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Gymnastics at the 1976 Montréal Summer Games:

Women's Horse Vault

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Host City: Montréal, Canada
Venue(s): Montréal Forum, Montréal, Québec
Date Started: July 18, 1976
Date Finished: July 22, 1976

Gold: URS Nelli Kim
Silver: GDR Carola Dombeck
URS Lyudmila Turishcheva


The format was similar to 1964-72, with the best six gymnasts in the team all-around advancing to the apparatus final, with the final apparatus score made up of 50% of the all-around total and a final optional program. However, nations were now limited to only two gymnasts in the finals. [Olga Korbut] had won the 1974 World Championship but would not qualify for the final in Montréal. Soviet [Nelli Kim] led the team qualifying on vault, and then had the highest score in the final round to win the gold medal quite comfortably over East German [Carola Dombeck] and Kim’s teammate [Lyudmila Turishcheva], who tied for second. This was the only women’s gymnastics event in 1976 in which [Nadia Comăneci] did not win a medal. Kim won three gold medals and four medals in Montréal, also winning an apparatus gold on floor.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Nelli Kim 18 Soviet Union URS Gold 19.800
2T Lyudmila Turishcheva 23 Soviet Union URS Silver 19.650
2T Carola Dombeck 16 East Germany GDR Silver 19.650
4 Nadia Comăneci 14 Romania ROU 19.625
5 Gitta Escher 19 East Germany GDR 19.550
6 Márta Egervári 19 Hungary HUN 19.450
3T QR Mariya Filatova 14 Soviet Union URS
7 QR Olga Korbut 21 Soviet Union URS
8T QR Elvira Saadi 24 Soviet Union URS
10T QR Teodora Ungureanu 15 Romania ROU
10T QR Steffi Kräker 16 East Germany GDR
12 QR Mária Lővey 16 Hungary HUN
13T QR Kerstin Gerschau 18 East Germany GDR
13T QR Mariana Constantin 15 Romania ROU
13T QR Marion Kische 18 East Germany GDR
16 QR Angelika Hellmann 22 East Germany GDR
17T QR Debra Willcox 16 United States USA
17T QR Margit Tóth 14 Hungary HUN
17T QR Krisztina Medveczky 18 Hungary HUN
17T QR Eva Pořádková 17 Czechoslovakia TCH
21T QR Svetlana Grozdova 17 Soviet Union URS
21T QR Andrea Niederheide-Bieger 18 West Germany FRG
23T QR Colleen Casey 16 United States USA
23T QR Anca Grigoraş 18 Romania ROU
25T QR Gabriela Truşcă 18 Romania ROU
25T QR Miyuki Matsuhisa-Hironaka 30 Japan JPN
25T QR Ingrid Holkovičová 16 Czechoslovakia TCH
28T QR Kimberly Chace 20 United States USA
28T QR Chieko Kikkawa 21 Japan JPN
28T QR Alena Černáková 14 Czechoslovakia TCH
31 QR Satoko Okazaki 15 Japan JPN
32T QR Petra Kurbjuweit 19 West Germany FRG
32T QR Márta Kelemen 21 Hungary HUN
34T QR Nancy McDonnell 21 Canada CAN
34T QR Anna Pohludková 16 Czechoslovakia TCH
34T QR Éva Óvári 14 Hungary HUN
34T QR Nobue Yamazaki 25 Japan JPN
38T QR Uta Schorn 18 West Germany FRG
38T QR Georgeta Gabor 14 Romania ROU
40T QR Beate Renschler 17 West Germany FRG
40T QR Leslie Wolfsberger 17 United States USA
40T QR Kelly Muncey 16 Canada CAN
40T QR Karen Kelsall 13 Canada CAN
44T QR Galina Yaneva 16 Bulgaria BUL
44T QR Jana Knopová 18 Czechoslovakia TCH
44T QR Ans Smulders-van Gerwen 25 Netherlands NED
44T QR Stefania Bucci 16 Italy ITA
44T QR Avril Lennox 20 Great Britain GBR
44T QR Jeanette van Ravestijn 17 Netherlands NED
44T QR Nadya Shatarova 16 Bulgaria BUL
51T QR Nina Kostova 16 Bulgaria BUL
51T QR Carrie Englert 18 United States USA
53T QR Kathy Howard 18 United States USA
53T QR Kyoko Mano 19 Japan JPN
53T QR Patti Rope 16 Canada CAN
56T QR Mariya Kircheva 18 Bulgaria BUL
56T QR Joke Kos 20 Netherlands NED
56T QR Traudl Schubert 18 West Germany FRG
56T QR Drahomíra Smolíková 17 Czechoslovakia TCH
56T QR Nadine Audin 18 France FRA
56T QR Vesela Mateeva 16 Bulgaria BUL
56T QR Barbara Slater 17 Great Britain GBR
63T QR Jutta Oltersdorf 20 West Germany FRG
63T QR Svetla Kashtelyan 17 Bulgaria BUL
63T QR Teresa McDonnell 22 Canada CAN
66T QR Monique Bolleboom 13 Netherlands NED
66T QR Ans Dekker 21 Netherlands NED
66T QR Sakiko Nozawa 15 Japan JPN
66T QR Joëlle De Keukeleire 16 Belgium BEL
66T QR Patrizia Fratini 14 Italy ITA
66T QR Donatella Sacchi 17 Italy ITA
72 QR Lise Arsenault-Goertz 21 Canada CAN
73T QR Wanita Lynch 17 Australia AUS
73T QR Chantal Seggiaro 20 France FRA
75 QR Monique Freres 19 Belgium BEL
76 QR Valentina Spongia 17 Italy ITA
77T QR Mercedes Vernetta 19 Spain ESP
77T QR Elisa Cabello 19 Spain ESP
79 QR Martine Audin 17 France FRA
80 QR Carla Wieser 15 Italy ITA
81T QR Carla Braan 14 Netherlands NED
81T QR Susan Cheesebrough 16 Great Britain GBR
83 QR Eloisa Marcos 14 Spain ESP
84T QR Rita Peri 19 Italy ITA
84T QR Teresa Díaz 16 Mexico MEX
86 QR Patricia García 19 Mexico MEX