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Cycling at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games:

Men's Road Race, Individual

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Host City: Los Angeles, United States
Venue(s): , Mission Viejo, California
Date Started: July 29, 1984
Date Finished: July 29, 1984
Format: 190.2 km. (118.2 miles) mass start race.

Gold: USA Alexi Grewal
Silver: CAN Steve Bauer
Bronze: NOR Dag Otto Lauritzen


With the Soviet-led boycott, the top riders from the Soviet Union, the GDR, and Poland were not present in Los Angeles. By now, American riders were becoming more prominent internationally and the home course advantage and absent Eastern European riders led many to pick American riders as favorites. [Davis Phinney] was highly considered, as the best sprinter on the US team, but the course was a hilly one of 12 laps over 190.2 km., and Phinney, not a great climber, missed the winning break, eventually finishing fifth. American [Alexi Grewal] and Canadian [Steve Bauer] broke away on the penultimate lap. Though they never had a large lead on the trailing Norwegian twosome of [Dag Otto Lauritzen] and [Morten Saether], Grewal and Bauer were able to stay away to the finish. Bauer was considered the better sprinter but Grewal pipped him in the sprint by less than a wheel. Bauer later had a solid professional career, finishing fourth at the 1988 Tour de France, and wearing the yellow jersey in both 1988 and 1990. One rider who did not finish was [Miguel Induráin], who from 1991-95 became the first cyclist to win the Tour de France in five consecutive years.

Grewal also turned professional but his career was less impressive. He won a few domestic races but never won in Europe in a major international race. Grewal’s mere participation in 1984 was controversial. He had tested positive only 10 days before the Olympics, after the Coors Classic in Colorado, for phenylethylamine, a stimulant. He was suspended for 30 days by the US Cycling Federation and dropped from the Olympic team. But Grewal appealed the suspension, noting that he took albuterol for asthma and the tests were not sophisticated enough to tell the difference between the two drugs. Reinstated, he was able to race at Los Angeles.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal M T
1 Alexi Grewal 23 United States USA Gold 4-59:57
2 Steve Bauer 25 Canada CAN Silver at 0:00
3 Dag Otto Lauritzen 27 Norway NOR Bronze at 0:21
4 Morten Sæther 25 Norway NOR at 0:21
5 Davis Phinney 25 United States USA at 1:19
6 Thurlow Rogers 24 United States USA at 1:19
7 Bojan Ropret 31 Yugoslavia YUG at 1:19
8 Néstor Mora 20 Colombia COL at 1:19
9 Ron Kiefel 24 United States USA at 1:43
10 Richard Trinkler 33 Switzerland SUI at 1:43
11 Raúl Alcalá 20 Mexico MEX at 1:43
12 Stefan Maurer 23 Switzerland SUI at 3:37
13 Alberto Volpi 21 Italy ITA at 4:10
14 Per Christiansson 23 Sweden SWE at 4:10
15 Helmut Wechselberger 30 Austria AUT at 4:10
16 Enrique Campos 23 Venezuela VEN at 4:10
17 Luis Rosendo Ramos 26 Mexico MEX at 6:14
18 Brian Fowler 21 New Zealand NZL at 6:48
19 Martin Earley 22 Ireland IRL at 6:48
20 Atle Kvålsvoll 22 Norway NOR at 6:48
21 Fabio Parra 24 Colombia COL at 6:48
22 Thomas Freienstein 24 West Germany FRG at 7:51
23 Francisco Antequera 20 Spain ESP at 11:30
24 Per Pedersen 20 Denmark DEN at 11:46
25 Kari Myyryläinen 20 Finland FIN at 11:46
26 Lars Wahlqvist 20 Sweden SWE at 11:46
27 Paul Kimmage 22 Ireland IRL at 11:46
28 Daniel Amardeilh 25 France FRA at 11:46
29 Philippe Bouvatier 20 France FRA at 11:46
30 Kjell Nilsson 22 Sweden SWE at 11:46
31 Harry Hannus 34 Finland FIN at 11:46
32 Stefan Brykt 20 Sweden SWE at 11:46
33 Louis Garneau 25 Canada CAN at 15:30
34 Kurt Zellhofer 26 Austria AUT at 15:30
35 Primož Čerin 22 Yugoslavia YUG at 15:30
36 Achim Stadler 22 West Germany FRG at 15:30
37 Stephen Cox 28 New Zealand NZL at 15:30
38 Patrick Wackström 25 Finland FIN at 15:30
39 Gary Thomson 20 Ireland IRL at 15:30
40 Kim Eriksen 20 Denmark DEN at 15:30
41 Werner Stauff 24 West Germany FRG at 18:04
42 Jure Pavlič 21 Yugoslavia YUG at 18:04
43 Séamus Downey 24 Ireland IRL at 18:04
44 Jean Paul van Poppel 21 Netherlands NED at 22:20
45 Matsuyoshi Takahashi 28 Japan JPN at 22:20
46 Marko Cuderman 23 Yugoslavia YUG at 22:20
47 Salvador Rios 21 Mexico MEX at 22:20
48 Park Se-Ryong 24 South Korea KOR at 22:20
49 Johann Traxler 25 Austria AUT at 22:20
50 Jeff Leslie 31 Australia AUS at 22:20
51 Fernando Correa 23 Venezuela VEN at 22:20
52 Carlos Jaramillo 23 Colombia COL at 22:20
53 Arthur Tenn 20 Jamaica JAM at 22:20
54 Mustapha Najjari Morocco MAR at 22:30
55 Michael Lynch 21 Australia AUS at 27:05
AC Luis Biera 25 Argentina ARG DNF
AC Gary Trowell 25 Australia AUS DNF
AC John Watters 29 Australia AUS DNF
AC Paul Popp 21 Austria AUT DNF
AC Carlo Bomans 21 Belgium BEL DNF
AC Ronny Van Sweevelt 21 Belgium BEL DNF
AC Frank Verleyen 21 Belgium BEL DNF
AC Buddy Ford 27 Bermuda BER DNF
AC Earl Godfrey 22 Bermuda BER DNF
AC Clyde Wilson 25 Bermuda BER DNF
AC Joslyn Chavarria 25 Belize BIZ DNF
AC Warren Coye 18 Belize BIZ DNF
AC Lindford Gillitt 19 Belize BIZ DNF
AC Wernell Reneau 19 Belize BIZ DNF
AC Pierre Harvey 27 Canada CAN DNF
AC Alain Masson 23 Canada CAN DNF
AC Craig Merren 17 Cayman Islands CAY DNF
AC David Dibben 24 Cayman Islands CAY DNF
AC Alfred Ebanks 30 Cayman Islands CAY DNF
AC Aldyn Wint 25 Cayman Islands CAY DNF
AC Manuel Aravena 30 Chile CHI DNF
AC Roberto Muñoz 28 Chile CHI DNF
AC Alain Ayissi 22 Cameroon CMR DNF
AC Joseph Kono 33 Cameroon CMR DNF
AC Dieudonné Ntep 24 Cameroon CMR DNF
AC Thomas Siani 23 Cameroon CMR DNF
AC Rogelio Arango 25 Colombia COL DNF
AC Spyros Agrotis 22 Cyprus CYP DNF
AC Ole Byriel 26 Denmark DEN DNF
AC Søren Lilholt 18 Denmark DEN DNF
AC Manuel Domínguez 21 Spain ESP DNF
AC Miguel Induráin 20 Spain ESP DNF
AC José Sanchis 21 Spain ESP DNF
AC Harri Hedgren 25 Finland FIN DNF
AC Claude Carlin 23 France FRA DNF
AC Denis Pelizzari 23 France FRA DNF
AC Andreas Kappes 18 West Germany FRG DNF
AC Mark Bell 24 Great Britain GBR DNF
AC Neil Martin 24 Great Britain GBR DNF
AC Pete Sanders 23 Great Britain GBR DNF
AC Darryl Webster 22 Great Britain GBR DNF
AC Kanellos Kanellopoulos 27 Greece GRE DNF
AC Ilias Kelesidis 31 Greece GRE DNF
AC Randolph Toussaint 28 Guyana GUY DNF
AC Choy Yiu Chung 23 Hong Kong HKG DNF
AC Hung Chung Yam 16 Hong Kong HKG DNF
AC Law Siu On 20 Hong Kong HKG DNF
AC Leung Hung Tak 20 Hong Kong HKG DNF
AC Hans Daams 22 Netherlands NED DNF
AC Twan Poels 21 Netherlands NED DNF
AC Nico Verhoeven 22 Netherlands NED DNF
AC Stefano Colagè 22 Italy ITA DNF
AC Roberto Pagnin 22 Italy ITA DNF
AC Renato Piccolo 21 Italy ITA DNF
AC Lorenzo Murdock 23 Jamaica JAM DNF
AC Kim Cheol-Seok 24 South Korea KOR DNF
AC Lee Jin-Ok 22 South Korea KOR DNF
AC Sin Dae-Cheol 24 South Korea KOR DNF
AC Sirop Arslanian 17 Lebanon LIB DNF
AC Mustapha Afandi 26 Morocco MAR DNF
AC Brahim Ben Bouilla 24 Morocco MAR DNF
AC Ahmed Rhail Morocco MAR DNF
AC Dyton Chimwaza 27 Malawi MAW DNF
AC Daniel Kaswanga 24 Malawi MAW DNF
AC George Nayeja 38 Malawi MAW DNF
AC Amadu Yusufu 26 Malawi MAW DNF
AC Jesús Rios 20 Mexico MEX DNF
AC Hans Petter Ødegård 25 Norway NOR DNF
AC Roger Sumich 28 New Zealand NZL DNF
AC Ramón Zavaleta 24 Peru PER DNF
AC Ramón Rivera 24 Puerto Rico PUR DNF
AC Hassan Al-Absi Saudi Arabia KSA DNF
AC Mohammed Al-Shanqiti Saudi Arabia KSA DNF
AC Abdullah Al-Shaye Saudi Arabia KSA DNF
AC Ali Al-Ghazawi Saudi Arabia KSA DNF
AC Maurizio Casadei 22 San Marino SMR DNF
AC Heinz Imboden 22 Switzerland SUI DNF
AC Benno Wiss 22 Switzerland SUI DNF
AC Muharud Mukasa Uganda UGA DNF
AC Ernest Buule Uganda UGA DNF