Northern Illinois vs. Chicago State Box Score, December 2, 2017

Western Athletic Conference and Mid-American Conference Scores — Dec 2, 2017

BALL 83  
BUFF 62  
WMU 73  
NIU 95
CHSU 77  
RICE 67  
NORF 77  
KENT 72  
AKR 64
MRSH 86  
TOL 71  
M-OH 76
WIU 73 2OT
GCU 68  
UVSU 88  
NAU 60
CSUB 52  
Northern Illinois
Chicago State
December 2, 2017
Emil and Patricia Jones Convocation Center, Chicago, Illinois
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Play-By-Play Table
Time   Northern Illinois PTS   Score   PTS Chicago State
19:460-0Montana Byrd foul
19:37Dante Thorpe misses layup0-0
19:370-0Fred Sims Jr FRED defensive rebound
19:19Lacey James foul0-0
19:190-0Anthony Harris foul
19:190-0Anthony Harris turnover
19:09Eugene German misses 3-point jump shot0-0
19:09Dante Thorpe offensive rebound0-0
18:46Levi Bradley makes layup+22-0
18:46Dante Thorpe assist2-0
18:172-0Montana Byrd misses 3-point jump shot
18:17Northern Illinois Huskies defensive rebound2-0
18:17Noah Mccarty substitution in2-0
18:16Lacey James substitution out2-0
18:06Justin Thomas makes 3-point jump shot+35-0
18:06Eugene German assist5-0
17:465-0Deionte Simmons turnover
17:46Eugene German steal5-0
17:465-0Deionte Simmons foul
17:46Eugene German makes free throw+16-0
17:46Eugene German makes free throw+17-0
17:467-0Jale Stephens-Holmes substitution in
17:467-0Jelani Pruitt substitution in
17:467-0Deionte Simmons substitution out
17:467-0Anthony Harris substitution out
17:237-0Jelani Pruitt misses 2-point jump shot
17:23Justin Thomas defensive rebound7-0
17:157-0Fred Sims Jr FRED foul
17:157-0Chicago State Cougars full timeout
17:15Noah Mccarty misses free throw7-0
17:15Northern Illinois Huskies deadball rebound7-0
17:15Noah Mccarty makes free throw+18-0
17:06Dante Thorpe foul8-0
16:488-0Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot
16:488-0Jelani Pruitt offensive rebound
16:478-2+2Jelani Pruitt makes layup
16:47Justin Thomas foul8-2
16:478-2Jelani Pruitt misses free throw
16:47Noah Mccarty defensive rebound8-2
16:47Gairges Daow substitution in8-2
16:47Justin Thomas substitution out8-2
16:34Levi Bradley misses 2-point jump shot8-2
16:34Noah Mccarty offensive rebound8-2
16:12Eugene German makes layup+210-2
15:5710-4+2Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 2-point jump shot
15:41Justin Thomas misses 3-point jump shot10-4
15:4110-4Glen Burns defensive rebound
15:3510-6+2Jelani Pruitt makes layup
15:3510-6Glen Burns assist
15:29Eugene German makes layup+212-6
15:1512-6Jelani Pruitt turnover
15:15Media timeout12-6
15:15Owen Hamilton substitution in12-6
15:15A Demogerontas substitution in12-6
15:15Dante Thorpe substitution out12-6
15:15Noah Mccarty substitution out12-6
15:05Gairges Daow misses 2-point jump shot12-6
15:0512-6Jale Stephens-Holmes defensive rebound
14:3612-6Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot
14:3612-6Jale Stephens-Holmes offensive rebound
14:36Eugene German foul12-6
14:36Justin Thomas substitution in12-6
14:36Eugene German substitution out12-6
14:25Owen Hamilton foul12-6
14:2512-7+1Montana Byrd makes free throw
14:2512-7Montana Byrd misses free throw
14:25Gairges Daow defensive rebound12-7
14:25Rod Henry-Hayes substitution in12-7
14:25Levi Bradley substitution out12-7
14:10Owen Hamilton turnover12-7
14:1012-7John Joyce substitution in
14:1012-7Montana Byrd substitution out
14:0812-9+2Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 2-point jump shot
13:3012-9John Joyce foul
13:30Owen Hamilton makes free throw+113-9
13:30Owen Hamilton makes free throw+114-9
13:30Dante Thorpe substitution in14-9
13:30Gairges Daow substitution out14-9
13:1014-9John Joyce misses 3-point jump shot
13:1014-9Jelani Pruitt offensive rebound
13:10Owen Hamilton foul14-9
13:10Lacey James substitution in14-9
13:10Owen Hamilton substitution out14-9
13:0314-9John Joyce misses layup
12:49Lacey James defensive rebound14-9
12:47Dante Thorpe makes 3-point jump shot+317-9
12:47Justin Thomas assist17-9
12:3917-12+3Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 3-point jump shot
12:3917-12John Joyce assist
12:15Rod Henry-Hayes makes 3-point jump shot+320-12
12:15A Demogerontas assist20-12
11:5820-12John Joyce turnover
11:5820-12Rob Shaw substitution in
11:5820-12Jelani Pruitt substitution out
11:47Lacey James misses layup20-12
11:4720-12Jale Stephens-Holmes shot block
11:4520-12Rob Shaw defensive rebound
11:3220-12Jale Stephens-Holmes misses layup
11:32A Demogerontas defensive rebound20-12
11:21Lacey James misses layup20-12
11:2120-12Glen Burns defensive rebound
11:16Dante Thorpe foul20-12
11:1620-13+1Glen Burns makes free throw
11:1620-14+1Glen Burns makes free throw
11:16Levi Bradley substitution in20-14
11:16Noah Mccarty substitution in20-14
11:16Eugene German substitution in20-14
11:16Gairges Daow substitution in20-14
11:16Lacey James substitution out20-14
11:16Dante Thorpe substitution out20-14
11:16A Demogerontas substitution out20-14
11:16Rod Henry-Hayes substitution out20-14
11:1620-14Patrick Szpir substitution in
11:1620-14Travon Bell substitution in
11:1620-14Jale Stephens-Holmes substitution out
11:1620-14Fred Sims Jr FRED substitution out
11:00Noah Mccarty makes layup+222-14
11:00Levi Bradley assist22-14
10:4122-14Travon Bell misses 3-point jump shot
10:41Northern Illinois Huskies defensive rebound22-14
10:4122-14Montana Byrd substitution in
10:4122-14John Joyce substitution out
10:24Eugene German makes 3-point jump shot+325-14
10:24Justin Thomas assist25-14
10:0725-14Glen Burns turnover
09:36Levi Bradley makes 3-point jump shot+328-14
09:36Eugene German assist28-14
09:0928-17+3Travon Bell makes 3-point jump shot
09:0928-17Glen Burns assist
09:08Levi Bradley foul28-17
09:0828-18+1Patrick Szpir makes free throw
09:0828-19+1Patrick Szpir makes free throw
08:58Eugene German makes 3-point jump shot+331-19
08:58Noah Mccarty assist31-19
08:3331-19Glen Burns misses 3-point jump shot
08:33Northern Illinois Huskies defensive rebound31-19
08:3331-19Patrick Szpir foul
08:32Lacey James substitution in31-19
08:32A Demogerontas substitution in31-19
08:32Gairges Daow substitution out31-19
08:25Levi Bradley makes 2-point jump shot+233-19
08:25Justin Thomas assist33-19
08:1233-21+2Montana Byrd makes 2-point jump shot
08:1233-21Travon Bell assist
08:02Eugene German misses layup33-21
08:0233-21Travon Bell defensive rebound
07:5333-21Travon Bell misses 3-point jump shot
07:5333-21Chicago State Cougars offensive rebound
07:47Eugene German turnover33-21
07:29Rod Henry-Hayes foul33-21
07:2933-22+1Glen Burns makes free throw
07:2933-22Fred Sims Jr FRED foul
07:2933-22Fred Sims Jr FRED foul
07:29Levi Bradley foul33-22
07:29Levi Bradley foul33-22
07:2933-23+1Glen Burns makes free throw
07:2933-23Montana Byrd foul
07:29Noah Mccarty makes free throw+134-23
07:29Noah Mccarty misses free throw34-23
07:29A Demogerontas offensive rebound34-23
07:29Rod Henry-Hayes substitution in34-23
07:29Levi Bradley substitution out34-23
07:29Justin Thomas substitution out34-23
07:2934-23Jelani Pruitt substitution in
07:2934-23Fred Sims Jr FRED substitution in
07:2934-23Travon Bell substitution out
07:2934-23Montana Byrd substitution out
07:19Noah Mccarty makes layup+236-23
06:5836-23Rob Shaw misses 2-point jump shot
06:58Noah Mccarty defensive rebound36-23
06:50Rod Henry-Hayes misses 3-point jump shot36-23
06:50Northern Illinois Huskies offensive rebound36-23
06:30Rod Henry-Hayes makes layup+238-23
06:30Lacey James assist38-23
06:0838-23Patrick Szpir misses 2-point jump shot
06:08A Demogerontas defensive rebound38-23
05:56Noah Mccarty misses 2-point jump shot38-23
05:5638-23Glen Burns defensive rebound
05:4938-23Jelani Pruitt turnover
05:47Eugene German steal38-23
05:45Eugene German makes layup+240-23
05:4340-23Chicago State Cougars 30-second timeout
05:34Noah Mccarty foul40-23
05:3440-24+1Glen Burns makes free throw
05:3440-25+1Glen Burns makes free throw
05:2640-25Glen Burns foul
05:26Lacey James makes free throw+141-25
05:26Lacey James misses free throw41-25
05:2641-25Jelani Pruitt defensive rebound
05:1041-25Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot
05:1041-25Glen Burns offensive rebound
05:0841-27+2Glen Burns makes layup
04:55Rod Henry-Hayes makes 3-point jump shot+344-27
04:55Justin Thomas assist44-27
04:4144-27Glen Burns misses layup
04:41Lacey James defensive rebound44-27
04:31Justin Thomas misses 2-point jump shot44-27
04:3144-27Rob Shaw defensive rebound
04:2744-27Glen Burns misses layup
04:27Gairges Daow shot block44-27
04:2744-27Chicago State Cougars offensive rebound
04:27Gairges Daow substitution in44-27
04:27Noah Mccarty substitution out44-27
04:2144-27Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot
04:21A Demogerontas defensive rebound44-27
04:09Eugene German misses 3-point jump shot44-27
04:0944-27Rob Shaw defensive rebound
04:03Lacey James foul44-27
04:0344-28+1Rob Shaw makes free throw
04:0344-29+1Rob Shaw makes free throw
04:03Andrew Zelis substitution in44-29
04:03Lacey James substitution out44-29
03:48A Demogerontas misses layup44-29
03:4844-29Fred Sims Jr FRED defensive rebound
03:4644-29Media timeout
03:1944-31+2Patrick Szpir makes layup
03:1944-31Rob Shaw assist
03:00A Demogerontas turnover44-31
02:58Noah Mccarty substitution in44-31
02:58A Demogerontas substitution out44-31
02:4044-31Jelani Pruitt turnover
02:26Eugene German makes layup+246-31
02:1246-34+3Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 3-point jump shot
01:57Justin Thomas makes 3-point jump shot+349-34
01:57Gairges Daow assist49-34
01:3449-34Glen Burns misses 3-point jump shot
01:3449-34Rob Shaw offensive rebound
01:3249-34Rob Shaw misses layup
01:32Noah Mccarty defensive rebound49-34
01:24Justin Thomas makes 2-point jump shot+251-34
01:24Noah Mccarty assist51-34
01:15Justin Thomas substitution in51-34
01:15Andrew Zelis substitution out51-34
01:1151-34Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot
01:11Eugene German defensive rebound51-34
01:05Gairges Daow makes layup+253-34
01:05Eugene German assist53-34
00:4553-34Glen Burns turnover
00:45Justin Thomas steal53-34
00:4153-34Glen Burns foul
00:41Justin Thomas misses free throw53-34
00:41Northern Illinois Huskies deadball rebound53-34
00:41Andrew Zelis substitution in53-34
00:41Rod Henry-Hayes substitution out53-34
00:4153-34Simeon Henton substitution in
00:4153-34Anthony Harris substitution in
00:4153-34Glen Burns substitution out
00:4153-34Jelani Pruitt substitution out
00:2753-34Rob Shaw turnover
00:27Rod Henry-Hayes substitution in53-34
00:27A Demogerontas substitution in53-34
00:27Andrew Zelis substitution out53-34
00:27Justin Thomas substitution out53-34
00:07Eugene German misses layup53-34
00:0753-34Anthony Harris shot block
00:0553-34Patrick Szpir defensive rebound
00:0353-34Rob Shaw turnover
00:02Gairges Daow steal53-34
Time   Northern Illinois PTS   Score   PTS Chicago State
20:0053-34Patrick Szpir substitution in
20:0053-34Rob Shaw substitution in
20:0053-34Deionte Simmons substitution out
20:0053-34Anthony Harris substitution out
19:5653-34Rob Shaw misses layup
19:56Lacey James defensive rebound53-34
19:45Lacey James makes 2-point jump shot+255-34
19:45Eugene German assist55-34
19:0755-37+3Montana Byrd makes 3-point jump shot
19:0755-37Patrick Szpir assist
18:48Eugene German misses 3-point jump shot55-37
18:48Dante Thorpe offensive rebound55-37
18:46Dante Thorpe makes layup+257-37
18:2857-37Montana Byrd misses 2-point jump shot
18:28Levi Bradley defensive rebound57-37
18:10Lacey James misses 2-point jump shot57-37
18:1057-37Glen Burns defensive rebound
17:5757-39+2Rob Shaw makes layup
17:32Dante Thorpe misses 3-point jump shot57-39
17:32Lacey James offensive rebound57-39
17:32Noah Mccarty substitution in57-39
17:32Levi Bradley substitution out57-39
17:17Dante Thorpe makes 2-point jump shot+259-39
16:5959-42+3Montana Byrd makes 3-point jump shot
16:5959-42Rob Shaw assist
16:44Justin Thomas makes 3-point jump shot+362-42
16:44Noah Mccarty assist62-42
16:1962-42Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 2-point jump shot
16:19Justin Thomas defensive rebound62-42
16:1662-42Glen Burns foul
16:16Dante Thorpe makes free throw+163-42
16:16Dante Thorpe makes free throw+164-42
16:16Gairges Daow substitution in64-42
16:16Justin Thomas substitution out64-42
16:0264-44+2Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 2-point jump shot
15:54Eugene German makes layup+266-44
15:54Lacey James assist66-44
15:45Eugene German foul66-44
15:4566-44Media timeout
15:45A Demogerontas substitution in66-44
15:45Justin Thomas substitution in66-44
15:45Lacey James substitution out66-44
15:45Eugene German substitution out66-44
15:38Gairges Daow foul66-44
15:3266-47+3Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 3-point jump shot
15:32Gairges Daow foul66-47
15:3166-48+1Fred Sims Jr FRED makes free throw
15:12A Demogerontas makes layup+268-48
15:12Gairges Daow assist68-48
14:5868-48Glen Burns turnover
14:57Justin Thomas steal68-48
14:43Noah Mccarty misses 3-point jump shot68-48
14:43Gairges Daow offensive rebound68-48
14:4168-48Patrick Szpir foul
14:41Noah Mccarty misses free throw68-48
14:41Northern Illinois Huskies deadball rebound68-48
14:41Noah Mccarty misses free throw68-48
14:4168-48Jelani Pruitt defensive rebound
14:41Rod Henry-Hayes substitution in68-48
14:41Dante Thorpe substitution out68-48
14:4168-48Jelani Pruitt substitution in
14:4168-48Jale Stephens-Holmes substitution in
14:4168-48Patrick Szpir substitution out
14:4168-48Montana Byrd substitution out
14:2668-48Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot
14:2668-48Rob Shaw offensive rebound
14:2168-50+2Rob Shaw makes layup
14:1168-50Jale Stephens-Holmes foul
14:11A Demogerontas makes free throw+169-50
14:11A Demogerontas misses free throw69-50
14:1169-50Jelani Pruitt defensive rebound
14:11Levi Bradley substitution in69-50
14:11Rod Henry-Hayes substitution out69-50
13:4269-50Rob Shaw misses 2-point jump shot
13:42Levi Bradley defensive rebound69-50
13:17A Demogerontas misses 2-point jump shot69-50
13:1769-50Jelani Pruitt defensive rebound
13:1469-53+3Fred Sims Jr FRED makes 3-point jump shot
12:56Gairges Daow misses layup69-53
12:5669-53Jelani Pruitt defensive rebound
12:3869-53Jale Stephens-Holmes misses layup
12:3869-53Jale Stephens-Holmes offensive rebound
12:38Levi Bradley foul69-53
12:3869-53Jale Stephens-Holmes misses free throw
12:3869-53Chicago State Cougars deadball rebound
12:3869-54+1Jale Stephens-Holmes makes free throw
12:38Rod Henry-Hayes substitution in69-54
12:38Eugene German substitution in69-54
12:38Dante Thorpe substitution in69-54
12:38Lacey James substitution in69-54
12:38A Demogerontas substitution out69-54
12:38Gairges Daow substitution out69-54
12:38Justin Thomas substitution out69-54
12:38Noah Mccarty substitution out69-54
12:14Eugene German misses 3-point jump shot69-54
12:14Levi Bradley offensive rebound69-54
12:13Levi Bradley makes layup+271-54
12:0571-54Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot
12:05Dante Thorpe defensive rebound71-54
12:00Eugene German turnover71-54
11:5971-54Chicago State Cougars full timeout
11:3371-54Rob Shaw misses layup
11:3371-54Glen Burns offensive rebound
11:2171-54Fred Sims Jr FRED misses 3-point jump shot
11:21Dante Thorpe defensive rebound71-54
11:17Rod Henry-Hayes makes 3-point jump shot+374-54
11:17Dante Thorpe assist74-54
10:4774-56+2Rob Shaw makes 2-point jump shot
10:35Lacey James makes layup+276-56
10:35Eugene German assist76-56
10:0776-59+3Jelani Pruitt makes 3-point jump shot
10:0776-59Glen Burns assist
10:0676-59Chicago State Cougars 30-second timeout
10:06Media timeout76-59
10:0676-59Patrick Szpir substitution in
10:0676-59Jale Stephens-Holmes substitution out
09:39Levi Bradley misses 2-point jump shot76-59
09:3976-59Jelani Pruitt defensive rebound
09:2276-62+3Jelani Pruitt makes 3-point jump shot
09:2276-62Glen Burns assist
09:11Eugene German makes layup+278-62
08:5578-62Fred Sims Jr FRED turnover
08:54Eugene German steal78-62
08:53Eugene German makes layup+280-62
08:3680-64+2Rob Shaw makes layup
08:1180-64Jelani Pruitt foul
08:11Lacey James makes free throw+181-64
08:11Lacey James makes free throw+182-64
08:11Noah Mccarty substitution in82-64
08:11Justin Thomas substitution in82-64
08:11Rod Henry-Hayes substitution out82-64
08:11Lacey James substitution out82-64
08:1182-64Montana Byrd substitution in
08:1182-64Fred Sims Jr FRED substitution out
07:4482-64Patrick Szpir misses layup
07:44Levi Bradley defensive rebound82-64
07:28Noah Mccarty turnover82-64
07:2682-64Patrick Szpir steal
07:2382-66+2Jelani Pruitt makes layup
06:55Noah Mccarty foul82-66
06:55Noah Mccarty turnover82-66
06:4582-66Rob Shaw turnover
06:44Justin Thomas steal82-66
06:4182-66Patrick Szpir foul
06:41Eugene German makes free throw+183-66
06:41Eugene German makes free throw+184-66
06:31Noah Mccarty foul84-66
06:29Noah Mccarty foul84-66
06:2984-66Montana Byrd misses free throw
06:29Levi Bradley defensive rebound84-66
06:29Owen Hamilton substitution in84-66
06:29Noah Mccarty substitution out84-66
06:09Eugene German misses layup84-66
06:09Owen Hamilton offensive rebound84-66
06:06Owen Hamilton misses layup84-66
06:06Justin Thomas offensive rebound84-66
05:53Levi Bradley makes layup+286-66
05:53Eugene German assist86-66
05:3986-66Patrick Szpir turnover
05:38Levi Bradley steal86-66
05:30Levi Bradley makes 3-point jump shot+389-66
05:30Justin Thomas assist89-66
05:0989-66Rob Shaw misses 3-point jump shot
05:09Eugene German defensive rebound89-66
05:04Eugene German makes layup+291-66
04:5791-66Rob Shaw misses layup
04:57Noah Mccarty defensive rebound91-66
04:57A Demogerontas substitution in91-66
04:57Gairges Daow substitution in91-66
04:57Eugene German substitution out91-66
04:57Dante Thorpe substitution out91-66
04:5791-66Jale Stephens-Holmes substitution in
04:5791-66Fred Sims Jr FRED substitution in
04:5791-66Montana Byrd substitution out
04:5791-66Patrick Szpir substitution out
04:51Northern Illinois Huskies 30-second timeout91-66
04:5191-66Alex Dubovitskiy substitution in
04:5191-66Nathan Townsen Jr NATHAN substitution in
04:5191-66Glen Burns substitution out
04:5191-66Rob Shaw substitution out
04:4291-66Nathan Townsen Jr NATHAN foul
04:26A Demogerontas misses layup91-66
04:2691-66Jale Stephens-Holmes shot block
04:2491-66Fred Sims Jr FRED defensive rebound
04:1191-66Fred Sims Jr FRED misses layup
04:11Gairges Daow defensive rebound91-66
04:10Rod Henry-Hayes substitution in91-66
04:10Levi Bradley substitution out91-66
03:58Gairges Daow misses 3-point jump shot91-66
03:5891-66Chicago State Cougars defensive rebound
03:5891-66Cameron Bowles substitution in
03:5891-66Jelani Pruitt substitution out
03:5091-68+2Nathan Townsen Jr NATHAN makes layup
03:33Rod Henry-Hayes misses 2-point jump shot91-68
03:33Owen Hamilton offensive rebound91-68
03:21A Demogerontas turnover91-68
03:1391-68Nathan Townsen Jr NATHAN turnover
03:12Justin Thomas steal91-68
03:04A Demogerontas misses layup91-68
03:0491-68Fred Sims Jr FRED shot block
03:0291-68Alex Dubovitskiy defensive rebound
02:56Owen Hamilton foul91-68
02:5691-69+1Cameron Bowles makes free throw
02:5691-70+1Cameron Bowles makes free throw
02:56Jon Siu substitution in91-70
02:56Dante Thorpe substitution in91-70
02:56A Demogerontas substitution out91-70
02:56Justin Thomas substitution out91-70
02:55Jon Siu turnover91-70
02:5591-70Cameron Bowles steal
02:55Jon Siu foul91-70
02:5591-71+1Cameron Bowles makes free throw
02:5591-72+1Cameron Bowles makes free throw
02:5591-72Simeon Henton substitution in
02:5591-72Fred Sims Jr FRED substitution out
02:52Dante Thorpe turnover91-72
02:5291-72Jale Stephens-Holmes foul
02:5291-72Jale Stephens-Holmes turnover
02:31Rod Henry-Hayes misses 3-point jump shot91-72
02:3191-72Cameron Bowles defensive rebound
02:1591-72Nathan Townsen Jr NATHAN turnover
02:14Rod Henry-Hayes steal91-72
02:08Dante Thorpe misses layup91-72
02:0891-72Cameron Bowles shot block
02:06Rod Henry-Hayes offensive rebound91-72
02:00Rod Henry-Hayes makes layup+293-72
01:4293-75+3Alex Dubovitskiy makes 3-point jump shot
01:4293-75Simeon Henton assist
01:3593-75Simeon Henton foul
01:35Gairges Daow makes free throw+194-75
01:35Gairges Daow makes free throw+195-75
01:35Brandon Danowski substitution in95-75
01:35Dante Thorpe substitution out95-75
01:2195-75Alex Dubovitskiy misses layup
01:2195-75Alex Dubovitskiy offensive rebound
01:0095-75Jale Stephens-Holmes misses layup
01:00Owen Hamilton defensive rebound95-75
00:44Jon Siu misses 3-point jump shot95-75
00:4495-75Chicago State Cougars defensive rebound
00:3995-77+2Simeon Henton makes 2-point jump shot
00:3995-77Cameron Bowles assist
00:39Jon Siu foul95-77
00:3995-77Simeon Henton misses free throw
00:39Brandon Danowski defensive rebound95-77