2023-10-25: Play Index Update.

We continue to work on moving all of the CBB Play Index content to Stathead.com/Basketball. This process has taken longer than expected, so we are allowing continued use of the these tools on CBB until the new tools are available.

We don't have a firm timeline for the launch of CBB on Stathead, but we fully intend to have it available well before the end of the 2023-24 season for both men's and women's basketball.

Because we will soon be taking down this page, we have not added coverage for women's stats to these tools. We apologize for this omission.

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Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP PER TS% eFG% ORB% DRB% TRB% AST% STL% BLK% TOV% USG% PProd ORtg DRtg OWS DWS WS OBPM DBPM BPM
1Alexander NwaghaSR2023-24FNortheasternCAA2624518.1.597.5966.818.312.
2Ernest UdehFR2022-23CKansasBig 123024920.3.694.75610.913.
3Hason WardSR2022-23FIowa StateBig 122318723.7.649.67415.219.317.
4Tari EasonSO2021-22FLouisiana StateSEC3380633.4.615.55910.519.815.
5Corey WalkerFR2021-22FSouth FloridaAAC2140519.3.506.4497.820.213.613.04.57.916.117.5119101.688.
6Trevin DoriusSO2020-21FUtah StateMWC2518918.3.520.53716.223.620.
7Jalen SlawsonFR2018-19FFurmanSouthern2615511.5.397.4096.321.714.
8Matisse ThybulleSR2018-19GWashingtonPac-1236111819.9.542.5003.
9Cameron JacksonJR2017-18FWoffordSouthern3171828.5.607.60110.021.715.915.
10Shea RushSO2017-18FNorth CarolinaACC20291.1.292.2927.514.411.010.85.811.333.329.0853.687.9-0.20.1-0.1-12.24.1-8.1
11Justin BrowningSO2013-14FWestern CarolinaSouthern3242414.3.575.5527.
12Ladon CarterJR2013-14FTennessee TechOVC3154925.2.617.64312.717.415.
13Terrance ShannonSR2013-14FVirginia CommonwealthA-102021113.7.429.4239.614.711.
14Jerran YoungSR2013-14FWright StateHorizon3573018.3.548.5197.314.911.
15Marques OliverSR2012-13FDelaware StateMEAC3292322.1.571.50511.220.515.
16Aaron RountreeFR2012-13FWake ForestACC3032616.0.562.5564.316.910.311.54.48.722.711.770102.593.
17Jodd MaxeySO2011-12FSouth Carolina UpstateA-Sun3473620.9.536.51712.614.413.
18David ImesFR2009-10FHofstraCAA2112813.7.411.4148.012.510.
19Damian JohnsonSR2009-10FMinnesotaBig Ten3589425.2.583.5527.612.
20Damian SaundersJR2009-10FDuquesneA-1032117425.3.517.51812.719.716.
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