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Alpine Skiing at the 1968 Grenoble Winter Games:

Men's Slalom

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Host City: Grenoble, France
Venue(s): Le Recoin, Chamrousse
Date Started: February 16, 1968
Date Finished: February 17, 1968

Gold: FRA Jean-Claude Killy
Silver: AUT Herbert Huber
Bronze: AUT Alfred Matt


[Jean-Claude Killy] was 2/3rds of the way to his Alpine triple after winning the downhill and giant slalom. But 17 February was a horrible day for ski racing with fog and mist making it difficult for the skiers to see the gates in the highly technical slalom race. The skiers asked for the event to be postponed but to no avail. Killy skied thru a rare break in the weather to take a small lead after the first run, 49.37 to 49.68 over Austrian [Alfred Matt]. Killy took the lead in the second round, but Norwegian [Håkon Mjøen] appeared to have bettered his overall time, only to soon be disqualified for missing two gates. Only Austrian Karl Schranz appeared able to best Killy, but in the fog, as he came to the 21st gate, Schranz stopped skiing, stating that a mystery man in black had walked out onto the course in his way. Schranz was allowed a re-start and skied perfectly, bettering Killy's time and seemingly winning the gold medal, even going thru the post-race press conference as the winner. But it was then announced that Schranz was also disqualified, as he had apparently missed the 19th gate prior to his stopping on his original run. Schranz protested, stating that he had been distracted by the site of the interloper even before he got to gate 21. The Austrian team claimed that the mysterious guest was a French policeman who interfered with Schranz on purpose to assure Killy's triple victory. The French countered that Schranz had made the whole thing up after missing a gate and that no such mystery man existed. Finally, the controversy went to the Jury of Appeal who supported Killy by a 3-1 margin, disqualifying Schranz, with the three votes for Killy coming from two Frenchmen and one Swiss.

The fifth-place finisher was American [Vladimir "Spider" Sabich]. From 1972 thru early 1976, Sabich was involved with Claudine Longet, the former wife of American singer Andy Williams. After skiing at Aspen in March 1976, Sabich returned to his home there and prepared to take a shower. The events at this point are disputed, but Spider Sabich was shot by Longet in the bathroom of their home in Aspen, and died en route to the hospital. Longet was charged with reckless manslaughter but the charge was reduced to criminally negligent homicide, a misdemeanor, of which she was convicted in 1977, for which she served 30 days in jail.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Jean-Claude Killy 24 France FRA Gold
2 Herbert Huber 23 Austria AUT Silver
3 Alfred Matt 19 Austria AUT Bronze
4 Dumeng Giovanoli 27 Switzerland SUI
5 Spider Sabich 23 United States USA
6 Andrzej Bachleda-Curuś 21 Poland POL
7 Jimmy Heuga 24 United States USA
8 Alain Penz 20 France FRA
9 Rick Chaffee 23 United States USA
10 Peter Frei 21 Switzerland SUI
11 Rune Lindström 23 Sweden SWE
12 Luggi Leitner 27 West Germany FRG
13 Eberhard Riedel 29 East Germany GDR
14T Heini Messner 28 Austria AUT
14T Lasse Hamre 23 Norway NOR
16 Alfred Hagn 19 West Germany FRG
17 Jon Terje Øverland 23 Norway NOR
18 Ulf Ekstam 26 Finland FIN
19 Ivo Mahlknecht 28 Italy ITA
20 Max Rieger 21 West Germany FRG
21 Ryszard Ćwikła 22 Poland POL
22 Bjarne Strand 21 Norway NOR
23 Francisco Fernández Ochoa 17 Spain ESP
24 Malcolm Milne 19 Australia AUS
25 Dan Cristea 19 Romania ROU
26 Vasily Melnikov 24 Soviet Union URS
27 Carlos Adsera 21 Spain ESP
28 Blaž Jakopič 22 Yugoslavia YUG
29 Petar Angelov 24 Bulgaria BUL
30 Jeremy Palmer-Tomkinson 24 Great Britain GBR
31 Andrey Belokrinkin 21 Soviet Union URS
AC r3/3 Billy Kidd 24 United States USA
AC r3/3 Rod Hebron 25 Canada CAN
AC r3/3 Aurelio García 20 Spain ESP
AC r3/3 Athanasios Tsimikalis 21 Greece GRE
AC r3/3 Carlo Senoner 24 Italy ITA
AC r3/3 Olle Rolén 23 Sweden SWE
AC r3/3 Willy Favre 24 Switzerland SUI
AC r3/3 Richard Leatherbee 18 Chile CHI
AC r3/3 Guy Périllat 27 France FRA
AC r3/3 Jean-Pierre Augert 22 France FRA
AC r3/3 Karl Schranz 29 Austria AUT
AC r3/3 Håkon Mjøen 23 Norway NOR
AC r3/3 Bengt-Erik Grahn 26 Sweden SWE
AC r3/3 Andreas Sprecher 23 Switzerland SUI
AC r3/3 Willi Lesch 25 West Germany FRG
AC r3/3 Jaroslav Janda 25 Czechoslovakia TCH
AC r3/3 Wolfgang Ender 21 Liechtenstein LIE
AC r3/3 Per-Olov Richardsson 26 Sweden SWE
AC r3/3 Robert Swan 24 Canada CAN
AC r3/3 Milan Pažout 19 Czechoslovakia TCH
2 h1 r2/3 Ian Todd 20 Great Britain GBR
2 h2 r2/3 Secundino Rodríguez 19 Spain ESP
2 h3 r2/3 Luke O'Reilly 19 Great Britain GBR
2 h4 r2/3 Mario Vera 28 Chile CHI
2 h5 r2/3 Ali Saveh Iran IRI
2 h6 r2/3 Jeremy Bujakowski 28 India IND
2 h7 r2/3 Tomio Sasaki 22 Japan JPN
2 h8 r2/3 Gerhard Mussner 24 Italy ITA
2 h9 r2/3 Julian Vasey 17 Great Britain GBR
2 h10 r2/3 Yoshinari Kida 24 Japan JPN
2 h11 r2/3 Josef Gassner 23 Liechtenstein LIE
2 h12 r2/3 Viktor Belyakov 21 Soviet Union URS
2 h13 r2/3 Peter Duncan 23 Canada CAN
2 h14 r2/3 Yoshiharu Fukuhara 25 Japan JPN
2 h15 r2/3 Tsuneo Noto 23 Japan JPN
2 h16 r2/3 Hans-Walter Schädler 22 Liechtenstein LIE
2 h17 r2/3 Andrej Klinar 25 Yugoslavia YUG
3 h1 r2/3 Kristinn Benediktsson 28 Iceland ISL
3 h2 r2/3 Robert Palmer 20 New Zealand NZL
3 h3 r2/3 Murray Gardner 21 New Zealand NZL
3 h4 r2/3 Mehdi Mouidi 27 Morocco MAR
3 h5 r2/3 Ivar Sigmundsson 25 Iceland ISL
3 h8 r2/3 Dorin Munteanu 21 Romania ROU
3 h9 r2/3 Reynir Brynjólfsson 22 Iceland ISL
3 h10 r2/3 Dimitrios Pappos 28 Greece GRE
3 h11 r2/3 Jože Gazvoda 19 Yugoslavia YUG
3 h12 r2/3 Ahmet Kıbıl 15 Turkey TUR
3 h13 r2/3 Björn Olsen 21 Iceland ISL
3 h14 r2/3 Moussa Jaalouk 27 Lebanon LIB
3 h15 r2/3 Scott Henderson 24 Canada CAN
3 h16 r2/3 Ovaness Meguerdonian Iran IRI
3 h17 r2/3 Gustavo Ezquerra 19 Argentina ARG
4 h1 r2/3 Nagib Barrak Lebanon LIB
4 h2 r2/3 Mehmet Yıldırım 19 Turkey TUR
4 h8 r2/3 Hassan Lahmaoui Morocco MAR
4 h9 r2/3 Ghassan Keyrouz 16 Lebanon LIB
4 h11 r2/3 Özer Ateşçi 25 Turkey TUR
4 h12 r2/3 Michael Dennis 23 New Zealand NZL
4 h15 r2/3 Roberto Thostrup 25 Argentina ARG
4 h17 r2/3 Mohamed Aomar Morocco MAR
AC h3 r2/3 Lotfollah Kia Shemshaki 29 Iran IRI
AC h4 r2/3 Fayzollah Band Ali 28 Iran IRI
AC h5 r2/3 Bruno Piazzalunga 23 Italy ITA
AC h10 r2/3 Félipe Briones 17 Chile CHI
AC h13 r2/3 Eo Jae-Sik 19 South Korea KOR
AC h14 r2/3 Thomas Huppert 25 New Zealand NZL
5 h16 r1/3 Said Housni Morocco MAR
AC h6 r1/3 Burhan Alankuş 17 Turkey TUR
AC h6 r1/3 Raimo Manninen 27 Finland FIN