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Wrestling at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games:

Men's Middleweight, Greco-Roman

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Host City: Barcelona, Spain
Venue(s): Catalonia National Institute of Physical Education (INEFC), Barcelona
Date Started: July 28, 1992
Date Finished: July 30, 1992
Format: Two groups (A and B). Double elimination tournament within each group. Top five in each group advance to placement matches for 1st-10th place.

Gold: HUN Péter Farkas
Silver: POL Piotr Stępień
Bronze: EUN Daulet Turlykhanov


[Péter Farkas] was the favorite, having won the 1990-91 World Championships and the 1991 European title, although Germany’s [Thomas Zander] won the 1992 Europeans earlier in the year. They were drawn in the same group, however, which Farkas won as Zander only finished fourth in Group B, and eighth overall. In the final Farkas met Poland’s [Piotr Stępień], whose only previous international medal was a silver in the 1989 Europeans. As expected it was an easy gold medal victory for Farkas, 6-1. The bronze was won by Unified Team wrestler [Daulet Turlykhanov], who had won a silver medal in 1988 as a welterweight.

In The Complete Book of the Olympics David Wallechinsky described the travails that came to Farkas, and his brother, in the next few years, “Péter Farkas became a popular heart-throb singer in Hungary. In 2004 he and his brother Karoly, were arrested after police discovered more than 3,000 marijuana plants growing in their mother’s basement in Budapest. Péter and Karoly escaped from police custody in November 2008 shortly before being sentenced to five years in prison. Karoly pretended to be ill and the two left the court room during the break between the announcement of the verdict and sentencing, and did not return. Karoly was captured almost immediately, but Péter was not rearrested until a year later in Andorra. Their sentences were subsequently extended to seven years.” Zander turned out a bit better and won a silver medal in this class at Atlanta in 1996.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal RE CP
1 Péter Farkas 23 Hungary HUN Gold
2 Piotr Stępień 28 Poland POL Silver
3 Daulet Turlykhanov 28 Unified Team EUN Bronze
4 Magnus Fredriksson 32 Sweden SWE
5 Timo Niemi 26 Finland FIN
6 Goran Kasum 26 Individual Olympic Athletes IOA
7 Thomas Zander 24 Germany GER
8 Pavel Frinta 22 Czechoslovakia TCH
9 David Martinetti 22 Switzerland SUI
10 Dan Henderson 21 United States USA
AC Ernesto Razzino 31 Italy ITA Eliminated r3/5 Group A 4,0
AC Khristo Khristov 24 Bulgaria BUL Eliminated r3/5 Group A 3,0
AC Anton Arghira 28 Romania ROU Eliminated r3/5 Group A 3,0
AC Diego Potap 22 Argentina ARG Eliminated r2/5 Group A 0,0
AC Luis Rondon 24 Venezuela VEN Eliminated r2/5 Group A 0,0
AC Martial Mischler 28 France FRA Eliminated r4/5 Group B 4,0
AC Park Myeong-Seok 22 South Korea KOR Eliminated r3/5 Group B 5,0
AC Jean-Pierre Wafflard 23 Belgium BEL Eliminated r2/5 Group B 0,0
AC Mohyeldin Ramada Hussain 23 Egypt EGY Eliminated r2/5 Group B 0,0
AC Leonidas Pappas 24 Greece GRE Eliminated r2/5 Group B 0,0