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Athletics at the 1972 München Summer Games:

Men's 100 metres

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Host City: München, West Germany
Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park, München
Date Started: August 31, 1972
Date Finished: September 1, 1972

Gold: URS Valeriy Borzov
Silver: USA Robert Taylor
Bronze: JAM Lennox Miller


For the first time ever, there was a favorite who was not an American. Soviet [Valery Borzov] had shown promise when he won the 1968 European Junior double over 100/200. The next year he won the European 100, and in 1971 he won the sprint double at the European Championships. Borzov also posted a succession of top times and defeated several American sprinters in international dual meets. The top American coming since Mexico City was the 1968 200 metre silver medalist, [John Carlos], but turned to pro football, and was ineligible due to amateur rules. He tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles and then played in Canada with the Montreal Alouettes. The US Olympic Trials put forward three good sprinters in [Eddie Hart], [Rey Robinson], and [Robert Taylor]. In the final of that event Hart and Robinson equaled the world record of 9.9.

In München all the favorites got thru the first round. The quarter-finals were later that day and the Americans went back to the Olympic Village to rest up. While there, they noticed something unusual while watching some of the events on television. It appeared that the 100 metre quarter-finals were beginning at the stadium – and they were not there! They rushed to the stadium, hoping to make it in time for their heats, but both Hart and Robinson were too late. Taylor was in the third heat and barely made it in time, qualifying for the semi-finals, just behind Borzov. The US Olympic Committee appealed the disqualification of Hart and Robinson, but to no avail – they were out. It turned out that US track coach Stan Wright was going by an outdated schedule that showed the quarter-finals starting at 6 PM (1800), instead of their actual 4 PM (1600) start time. With the two main Americans out, the road was clear for Borzov, although it is likely he would have won the gold medal even if they had run. He won fairly easily in the final with Taylor second, followed by 1968 silver medalist [Lennox Miller]. Three days later, Borzov ran in the 200 metre final, which was actually his best distance, and completed the sprint double, the first non-American to do that since [Percy Williams] (CAN) in 1928.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Valeriy Borzov 22 Soviet Union URS Gold
2 Robert Taylor 23 United States USA Silver
3 Lennox Miller 25 Jamaica JAM Bronze
4 Aleksandr Kornelyuk 22 Soviet Union URS
5 Mike Fray 24 Jamaica JAM
6 Jobst Hirscht 24 West Germany FRG
7 Zenon Nowosz 28 Poland POL
AC Hasely Crawford 22 Trinidad and Tobago TTO
5 h1 r3/4 Alain Sarteur 26 France FRA
5 h2 r3/4 Barka Sy 29 Senegal SEN
6 h1 r3/4 Kouakou Komenan Cote d'Ivoire CIV
6 h2 r3/4 Jean-Louis Ravelomanantsoa 29 Madagascar MAD
7 h1 r3/4 Bernd Borth 24 East Germany GDR
7 h2 r3/4 Jaroslav Matoušek 21 Czechoslovakia TCH
8 h2 r3/4 Brian Green 31 Great Britain GBR
3 h5 r2/4 Vasilios Papageorgopoulos 25 Greece GRE
4 h1 r2/4 Philippe Clerc 25 Switzerland SUI
4 h2 r2/4 Stanisław Wagner 24 Poland POL
4 h4 r2/4 Kola Abdulai 25 Nigeria NGR
4 h5 r2/4 Amadou Méité 22 Cote d'Ivoire CIV
5 h1 r2/4 Ainsley Armstrong 19 Trinidad and Tobago TTO
5 h2 r2/4 Sandy Osei-Agyemang 23 Ghana GHA
5 h3 r2/4 Klaus Ehl 23 West Germany FRG
5 h4 r2/4 Antti Rajamäki 20 Finland FIN
5 h5 r2/4 Luděk Bohman 25 Czechoslovakia TCH
6 h1 r2/4 Mike Sands 19 Bahamas BAH
6 h2 r2/4 Erik Gustafsson 28 Finland FIN
6 h3 r2/4 Les Piggot 30 Great Britain GBR
6 h4 r2/4 Manfred Kokot 24 East Germany GDR
6 h5 r2/4 Don Halliday 25 Great Britain GBR
7 h1 r2/4 Audun Garshol 20 Norway NOR
7 h2 r2/4 Su Wen-Ho 26 Chinese Taipei TPE
7 h3 r2/4 Dominique Chauvelot 20 France FRA
7 h4 r2/4 Saleh Alah-Djaba 22 Chad CHA
7 h5 r2/4 Sammy Monsels 19 Suriname SUR
8 h3 r2/4 Hans-Jürgen Bombach 27 East Germany GDR
8 h4 r2/4 Charlie Francis 23 Canada CAN
8 h5 r2/4 Volodymyr Atamas 22 Soviet Union URS
1 h6 r1/4 Rey Robinson 20 United States USA
1 h11r1/4 Eddie Hart 23 United States USA
4 h1 r1/4 Rudy Reid 19 Trinidad and Tobago TTO
4 h2 r1/4 Gerhard Wucherer 24 West Germany FRG
4 h3 r1/4 John Mwebi 22 Kenya KEN
4 h4 r1/4 Walter Callander 25 Bahamas BAH
4 h5 r1/4 Juraj Demeč 27 Czechoslovakia TCH
4 h6 r1/4 George Daniels 22 Ghana GHA
4 h7 r1/4 Guillermo González 22 Puerto Rico PUR
4 h9 r1/4 Andrés Calonge 27 Argentina ARG
4 h11r1/4 Benedict Majekodunmi 32 Nigeria NGR
5 h1 r1/4 Dan Amuke 22 Kenya KEN
5 h2 r1/4 Tadeusz Cuch 27 Poland POL
5 h3 r1/4 Luiz da Silva 26 Brazil BRA
5 h4 r1/4 George Calhern 21 United States Virgin Islands ISV
5 h5 r1/4 Félix Mata 21 Venezuela VEN
5 h6 r1/4 André Bicaba 27 Burkina Faso BUR
5 h7 r1/4 Norman Chihota 25 Tanzania TAN
5 h8 r1/4 Gana Abba Kimet 26 Chad CHA
5 h9 r1/4 Laurie D'Arcy 25 New Zealand NZL
5 h11r1/4 Gaston Malam 20 Cameroon CMR
5 h12r1/4 Axel Nepraunik 27 Austria AUT
6 h1 r1/4 Byambajavyn Enkhbaatar 21 Mongolia MGL
6 h2 r1/4 Yeo Kian Chye 28 Singapore SGP
6 h3 r1/4 Kevin Johnson 22 Bahamas BAH
6 h4 r1/4 Farhan Navab 16 Iran IRI
6 h5 r1/4 Bjarni Stefánsson 21 Iceland ISL
6 h6 r1/4 Motsapi Moorosi 27 Lesotho LES
6 h7 r1/4 Egzi Gebre-Gebre 23 Ethiopia ETH
6 h8 r1/4 Raimo Vilén 27 Finland FIN
6 h9 r1/4 Larmeck Mukonde 27 Zambia ZAM
6 h10r1/4 Jorge Vizcarrondo 24 Puerto Rico PUR
6 h11r1/4 Sunil Gunawardene 22 Sri Lanka SRI
6 h12r1/4 André Byrame 28 France FRA
7 h1 r1/4 Samphon Mao 22 Cambodia CAM
7 h2 r1/4 Alphonse Yanghat 15 Congo (Brazzaville) CGO
7 h3 r1/4 Mansour Al-Juaid 24 Saudi Arabia KSA
7 h4 r1/4 Angel Guerreros 19 Paraguay PAR
7 h5 r1/4 Younis Abdallah 23 Kuwait KUW
7 h6 r1/4 William Dralu 25 Uganda UGA
7 h7 r1/4 Pierre-Richard Gaetjens 17 Haiti HAI
7 h8 r1/4 Lionel Caero 21 Bolivia BOL
7 h10r1/4 Zain-ud-Din bin Abdul Wahab 24 Malaysia MAS
7 h11r1/4 Tukal Mokalam 23 Philippines PHI
7 h12r1/4 Moustafa Matola 23 Malawi MAW
8 h1 r1/4 Luis Alers 21 Puerto Rico PUR
8 h2 r1/4 Andrew Sartee 23 Liberia LBR