-52
13:0659-52Devonte' Graham misses 2-point jump shot
13:0659-52Kansas Jayhawks offensive rebound
13:03Shannon Evans foul59-52
12:5759-52Malik Newman misses layup
12:57De'Quon Lake shot block59-52
12:56Kodi Justice defensive rebound59-52
12:44Shannon Evans misses 3-point jump shot59-52
12:4459-52Lagerald Vick defensive rebound
12:33De'Quon Lake foul59-52
12:2759-52Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
12:27Kodi Justice defensive rebound59-52
12:06Shannon Evans makes layup+261-52
11:5361-52Svi Mykhailiuk misses 2-point jump shot
11:53De'Quon Lake shot block61-52
11:51Kodi Justice defensive rebound61-52
11:46Tra Holder turnover61-52
11:4661-52Malik Newman steal
11:3861-52Svi Mykhailiuk turnover
11:37Remy Martin steal61-52
11:37Media timeout61-52
11:3761-52Marcus Garrett substitution in
11:3761-52Svi Mykhailiuk substitution out
11:16Remy Martin misses layup61-52
11:1661-52Mitch Lightfoot shot block
11:1561-52Mitch Lightfoot defensive rebound
11:1461-52Mitch Lightfoot turnover
11:14Romello White substitution in61-52
11:14De'Quon Lake substitution out61-52
11:13Tra Holder makes layup+263-52
11:13Remy Martin assist63-52
10:5663-52Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
10:56Tra Holder defensive rebound63-52
10:34Remy Martin makes layup+265-52
10:2465-52Kansas Jayhawks 30-second timeout
10:1965-54+2Lagerald Vick makes 2-point jump shot
10:01Romello White misses layup65-54
10:0165-54Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
09:5665-54Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
09:56Romello White defensive rebound65-54
09:46Remy Martin makes layup+267-54
09:4567-54Lagerald Vick foul
09:45Remy Martin makes free throw+168-54
09:3568-57+3Malik Newman makes 3-point jump shot
09:3568-57Lagerald Vick assist
09:1768-57Svi Mykhailiuk foul
09:1668-57Udoka Azubuike foul
09:16Tra Holder makes free throw+169-57
09:16Tra Holder makes free throw+170-57
09:0570-59+2Lagerald Vick makes dunk
09:0570-59Devonte' Graham assist
08:48Tra Holder misses 3-point jump shot70-59
08:4870-59Malik Newman defensive rebound
08:4170-59Malik Newman misses 3-point jump shot
08:4170-59Udoka Azubuike offensive rebound
08:3770-61+2Udoka Azubuike makes dunk
08:35Arizona State Sun Devils 30-second timeout70-61
08:1170-61Devonte' Graham foul
08:11Tra Holder misses free throw70-61
08:11Arizona State Sun Devils deadball rebound70-61
08:11Tra Holder makes free throw+171-61
08:0371-61Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
08:03Arizona State Sun Devils defensive rebound71-61
07:59Media timeout71-61
07:47Shannon Evans makes 3-point jump shot+374-61
07:2674-64+3Lagerald Vick makes 3-point jump shot
07:1774-64Udoka Azubuike substitution in
07:1774-64Svi Mykhailiuk substitution in
07:1774-64Mitch Lightfoot substitution out
07:1774-64Marcus Garrett substitution out
07:13Romello White turnover74-64
06:5774-66+2Malik Newman makes 2-point jump shot
06:40Remy Martin misses 2-point jump shot74-66
06:40Arizona State Sun Devils offensive rebound74-66
06:2174-66Svi Mykhailiuk foul
06:21Tra Holder misses free throw74-66
06:21Arizona State Sun Devils deadball rebound74-66
06:21Tra Holder makes free throw+175-66
06:0475-69+3Svi Mykhailiuk makes 3-point jump shot
06:0475-69Malik Newman assist
05:37Shannon Evans makes 3-point jump shot+378-69
05:37Tra Holder assist78-69
05:2078-72+3Svi Mykhailiuk makes 3-point jump shot
04:48Tra Holder misses 2-point jump shot78-72
04:4878-72Udoka Azubuike shot block
04:45Kodi Justice offensive rebound78-72
04:43Kodi Justice misses 3-point jump shot78-72
04:4378-72Malik Newman defensive rebound
04:4078-72Malik Newman turnover
04:39Remy Martin steal78-72
04:36Remy Martin makes layup+280-72
04:2180-72Devonte' Graham turnover
04:11Shannon Evans makes 3-point jump shot+383-72
04:0483-72Kansas Jayhawks full timeout
03:4883-72Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
03:4883-72Udoka Azubuike offensive rebound
03:4483-75+3Devonte' Graham makes 3-point jump shot
03:4483-75Udoka Azubuike assist
03:24Tra Holder turnover83-75
03:2383-75Lagerald Vick steal
03:13Kodi Justice foul83-75
03:1383-76+1Svi Mykhailiuk makes free throw
03:1383-76Svi Mykhailiuk misses free throw
03:13Tra Holder defensive rebound83-76
03:01Shannon Evans makes 2-point jump shot+285-76
02:4685-76Svi Mykhailiuk turnover
02:45Shannon Evans steal85-76
02:4385-76Devonte' Graham foul
02:43Tra Holder makes free throw+186-76
02:43Tra Holder misses free throw86-76
02:4386-76Udoka Azubuike defensive rebound
02:36Kodi Justice foul86-76
02:3686-77+1Svi Mykhailiuk makes free throw
02:3686-78+1Svi Mykhailiuk makes free throw
02:27Kodi Justice makes 3-point jump shot+389-78
02:27Tra Holder assist89-78
02:1789-78Lagerald Vick misses 3-point jump shot
02:17Arizona State Sun Devils defensive rebound89-78
02:1589-78Marcus Garrett substitution in
02:1589-78Udoka Azubuike substitution out
01:50Tra Holder misses layup89-78
01:5089-78Svi Mykhailiuk shot block
01:50Arizona State Sun Devils offensive rebound89-78
01:48Shannon Evans misses 2-point jump shot89-78
01:4889-78Svi Mykhailiuk defensive rebound
01:4389-80+2Lagerald Vick makes layup
01:4289-80Mitch Lightfoot substitution in
01:4289-80Malik Newman substitution out
01:3789-80Marcus Garrett foul
01:37Tra Holder makes free throw+190-80
01:37Tra Holder makes free throw+191-80
01:2991-80Svi Mykhailiuk misses 3-point jump shot
01:2991-80Mitch Lightfoot offensive rebound
01:2591-80Mitch Lightfoot turnover
01:24Kodi Justice steal91-80
01:2291-80Svi Mykhailiuk foul
01:22Kodi Justice misses free throw91-80
01:22Arizona State Sun Devils deadball rebound91-80
01:22Kodi Justice makes free throw+192-80
01:1892-80Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
01:18Kodi Justice defensive rebound92-80
01:03Tra Holder turnover92-80
01:0292-80Devonte' Graham steal
00:5992-83+3Svi Mykhailiuk makes 3-point jump shot
00:5992-83Devonte' Graham assist
00:5592-83Marcus Garrett foul
00:55Remy Martin makes free throw+193-83
00:55Remy Martin makes free throw+194-83
00:49Remy Martin foul94-83
00:4994-84+1Svi Mykhailiuk makes free throw
00:4994-85+1Svi Mykhailiuk makes free throw
00:46Arizona State Sun Devils 30-second timeout94-85
00:46Mickey Mitchell substitution in94-85
00:46Romello White substitution out94-85
00:3894-85Svi Mykhailiuk foul
00:38Shannon Evans makes free throw+195-85
00:38Shannon Evans misses free throw95-85
00:3895-85Marcus Garrett defensive rebound
00:3595-85Devonte' Graham misses 3-point jump shot
00:35Kodi Justice defensive rebound95-85
00:01Arizona State Sun Devils turnover95-85

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