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Gymnastics at the 2012 London Summer Games:

Men's Rings

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Host City: London, Great Britain
Venue(s): North Greenwich Arena, Greenwich, London
Date Started: July 28, 2012
Date Finished: August 6, 2012

Gold: BRA Arthur Zanetti
Silver: CHN Chen Yibing
Bronze: ITA Matteo Morandi


[Chen Yibing] of China had won the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics and in every World Championship and Asian Games since 2006, except for the 2009 World Championships in which he did not participate. Thus, in the men’s rings event at the 2012 Games, he was as close to a shoo-in as one could get in an Olympic final and proved it by winning the qualification round a comfortable distance ahead of [Matteo Morandi] of Italy, who had been competing on an international level since 2003. Morandi was far from the most experienced finalist, however, eclipsed by the qualification of [Yordan Yovchev] of Bulgaria, who had first appeared at the 1992 Summer Games. Yovchev tied a record set just days earlier by [Oksana Chusovitina] by competing in his sixth Olympics as a gymnast.

Chen was the first gymnast to go in the finals, putting on an excellent performance and earning a respectable score of 15.800, 0.058 off of his qualifying mark. Morandi nearly caught up with him midway through the competition, posting a score of 15.733 and sliding into second place. With only [Arthur Zanetti] of Brazil left to go, Chen remained in the lead, but was not yet assured of the gold. Zanetti, who had had the highest execution score but qualified in fourth based on a lower difficulty, was the most recent World Championship runner-up and selected a difficulty equal to Chen’s for his final routine. The Brazilian’s routine was excellent and it earned him a total score of 15.900, sufficient to capture the gold and his nation’s first Olympic medal in the sport. Chen settled for silver and Morandi won bronze, his first Olympic medal in three editions of the Games.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Arthur Zanetti 22 Brazil BRA Gold
2 Chen Yibing 27 China CHN Silver
3 Matteo Morandi 30 Italy ITA Bronze
4 Aleksandr Balandin 23 Russia RUS
5 Denis Ablyazin 19 Russia RUS
6 Tommy Ramos 26 Puerto Rico PUR
7 Yordan Yovchev 39 Bulgaria BUL
8 Federico Molinari 28 Argentina ARG
9 r1/2 Ihor Radivilov 19 Ukraine UKR
10 r1/2 Jonathan Horton 26 United States USA
11 r1/2 Kazuhito Tanaka 27 Japan JPN
12 r1/2 Jake Dalton 20 United States USA
13 r1/2 Marcel Nguyen 24 Germany GER
14 r1/2 John Orozco 19 United States USA
15 r1/2 Matteo Angioletti 31 Italy ITA
16 r1/2 Daniel Purvis 21 Great Britain GBR
17 r1/2 Yusuke Tanaka 22 Japan JPN
18 r1/2 Nikolay Kuksenkov 23 Ukraine UKR
19 r1/2 Kohei Uchimura 23 Japan JPN
20 r1/2 Jorge Giraldo 32 Colombia COL
21 r1/2 Andreas Toba 21 Germany GER
22 r1/2 Rubén López 21 Spain ESP
23 r1/2 Koji Yamamuro 23 Japan JPN
24T r1/2 Feng Zhe 24 China CHN
24T r1/2 Paolo Ottavi 26 Italy ITA
26 r1/2 Oleq Stepko 18 Ukraine UKR
27 r1/2 Cristian Ioan Bățagă 24 Romania ROU
28 r1/2 Fabian Hambüchen 24 Germany GER
29 r1/2 Sérgio Sasaki 20 Brazil BRA
30 r1/2 Emin Garibov 21 Russia RUS
31T r1/2 Sam Oldham 19 Great Britain GBR
31T r1/2 Danell Leyva 20 United States USA
33 r1/2 Flavius Koczi 24 Romania ROU
34 r1/2 Oleh Verniaiev 18 Ukraine UKR
35 r1/2 Kristian Thomas 23 Great Britain GBR
36 r1/2 Hamilton Sabot 25 France FRA
37 r1/2 Joshua Jefferis 26 Australia AUS
38 r1/2 Marius Daniel Berbecar 27 Romania ROU
39 r1/2 Manuel Campos 31 Portugal POR
40 r1/2 Phạm Phước Hưng 24 Vietnam VIE
41 r1/2 Vlad Cotuna 21 Romania ROU
42 r1/2 Guo Weiyang 24 China CHN
43 r1/2 David Belyavsky 20 Russia RUS
44 r1/2 Gaël da Silva 27 France FRA
45 r1/2 Pierre-Yves Bény 29 France FRA
46 r1/2 Cyril Tommasone 25 France FRA
47 r1/2 Philipp Boy 25 Germany GER
48 r1/2 Kim Hui-Hun 20 South Korea KOR
49T r1/2 Max Whitlock 19 Great Britain GBR
49T r1/2 Claudio Capelli 25 Switzerland SUI
51 r1/2 Felix Aronovich 24 Israel ISR
52 r1/2 Jimmy Verbaeys 18 Belgium BEL
53T r1/2 Fabián González 20 Spain ESP
53T r1/2 Enrico Pozzo 31 Italy ITA
55 r1/2 Aleksandr Shatilov 25 Israel ISR
56 r1/2 Sergio Muñoz 22 Spain ESP
57 r1/2 Yang Hak-Seon 19 South Korea KOR
58 r1/2 Javier Gómez 25 Spain ESP
59 r1/2 Kim Su-Myeon 25 South Korea KOR
60 r1/2 Fabian Leimlehner 24 Austria AUT
61 r1/2 Mohamed El-Saharty 21 Egypt EGY
62 r1/2 Stepan Gorbachov 28 Kazakhstan KAZ
63 r1/2 Roman Kulesza 29 Poland POL
64 r1/2 Artur Davtyan 19 Armenia ARM
65 r1/2 Şakir Şıxəliyev 21 Azerbaijan AZE
66 r1/2 Martin Konečný 27 Czech Republic CZE
67 r1/2 Dmitrijs Trefilovs 25 Latvia LAT
68 r1/2 Kim Seung-Il 27 South Korea KOR