Sports Reference frequently receives requests for data. We make every effort to simplify the manual retrieval of small amounts of data from our web sites (e.g., most of our tables can be converted to CSV format). However, our company spends a lot of time, effort, and money producing and checking the data we publish, and as such we can not freely give away large amounts of data that we produce. We are also not able to provide custom datasets for anyone other than our company's closest partners.

If you are interested in obtaining a large amount of data, please contact one or more of the following companies or organizations. Please tell them that we forwarded you to them.

Baseball Info Solutions
Contact: Jim Capuano, 630-235-3322 or at jimcapuano  at
BIS provides a wide array of baseball data.

Contact: info at
XMLTeam provides xml-based statistics for professional and college sports.

Gary Gillette
24-7 Baseball, L.L.C.
email: GGillette at
24-7 Baseball focuses primarily on historical stats and can provide
baseball (obviously), but also NFL, NBA and college football and
basketball data.
Unsupported free dataset for major league baseball full-season stats.
RetroSheet has free downloadable files that allow you to create mlb play-by-play
accounts of the games.  They also have gamelogs for each team for every season in mlb history.
You may be able to find help with the files on the RetroList yahoo group.

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