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Wrestling at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games

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Host City: Los Angeles, United States
Date Started: July 30, 1984
Date Finished: August 11, 1984
Events: 20

Participants: 267 (267 men and 0 women) from 44 countries
Youngest Participant: IND Sunil Dutt (16 years, 243 days)
Oldest Participant: MAR Ali Lachkar (34 years, 294 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): 60 athletes with 1 medal
Most Medals (Country): USA United States (13 medals)


The 1984 wrestling competition was conducted at the [Anaheim Convention Center], which was the only sport held there at the 1984 Olympics. The convention center opened in 1967 and was originally used as the home venue for the Anaheim Amigos of the American Basketball Association (ABA) during the ABA’s first season.

The Soviet-led boycott decimated the Greco-Roman events in 1980, as the Soviets were the top Greco-Roman nation, followed by other Eastern European countries. Freestyle was also strongly affected by the absence of the East Europeans, although not quite as much.

The program was same in 1984 as it had been at the 1972-80 Olympics, with 10 classes for both styles and no change in weight limits; however, the formats were changed in 1984. In each match, wrestlers were given classification points, which were positive points, rather than bad, or negative, points. Further each class was separated into A and B Groups. When three wrestlers remained in each group, determined by classification points, they competed against each other for placement within the group, with earlier matches carried over into the group finals. The winners of each group wrestled for the gold medal, and the runners-up in each group wrestled for the bronze medal, with a classification match held with one wrestler from each group to determine places 1-6.

With the Soviets not competing, the United States was the top wrestling nation in 1984, winning 13 medals and 9 gold medals. The US dominated freestyle, winning 9 medals and 7 golds. They also did well in Greco-Roman, which was surprising as they had never before won a medal in Greco-Roman wrestling at the Olympics. Romania won the most Greco-Roman medals with 5, but Sweden and the United States won 4, with both Romania and the United States winning 2 Greco events.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Light-Flyweight, Greco-Roman ITA Vincenzo Maenza FRG Markus Scherer JPN Ikuzo Saito
Men's Flyweight, Greco-Roman JPN Atsuji Miyahara MEX Daniel Aceves KOR Bang Dae-Du
Men's Bantamweight, Greco-Roman FRG Pasquale Passarelli JPN Masaki Eto GRE Babis Kholidis
Men's Featherweight, Greco-Roman KOR Kim Won-Gi SWE Kent-Olle Johansson SUI Hugo Dietsche
Men's Lightweight, Greco-Roman YUG Vlado Lisjak FIN Tapio Sipilä USA Jim Martinez
Men's Welterweight, Greco-Roman FIN Jouko Salomäki SWE Roger Tallroth ROU È˜tefan Rusu
Men's Middleweight, Greco-Roman ROU Ion Draica GRE Dimitrios Thanopoulos SWE Sören Claeson
Men's Light-Heavyweight, Greco-Roman USA Steve Fraser ROU Ilie Matei SWE Frank Andersson
Men's Heavyweight, Greco-Roman ROU Vasile Andrei USA Greg Gibson YUG Jožef Tertei
Men's Super-Heavyweight, Greco-Roman USA Jeff Blatnick YUG Refik MemiÅ¡ević ROU Victor Dolipschi
Men's Light-Flyweight, Freestyle USA Bobby Weaver JPN Takashi Irie KOR Son Gap-Do
Men's Flyweight, Freestyle YUG Å aban Trstena KOR Kim Jong-Gyu JPN Yuji Takada
Men's Bantamweight, Freestyle JPN Hideaki Tomiyama USA Barry Davis KOR Kim Ui-Gon
Men's Featherweight, Freestyle USA Randy Lewis JPN Kosei Akaishi KOR Lee Jeong-Geun
Men's Lightweight, Freestyle KOR Yu In-Tak USA Andrew Rein FIN Jukka Rauhala
Men's Welterweight, Freestyle USA Dave Schultz FRG Martin Knosp YUG Å aban Sejdi
Men's Middleweight, Freestyle USA Mark Schultz JPN Hideyuki Nagashima CAN Chris Rinke
Men's Light-Heavyweight, Freestyle USA Ed Banach JPN Akira Ota GBR Noel Loban
Men's Heavyweight, Freestyle USA Lou Banach SYR Joseph Atiyeh ROU Vasile Pușcașu
Men's Super-Heavyweight, Freestyle USA Bruce Baumgartner CAN Bob Molle TUR Ayhan Taşkın