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Table Tennis at the 1988 Seoul Summer Games:

Women's Singles

Table Tennis at the 1988 Summer Games: Next Summer Games


Host City: Seoul, South Korea
Venue(s): Gymnasium, Seoul National University, Seoul
Date Started: September 23, 1988
Date Finished: October 1, 1988
Format: Round-robin qualifying pools, followed by single-elimination tournament.

Gold: CHN Chen Jing
Silver: CHN Li Huifen
Bronze: CHN Jiao Zhimin


China had a monopoly on the leading players in the world. The #1 ranked player was 1987 World Champion He Zhili and #3 was Dai Lili. But neither player was chosen to play. Wallechinsky has noted that He was being punished for refusing to throw a match to another Chinese player during the 1987 Worlds. But their absence hardly mattered, as the Chinese swept the medals. The gold went to [Chen Jing], who was only 21-years-old and had little international experience. Chen would later defect to Taiwan (Chinese Taipei in the Olympic Movement) and represent that nation at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics. He Zhili would also emigrate, settling in Japan, where she took the name [Chire Koyama], and she also competed at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics. The bronze medalist in 1988 was [Jiao Zhimin]. The Korean press were all over her during the Seoul Olympics because of her romance with Korean doubles player [Ahn Jae-Hyung]. Jiao and Ahn did eventually marry and settled in Korea, but neither player ever competed again at the Olympics.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Chen Jing 19 China CHN Gold
2 Li Huifen 24 China CHN Silver
3 Jiao Zhimin 24 China CHN Bronze
4 Marie Hrachová 24 Czechoslovakia TCH
5 Flyura Bulatova-Abbate 25 Soviet Union URS
6 Valentina Popovová 27 Soviet Union URS
7 Bettine Vriesekoop 27 Netherlands NED
8 Hong Cha-Ok 18 South Korea KOR
9T Mika Hoshino 23 Japan JPN
9T Renata Kasalová 19 Czechoslovakia TCH
9T Hyeon Jeong-Hwa 18 South Korea KOR
9T Olga Nemes 20 West Germany FRG
9T Daniela Gergelcheva 24 Bulgaria BUL
9T Mok Ka Sha 25 Hong Kong HKG
9T Edit Urbán 27 Hungary HUN
9T Yang Yeong-Ja 24 South Korea KOR
17T Alena Šafářová 20 Czechoslovakia TCH
17T Chang Hsiu-Yu 23 Chinese Taipei TPE
17T Jasna Fazlić-Reed 17 Yugoslavia YUG
17T Kiyomi Ishida 20 Japan JPN
17T Kyoko Uchiyama 19 Japan JPN
17T Lin Li-Ju 21 Chinese Taipei TPE
17T Mirjam Hooman-Kloppenburg 22 Netherlands NED
17T Olena Kovtun 21 Soviet Union URS
25T Csilla Bátorfi 19 Hungary HUN
25T Gordana Perkučin 26 Yugoslavia YUG
25T Hui So Hung 29 Hong Kong HKG
25T Insook Bhushan 36 United States USA
25T Karina Bogaerts 22 Belgium BEL
25T Katja Nolten 18 West Germany FRG
25T Kerri Tepper 21 Australia AUS
25T Mariann Domonkos 30 Canada CAN
33T Diana Gee 19 United States USA
33T Elizabeth Popper 26 Venezuela VEN
33T Hae-Ja Kim de Rimasa 39 Argentina ARG
33T Jacqueline Díaz 24 Chile CHI
33T Kuburat Owolabi 21 Nigeria NGR
33T Lau Wai Cheng 21 Malaysia MAS
33T Leong Mee Wan 22 Malaysia MAS
33T Nadia Bisiach 23 Australia AUS
41T Blanca Alejo 26 Dominican Republic DOM
41T Feiza Ben Aïssa 25 Tunisia TUN
41T Iyabo Akanmu 20 Nigeria NGR
41T Jaklein Al-Duqom 24 Jordan JOR
41T Mónica Liyau 21 Peru PER
41T Nihal Meshref 17 Egypt EGY
41T Niyati Roy-Shah 22 India IND
41T Patricia Offel 16 Ghana GHA