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Gymnastics at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games:

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Host City: Los Angeles, United States
Venue(s): Edwin W. Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles, California
Date Started: July 29, 1984
Date Finished: August 4, 1984

Gold: JPN Shinji Morisue
Silver: CHN Tong Fei
Bronze: JPN Koji Gushiken


There was a slight change in the format of the apparatus events in 1984 as eight gymnasts (previously six) qualified for the final round from the team qualifying, still with a maximum of two gymnasts per team. The gold medal in this event was historic as Japan’s [Shinji Morisue] won with a perfect 20.0, scoring two perfect 10s in the team qualifying, and then a perfect 10 in the final round. At the modern Games (post-WW2), the only other times this happened on the 20-point scoring system was by Romania’s [Nadia Comăneci] in 1976 on uneven bars, and Romania’s [Daniela Silivaş] in 1988 on the uneven bars, making Morisue the only man to accomplish this at the Olympic Games. Morisue was trailed by China’s [Tong Fei] and [Koji Gushiken], Morisue’s teammate.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Shinji Morisue 27 Japan JPN Gold 20.000
2 Tong Fei 23 China CHN Silver 19.975
3 Koji Gushiken 27 Japan JPN Bronze 19.950
4T Tim Daggett 22 United States USA 19.850
4T Lou Yun 20 China CHN 19.850
4T Peter Vidmar 23 United States USA 19.850
7 Marco Piatti 25 Switzerland SUI 19.800
8 Daniel Wunderlin 24 Switzerland SUI 19.675
3T QR Xu Zhiqiang 21 China CHN
8T QR Bart Conner 26 United States USA
10T QR Li Yuejiu 26 China CHN
12T QR Lee Jeong-Sik 20 South Korea KOR
12T QR Philippe Vatuone 22 France FRA
12T QR Philippe Chartrand 20 Canada CAN
12T QR Noritoshi Hirata 26 Japan JPN
16T QR Bruno Cavelti 23 Switzerland SUI
16T QR Jacques Def 21 France FRA
16T QR Andreas Japtok 23 West Germany FRG
16T QR Li Xiaoping 21 China CHN
20T QR Jim Hartung 24 United States USA
20T QR Markus Lehmann 24 Switzerland SUI
22T QR Antonio Fraguas 20 Spain ESP
22T QR Chae Gwang-Seok 22 South Korea KOR
22T QR Daniel Winkler 22 West Germany FRG
25T QR Frank Nutzenberger 25 Canada CAN
25T QR Jang Tae-Eun 20 South Korea KOR
25T QR Koji Sotomura 26 Japan JPN
25T QR Keith Langley 23 Great Britain GBR
25T QR Joël Suty 24 France FRA
30T QR Han Chung-Sik 23 South Korea KOR
30T QR Laurent Barbiéri 23 France FRA
30T QR Diego Lazzarich 22 Italy ITA
30T QR Josef Zellweger 20 Switzerland SUI
34T QR Jürgen Geiger 25 West Germany FRG
34T QR Nam Seung-Gu 20 South Korea KOR
34T QR Li Ning 20 China CHN
37T QR Noboyuki Kajitani 29 Japan JPN
37T QR Terry Bartlett 20 Great Britain GBR
37T QR Ju Yeong-Sam 18 South Korea KOR
37T QR Mitch Gaylord 23 United States USA
41T QR Jean-Luc Cairon 22 France FRA
41T QR Benno Groß 26 West Germany FRG
41T QR Valentin Pîntea 22 Romania ROU
41T QR Tony Piñeda 20 Mexico MEX
45T QR Allan Reddon 22 Canada CAN
45T QR Kyoji Yamawaki 26 Japan JPN
45T QR Urs Meister 26 Switzerland SUI
48T QR Bernhard Simmelbauer 21 West Germany FRG
48T QR Daniel Gaudet 24 Canada CAN
48T QR Barry Winch 26 Great Britain GBR
51T QR Emilian Necula 21 Romania ROU
51T QR Brad Peters 21 Canada CAN
51T QR Scott Johnson 23 United States USA
51T QR Volker Rohrwick 30 West Germany FRG
51T QR Miguel Soler 24 Spain ESP
56T QR Werner Birnbaum 20 Australia AUS
56T QR Warren Long 28 Canada CAN
58T QR Rocco Amboni 24 Italy ITA
58T QR Eddie Van Hoof 27 Great Britain GBR
60 QR Alfonso Rodríguez 18 Spain ESP
61T QR Vittorio Allievi 21 Italy ITA
61T QR Michel Boutard 28 France FRA
61T QR Richard Benyon 20 Great Britain GBR
64 QR Finn Gjertsen 25 Norway NOR
65 QR Yohanan Moyal 18 Israel ISR
66 QR Andrew Morris 22 Great Britain GBR
67 QR Rob Edmonds 22 Australia AUS
68T QR Maurizio Zonzini 22 San Marino SMR
68T QR Gerson Gnoatto 20 Brazil BRA
70T QR Ya'akov Levi 19 Israel ISR
70T QR Johan Jonasson 17 Sweden SWE