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Equestrianism at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games:

Mixed Dressage, Individual

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Host City: Atlanta, United States
Venue(s): Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers, Georgia
Date Started: July 26, 1996
Date Finished: August 3, 1996
Format: Total score in three rounds determines final placements.

Gold: GER Isabell Werth
Silver: NED Anky van Grunsven
Bronze: NED Sven Rothenberger


The event was changed with three rounds, termed the Grand Prix, the Grand Prix Special, and the Grand Prix Freestyle. The Grand Prix was effectively the qualifying round that doubled as the team competition, with the top 25 riders advancing to the Grand Prix Special. The top 14 riders after two rounds then advanced to the Grand Prix Freestyle, which was dressage set to music, termed kür. The final placements for the top 14 riders were determined by total score for all three rounds. Scoring was also different. Previously the points for each judge were added together for the total score. Now, each round was scored that way, but a percentage score of the maximum was also given, and used for the totals, so the highest total score was theoretically 300, for 100% in each round. The new format and scoring was revolutionary and changed dressage from a very boring competition into just a sorta boring one.

The event was now dominated by women as they took the top five places. The two-time defending champion was Germany [Nicole Uphoff] but she was at the top of the German team, and although she competed, she was only eighth after the Grand Prix Special and chose not to contest the Grand Prix Freestyle. Her teammate [Isabell Werth] succeeded her as Olympic Champion, after winning a silver medal in 1992. In the Grand Prix Freestyle she and her horse, [Gigolo], performed to “Just a Gigolo,” aptly, and “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” from Monty Python. Werth would also win silvers in the event in 2000 and 2008. The Netherlands' [Anky van Grunsven] won silver in Atlanta, but she would become the top rider in the discipline, winning gold medals in 2000-08.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Horse Medal %P
1 Isabell Werth 26 Germany GER Gigolo Gold 235.09
2 Anky van Grunsven 28 Netherlands NED Bonfire Silver 233.02
3 Sven Rothenberger 30 Netherlands NED Weyden Bronze 224.94
4 Monica Theodorescu 33 Germany GER Grunox 224.56
5 Michelle Gibson 27 United States USA Peron 222.83
6 Klaus Balkenhol 56 Germany GER Goldstern 221.81
7 Margit Otto-Crépin 51 France FRA Lucky Lord 219.80
8 Guenter Seidel 35 United States USA Graf George 215.02
9 Martin Schaudt 37 Germany GER Durgo 212.75
10 Louise Nathhorst 41 Sweden SWE Walk on Top 212.54
11 Ignacio Rambla 32 Spain ESP Evento 212.13
12 Lars Petersen 30 Denmark DEN Uffe Korshøjgaard 207.82
13 Tineke Bartels-de Vries 45 Netherlands NED Olympic Barbria 205.54
14 Nicole Uphoff-Becker 29 Germany GER Rembrandt 143.06
15 Steffen Peters 31 United States USA Udon 135.43
16 Gonnelien Rothenberger-Gordijn 28 Netherlands NED Dondolo 135.34
17 Christine Stückelberger 49 Switzerland SUI Aquamarin 134.57
18 Arlette Holsters 35 Belgium BEL Faible 134.46
19 Annette Solmell 37 Sweden SWE Strauss 133.39
20 Ulla HÃ¥kansson 58 Sweden SWE Bobby 133.15
21 Richard Davison 40 Great Britain GBR Askari 131,7
22 Finn Hansen 41 Denmark DEN Bergerac 131.07
23 Dominique Brieussel 33 France FRA Akazie 130.14
24 Mary Hanna 41 Australia AUS Mosaic II 130.09
25 Robert Dover 40 United States USA Metallic 124.75
26 Heike Holstein 24 Ireland IRL Ballaseyr Devereaux 65.24 DNQ
27 Hans Staub 37 Switzerland SUI Dukaat 65.12 DNQ
28 Kyra Kyrklund 44 Finland FIN Amiral 64.80 DNQ
29 Leonie Bramall 33 Canada CAN Gilbona 64.52 DNQ
30 Dominique d'Esmé 50 France FRA Thor 64.48 DNQ
31 Caroline Hatlapa 38 Austria AUT Merlin 64.36 DNQ
32 Beatriz Ferrer-Salat 30 Spain ESP Brillant 64.16 DNQ
33 Eva Senn 43 Switzerland SUI Renzo 64.12 DNQ
34 Pia Laus 28 Italy ITA Liebenberg 64.00 DNQ
35 Paolo Giani Margi 37 Italy ITA Destino di Acciarella 63.80 DNQ
36 Joanna Jackson 26 Great Britain GBR Mester Mouse 63.08 DNQ
37 Tinne Wilhelmsson-Silfvén 29 Sweden SWE Caprice 61.68 DNQ
38 Rafael Soto 38 Spain ESP Invasor 61.08 DNQ
39 Joaquin Orth 41 Mexico MEX Bellini 60.72 DNQ
40T Marie-Hélène Syre 38 France FRA Marlon 60.64 DNQ
40T Vicky Thompson 25 Great Britain GBR Enfant 60.64 DNQ
42 Suzanne Dunkley 40 Bermuda BER Elliot 60.08 DNQ
43 Daria Fantoni 54 Italy ITA Sonny Boy 59.84 DNQ
44 Jane Bredin-Gregory 37 Great Britain GBR Cupido 58.72 DNQ
45 Evi Strasser 32 Canada CAN Lavinia 58.48 DNQ
46 Gina Smith 38 Canada CAN Faust 57.36 DNQ
47 Fausto Puccini 63 Italy ITA Fiffikus 56.72 DNQ
48 Juan Matute 35 Spain ESP Hermes 56.64 DNQ
49 Barbara von Grebel-Schiendorfer 45 Switzerland SUI Ramar 52.96 DNQ