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Nordic Combined at the 1956 Cortina d'Ampezzo Winter Games:

Men's Individual

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Host City: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy
Venue(s): Ski Jump Italia, Cortina d'Ampezzo; Snow Stadium, Cortina d'Ampezzo
Date Started: January 29, 1956
Date Finished: January 31, 1956
Format: Normal hill ski jumping and 15 kilometres skiing; placements determined by points table.

Gold: NOR Sverre Stenersen
Silver: SWE Bengt Eriksson
Bronze: POL Franciszek Gąsienica Groń


Defending champion [Simon Slåttvik] chose to end his skiing career after the 1955 season at the age of 37. After winning the Holmenkollen Nordic Combined in 1953, his rival [Heikki Hasu] also quit top sports. Led by bronze medallist from 1952, [Sverre Stenersen], Norway took the first five placings in the World Championships in Falun 1954, and the Norwegians seemed to have regained their supremacy in the event. Their most serious rivals in the Cortina Olympics were supposed to be the Finns, their best being [Paavo Korhonen] and [Eeti Nieminen].

In the opening ski jumping event Stenersen made his countrymen shaky with a bad first jump, placing him on a very modest 19th place after the first round. A totally unknown Soviet skier, [Yury Moshkin], surprised everybody by taking a clear lead. In the second round, Moshkin fell after the longest jump of the day (79.5 m), but Stenersen regained confidence after achieving the highest point score of the round. In the third round Stenersen again mad a solid jump, but could not prevent Moshkin from winning the jumping competition with Stenersen and the 25 year old Swede [Bengt Eriksson] following closely as 2nd and 3rd. The other Norwegians, placing 10-15-26 seemed out of the medal contention, like Korhonen, placing 17.

The cross country event, now competed 2 days after the ski jumping and with the length reduced from 18 to 15 km, was for the first time in Olympic history organized as a separate event, not as earlier integrated with the specialist’s race. It turned out to be the race of the life for Stenersen, and to everybody’s surprise the jumping specialist won the event 14 second ahead of Korhonen. Moshkin appeared to be no match at all, he was beaten by Stenersen by 8 minutes and fell down to 13th place in the final standing. Stenersen won with a large margin, but the struggle for the other medals was very close. Eriksson, later nicknamed “Silver-Bengt” for his Olympic achievement, held on for silver, and another great surprise, the 24-year old Pole [Franciszek Gąsienica Groń] was able to snatch the bronze medal ahead of Korhonen. Four nations finished among the first four in the final standing, something totally new in this event.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Sverre Stenersen 29 Norway NOR Gold 455.000
2 Bengt Eriksson 25 Sweden SWE Silver 437.400
3 Franciszek Gąsienica Groń 24 Poland POL Bronze 436.800
4 Paavo Korhonen 27 Finland FIN 435.597
5 Arne Barhaugen 24 Norway NOR 435.581
6 Tormod Knutsen 24 Norway NOR 435.000
7 Nikolay Gusakov 21 Soviet Union URS 432.300
8 Alfred Prucker 29 Italy ITA 431.100
9 Eeti Nieminen 28 Finland FIN 430.400
10 Leonid Fyodorov 27 Soviet Union URS 429.500
11 Sepp Schiffner 25 Austria AUT 429.300
12 Vítězslav Lahr 26 Czechoslovakia TCH 427.800
13 Yury Moshkin Soviet Union URS 426.600
14 Kjetil MÃ¥rdalen 31 Norway NOR 423.500
15 Aleksander Kowalski 25 Poland POL 422.200
16 Willi Egger 23 Austria AUT 422.100
17 Leopold Kohl 25 Austria AUT 420.300
18 Vlastimil Melich 27 Czechoslovakia TCH 419.600
19 Helmut Böck 24 Germany GER 418.700
20 Enzo Perin 22 Italy ITA 418.600
21 Heinz Hauser 35 Germany GER 417.900
22 Josef Nüsser 24 Czechoslovakia TCH 417.300
23 Marvin Crawford 23 United States USA 412.900
24 Gerhard Glaß 28 Germany GER 412.600
25 Esko Jussila 21 Finland FIN 409.500
26 Uno Kajak 22 Soviet Union URS 409.100
27 Irvin Servold 23 Canada CAN 399.000
28 Herbert Leonhardt 30 Germany GER 396.600
29 Józef Daniel Krzeptowski 34 Poland POL 396.100
30 Ted Farwell, Jr. 25 United States USA 394.000
31 Aldo Pedrana 21 Italy ITA 391.400
32 Jan Raszka 27 Poland POL 387.900
33 Koichi Sato 24 Japan JPN 384.900
34 Charles Tremblay 25 United States USA 378.000
35 Buck Levy 24 United States USA 365.600
AC Hiroshi Yoshizawa 24 Japan JPN DNF