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Athletics at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games:

Men's 200 metres

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Host City: Los Angeles, United States
Venue(s): Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Date Started: August 6, 1984
Date Finished: August 8, 1984

Gold: USA Carl Lewis
Silver: USA Kirk Baptiste
Bronze: USA Thomas Jefferson


The Soviet-led boycott had no effect on this race, as no Eastern Europeans were challengers in the 200. [Carl Lewis] was the story of the 1984 Olympics as he was attempting to emulate [Jesse Owens]' feat of 1936 in winning the 100, 200, long jump, and 4×100 relay. By the day of the 200 final, he had already won gold in the 100 and long jump. His biggest opponents in the 200 were felt to be his teammates [Kirk Baptiste] and [Thomas Jefferson]. Italys' [Pietro Mennea], 1980 gold medalist was also back, in his fourth straight Olympic 200 final, but was not expected to be a threat to Lewis. Lewis opened up a lead on the curve, had two metres as he entered the straight, and appeared to win as he pleased. His time was 19.80, run into a headwind of 0.9 m/s, and writing in Track & Field News, Bob Hersh noted that it was the best 200 ever run. Lewis would return three days later to win his fourth gold medal. Baptiste also ran a superb race, finishing second in 19.96 against the wind, but could not catch Lewis. Jefferson completed the US sweep, with Mennea in seventh.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Carl Lewis 23 United States USA Gold OR
2 Kirk Baptiste 22 United States USA Silver
3 Thomas Jefferson 22 United States USA Bronze
4 João Batista da Silva 20 Brazil BRA
5 Ralf Lübke 19 West Germany FRG
6 Jean-Jacques Boussemart 21 France FRA
7 Pietro Mennea 32 Italy ITA
8 Ade Mafe 17 Great Britain GBR
5 h1 r3/4 Atlee Mahorn 18 Canada CAN
5 h2 r3/4 Desai Williams 25 Canada CAN
6 h1 r3/4 Róbson da Silva 19 Brazil BRA
6 h2 r3/4 Stefano Tilli 21 Italy ITA
7 h1 r3/4 Gus Young 22 Jamaica JAM
7 h2 r3/4 Don Quarrie 33 Jamaica JAM
8 h1 r3/4 Luis Morales 20 Puerto Rico PUR
8 h2 r3/4 Carlo Simionato 23 Italy ITA
5 h1 r2/4 Mohamed Purnomo 22 Indonesia INA
5 h2 r2/4 Jürgen Evers 19 West Germany FRG
5 h3 r2/4 Julien Thode 19 Netherlands Antilles AHO
5 h4 r2/4 Peter Van Miltenburg 26 Australia AUS
6 h1 r2/4 Patrick Barré 25 France FRA
6 h2 r2/4 Jang Jae-Geun 22 South Korea KOR
6 h3 r2/4 Tony Sharpe 23 Canada CAN
6 h4 r2/4 Buster Watson 26 Great Britain GBR
7 h1 r2/4 Dudley Parker 22 Bahamas BAH
7 h2 r2/4 John Mayers 27 Barbados BAR
7 h3 r2/4 John Goville 22 Uganda UGA
7 h4 r2/4 Jamal Al-Abdullah Qatar QAT
8 h1 r2/4 Ali Bakhta 22 Algeria ALG
AC h2 r2/4 Leroy Reid 20 Jamaica JAM
2 h5 r1/4 Fred Martin 17 Australia AUS
3 h8 r1/4 Neville Hodge 28 United States Virgin Islands ISV
4 h1 r1/4 Georges Kablan Degnan 31 Cote d'Ivoire CIV
4 h2 r1/4 Yu Zhuanghui 22 China CHN
4 h3 r1/4 Florencio Aguilar 24 Panama PAN
4 h5 r1/4 Alfred Nyambane 28 Kenya KEN
4 h6 r1/4 Sumet Promna 28 Thailand THA
4 h7 r1/4 Manuel Ramírez 26 Colombia COL
4 h9 r1/4 David Sawyerr 23 Sierra Leone SLE
4 h10r1/4 Nelson Erazo 25 Puerto Rico PUR
5 h1 r1/4 Earl Haley 25 Guyana GUY
5 h2 r1/4 Nordin Mohamed Jadi 22 Malaysia MAS
5 h3 r1/4 Oumar Fye 24 Gambia GAM
5 h4 r1/4 Paul Narracott 24 Australia AUS
5 h5 r1/4 Hiroki Fuwa 18 Japan JPN
5 h6 r1/4 Lindel Hodge 25 British Virgin Islands IVB
5 h7 r1/4 Henrique Ferreira 23 Mozambique MOZ
5 h8 r1/4 Arnaldo da Silva 20 Brazil BRA
5 h9 r1/4 Ivan Benjamin 22 Sierra Leone SLE
5 h10r1/4 Damel Flowers 23 Belize BIZ
6 h1 r1/4 Inoke Bainimoli 25 Fiji FIJ
6 h2 r1/4 Gregory Simons 26 Bermuda BER
6 h3 r1/4 Muhammad Mansha 22 Pakistan PAK
6 h4 r1/4 Larry Miller 21 Antigua and Barbuda ANT
6 h5 r1/4 Henry Ngolwe 22 Zambia ZAM
6 h6 r1/4 Mohamed Al-Hashimi 19 Oman OMA
6 h7 r1/4 Luís Barroso 18 Portugal POR
6 h8 r1/4 Lapule Tamean 21 Papua New Guinea PNG
6 h9 r1/4 Moussa Savadogo 25 Mali MLI
6 h10r1/4 Daniel André 18 Mauritius MRI
7 h1 r1/4 Saidur Rahman Dawn 21 Bangladesh BAN
7 h2 r1/4 James Idun 21 Ghana GHA
7 h3 r1/4 Christian Nenepath 23 Indonesia INA
7 h4 r1/4 Markus Büchel 23 Liechtenstein LIE
7 h5 r1/4 Antoine Kiakouama 31 Congo (Brazzaville) CGO
7 h6 r1/4 Aldo Salandra 26 El Salvador ESA
7 h7 r1/4 Christopher Madzokere 30 Zimbabwe ZIM
7 h8 r1/4 Gustavo Envela 16 Equatorial Guinea GEQ
7 h9 r1/4 Denis Rose 24 Seychelles SEY
8 h2 r1/4 Glen Abrahams 22 Costa Rica CRC
8 h3 r1/4 Clifford Mamba 21 Swaziland SWZ
8 h4 r1/4 Augustus Moulton 24 Liberia LBR
8 h5 r1/4 Odiya Silweya 25 Malawi MAW
8 h6 r1/4 Jean-Yves Mallat 21 Lebanon LIB
8 h8 r1/4 Emilio Samayoa 20 Guatemala GUA
AC h1 r1/4 Emmanuel Bitanga 30 Cameroon CMR