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Ski Jumping at the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Games

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Host City: Lillehammer, Norway
Date Started: February 20, 1994
Date Finished: February 20, 1994
Events: 3

Participants: 68 (68 men and 0 women) from 19 countries
Youngest Participant: CZE Zbyněk Krompolc (15 years, 268 days)
Oldest Participant: CZE Jiří Parma (31 years, 48 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): 4 athletes with 2 medals
Most Medals (Country): GER Germany and NOR Norway (3 medals)


The 1994 ski jumping events were held at the Lysgårdsbakkene Skistadion which hosted the 1994 ski jumping events, and the Lillehammer Opening and Closing Ceremony. Considering Norway’s proud tradition in ski jumping it was fitting that the Olympic Torch should arrive in the stadium carried by a ski jumper leaping off the Olympic hill. The normal hill in Lysgårdsbakkene, which was built specially for the 1994 Winter Olympics, had a K-point of 90.0 metres while the large hill K-point was at 123.0 metres. There was no change in the ski jumping program in 1994, although there was a slight change in the format in the team events. Previously the event had consisted of four members per team, with each jumper taking two jumps, the best three of four jumps to count for each team in each round. But beginning in Lillehammer, all four jumps for the teams counted in both rounds, thus there was no longer any margin for error by any jumper. No jumper dominated the 1994 ski jumping events, as the two individual events were by [Espen Bredesen] and [Jens Weißflog] and no jumper won three medals. Bredesen and Weißflog both won two, as did [Dieter Thoma] and [Andy Goldberger].