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Fencing at the 1972 München Summer Games:

Men's Épée, Individual

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Host City: München, West Germany
Venue(s): Fencing Hall 1, Exhibition Lands (Hall 11 & 12), München; Fencing Hall 1, Exhibition Lands (Hall 20), München
Date Started: September 4, 1972
Date Finished: September 6, 1972

Gold: HUN Csaba Fenyvesi
Silver: FRA Jacques Ladègaillerie
Bronze: HUN Győző Kulcsár


Hungary had been the great power in Olympic sabre fencing for decades but as their success in that discipline began to tail off they found a new focus in the épée and In 1968 [Győző Kulcsár] had become their first champion at the weapon. In between Olympics Hungary had been successful in team competition at the World Championship although the Soviets had provided the individual champions in 1970 and 1971. [Csaba Fenyvesi] was 29-years-old in München and had been a member of the champion Hungarian teams without achieving individual medal success at major championships.

Ironically the deciding bout of the competition was one where Csaba Fenyvesi of Hungary and [Jacques Ladègaillerie] were tied in their bout at the end of regulation time and were accorded a double loss, with a 5-5 score.. Had Ladègaillerie won he would have matched the Hungarian’s win-loss but the tie consigned him to win silver behind Fenyvesi. Defending champion Kulcsár won bronze.

One of the favorites sadly did not fare well. West German [Rudi Maier] had won the 1971 Heidenheim Pokol, considered the Wimbledon of fencing, and was the first German to win it in 15 years. He had also placed seventh at the 1971 World Championships. In pool four in München, he drew Ladègaillerie in his first match and was leading, 3-1, when, as Maier walked back to the en garde line, he collapsed and lost consciousness. Maier was rushed to the hospital but was rendered quadriplegic from uncertain causes, although a blood clot on the brain was suspected. Maier never regained much function and was permanently confined to a wheelchair.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Csaba Fenyvesi 29 Hungary HUN Gold
2 Jacques Ladègaillerie 32 France FRA Silver
3 Győző Kulcsár 31 Hungary HUN Bronze
4 Anton Pongratz 24 Romania ROU
5 Rolf Edling 28 Sweden SWE
6 Jacques Brodin 25 France FRA
4 p1 r4/5 Horst Melzig 31 East Germany GDR
4 p2 r4/5 Jerzy Janikowski 20 Poland POL
5 p1 r4/5 Daniel Giger 22 Switzerland SUI
5 p2 r4/5 Igor Valetov 26 Soviet Union URS
6 p1 r4/5 Serhiy Paramonov 26 Soviet Union URS
6 p2 r4/5 Hryhoriy Kriss 31 Soviet Union URS
4 p1 r3/5 Bogdan Gonsior 35 Poland POL
4 p2 r3/5 Henryk Nielaba 38 Poland POL
4 p3 r3/5 François Jeanne 28 France FRA
4 p4 r3/5 Robert Schiel 32 Luxembourg LUX
5 p1 r3/5 Rudolf Trost 31 Austria AUT
5 p2 r3/5 Bernd Uhlig 30 East Germany GDR
5 p3 r3/5 Hans-Jürgen Hehn 27 West Germany FRG
5 p4 r3/5 Peter Lötscher 31 Switzerland SUI
6 p1 r3/5 Pál Schmitt 30 Hungary HUN
6 p2 r3/5 Nicola Granieri 30 Italy ITA
6 p3 r3/5 Morten von Krogh 24 Norway NOR
6 p4 r3/5 Risto Hurme 22 Finland FIN
4 p1 r2/5 George Masin 25 United States USA
4 p2 r2/5 Omar Vergara 29 Argentina ARG
4 p3 r2/5 Ole Mørch 22 Norway NOR
4 p4 r2/5 Alexandru Istrate 25 Romania ROU
4 p5 r2/5 Teddy Bourne 23 Great Britain GBR
4 p6 r2/5 Karl-Heinz Müller 23 Austria AUT
4 p7 r2/5 Jean-Charles Seneca 26 Monaco MON
4 p8 r2/5 Reinhard Münster 30 Denmark DEN
5 p1 r2/5 Reinhold Behr 23 West Germany FRG
5 p2 r2/5 Costică Bărăgan 23 Romania ROU
5 p3 r2/5 Roland Losert 27 Austria AUT
5 p4 r2/5 Stephen Netburn 29 United States USA
5 p5 r2/5 Gerry Wiedel 39 Canada CAN
5 p6 r2/5 Orvar Jönsson 21 Sweden SWE
5 p7 r2/5 Claudio Francesconi 27 Italy ITA
5 p8 r2/5 Panagiotis Dourakos 19 Greece GRE
6 p1 r2/5 Roberto Levis 31 Puerto Rico PUR
6 p2 r2/5 Ralph Johnson 24 Great Britain GBR
6 p3 r2/5 Peter Askjær-Friis 25 Denmark DEN
6 p4 r2/5 Hans-Peter Schulze 32 East Germany GDR
6 p5 r2/5 Daniel Feraud 18 Argentina ARG
6 p6 r2/5 Luis Stephens 34 Mexico MEX
6 p7 r2/5 Graham Paul 25 Great Britain GBR
6 p8 r2/5 Jorge Castillejos 21 Mexico MEX
5 p1 r1/5 John Bouchier-Hayes 27 Ireland IRL
5 p2 r1/5 Lester Wong 27 Canada CAN
5 p3 r1/5 Christian Kauter 25 Switzerland SUI
5 p4 r1/5 Gianluigi Saccaro 33 Italy ITA
5 p5 r1/5 Ali Asghar Pashapour-Alamdari 20 Iran IRI
5 p6 r1/5 Guillermo Saucedo 31 Argentina ARG
5 p7 r1/5 Jeppe Normann 20 Norway NOR
5 p8 r1/5 Robert Elliott 22 Hong Kong HKG
5 p9 r1/5 James Melcher 32 United States USA
5 p10 r1/5 Ivan Kemnitz 29 Denmark DEN
5 p11 r1/5 Carlos Calderón 25 Mexico MEX
5 p12 r1/5 Carl von Essen 31 Sweden SWE
6 p1 r1/5 Matthew Chan 25 Hong Kong HKG
6 p2 r1/5 Ali Chekr 35 Lebanon LIB
6 p3 r1/5 Ali Tayla 22 Turkey TUR
6 p5 r1/5 Remo Manelli 29 Luxembourg LUX
6 p6 r1/5 Ali Sleiman 25 Lebanon LIB
6 p7 r1/5 Yves Daniel Darricau 19 Lebanon LIB
6 p8 r1/5 Roberto Maldonado 36 Puerto Rico PUR
6 p9 r1/5 Alain Anen 22 Luxembourg LUX
6 p10 r1/5 Andreas Vgenopoulos 19 Greece GRE
6 p11 r1/5 Herbert Obst 36 Canada CAN
6 p12 r1/5 Pirouz Adamiyat 23 Iran IRI
AC Rudi Maier 27 West Germany FRG DNF