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Athletics at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games:

Women's 10,000 metres

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Host City: Barcelona, Spain
Venue(s): Montjuïc Olympic Stadium, Barcelona
Date Started: August 1, 1992
Date Finished: August 7, 1992

Gold: ETH Derartu Tulu
Silver: RSA Elana Meyer
Bronze: USA Lynn Jennings


In 1991 [Liz McColgan] had won the World Championship by going to the front early and simply breaking down the rest of the field. At Barcelona she tried the same tactic in the final, but this time the field did not go away. At the halfway point, most of the field was still in contact, and at 6,000 metres, South Africa's [Elana Meyer] moved to the front. She quickly opened a gap, but was then chased down by Ethiopia's [Derartu Tulu]. Together they had broken the field and ran together until the bell. Then Tulu pulled away and Meyer could not respond, Tulu winning by almost six seconds. American [Lynn Jennings] ran a huge PR to get the bronze medal, while McColgan finished in fifth place.

The gold and silver medal won by Tulu and Meyer had special sociologic implications. Tulu was a black African, while Meyer was a white South African. South African had been banned from the Olympics since 1964, because of the treatment of blacks in that nation, and Meyer's silver medal was the first for her nation since 1960. They did not know each other well. But at the finish line, Tulu waited for Meyer to trail in behind her and they then ran together, hand-in-hand, on a victory lap. David Wallechinsky has written that this "seemed to symbolize hope for a new Africa".

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Derartu Tulu 20 Ethiopia ETH Gold
2 Elana Meyer 25 South Africa RSA Silver
3 Lynn Jennings 32 United States USA Bronze
4 Zhong Huandi 25 China CHN
5 Liz McColgan 28 Great Britain GBR
6 Wang Xiuting 27 China CHN
7 Uta Pippig 26 Germany GER
8 Judi St. Hilaire 32 United States USA
9 Hellen Kimaiyo 23 Kenya KEN
10 Jill Hunter 25 Great Britain GBR
11 Christine Toonstra 26 Netherlands NED
12 Izumi Maki 23 Japan JPN
13 Albertina Dias 27 Portugal POR
14 Miki Igarashi 20 Japan JPN
15 Lieve Slegers 27 Belgium BEL
16 Rosa Munerotto 29 Italy ITA
17 Tegla Loroupe 21 Kenya KEN
18 Tigist Moreda Ethiopia ETH
AC Fernanda Marques 26 Portugal POR
AC Conceição Ferreira 30 Portugal POR
11 h1 r1/2 Carole Rouillard 32 Canada CAN
11 h2 r1/2 Sue Hobson 34 Australia AUS
12 h1 r1/2 Marcianne Mukamurenzi 32 Rwanda RWA
12 h2 r1/2 Annette Sergent-Palluy 29 France FRA
13 h1 r1/2 Gwyn Coogan 26 United States USA
13 h2 r1/2 Kerstin Preßler 30 Germany GER
14 h1 r1/2 Rosario Murcia 27 France FRA
14 h2 r1/2 Lydia Cheromei 15 Kenya KEN
15 h1 r1/2 Dorthe Rasmussen 32 Denmark DEN
15 h2 r1/2 Suzana Ćirić 23 Individual Olympic Athletes IOA
16 h1 r1/2 Lyudmila Matveyeva 35 Unified Team EUN
16 h2 r1/2 María Luisa Servín 29 Mexico MEX
17 h1 r1/2 Martha Tenorio 25 Ecuador ECU
17 h2 r1/2 Lesley Morton 28 New Zealand NZL
18 h1 r1/2 Hiromi Suzuki 23 Japan JPN
18 h2 r1/2 Lisa Harvey 22 Canada CAN
19 h1 r1/2 Carmen de Oliveira 26 Brazil BRA
19 h2 r1/2 Andri Avraam 29 Cyprus CYP
20 h1 r1/2 Rosemary Turare 28 Papua New Guinea PNG
20 h2 r1/2 Griselda González 26 Argentina ARG
21 h2 r1/2 Luchia Yishak 19 Ethiopia ETH
22 h2 r1/2 Andrea Wallace 25 Great Britain GBR
AC h1 r1/2 Véronique Collard 29 Belgium BEL
AC h1 r1/2 Olga Bondarenko 32 Unified Team EUN
AC h1 r1/2 Päivi Tikkanen 32 Finland FIN
AC h1 r1/2 Anita Klapote 24 Latvia LAT
AC h2 r1/2 Olena Zhupiyeva-V'iazova 32 Unified Team EUN
AC h2 r1/2 Kathrin Ullrich-Weßel 24 Germany GER