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Cycling at the 1980 Moskva Summer Games:

Men's Road Race, Individual

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Host City: Moskva, Soviet Union
Venue(s): Olympic Cycling Circuit, Krylatskoye Sports Complex, Moskva
Date Started: July 28, 1980
Date Finished: July 28, 1980
Format: 189 km. (117.37 miles) mass start race.

Gold: URS Sergey Sukhoruchenkov
Silver: POL Czesław Lang
Bronze: URS Yury Barinov


The US-led boycott definitely affected this event as the favorite in the race could not compete. That was Greg LeMond, the first great American road cyclist at the international level. In 1979, LeMond had won the Under-23 World Championships road race, and also won silver and bronze medals on the track at that event, although he was only 18-years-old. He would later become one of the greatest professional cyclists ever, winning the Tour de France in 1986, 1989-90. The favorite in LeMond’s absence was [Sergey Sukhoruchenkov] (USSR), who had dominated the 1979 season and won the Peace Race, known as the “Tour de France of Eastern Europe.” The home rider did not disappoint. He first rode away on the third lap, but was joined by a group of riders two laps later. The leading pack included two former World Champions, Swiss [Gilbert Glaus] (1978) and Italian [Gianni Giacomini] (1979). Sukhoruchenkov broke away again with 32 km. remaining and won by almost three minutes, with fourth place 7:44 in arrears, the largest margin of victory since the event had become a mass start race in 1936.

Far from the leading pack finished Irish rider [Stephen Roche], slightly hampered by a knee injury. Seven years later, he would stun the cycling world by winning the World Championship, the Tour de France, and the Giro d’Italia in the same year, a feat only achieved one other time, by cycling legend [Eddy Merckx].

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal M T
1 Sergey Sukhoruchenkov 23 Soviet Union URS Gold 4-48:28.9
2 Czesław Lang 25 Poland POL Silver at 2:58
3 Yury Barinov 25 Soviet Union URS Bronze at 2:58
4 Thomas Barth 20 East Germany GDR at 7:44
5 Tadeusz Wojtas 25 Poland POL at 7:44
6 Anatoly Yarkin 21 Soviet Union URS at 8:26
7 Adrie van der Poel 21 Netherlands NED at 8:26
8 Christian Faure 29 France FRA at 8:26
9 Marc Madiot 21 France FRA at 8:32
10 Andreas Petermann 23 East Germany GDR at 8:49
11 Gilbert Glaus 24 Switzerland SUI at 8:49
12 Harry Hannus 30 Finland FIN at 8:49
13 Jiří Škoda 23 Czechoslovakia TCH at 8:49
14 Marco Cattaneo 22 Italy ITA at 8:49
15 Jacques Hanegraaf 19 Netherlands NED at 8:52
16 Peter Jonsson 22 Sweden SWE at 9:05
17 Vlastibor Konečný 23 Czechoslovakia TCH at 9:10
18 Gianni Giacomini 21 Italy ITA at 9:10
19 Herbert Spindler 26 Austria AUT at 9:10
20 Jesús Torres 25 Venezuela VEN at 9:10
21 John Herety 22 Great Britain GBR at 9:10
22 Krzysztof Sujka 24 Poland POL at 9:10
23 Yury Kashirin 21 Soviet Union URS at 9:10
24 Kari Puisto 34 Finland FIN at 9:10
25 Michael Wilson 20 Australia AUS at 9:10
26 Peter Winnen 22 Netherlands NED at 9:10
27 Giuseppe Petito 20 Italy ITA at 9:10
28 András Takács 35 Hungary HUN at 9:10
29 Richard Trinkler 29 Switzerland SUI at 12:09
30 Francis Castaing 21 France FRA at 15:39
31 Henning Jørgensen 31 Denmark DEN at 15:39
32 Olaf Ludwig 20 East Germany GDR at 15:39
33 Jacques van Meer 22 Netherlands NED at 15:39
34 Mario Medina 21 Venezuela VEN at 15:39
35 Hubert Seiz 19 Switzerland SUI at 15:39
36 Johann Traxler 21 Austria AUT at 17:19
37 Ladislav Ferebauer 22 Czechoslovakia TCH at 17:19
38 Mauno Uusivirta 31 Finland FIN at 17:19
39 Bernt Scheler 24 Sweden SWE at 17:19
40 Zoltán Halász 19 Hungary HUN at 17:19
41 Billy Kerr 35 Ireland IRL at 17:19
42 Verner Blaudzun 34 Denmark DEN at 17:19
43 Régis Clère 23 France FRA at 17:19
44 Anders Adamson 22 Sweden SWE at 17:29
45 Stephen Roche 20 Ireland IRL at 20:29
46 Luc De Smet 22 Belgium BEL at 20:37
47 Jeff Williams 21 Great Britain GBR at 20:37
48 Jürg Luchs 23 Switzerland SUI at 20:37
49 Neil Martin 20 Great Britain GBR at 20:37
50 Bruno Bulić 22 Yugoslavia YUG at 22:07
51 György Szuromi 29 Hungary HUN at 24:44
52 László Halász 21 Hungary HUN at 24:44
AC Kevin Bradshaw 23 Australia AUS DNF
AC Remo Sansonetti 34 Australia AUS DNF
AC Graham Seers 21 Australia AUS DNF
AC Hans Lienhart 20 Austria AUT DNF
AC Jan Nevens 21 Belgium BEL DNF
AC Ronald Van Avermaet 21 Belgium BEL DNF
AC Jan Wijnants 21 Belgium BEL DNF
AC Gilson Alvaristo 24 Brazil BRA DNF
AC José Carlos de Lima 25 Brazil BRA DNF
AC Fernando Louro 18 Brazil BRA DNF
AC Davis Pereira 22 Brazil BRA DNF
AC Borislav Asenov 21 Bulgaria BUL DNF
AC Yordan Penchev 23 Bulgaria BUL DNF
AC Andon Petrov 25 Bulgaria BUL DNF
AC Nencho Staykov 24 Bulgaria BUL DNF
AC Joseph Evouna 27 Cameroon CMR DNF
AC Joseph Kono 29 Cameroon CMR DNF
AC Thomas Nyemeg 22 Cameroon CMR DNF
AC Nicolas Owona 28 Cameroon CMR DNF
AC Gregorio Aldo Arencibia 33 Cuba CUB DNF
AC Carlos Cardet 29 Cuba CUB DNF
AC Antonio Quintero 18 Cuba CUB DNF
AC Zeragaber Gebrehiwot 24 Ethiopia ETH DNF
AC Jemal Rogora 20 Ethiopia ETH DNF
AC Tilahun Woldesenbet 20 Ethiopia ETH DNF
AC Musse Yohannes 21 Ethiopia ETH DNF
AC Sixten Wackström 19 Finland FIN DNF
AC Joe Waugh 27 Great Britain GBR DNF
AC Bernd Drogan 24 East Germany GDR DNF
AC Tony Lally 26 Ireland IRL DNF
AC Alberto Minetti 23 Italy ITA DNF
AC Peter Aldridge 19 Jamaica JAM DNF
AC El-Munsif Ben Youssef Libya LBA DNF
AC Ali Hamid El-Aila Libya LBA DNF
AC Mohamed Ganfud Libya LBA DNF
AC Nuri Kaheil Libya LBA DNF
AC Luvsandagvyn Jargalsaikhan 21 Mongolia MGL DNF
AC Batsükhiin Khayankhyarvaa 21 Mongolia MGL DNF
AC Dorjpalamyn Tsolmon 22 Mongolia MGL DNF
AC Dashjamtsyn Tömörbaatar 23 Mongolia MGL DNF
AC Joseph Farrugia 24 Malta MLT DNF
AC Carmel Muscat 18 Malta MLT DNF
AC Alfred Tonna 30 Malta MLT DNF
AC Jan Jankiewicz 24 Poland POL DNF
AC Mircea Romașcanu 27 Romania ROU DNF
AC Teodor Vasile 32 Romania ROU DNF
AC Maurizio Casadei 18 San Marino SMR DNF
AC Mats Gustafsson 22 Sweden SWE DNF
AC Michal Klasa 26 Czechoslovakia TCH DNF
AC Vinko Polončič 23 Yugoslavia YUG DNF
AC Bojan Ropret 27 Yugoslavia YUG DNF
AC Bojan Udovič 22 Yugoslavia YUG DNF
AC David Gillow 22 Zimbabwe ZIM DNF
AC Michael McBeath 30 Zimbabwe ZIM DNF
AC Allan Jacobsen 24 Denmark DEN DNF
AC Per Sandahl Jørgensen 26 Denmark DEN DNF
AC Olinto Silva 19 Venezuela VEN DNF
AC Juan Arroyo 25 Venezuela VEN DNF
AC Salloum Kaysar Lebanon LIB DNF
AC Kamal Ghalayni Lebanon LIB DNF
AC Kurt Zellhofer 22 Austria AUT DQ
AC Albert Micallef 21 Malta MLT DQ
AC Roberto Tomassini 17 San Marino SMR DQ