Valparaiso vs. Purdue Box Score, December 7, 2017

Missouri Valley Conference and Big Ten Conference Scores — Dec 7, 2017

PUR (21)  80  
UMD 87  
RUTG 73  
ISU 84  
UNI 62  
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Line Score


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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Valparaiso PTS   Score   PTS Purdue
19:500-0Dakota Mathias misses 2-point jump shot
19:50Jaume Sorolla defensive rebound0-0
19:38Tevonn Walker makes 2-point jump shot+22-0
19:23Jaume Sorolla foul2-0
19:222-0Carsen Edwards misses 2-point jump shot
19:22Bakari Evelyn defensive rebound2-0
18:58Parker Hazen turnover2-0
18:432-0Carsen Edwards misses 2-point jump shot
18:43Jaume Sorolla defensive rebound2-0
18:32Bakari Evelyn turnover2-0
18:122-0Vincent Edwards misses 2-point jump shot
18:12Tevonn Walker defensive rebound2-0
17:54Bakari Evelyn turnover2-0
17:442-0Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot
17:44Jaume Sorolla defensive rebound2-0
17:34Tevonn Walker turnover2-0
17:332-0Dakota Mathias steal
17:292-2+2Vincent Edwards makes dunk
17:292-2Carsen Edwards assist
17:11Tevonn Walker misses 2-point jump shot2-2
17:11Joe Burton offensive rebound2-2
17:06Joe Burton makes layup+24-2
16:474-2Isaac Haas misses 2-point jump shot
16:47Bakari Evelyn defensive rebound4-2
16:36Parker Hazen misses 3-point jump shot4-2
16:364-2Isaac Haas defensive rebound
16:274-4+2PJ Thompson makes 2-point jump shot
16:01Joe Burton misses 2-point jump shot4-4
16:014-4PJ Thompson defensive rebound
15:514-4PJ Thompson turnover
15:51Media timeout4-4
15:51Mileek Mcmillan substitution in4-4
15:51Max Joseph substitution in4-4
15:51Derrik Smits substitution in4-4
15:51Parker Hazen substitution out4-4
15:51Tevonn Walker substitution out4-4
15:51Jaume Sorolla substitution out4-4
15:25Joe Burton makes 2-point jump shot+26-4
15:10Mileek Mcmillan foul6-4
15:096-4Dakota Mathias turnover
15:096-4Ryan Cline substitution in
15:096-4Dakota Mathias substitution out
14:56Derrik Smits misses 2-point jump shot6-4
14:566-4Ryan Cline defensive rebound
14:476-6+2Carsen Edwards makes layup
14:476-6Ryan Cline assist
14:26Joe Burton turnover6-6
14:096-6Vincent Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
14:09Max Joseph defensive rebound6-6
13:58Max Joseph misses 2-point jump shot6-6
13:586-6Isaac Haas shot block
13:566-6Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
13:536-8+2Carsen Edwards makes layup
13:536-8Vincent Edwards assist
13:53Bakari Evelyn foul6-8
13:536-8Carsen Edwards misses free throw
13:53Valparaiso Crusaders defensive rebound6-8
13:53Markus Golder substitution in6-8
13:53Tevonn Walker substitution in6-8
13:53Bakari Evelyn substitution out6-8
13:53Joe Burton substitution out6-8
13:536-8Matt Haarms substitution in
13:536-8Isaac Haas substitution out
13:30Derrik Smits makes layup+28-8
13:128-8Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
13:12Mileek Mcmillan defensive rebound8-8
12:48Derrik Smits turnover8-8
12:478-8Vincent Edwards steal
12:45Mileek Mcmillan foul8-8
12:45John Kiser substitution in8-8
12:45Mileek Mcmillan substitution out8-8
12:458-8Dakota Mathias substitution in
12:458-8Carsen Edwards substitution out
12:368-8Vincent Edwards turnover
12:34Tevonn Walker steal8-8
12:30Tevonn Walker misses layup8-8
12:308-8Matt Haarms shot block
12:298-8Ryan Cline defensive rebound
12:13Derrik Smits foul8-8
12:138-9+1Matt Haarms makes free throw
12:138-10+1Matt Haarms makes free throw
12:13Marten Linssen substitution in8-10
12:13Derrik Smits substitution out8-10
12:138-10Nojel Eastern substitution in
12:138-10PJ Thompson substitution out
11:44Marten Linssen misses 2-point jump shot8-10
11:448-10Matt Haarms shot block
11:428-10Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
11:318-10Vincent Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
11:31Tevonn Walker defensive rebound8-10
11:04Tevonn Walker misses 3-point jump shot8-10
11:048-10Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
10:568-13+3Ryan Cline makes 3-point jump shot
10:568-13Nojel Eastern assist
10:278-13Matt Haarms foul
10:27Media timeout8-13
10:27Max Joseph misses free throw8-13
10:27Valparaiso Crusaders deadball rebound8-13
10:27Max Joseph misses free throw8-13
10:278-13Matt Haarms defensive rebound
10:27Joe Burton substitution in8-13
10:27Jaume Sorolla substitution in8-13
10:27Markus Golder substitution out8-13
10:27Marten Linssen substitution out8-13
10:278-13Carsen Edwards substitution in
10:278-13Vincent Edwards substitution out
10:098-13Carsen Edwards turnover
10:008-13Nojel Eastern foul
10:00Bakari Evelyn substitution in8-13
10:00Micah Bradford substitution in8-13
10:00Max Joseph substitution out8-13
10:00Tevonn Walker substitution out8-13
09:41Jaume Sorolla misses layup8-13
09:41Joe Burton offensive rebound8-13
09:37Joe Burton misses 2-point jump shot8-13
09:378-13Matt Haarms defensive rebound
09:278-15+2Carsen Edwards makes 2-point jump shot
09:03Joe Burton makes 2-point jump shot+210-15
08:4710-15Ryan Cline misses layup
08:47Micah Bradford defensive rebound10-15
08:40Bakari Evelyn misses 3-point jump shot10-15
08:40Valparaiso Crusaders offensive rebound10-15
08:3710-15Vincent Edwards substitution in
08:3710-15PJ Thompson substitution in
08:3710-15Isaac Haas substitution in
08:3710-15Nojel Eastern substitution out
08:3710-15Ryan Cline substitution out
08:3710-15Matt Haarms substitution out
08:22Joe Burton misses 3-point jump shot10-15
08:2210-15Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
08:1410-15Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
08:14John Kiser defensive rebound10-15
08:03Jaume Sorolla makes 2-point jump shot+212-15
08:03Micah Bradford assist12-15
07:4712-15Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot
07:47Bakari Evelyn defensive rebound12-15
07:37Bakari Evelyn turnover12-15
07:3612-15Vincent Edwards steal
07:3312-17+2Carsen Edwards makes layup
07:3312-17Dakota Mathias assist
07:04Jaume Sorolla misses layup12-17
07:0412-17Isaac Haas shot block
07:0112-17Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
06:57Micah Bradford foul12-17
06:5612-17Purdue Boilermakers full timeout
06:56Derrik Smits substitution in12-17
06:56Tevonn Walker substitution in12-17
06:56John Kiser substitution out12-17
06:56Jaume Sorolla substitution out12-17
06:4812-19+2Isaac Haas makes 2-point jump shot
06:27Tevonn Walker misses 3-point jump shot12-19
06:2712-19Dakota Mathias defensive rebound
06:1712-22+3PJ Thompson makes 3-point jump shot
06:1712-22Dakota Mathias assist
06:13Valparaiso Crusaders 30-second timeout12-22
06:13John Kiser substitution in12-22
06:13Max Joseph substitution in12-22
06:13Bakari Evelyn substitution out12-22
06:13Micah Bradford substitution out12-22
05:45Max Joseph makes 2-point jump shot+214-22
05:2714-24+2Vincent Edwards makes layup
05:2714-24Isaac Haas assist
05:05Max Joseph misses 3-point jump shot14-24
05:0514-24Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
04:42John Kiser foul14-24
04:4214-25+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
04:4214-26+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
04:4214-26Nojel Eastern substitution in
04:4214-26PJ Thompson substitution out
04:30Derrik Smits turnover14-26
04:1814-28+2Vincent Edwards makes layup
04:1814-28Isaac Haas assist
03:57Derrik Smits misses 2-point jump shot14-28
03:57Derrik Smits offensive rebound14-28
03:55Derrik Smits turnover14-28
03:5314-28Nojel Eastern steal
03:4114-28Nojel Eastern misses layup
03:41John Kiser defensive rebound14-28
03:10Valparaiso Crusaders turnover14-28
03:1014-28Media timeout
03:10Jaume Sorolla substitution in14-28
03:10Bakari Evelyn substitution in14-28
03:10Mileek Mcmillan substitution in14-28
03:10Micah Bradford substitution in14-28
03:10Derrik Smits substitution out14-28
03:10John Kiser substitution out14-28
03:10Max Joseph substitution out14-28
03:10Tevonn Walker substitution out14-28
03:1014-28Matt Haarms substitution in
03:1014-28Isaac Haas substitution out
02:5514-28Vincent Edwards misses 2-point jump shot
02:5514-28Matt Haarms offensive rebound
02:5214-30+2Vincent Edwards makes 2-point jump shot
02:5214-30Matt Haarms assist
02:19Joe Burton misses 3-point jump shot14-30
02:1914-30Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound
02:19Markus Golder substitution in14-30
02:19Micah Bradford substitution out14-30
02:1914-30Ryan Cline substitution in
02:1914-30Dakota Mathias substitution out
02:0314-33+3Vincent Edwards makes 3-point jump shot
02:0314-33Ryan Cline assist
01:36Mileek Mcmillan makes 2-point jump shot+216-33
01:1716-33Vincent Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
01:1716-33Nojel Eastern offensive rebound
01:13Markus Golder foul16-33
01:1316-33Matt Haarms misses free throw
01:13Jaume Sorolla defensive rebound16-33
01:1316-33PJ Thompson substitution in
01:1316-33Nojel Eastern substitution out
00:53Mileek Mcmillan foul16-33
00:53Mileek Mcmillan turnover16-33
00:53Tevonn Walker substitution in16-33
00:53Mileek Mcmillan substitution out16-33
00:5316-33Isaac Haas substitution in
00:5316-33Matt Haarms substitution out
00:4516-36+3Ryan Cline makes 3-point jump shot
00:31Markus Golder misses layup16-36
00:3116-36Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
00:0516-36Isaac Haas misses 2-point jump shot
00:05Bakari Evelyn defensive rebound16-36
Time   Valparaiso PTS   Score   PTS Purdue
19:31Tevonn Walker misses 2-point jump shot16-36
19:3116-36Purdue Boilermakers defensive rebound
19:0716-36Carsen Edwards misses 3-point jump shot
19:07Joe Burton defensive rebound16-36
19:00Joe Burton makes 2-point jump shot+218-36
18:5918-36Dakota Mathias foul
18:59Joe Burton misses free throw18-36
18:5918-36Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
18:39Parker Hazen foul18-36
18:3918-36PJ Thompson misses 3-point jump shot
18:39Parker Hazen defensive rebound18-36
18:28Tevonn Walker misses 2-point jump shot18-36
18:2818-36Isaac Haas defensive rebound
18:0318-39+3Dakota Mathias makes 3-point jump shot
18:0318-39Vincent Edwards assist
17:52Bakari Evelyn misses 2-point jump shot18-39
17:5218-39Purdue Boilermakers defensive rebound
17:36Parker Hazen foul18-39
17:28Jaume Sorolla foul18-39
17:2818-40+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
17:2818-41+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
17:23Bakari Evelyn foul18-41
17:23Bakari Evelyn turnover18-41
17:0518-41Carsen Edwards turnover
17:04Tevonn Walker steal18-41
17:00Tevonn Walker makes layup+220-41
16:5220-41Carsen Edwards turnover
16:49Parker Hazen turnover20-41
16:4820-41PJ Thompson steal
16:3520-44+3Dakota Mathias makes 3-point jump shot
16:3520-44Vincent Edwards assist
16:18Joe Burton misses layup20-44
16:18Jaume Sorolla offensive rebound20-44
16:05Tevonn Walker makes 3-point jump shot+323-44
15:4823-44Isaac Haas misses 2-point jump shot
15:4823-44Isaac Haas offensive rebound
15:4723-46+2Isaac Haas makes 2-point jump shot
15:29Bakari Evelyn misses layup23-46
15:2923-46Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
15:1923-46Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot
15:19Jaume Sorolla defensive rebound23-46
15:05Tevonn Walker misses 2-point jump shot23-46
15:0523-46Purdue Boilermakers defensive rebound
15:0123-46Purdue Boilermakers full timeout
15:01Max Joseph substitution in23-46
15:01Derrik Smits substitution in23-46
15:01Mileek Mcmillan substitution in23-46
15:01Parker Hazen substitution out23-46
15:01Tevonn Walker substitution out23-46
15:01Jaume Sorolla substitution out23-46
15:0123-46Ryan Cline substitution in
15:0123-46Matt Haarms substitution in
15:0123-46Carsen Edwards substitution out
15:0123-46Isaac Haas substitution out
14:4923-48+2Matt Haarms makes dunk
14:3623-48PJ Thompson foul
14:34Joe Burton misses 2-point jump shot23-48
14:3423-48Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
14:2823-48Vincent Edwards turnover
14:27Max Joseph steal23-48
14:17Max Joseph makes layup+225-48
13:4525-51+3PJ Thompson makes 3-point jump shot
13:4525-51Dakota Mathias assist
13:2325-51Dakota Mathias foul
13:23Joe Burton makes free throw+126-51
13:23Joe Burton makes free throw+127-51
13:1127-51Vincent Edwards misses layup
13:1127-51Matt Haarms offensive rebound
13:0827-53+2Matt Haarms makes 2-point jump shot
12:57Max Joseph makes layup+229-53
12:57Bakari Evelyn assist29-53
12:5729-53Ryan Cline foul
12:57Max Joseph misses free throw29-53
12:5729-53Carsen Edwards defensive rebound
12:5729-53Nojel Eastern substitution in
12:5729-53Carsen Edwards substitution in
12:5729-53Dakota Mathias substitution out
12:5729-53PJ Thompson substitution out
12:4829-55+2Carsen Edwards makes layup
12:48Max Joseph foul29-55
12:4829-56+1Carsen Edwards makes free throw
12:3729-56Carsen Edwards foul
12:37Joe Burton makes free throw+130-56
12:37Joe Burton makes free throw+131-56
12:2031-56Carsen Edwards misses layup
12:20Bakari Evelyn defensive rebound31-56
12:12Joe Burton misses 3-point jump shot31-56
12:1231-56Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
12:0031-58+2Vincent Edwards makes 2-point jump shot
11:47Bakari Evelyn makes 3-point jump shot+334-58
11:3034-58Matt Haarms misses 2-point jump shot
11:30Mileek Mcmillan defensive rebound34-58
11:16Derrik Smits misses 2-point jump shot34-58
11:1634-58Vincent Edwards defensive rebound
11:0634-58Purdue Boilermakers full timeout
11:06Marten Linssen substitution in34-58
11:06Markus Golder substitution in34-58
11:06Micah Bradford substitution in34-58
11:06Tevonn Walker substitution in34-58
11:06Max Joseph substitution out34-58
11:06Joe Burton substitution out34-58
11:06Derrik Smits substitution out34-58
11:06Bakari Evelyn substitution out34-58
11:0634-58Isaac Haas substitution in
11:0634-58Dakota Mathias substitution in
11:0634-58Ryan Cline substitution out
11:0634-58Matt Haarms substitution out
11:0434-58Isaac Haas misses 2-point jump shot
11:0434-58Vincent Edwards offensive rebound
11:02Mileek Mcmillan foul34-58
11:0234-58Purdue Boilermakers full timeout
11:0234-59+1Vincent Edwards makes free throw
11:0234-60+1Vincent Edwards makes free throw
10:51Marten Linssen turnover34-60
10:4734-62+2Nojel Eastern makes 2-point jump shot
10:47Markus Golder foul34-62
10:4734-62Nojel Eastern misses free throw
10:47Valparaiso Crusaders deadball rebound34-62
10:41Marten Linssen foul34-62
10:41Marten Linssen turnover34-62
10:2934-62Nojel Eastern misses 2-point jump shot
10:29Valparaiso Crusaders defensive rebound34-62
10:2534-62Matt Haarms substitution in
10:2534-62Vincent Edwards substitution out
10:11Marten Linssen makes layup+236-62
10:11Micah Bradford assist36-62
09:5636-64+2Dakota Mathias makes 2-point jump shot
09:5636-64Nojel Eastern assist
09:43Micah Bradford misses 2-point jump shot36-64
09:4336-64Nojel Eastern shot block
09:4036-64Matt Haarms defensive rebound
09:35Mileek Mcmillan foul36-64
09:3536-65+1Carsen Edwards makes free throw
09:3536-66+1Carsen Edwards makes free throw
09:35John Kiser substitution in36-66
09:35Mileek Mcmillan substitution out36-66
09:1736-66Carsen Edwards foul
09:17Tevonn Walker misses free throw36-66
09:17Valparaiso Crusaders deadball rebound36-66
09:17Tevonn Walker makes free throw+137-66
09:17Bakari Evelyn substitution in37-66
09:17Micah Bradford substitution out37-66
09:07John Kiser foul37-66
09:0737-67+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
09:0737-68+1Isaac Haas makes free throw
09:07Jaume Sorolla substitution in37-68
09:07Max Joseph substitution in37-68
09:07Parker Hazen substitution in37-68
09:07Joe Burton substitution in37-68
09:07Tevonn Walker substitution out37-68
09:07Markus Golder substitution out37-68
09:07John Kiser substitution out37-68
09:07Marten Linssen substitution out37-68
08:55Joe Burton turnover37-68
08:5437-68Nojel Eastern steal
08:5037-68Dakota Mathias misses 3-point jump shot
08:50Valparaiso Crusaders deadball rebound37-68
08:24Joe Burton misses 2-point jump shot37-68
08:23Jaume Sorolla offensive rebound37-68
08:22Jaume Sorolla makes tip-in shot+239-68
08:06Max Joseph foul39-68
08:0639-68Carsen Edwards misses free throw
08:0639-68Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound
08:0639-69+1Carsen Edwards makes free throw
08:0639-69Ryan Cline substitution in
08:0639-69PJ Thompson substitution in
08:0639-69Dakota Mathias substitution out
08:0639-69Carsen Edwards substitution out
07:47Parker Hazen misses 3-point jump shot39-69
07:4739-69Isaac Haas defensive rebound
07:3039-69Nojel Eastern turnover
07:29Jaume Sorolla steal39-69
07:2339-69Nojel Eastern foul
07:23Valparaiso Crusaders full timeout39-69
07:23Joe Burton makes free throw+140-69
07:23Joe Burton makes free throw+141-69
07:2341-69Jacquil Taylor substitution in
07:2341-69Isaac Haas substitution out
07:1041-69Matt Haarms misses 2-point jump shot
07:10Parker Hazen shot block41-69
07:1041-69Purdue Boilermakers offensive rebound
06:5841-71+2Matt Haarms makes 2-point jump shot
06:39Parker Hazen misses layup41-71
06:3941-71Jacquil Taylor shot block
06:3841-71Jacquil Taylor defensive rebound
06:2441-73+2Jacquil Taylor makes dunk
06:2441-73Nojel Eastern assist
06:11Bakari Evelyn misses 3-point jump shot41-73
06:11Jaume Sorolla offensive rebound41-73
06:06Joe Burton makes layup+243-73
05:4643-73Nojel Eastern misses 2-point jump shot
05:46Parker Hazen defensive rebound43-73
05:37Joe Burton misses 3-point jump shot43-73
05:3743-73Matt Haarms defensive rebound
05:2043-73PJ Thompson misses 3-point jump shot
05:20Parker Hazen defensive rebound43-73
05:12Joe Burton misses 3-point jump shot43-73
05:1243-73Ryan Cline defensive rebound
04:4943-73Matt Haarms misses 2-point jump shot
04:49Max Joseph defensive rebound43-73
04:40Joe Burton makes 3-point jump shot+346-73
04:40Max Joseph assist46-73
04:2146-73Ryan Cline misses 3-point jump shot
04:21Jaume Sorolla defensive rebound46-73
03:57Jaume Sorolla misses 2-point jump shot46-73
03:57Jaume Sorolla offensive rebound46-73
03:53Jaume Sorolla misses 2-point jump shot46-73
03:53Valparaiso Crusaders offensive rebound46-73
03:52Media timeout46-73
03:52Derrik Smits substitution in46-73
03:52Micah Bradford substitution in46-73
03:52Markus Golder substitution in46-73
03:52Tevonn Walker substitution in46-73
03:52Bakari Evelyn substitution out46-73
03:52Jaume Sorolla substitution out46-73
03:52Parker Hazen substitution out46-73
03:52Joe Burton substitution out46-73
03:5246-73Eden Ewing substitution in
03:5246-73Grady Eifert substitution in
03:5246-73Matt Haarms substitution out
03:5246-73PJ Thompson substitution out
03:48Micah Bradford misses 3-point jump shot46-73
03:4846-73Ryan Cline defensive rebound
03:4346-73Ryan Cline turnover
03:27Tevonn Walker makes layup+248-73
03:0848-73Eden Ewing misses 2-point jump shot
03:08Derrik Smits shot block48-73
03:0848-73Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound
02:56Micah Bradford foul48-73
02:5648-73Jacquil Taylor misses free throw
02:5648-73Purdue Boilermakers deadball rebound
02:5648-74+1Jacquil Taylor makes free throw
02:5648-74Tommy Luce substitution in
02:5648-74Ryan Cline substitution out
02:45Max Joseph turnover48-74
02:2948-74Jacquil Taylor misses 2-point jump shot
02:29Derrik Smits shot block48-74
02:27Micah Bradford defensive rebound48-74
02:21Markus Golder misses 2-point jump shot48-74
02:21Derrik Smits offensive rebound48-74
02:18Derrik Smits makes 2-point jump shot+250-74
01:58Max Joseph foul50-74
01:5850-75+1Tommy Luce makes free throw
01:5850-75Tommy Luce misses free throw
01:58Derrik Smits defensive rebound50-75
01:47Micah Bradford turnover50-75
01:4450-75Jacquil Taylor steal
01:3050-77+2Eden Ewing makes 2-point jump shot
01:16Tevonn Walker misses 2-point jump shot50-77
01:1550-77Jacquil Taylor shot block
01:1450-77Nojel Eastern defensive rebound
01:0050-77Jacquil Taylor misses 3-point jump shot
01:0050-77Nojel Eastern offensive rebound
00:57Tevonn Walker foul50-77
00:5750-78+1Nojel Eastern makes free throw
00:5750-78Nojel Eastern misses free throw
00:5750-78Grady Eifert offensive rebound
00:57Marten Linssen substitution in50-78
00:57John Kiser substitution in50-78
00:57Derrik Smits substitution out50-78
00:57Tevonn Walker substitution out50-78
00:4950-80+2Eden Ewing makes layup
00:4950-80Tommy Luce assist
00:23Marten Linssen misses layup50-80
00:2350-80Jacquil Taylor defensive rebound

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