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Swimming at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games

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Host City: Barcelona, Spain
Date Started: July 26, 1992
Date Finished: July 31, 1992
Events: 31

Participants: 641 (384 men and 256 women) from 92 countries
Youngest Participant: HUN Judit Kiss (12 years, 184 days)
Oldest Participant: CGO Gilles Coudray (36 years, 263 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): 3 athletes with 4 medals
Most Medals (Country): USA United States (27 medals)


Much had changed since the Olympic flame flickered and died at the end of the [1988 Seoul Olympics]. East Germany, who had ruled the female side of the sport with an iron hand for a generation, was no more and the unified German team was no match for their illustrious, if controversial, forerunners. The depth of the American team ensured they returned home with the greatest bounty in terms of medals gained though it lacked the multiple gold medal winning superstars of previous years. On the other hand the post-Soviet Unified Team produced two of the male stars of the Games in freestylers [Aleksandr Popov] and [Yevgeny Sadovy]. Sadovy was the only male swimmer to win three gold medals whilst Popov claimed four medals including two gold.

The golden generation of Hungarian swimmers improved on their display in Seoul and, spearheaded by triple gold winner [Krisztina Egerszegi] and medley legend [Tamás Darnyi], they were much more successful than more established swimming nations. This was also the year of the Chinese breakthrough and, after [Zhuang Yong] shocked world record holder [Jenny Thompson] to win China's first Olympic title in the sport, another three Chinese women followed Zhuang onto the top step of the podium.

Australian swimmers did not live up to expectations in Barcelona with the exception of [Kieren Perkins] who produced a barnstorming swim in the 1500 metres freestyle to break the world record and win gold by a full 12 seconds.

The most popular win of the Games came in the 200 metres backstroke where world champion [Martin López-Zubero], American-born of Spanish parentage, thrilled the host nation with a late length sprint to claim Spain's first Olympic swimming championship.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's 50 metres Freestyle EUN Aleksandr Popov USA Matt Biondi USA Tom Jager
Men's 100 metres Freestyle EUN Aleksandr Popov BRA Gustavo Borges FRA Stéphan Caron
Men's 200 metres Freestyle EUN Yevgeny Sadovy SWE Anders Holmertz FIN Antti Kasvio
Men's 400 metres Freestyle EUN Yevgeny Sadovy AUS Kieren Perkins SWE Anders Holmertz
Men's 1,500 metres Freestyle AUS Kieren Perkins AUS Glen Housman GER Jörg Hoffmann
Men's 4 × 100 metres Freestyle Relay USA United States EUN Unified Team GER Germany
Men's 4 × 200 metres Freestyle Relay EUN Unified Team SWE Sweden USA United States
Men's 100 metres Backstroke CAN Mark Tewksbury USA Jeff Rouse USA Dave Berkoff
Men's 200 metres Backstroke ESP Martín López-Zubero EUN Vladimir Selkov ITA Stefano Battistelli
Men's 100 metres Breaststroke USA Nelson Diebel HUN Norbert Rózsa AUS Phil Rogers
Men's 200 metres Breaststroke USA Mike Barrowman HUN Norbert Rózsa GBR Nick Gillingham
Men's 100 metres Butterfly USA Pablo Morales POL Rafał Szukała SUR Anthony Nesty
Men's 200 metres Butterfly USA Mel Stewart NZL Danyon Loader FRA Franck Esposito
Men's 200 metres Individual Medley HUN Tamás Darnyi USA Greg Burgess HUN Attila Czene
Men's 400 metres Individual Medley HUN Tamás Darnyi USA Eric Namesnik ITA Luca Sacchi
Men's 4 × 100 metres Medley Relay USA United States EUN Unified Team CAN Canada
Women's 50 metres Freestyle CHN Yang Wenyi CHN Zhuang Yong USA Angel Martino
Women's 100 metres Freestyle CHN Zhuang Yong USA Jenny Thompson GER Franziska van Almsick
Women's 200 metres Freestyle USA Nicole Haislett GER Franziska van Almsick GER Kerstin Kielgaß
Women's 400 metres Freestyle GER Dagmar Hase USA Janet Evans AUS Hayley Lewis
Women's 800 metres Freestyle USA Janet Evans AUS Hayley Lewis GER Jana Henke
Women's 4 × 100 metres Freestyle Relay USA United States CHN China GER Germany
Women's 100 metres Backstroke HUN Krisztina Egerszegi HUN Tünde Szabó USA Lea Loveless
Women's 200 metres Backstroke HUN Krisztina Egerszegi GER Dagmar Hase AUS Nicole Livingstone-Stevenson
Women's 100 metres Breaststroke EUN Yelena Rudkovskaya USA Anita Nall AUS Sam Riley
Women's 200 metres Breaststroke JPN Kyoko Iwasaki CHN Lin Li USA Anita Nall
Women's 100 metres Butterfly CHN Qian Hong USA Crissy Ahmann-Leighton FRA Catherine Plewinski
Women's 200 metres Butterfly USA Summer Sanders CHN Wang Xiaohong AUS Susie O'Neill
Women's 200 metres Individual Medley CHN Lin Li USA Summer Sanders GER Daniela Hunger
Women's 400 metres Individual Medley HUN Krisztina Egerszegi CHN Lin Li USA Summer Sanders
Women's 4 × 100 metres Medley Relay USA United States GER Germany EUN Unified Team