Record includes games as coach of major schools, and does not reflect forfeits or vacated games.

Coaching Record

Coaching Record Table
Season School Conf G W L W-L% SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Final Notes Adjusted
1918-19PurdueBig Ten1468.429
1919-20PurdueBig Ten20164.800
1920-21PurdueBig Ten20137.650Reg. Season Champion
1921-22PurdueBig Ten18153.833Reg. Season Champion
1922-23PurdueBig Ten1596.600
1923-24PurdueBig Ten17125.706
1924-25PurdueBig Ten1495.643
1925-26PurdueBig Ten17134.765Reg. Season Champion
1926-27PurdueBig Ten17125.706
1927-28PurdueBig Ten17152.882Reg. Season Champion
1928-29PurdueBig Ten17134.765
1929-30PurdueBig Ten15132.867Reg. Season Champion
1930-31PurdueBig Ten17125.706
1931-32PurdueBig Ten18171.944Reg. Season Champion; Helms Foundation Champ
1932-33PurdueBig Ten18117.611
1933-34PurdueBig Ten20173.850Reg. Season Champion
1934-35PurdueBig Ten20173.850Reg. Season Champion
1935-36PurdueBig Ten20164.800Reg. Season Champion
1936-37PurdueBig Ten20155.750
1937-38PurdueBig Ten20182.900Reg. Season Champion
1938-39PurdueBig Ten19127.632
1939-40PurdueBig Ten20164.800Reg. Season Champion
1940-41PurdueBig Ten20137.650
1941-42PurdueBig Ten21147.667
1942-43PurdueBig Ten20911.450
1943-44PurdueBig Ten211110.524
1944-45PurdueBig Ten20911.450
1945-46PurdueBig Ten1477.500

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