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Equestrianism at the 1960 Roma Summer Games:

Men's Three-Day Event, Individual

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Host City: Roma, Italy
Venue(s): Federal Equestrian Centre, Pratoni del Vivaro; Siena Square, Villa Borghese, Roma
Date Started: September 6, 1960
Date Finished: September 10, 1960
Format: Dressage, cross-country, and jumping.

Gold: AUS Laurie Morgan
Silver: AUS Neale Lavis
Bronze: SUI Toni Bühler


The eventing endurance course was separated into five sections, with the total course covering 34.36 km. The course was noted to be almost ridiculously difficult and it cost the lives of two horses. In addition, the Roma organizers did not provide adequate veterinary care. The Danish horse [Rolf II] was badly injured and bleeding. Rolf II had been trapped after a fall in a ditch, and was rescued by Italian [Piero D'Inzeo], who was not competing in the event, but D'Inzeo sent for ropes and a block and tackle to pull the horse from the ditch, taking ½-an-hour to remove him. He lay bleeding for almost 2½ hours before a veterinarian appeared to help him. His rider, [Poul Erik Bæk], tenderly placed the horse's head on his saddle, and he and spectators covered Rolf II with a blanket and gave him ice cubes while they waited.

This was better than what happened to the Romanian horse [Mures II], who somehow finished the course despite a fatal injury, dying shortly after he crossed the line, but the OCOG did not have this contingency planned for and Mures II lay there for hours before he was removed.

In this setting the results of the competition become secondary. It was won by Australia's [Lawrence Morgan], with the silver going to his teammate [Neale Lavis].

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Horse Medal PTS
1 Laurie Morgan 45 Australia AUS Salad Days Gold 7.15
2 Neale Lavis 30 Australia AUS Mirrabooka Silver -16.50
3 Toni Bühler 38 Switzerland SUI Gay Spark Bronze -51.21
4 Michael Bullen 23 Great Britain GBR Cottage Romance -62.60
5 Saybattal Mursalimov 29 Soviet Union URS Satrap -63.75
6 Jack Le Goff 29 France FRA Image -72.91
7 Lev Baklyshkin 26 Soviet Union URS Bazis -85.35
8 Marian Babirecki 27 Poland POL Volt -85.40
9 Eddie Harty 23 Ireland IRL Harlequin -112.30
10 Jim Elder 26 Canada CAN Canadian Envoy -115.30
11 Bill Roycroft 45 Australia AUS Our Solo -118.83
12 Lucio Tasca 20 Italy ITA Rahin -125.80
13 Hans Schwarzenbach 47 Switzerland SUI Burn-Trout -131.45
14 Gerhard Schulz 29 Germany GER Wanderlilli -149.31
15 J. Michael Plumb 20 United States USA Markham -152.96
16 Lodovico Nava 31 Italy ITA Arcidosso -161.91
17 Michael Page 21 United States USA Grasshopper -172.30
18 Reiner Klimke 24 Germany GER Winzerin -173.31
19 Genko Rashkov 40 Bulgaria BUL Cratere -198.45
20 Rudolf Günthardt 23 Switzerland SUI Atraba -203.36
21 Guy Lefrant 37 France FRA Nicias -208.50
22 Bertie Hill 33 Great Britain GBR Wild Venture -215.60
23 Jéhan Le Roy 36 France FRA Garden -234.30
24 Norman Elder 20 Canada CAN Royal Beaver -235.46
25 Frank Weldon 47 Great Britain GBR Samuel Johnson -238.01
26 Giovanni Grignolo 31 Italy ITA Court Hill -240.50
27 Tony Cameron 29 Ireland IRL Sonnet -251.55
28 Ib Bjørke 32 Denmark DEN Lakaj -276.30
29 César Madelón 33 Argentina ARG Ceibera -307.30
30 Ian Hume-Dudgeon 36 Ireland IRL Corrigneagh -310.15
31 Vasil Tsolov 33 Bulgaria BUL Egoist -371.35
32 Arne Preben Jensen 28 Denmark DEN Poker -380.50
33 Wilhelm Fleischer 24 Romania ROU Noniusz -438.71
34 Oscar Recer 26 Romania ROU Adjud -509.55
35 Mário Delgado 35 Portugal POR Man from Laramie -705.15
AC Brian Crago 34 Australia AUS Sabre DNF
AC Harry Freeman-Jackson 49 Ireland IRL St. Finbarr DNF
AC Ragnar Gustafsson 30 Sweden SWE Dan DNF
AC Andrzej Orłoś 26 Poland POL Krokosz DNF
AC Norman Arthur 29 Great Britain GBR Blue Jeans DNF
AC Pierre Durand, Sr. 28 France FRA Gulliano DNF
AC Olle Barkander 42 Sweden SWE Emir DNF
AC Ottokar Pohlmann 48 Germany GER Polarfuchs DNF
AC Sune Lindbäck 44 Sweden SWE Armagnac DNF
AC Konstantin Venkov 35 Bulgaria BUL Greibel DNF
AC Jorge Mathias 36 Portugal POR Nucleo DNF
AC Peter Zobel 24 Denmark DEN Neutron DNF
AC Yury Smyslov 40 Soviet Union URS Registratoia DNF
AC Klaus Wagner 38 Germany GER Famulus DNF
AC Hans Johansson 33 Sweden SWE Uran DNF
AC Ignacio Verdura 28 Argentina ARG Desidia DNF
AC Boris Konkov 22 Soviet Union URS Opera DNF
AC Fernando Urdapilleta 36 Argentina ARG Febo II DNF
AC Álvaro Sabbo 34 Portugal POR Quipar DNF
AC Andrzej Kobyliński 28 Poland POL Wolborz DNF
AC Poul Erik Bæk 20 Denmark DEN Rolf II DNF
AC Grigore Lupancu 24 Romania ROU Bambus DNF
AC František Hrúzik 33 Czechoslovakia TCH Omen DNF
AC Joaquim Silva 36 Portugal POR Heleboro DNF
AC Brian Herbinson 29 Canada CAN Roma DNF
AC David Lurie 20 United States USA Sea Tiger DNF
AC Rolf Ruff 41 Switzerland SUI Gentleman II DNF
AC Carlos Moratorio 30 Argentina ARG Mesonero DNF
AC Walter Staley 27 United States USA Fleet Captain DNF
AC Marek Roszczynialski 42 Poland POL Wizma DNF
AC José Centenera 28 Spain ESP Libramiento DNF
AC Mitko Milushev 46 Bulgaria BUL Gloria DNF
AC Andrei Cadar 23 Romania ROU Mures II DNF
AC Antonio Queipo 29 Spain ESP Noya DNF
AC Tom Gayford 31 Canada CAN Pepper Knowes DNF
AC Alessandro Argenton 23 Italy ITA Rainbow Bouncer DNF
AC Beltrán, Duke de Albuquerque 41 Spain ESP Dona DNF
AC Enrique Martínez 30 Spain ESP Peyoba DNF