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Matchup Finder

Search historical schedules and rankings back to the 1949-50 season.
Schedules prior to the 1994-95 season may be missing games vs. non-Division I opponents.

Note that the AP has ranked a variable number of teams since it began in 1948-49.

 1948-49 through 1960-61: top 20
 1961-62 through 1963-64: top 10
 1964-65: top 10, except for preseason which was top 20
 1965-66 through 1967-68: top 10
 1968-69 through 1988-89: top 20
 1989-90 through present: top 25

Current search:
From 1949-50 to 2018-19, for Butler, against Saint Louis, sorted by descending Date

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12 Wins, 19 Losses, .387 W%

Query Results

Query Results Table
Year Date   Schl Rk.   Opp Rk.     PTS OPP MOV   OT
2018-192018-12-01Butler@Saint LouisL5264-12
2017-182017-12-02ButlerSaint LouisW754530
2012-132013-03-16ButlerSaint Louis16L5667-11
2012-132013-02-22Butler15Saint LouisL6165-4
2012-132013-01-31Butler9@Saint LouisL5875-17
2003-042003-12-27Butler@Saint LouisL5472-18
2002-032002-12-21ButlerSaint LouisW684622
1990-911991-02-07ButlerSaint LouisW57552
1990-911991-01-09Butler@Saint LouisW877413
1989-901990-02-08Butler@Saint LouisL5462-8
1989-901990-01-15ButlerSaint LouisL6466-2
1988-891989-03-09ButlerSaint LouisL6468-4
1988-891989-02-09ButlerSaint LouisL4464-20
1988-891989-01-12Butler@Saint LouisL7299-27
1987-881988-02-20ButlerSaint LouisW54477
1987-881988-01-23Butler@Saint LouisL4050-10
1986-871987-02-16Butler@Saint LouisL5373-20
1986-871987-01-19ButlerSaint LouisW61583
1985-861986-02-27ButlerSaint LouisL6163-2
1985-861986-02-17ButlerSaint LouisL7475-1
Year Date   Schl Rk.   Opp Rk.     PTS OPP MOV   OT
1985-861986-01-20Butler@Saint LouisW60555
1984-851985-02-11ButlerSaint LouisW66615
1984-851985-01-14Butler@Saint LouisL5471-17
1983-841984-02-13Butler@Saint LouisL6566-1
1983-841984-01-16ButlerSaint LouisL4649-3
1982-831983-02-12ButlerSaint LouisW645212
1982-831983-01-15Butler@Saint LouisW57516
1981-821982-02-05Butler@Saint LouisW70619
1981-821981-12-30ButlerSaint LouisL8286-4
1980-811980-12-20ButlerSaint LouisW69618
1979-801980-01-28Butler@Saint LouisL79100-21
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