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Athletics at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games:

Men's Long Jump

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Host City: Barcelona, Spain
Venue(s): Montjuïc Olympic Stadium, Barcelona
Date Started: August 5, 1992
Date Finished: August 6, 1992

Gold: USA Carl Lewis
Silver: USA Mike Powell
Bronze: USA Joe Greene


The 1991 World Championships had featured the greatest long jump dual in track & field history, featuring the 1988 Olympic gold and silver medalists, [Carl Lewis] and [Mike Powell]. Lewis opened with 8.68 (28-5¾) to take the lead, with Powell responding with 8.54 (28-0¼) in round two. In round three Lewis produced the second longest jump ever, 8.83 (28-11¾), but a +2.3 wind prevented it from counting for record purposes, although it counted for the competition. In round four, he bettered that as well. The mark of 8.91 (29-2¾) went up on the board, meaning the vaunted [Bob Beamon] world record had finally been bettered, but this too was wind-aided, a following +2.9 wind. In round five, the wind was legal, and Lewis popped 8.87 (29-1¼), the second-longest legal jump ever. Powell was mired in second place, watching Lewis produce the greatest series in long jump history. But then, Powell produced his best. The 8.95 (29-4½) mark on the stadium board meant that Beamon’s world record was finally broken, if the wind was legal, and it was - +0.3 m/s. In the last round, Lewis fought back, jumping another superb mark of 8.84 (29-0), also with a legal wind. But he had lost and he had lost in his effort to be the man to break Beamon’s record. At the 1992 Olympic Trials, Powell again beat Lewis (8.62-8.53), and was a slight favorite in Barcelona.

In round one of the final, Lewis opened with 8.67 (28-5½). Powell struggled early, but got out to 8.22 (26-11¾) in round two and 8.33 (27-4) in round three. Round five saw both produce big jumps, Lewis with 8.50 (27-10¾) and Powell with 8.53 (28-0). Lewis again jumped 8.50 (27-10¾) in the final round. Powell was up three jumpers later and produced his best mark, 8.64 (28-4¼), but it was not enough for the gold medal. [Joe Greene] completed the US sweep. Lewis had won his third consecutive gold medal in the event. Not counting the 1906 Olympics, this made Lewis only the fourth track & field to win three consecutive gold medals in the same individual event – [John Flanagan] in hammer throw, [Viktor Saneyev] in triple jump, and [Al Oerter], who won four consecutive, in the discus throw.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Carl Lewis 31 United States USA Gold
2 Mike Powell 28 United States USA Silver
3 Joe Greene 25 United States USA Bronze
4 Iván Pedroso 19 Cuba CUB
5 Jaime Jefferson 30 Cuba CUB
6 Kostas Koukodimos 22 Greece GRE
7 Dmitry Bagryanov 24 Unified Team EUN
8 Huang Geng 22 China CHN
9 Borut Bilač 27 Slovenia SLO
10 Chen Zunrong 29 China CHN
11 Dave Culbert 25 Australia AUS
12 Bogdan Tudor 22 Romania ROU
13 QR Craig Hepburn 22 Bahamas BAH
14 QR Dietmar Haaf 25 Germany GER
15 QR Mark Mason 23 Guyana GUY
16 QR Spyros Vasdekis 22 Greece GRE
17 QR Masaki Morinaga 20 Japan JPN
18 QR Jesús Oliván 24 Spain ESP
19 QR Galin Georgiev 22 Bulgaria BUL
20 QR Ian James 29 Canada CAN
21 QR Franck Lestage 24 France FRA
22 QR Mark Forsythe 26 Great Britain GBR
23 QR Elmer Williams 27 Puerto Rico PUR
24 QR Franck Zio 20 Burkina Faso BUR
25 QR Milan Gombala 24 Czechoslovakia TCH
26 QR Csaba Almási 26 Hungary HUN
27 QR Tom Ganda 19 Sierra Leone SLE
28 QR Edrick Floréal 25 Canada CAN
29 QR Roman Golanowski 23 Poland POL
30 QR Eugene Licorish 27 Grenada GRN
31 QR Serge Hélan 28 France FRA
32 QR Konstantin Krause 24 Germany GER
33 QR James Sabulei 23 Kenya KEN
34 QR László Szalma 34 Hungary HUN
35 QR Michael Francis 21 Puerto Rico PUR
36 QR Benjamin Koech 23 Kenya KEN
37 QR Danny Beauchamp 23 Seychelles SEY
38 QR Kareem Streete-Thompson 19 Cayman Islands CAY
39 QR Angelo Iannuzzelli 22 El Salvador ESA
40 QR Abdullah Mohamed Al-Sheib 27 Qatar QAT
41 QR Gabriele Qoro 21 Fiji FIJ
42 QR Khaled Ahmed Musa 19 Sudan SUD
43 QR Ndabezinhle Mdhlongwa 19 Zimbabwe ZIM
44 QR Elston Shaw 19 Belize BIZ
45 QR Vadim Ivanov 23 Unified Team EUN
46 QR Abdel Kader Klouchi 23 Algeria ALG
AC QR Ángel Hernández 26 Spain ESP
AC QR Soriba Diakité 23 Guinea GUI
AC QR Giovanni Evangelisti 30 Italy ITA
AC QR Sizwe Sydney Mdluli 23 Swaziland SWZ