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Figure Skating at the 1924 Chamonix Winter Games:

Mixed Pairs

Figure Skating at the 1924 Winter Games: Next Winter Games


Host City: Chamonix, France
Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Chamonix
Date Started: January 31, 1924
Date Finished: January 31, 1924
Format: Each judge ranked each pair by Ordinal Placement from first through last place. The Ordinal Placement for each judge was based on Total Points awarded by that judge to the pairs, with the tiebreaker being Sporting Merit (2nd mark). Final placement was determined by a Majority Placement rule. Thus, if a pair were ranked first by a majority of the judges, that pair was placed first overall, and the process was repeated for each place. If no absolute majority for a place existed, the tiebreakers were, in order: 1) Total Ordinals, 2) Total Points, 3) Compulsory Figure Points.

Gold: AUT Austria
Silver: FIN Finland
Bronze: FRA France-1


Of the nine pairs competing in Chamonix, four had taken part in Antwerp four years earlier, among them defending champions from Finland, Jakobsson/Jakobsson. [Walter Jakobsson] met his wife [Ludowika Eilers] while studying engineering in Berlin. After winning the World Championships in 1911, they married, and they won another world title in 1914 before the outbreak of the First World War. The couple moved to Helsinki and Ludowika got Finnish citizenship during the war. Their strongest opponents looked to be the Austrian couple [Helene Engelmann]/[Alfred Berger]. Coming from a real figure skating dynasty in Vienna, she had won the World Championships together with Karl Mejstrik as early as in 1913. With a new partner, Alfred Berger, she won the first post-war championships 1922, defeating the Jakobssons clearly.

In Chamonix, Engelmann/Berger were Olympic champions with a clear margin to the Jakobsson couple. Bronze medalists were a young couple from France, [Andrée Joly] (22) and [Pierre Brunet] (21). They would later make an important impact on Olympic pair skating. Engelmann/Berger ended their skating career by winning their second World title in Manchester four weeks after the Olympics.

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Final Standings

Rank Team NOC Medal MP TO TP RP
1 Austria AUT Gold 5×1+ 9.0 74.50 10.64
2 Finland FIN Silver 5×3+ 18.5 71.75 10.25
3 France-1 FRA Bronze 5×3+ 22.0 69.25 9.89
4 Great Britain-1 GBR 4×4+ 30.5 69.50 9.93
5 Belgium BEL 5×6+ 37.0 61.75 8.82
6 United States USA 6×6+ 39.0 63.50 9.07
7 Canada CAN 4×6+ 41.0 63.75 9.11
8 Great Britain-2 GBR 5×8+ 57.0 53.75 7.68
9 France-2 FRA 7×9+ 61.0 50.00 7.14