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Sailing at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games

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Host City: Los Angeles, United States
Date Started: July 31, 1984
Date Finished: August 8, 1984
Events: 7

Participants: 300 (297 men and 2 women) from 60 countries
Youngest Participant: FIJ Tony Philp (15 years, 48 days)
Oldest Participant: DEN Paul Elvstrøm (56 years, 158 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): 39 athletes with 1 medal
Most Medals (Country): USA United States (7 medals)


The Soviet Union led a mostly Eastern European boycott of the 1984 Olympics, but this had little effect on the 1984 yachting program. The yachting program was increased to seven events for the first time at a modern Olympics. The same six events were held as in 1980, with the addition of a men’s event in windsurfing. This was also the first time an event was held exclusively for one gender in Olympic yachting. Women would add one event in 1988. The events were all contested at the Long Beach Marina, just off the coast of California, which was constructed specifically to host the 1984 Olympic yachting. The Marina later became part of the Shoreline Yacht Club.

The scoring system was the Olympic standard that had been introduced in 1968, and which was used through the 1992 Olympics. This was a modified point-for-place scoring system in each race, with the best six of seven race scores to count towards the final total. To break ties, the total of all seven race scores were used. If a boat did not finish, was disqualified, or did not start a race, it was awarded points equal to the number of boats entered in the event, or the highest score possible.

The United States led both versions of the medal lists by winning three events and seven medals. Canada and New Zealand both won three medals, with New Zealand winning two of the yachting events.