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Seasons where the school was classified as a major school (i.e., Division I or equivalent).

* Indicates season for which the school's overall and/or conference record has been adjusted by penalty. See our database of forfeits and vacated games.

44 Seasons

  • SRS back to 1949-50
44 Seasons Table
  Overall Conference  
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Seed Coach(es)
12019-20Big Sky116.64742.6674.17-1.9773.261.3Jeff Linder (11-6)
22018-19Big Sky2111.656155.750-3.92-6.7676.669.7Jeff Linder (21-11)
32017-18Big Sky2612.684117.6113.61-2.2781.173.1Jeff Linder (26-12)
42016-17Big Sky1118.379711.389-9.27-4.2071.674.7Jeff Linder (11-18)
52015-16Big Sky1021.323711.389-12.22-4.0173.980.1B.J. Hill (10-21)
62014-15Big Sky1515.500108.556-6.82-6.2174.773.4B.J. Hill (15-15)
72013-14Big Sky1814.563119.550-4.33-6.0973.970.3B.J. Hill (18-14)
82012-13Big Sky1318.4191010.500-7.64-5.1970.570.4B.J. Hill (13-18)
92011-12Big Sky919.321511.313-6.23-2.1972.475.4B.J. Hill (9-19)
102010-11Big Sky2111.656133.8131.39-2.2471.565.8Lost Second Round15B.J. Hill (21-11)
112009-10Big Sky258.758124.7502.06-4.2673.566.7Tad Boyle (25-8)
122008-09Big Sky1418.43888.500-4.57-3.6470.670.8Tad Boyle (14-18)
132007-08Big Sky1316.448610.375-7.05-4.7169.170.2Tad Boyle (13-16)
142006-07-nmBig Sky424.143214.12568.176.7Tad Boyle (4-24)
152005-06-nmInd524.17266.073.5Craig Rasmusen (5-24)
162004-05-nmInd821.27666.774.7Craig Rasmusen (8-21)
171943-44Ind113.071John Hancock (1-13)
181936-37MSAC98.52986.571John Davis (9-8)
191935-36MSAC146.700104.714John Davis (14-6)
201934-35MSAC1214.46293.750John Davis (12-14)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Seed Coach(es)
211933-34MSAC1314.48168.429John Davis (13-14)
221932-33MSAC137.650122.857John Davis (13-7)
231931-32MSAC104.714104.714John Davis (10-4)
241930-31MSAC115.688104.714George Cooper (11-5)
251929-30MSAC77.50077.500George Cooper (7-7)
261928-29MSAC86.57186.571George Cooper (8-6)
271927-28MSAC86.57186.571George Cooper (8-6)
281926-27MSAC104.714104.714George Cooper (10-4)
291925-26MSAC135.722131.929George Cooper (13-5)
301924-25MSAC124.75093.750George Cooper (12-4)
311923-24Ind105.667George Cooper (10-5)
321922-23Ind105.667George Cooper (10-5)
331921-22Ind13.250William Search (1-3)
341920-21Ind63.667William Search (6-3)
351919-20Ind47.364William Search (4-7)
361918-19Ind59.357Ralph Glaze (5-9)
371917-18Ind34.429Ralph Glaze (3-4)
381916-17Ind57.417Paul Abbott (5-7)
391915-16Ind14.200Royce Long (1-4)
401914-15Ind21.667Royce Long (2-1)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Seed Coach(es)
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