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Gymnastics at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games:

Men's Floor Exercise

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Host City: Barcelona, Spain
Venue(s): St. George's Palace, Barcelona
Date Started: July 29, 1992
Date Finished: August 2, 1992

Gold: CHN Li Xiaoshuang
Silver: JPN Yukio Iketani
EUN Hryhoriy Misiutin


Eight gymnasts advanced to the final round based on the qualifying scores in the team all-around, but the final placements were determined only by the score posted in the final round. The two favorites were Unified Team member [Vitaly Shcherbo] and [Igor Korobchinsky]. Unfortunately for Korobchinsky, the top four qualifiers were from the Unified Team, with Shcherbo and [Hryhoriy Misiutin] leading with 9.90, followed by [Valery Belenky] and Korobchinsky, who could not make the final because only two gymnasts from each nation were allowed to advance. Shcherbo stepped out of bounds on his final mount and would finish only sixth, the only apparatus in which he made the final in Barcelona and did not win the gold medal. Gold went to China’s [Li Xiaoshuang], who was little known in 1992, but would win the all-around title at the 1995 World Championships and the 1996 Olympics. Silver was shared in Barcelona between Misiutin and Japan’s [Yukio Iketani], who had won bronze on this event in 1988.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal FP
1 Li Xiaoshuang 18 China CHN Gold 9.925
2T Hryhoriy Misiutin 21 Unified Team EUN Silver 9.787
2T Yukio Iketani 21 Japan JPN Silver 9.787
4 Yu Og-Yeol 19 South Korea KOR 9.775
5 Yutaka Aihara 21 Japan JPN 9.737
6 Vitaly Shcherbo 20 Unified Team EUN 9.712
7 Andreas Wecker 22 Germany GER 9.687
8 Li Chunyang 24 China CHN 9.387
3 QR Valeri Belenki 22 Unified Team EUN
4T QR Ihor Korobchinskiy 22 Unified Team EUN
6T QR Rustam Sharipov 21 Unified Team EUN
10T QR Li Dashuang 18 China CHN
12 QR Aleksey Voropayev 19 Unified Team EUN
13T QR Jeong Jin-Su 19 South Korea KOR
13T QR Neil Thomas 24 Great Britain GBR
16 QR Scott Keswick 22 United States USA
17 QR Kalofer Khristozov 23 Bulgaria BUL
18T QR Marian Rizan 25 Romania ROU
18T QR Marius Gherman 25 Romania ROU
20T QR Sylvio Kroll 27 Germany GER
20T QR Lee Ju-Hyeong 19 South Korea KOR
20T QR John Roethlisberger 22 United States USA
20T QR Zoltán Supola 21 Hungary HUN
24T QR Takashi Chinen 25 Japan JPN
24T QR Chris Waller 23 United States USA
24T QR Alfonso Rodríguez 26 Spain ESP
27 QR Masayuki Matsunaga 22 Japan JPN
28 QR Guo Linyao 20 China CHN
29T QR Paolo Bucci 24 Italy ITA
29T QR Ruggero Rossato 24 Italy ITA
29T QR Nicolae Bejenaru 24 Romania ROU
29T QR Li Ge 23 China CHN
29T QR Boris Preti 24 Italy ITA
34T QR Yoshiaki Hatakeda 20 Japan JPN
34T QR Michael Engeler 21 Switzerland SUI
36T QR Han Yun-Su 19 South Korea KOR
36T QR Ron Kaplan 22 Israel ISR
36T QR Adrian Gal 21 Romania ROU
39 QR Adrian Sandu 25 Romania ROU
40T QR Sin Myong-Su 25 North Korea PRK
40T QR Oliver Walther 19 Germany GER
40T QR Mario Franke 24 Germany GER
40T QR Csaba Fajkusz 24 Hungary HUN
40T QR James May 24 Great Britain GBR
40T QR Ralf Büchner 24 Germany GER
46 QR Sven Tippelt 27 Germany GER
47T QR Daisuke Nishikawa 22 Japan JPN
47T QR Gabriele Sala 24 Italy ITA
47T QR Terry Bartlett 28 Great Britain GBR
50 QR Johan Jonasson 25 Sweden SWE
51T QR Daniel Giubellini 22 Switzerland SUI
51T QR Flavio Rota 26 Switzerland SUI
53T QR Ilian Aleksandrov 20 Bulgaria BUL
53T QR Yordan Yovchev 19 Bulgaria BUL
53T QR Pae Gil-Su 20 North Korea PRK
56T QR Sébastien Darrigade 20 France FRA
56T QR Fabrice Guelzec 24 France FRA
56T QR Cho Hun 23 North Korea PRK
56T QR Róbert Élő 22 Hungary HUN
56T QR Erich Wanner 23 Switzerland SUI
61T QR Patrice Casimir 20 France FRA
61T QR Trent Dimas 21 United States USA
63T QR Dominick Minicucci, Jr. 23 United States USA
63T QR Georgi Lozanov 18 Bulgaria BUL
65T QR Nicu Stroia 20 Romania ROU
65T QR Han Gwang-Ho 19 South Korea KOR
67T QR Alexandro Viligiardi 24 Italy ITA
67T QR Alan Nolet 24 Canada CAN
69 QR Károly Schupkégel 27 Hungary HUN
70 QR Curtis Hibbert 25 Canada CAN
71 QR Markus Müller 25 Switzerland SUI
72 QR Yeo Hong-Cheol 21 South Korea KOR
73 QR Jair Lynch 20 United States USA
74 QR Szilveszter Csollány 22 Hungary HUN
75T QR Brennon Dowrick 20 Australia AUS
75T QR David Cox 22 Great Britain GBR
77T QR Martin Modlitba 22 Czechoslovakia TCH
77T QR Marvin Campbell 31 Great Britain GBR
79T QR Krasimir Dunev 19 Bulgaria BUL
79T QR Arnold Bugár 20 Czechoslovakia TCH
81 QR Marco Monteiro 26 Brazil BRA
82 QR Miguel Ángel Rubio 25 Spain ESP
83 QR Luis López 23 Mexico MEX
84 QR Jože Kolman 25 Slovenia SLO
85T QR Li Jing 22 China CHN
85T QR Oliver Grimm 23 Switzerland SUI
87 QR Mike Inglis 25 Canada CAN
88 QR Gianmatteo Centazzo 22 Italy ITA
89 QR Isidro Ibarrondo 21 Argentina ARG
90 QR Paul Bowler 24 Great Britain GBR
91 QR Deyan Kolev 26 Bulgaria BUL
92 QR Miklós Pánczél 21 Hungary HUN
93 QR Víctor Colon 20 Puerto Rico PUR