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Cycling at the 1968 Ciudad de México Summer Games:

Men's Sprint

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Host City: Ciudad de México, Mexico
Venue(s): Agustín Melgar Olympic Velodrome, Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City, Ciudad de México
Date Started: October 18, 1968
Date Finished: October 19, 1968
Format: 1,000 metres.

Gold: FRA Daniel Morelon
Silver: ITA Giordano Turrini
Bronze: FRA Pierre Trentin


[Daniel Morelon] had won the bronze medal at the 1964 Olympics but was now considered the best sprinter in the world. He had won the 1966 and 1967 World Championships, but his biggest competition was expected to come from his teammate, [Pierre Trentin]. Trentin had already won the kilometer in Mexico and was the 1964 World Sprint Champion. Further, he had the better of Morelon at the Grand Prix de Paris, winning in 1964, 1965, and 1967 although Morelon would win early in 1968. Morelon and Trentin made it to the semi-finals, where they were joined by the 1965 World Champion, Soviet Georgian [Omar Pkhakadze] and the man he had defeated in that final, [Giordano Turrini] of Italy. Pkhakadze surprised Morelon in the first semi by winning the first race, but Morelon came back with two wins to advance to the final. The other semi was a bigger surprise as Turrini defeated Trentin in two straight races. The final was an easy victory for Morelon in two straight races over Pkhakadze. Morelon would defend his gold medal in 1972 at München, and also would won the World Championships in 1969-71, 1973, and 1975. A police officer in Bourg-en-Bresse, he never did turn professional.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Daniel Morelon 24 France FRA Gold
2 Giordano Turrini 26 Italy ITA Silver
3 Pierre Trentin 24 France FRA Bronze
4 Omar Pkhak'adze 24 Soviet Union URS
5T Jürgen Barth 25 West Germany FRG
5T Jan Jansen 23 Netherlands NED
5T Leijn Loevesijn 19 Netherlands NED
5T Dino Verzini 24 Italy ITA
2 h1 r7/10 Jackie Simes 25 United States USA
2 h2 r7/10 Tim Mountford 22 United States USA
2 h1 r6/10 Robert Van Lancker 20 Belgium BEL
2 h2 r6/10 Roger Gibbon 29 Trinidad and Tobago TTO
2 h3 r6/10 Niels Fredborg 21 Denmark DEN
2 h4 r6/10 Gordon Johnson 22 Australia AUS
3 h1 r6/10 Reg Barnett 22 Great Britain GBR
3 h2 r6/10 Serhiy Kravtsov 20 Soviet Union URS
3 h3 r6/10 Leslie King 18 Trinidad and Tobago TTO
3 h4 r6/10 Ivan Kučírek 21 Czechoslovakia TCH
2 h1 r4/10 Sanji Inoue 20 Japan JPN
2 h2 r4/10 José Mercado 30 Mexico MEX
2 h3 r4/10 Peder Pedersen 22 Denmark DEN
2 h4 r4/10 András Baranyecz 22 Hungary HUN
2 h5 r4/10 John Nicholson 19 Australia AUS
2 h6 r4/10 Daniel Goens 20 Belgium BEL
2 h7 r4/10 Carlos Roqueiro 23 Argentina ARG
2 h8 r4/10 Jocelyn Lovell 18 Canada CAN
3 h2 r4/10 Ian Alsop 25 Great Britain GBR
3 h6 r4/10 José Pittaro 22 Argentina ARG
2 h4 r3/10 Miloš Jelínek 21 Czechoslovakia TCH
2 h1 r2/10 Pakanit Boriharnvanakhet 19 Thailand THA
2 h2 r2/10 Roberto Roxas 22 Philippines PHI
2 h3 r2/10 Kim Gwang-Seon 22 South Korea KOR
2 h4 r2/10 Juan Reyes 24 Cuba CUB
2 h5 r2/10 Arturo García 21 Mexico MEX
2 h6 r2/10 Kriengsak Worawut 20 Thailand THA
2 h7 r2/10 Kensley Reece 23 Barbados BAR
2 h8 r2/10 Edwin Torres 21 Puerto Rico PUR
2 h9 r2/10 Bob Boucher 25 Canada CAN
2 h10 r2/10 Fan Yue-Tao 18 Chinese Taipei TPE
2 h11 r2/10 Raúl Marcelo Vázquez 20 Cuba CUB
2 h12 r2/10 Kenneth Sutherland 25 Belize BIZ
3 h1 r2/10 Héctor Urrego 23 Colombia COL
3 h2 r2/10 Aubrey Bryce 19 Guyana GUY
3 h3 r2/10 José Jaime Galeano 22 Colombia COL
3 h4 r2/10 Gwon Jung-Hyeon 26 South Korea KOR
3 h5 r2/10 Rolando Guaves 23 Philippines PHI
3 h4 r1/10 Tarek Abou Al Dahab 28 Lebanon LIB