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Cycling at the 1960 Roma Summer Games:

Men's Road Race, Individual

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Host City: Roma, Italy
Venue(s): Grottarossa Circuit, Roma
Date Started: August 30, 1960
Date Finished: August 30, 1960
Format: 175.38 km. mass start race. 12 laps of 14.615 km. course.

Gold: URS Viktor Kapitonov
Silver: ITA Livio Trapè
Bronze: BEL Willy Vanden Berghen


The 1960 road race was a mass start race held over 175.38 km., with the riders completing 12 laps of a 14.615 km. loop, termed the Grottarossa Circuit. On each loop, they ascended a slightly steep climb, and a series of switchbacks, just after the 6 km. point, and then ascended gently for the next 2½ km. The course began on the Via Flaminia, turned left onto the Via Di Grottarossa, and then returned to the start along the Via Cassia. The race was started in tremendous heat (38º C/100º F). At least one cyclist, Korean [No Do-Cheon], succumbed to the heat and had to be carried off to the hospital. The Danish team did not start the race after the death of their compatriot Jensen in the team time trial.

East Germany’s [Gustav-Adolf Schur] had won the Amateur Road Race World Championship in both 1958 and 1959, the first rider ever to defend that title. In 1960, the title went to his teammate, [Bernhard Eckstein]. Both riders competed in Rome and Schur had to be favored, but he was marked closely and never figured in any breakaways. The race began at 0900. On the second lap, the Netherlands’ [Lex van Kreuningen], broke away and opened up 46 seconds on the peloton by the fourth lap. On lap five, he was joined by his teammate [Jan Hugens], and they led together thru lap six. On the next lap, seven other riders caught the Dutch tandem, to make a lead group of nine. This group included Italy’s [Livio Trapè], and the Soviet Union’s [Viktor Kapitonov]. Over the next two laps a few other riders joined the leaders, but on lap 10, Trapè and Kapitonov went off the front together, and had 52 seconds on the peleton at the end of that circuit. As the two neared the end of lap 11, Kapitonov took off and started a mad sprint, thinking the race was ending. But they had one more lap to go, and the two entered it with a lead of 2:29. At the finish, Kapitonov had enough left to repeat his sprint and narrowly defeat Trapè. This greatly disappointed the Italian crowd, who had hoped for an Italian win, which would have completed a sweep of the cycling events. A pack of 39 riders closed on the two leaders in the last lap, but finished 20 seconds down. This group included Schur and Eckstein, and the entire German team was placed consecutively from 20-23 place.

The 1960 cycling road race has been a difficult event to document statistically as the Official Report lists only the 76 finishing riders. It mentions that there were 142 riders from 42 nations, but the other 66 riders are not listed directly. There are some lap results that help identify the non-finishers. We have been able to identify what we believe is the correct list of non-finishers by using various sources. We have contacted numerous national cycling federations, asking for their information on their national riders. In a few cases, we contacted some of the supposed competitors directly. We finally found a copy of the Official Program from the day of the race, which listed the starters, and was accompanied by a list entitled “Entry Modifications,” which noted when some riders did not start and some were replaced by other riders on their teams. We believe the results listed below are the best representation of who actually started on 30 August 1960. However, there are also problems with who actually finished the race in certain positions, based on personal reports from the riders, and photographs of the finish. We have footnoted these as necessary, but these results do not quite follow the results in the Official Report precisely.

Part of the problem may arise from the actions of the treasurer of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), Albert Verouhstraete, who was the judge at the finish line who was responsible for determining the final placements. But the Belgian judge listed the top 10 finishers and then left to have lunch, stating, "I'm hungry. I'll issue a full list sometime tonight."

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal T
1 Viktor Kapitonov 26 Soviet Union URS Gold 4-20:37
2 Livio Trapè 23 Italy ITA Silver at 0:00
3 Willy Vanden Berghen 21 Belgium BEL Bronze at 0:20
4 Yury Melikhov 23 Soviet Union URS at 0:20
5 Ion Cosma 23 Romania ROU at 0:20
6 Stanisław Gazda 22 Poland POL at 0:20
7 Benoni Beheyt 19 Belgium BEL at 0:20
8 Janez Žirovnik 25 Yugoslavia YUG at 0:20
9 Jacques Gestraut 20 France FRA at 0:20
10 Antonio Bailetti 22 Italy ITA at 0:20
11 Bogusław Fornalczyk 23 Poland POL at 0:20
12 Erwin Jaisli 23 Switzerland SUI at 0:20
13 Roland Lacombe 22 France FRA at 0:20
14 Roby Hentges 19 Luxembourg LUX at 0:20
15 François Hamon 21 France FRA at 0:20
16 José Antonio Momeñe 20 Spain ESP at 0:20
17 Paul Nyman 31 Finland FIN at 0:20
18 Jim Hinds 23 Great Britain GBR at 0:20
19 Giuseppe Tonucci 22 Italy ITA at 0:20
20 Egon Adler 23 Germany GER at 0:20
21 Erich Hagen 23 Germany GER at 0:20
22 Bernhard Eckstein 25 Germany GER at 0:20
23 Gustav-Adolf Schur 29 Germany GER at 0:20
24 Michael Hiltner 19 United States USA at 0:20
25 René Andring 20 Luxembourg LUX at 0:20
26 Gunnar Göransson 27 Sweden SWE at 0:20
27 Rubén Darío Gómez 20 Colombia COL at 0:20
28 Hernán Medina 23 Colombia COL at 0:20
29 Arsenio Chirinos 25 Venezuela VEN at 0:20
30 Ivan Levačić 29 Yugoslavia YUG at 0:20
31 Nevenko Valčić 27 Yugoslavia YUG at 0:20
32 Emil Beeler 22 Switzerland SUI at 0:20
33 Yevgeny Klevtsov 31 Soviet Union URS at 0:20
34 Gaynan Saydkhuzhin 23 Soviet Union URS at 0:20
35 Arnold Ruiner 23 Austria AUT at 0:20
36 Bill Bradley 27 Great Britain GBR at 0:20
37 Bill Holmes 24 Great Britain GBR at 0:20
38 Jan Hugens 21 Netherlands NED at 0:20
39 Henry Ohayon 26 Israel ISR at 0:20
40 Salvatore Palmucci 20 San Marino SMR at 0:20
41 Paul Camilleri 26 Malta MLT at 0:20
42 Kurt Postl 23 Austria AUT at 1:01
43 Frank Brazier 26 Australia AUS at 1:01
44 Ricardo Senn 29 Argentina ARG at 1:01
45 Mohamed El Gourch 24 Morocco MAR at 1:01
46 Gandoura Lacheb Morocco MAR at 1:01
47 Osvald Johansson 27 Sweden SWE at 1:01
48 Ramón Hoyos 28 Colombia COL at 1:01
49 Robert Lelangue 20 Belgium BEL at 1:25
50 Raymond Reaux 19 France FRA at 3:20
51 Roger Thull 21 Luxembourg LUX at 4:57
52 Stoyan Georgiev Demirev 28 Bulgaria BUL at 5:07
53 Ken Laidlaw 24 Great Britain GBR at 5:07
54 Jan Chtiej 22 Poland POL at 5:07
55 Raimo Honkanen 22 Finland FIN at 5:07
56 Ignacio Astigarraga 23 Spain ESP at 5:07
57 Abdallah Lahoucine Morocco MAR at 5:07
58 Jan Janssen 20 Netherlands NED at 5:28
59 Unto Hautalahti 24 Finland FIN at 5:28
60 Matti Herronen 27 Finland FIN at 5:28
61 Luis Zárate 19 Mexico MEX at 5:28
62 Emilio Vidal 31 Venezuela VEN at 5:28
63 José Ferreira 26 Venezuela VEN at 7:47
64 Lars Zebroski 19 United States USA at 8:03
65 Max Wechsler 21 Switzerland SUI at 8:03
66 Wes Chowen 21 United States USA at 10:35
67 Alan Grindal 20 Australia AUS at 10:35
68 Jacinto Brito 22 Mexico MEX at 10:35
69 Alojz Bajc 28 Yugoslavia YUG at 10:35
70 Fritz Inthaler 23 Austria AUT at 10:46
71 Per Digerud 27 Norway NOR at 10:46
72 Hubert Bächli 21 Switzerland SUI at 11:00
73 Owe Adamson 25 Sweden SWE at 11:00
74 Mohamed Touati 21 Tunisia TUN at 15:19
75 Bob Tetzlaff 24 United States USA at 15:19
76 Gheorghe Calcișcă 25 Romania ROU at 19:52
AC Garry Jones 20 Australia AUS DNF
AC Robert Whetters 20 Australia AUS DNF
AC Kurt Schweiger 26 Austria AUT DNF
AC Joseph Geurts 21 Belgium BEL DNF
AC Dimitar Kotev 19 Bulgaria BUL DNF
AC Boyan Kotsev 30 Bulgaria BUL DNF
AC Ognyan Toshev 20 Bulgaria BUL DNF
AC Luigi Bartesaghi 27 Canada CAN DNF
AC Alessandro Messina 18 Canada CAN DNF
AC Pablo Hurtado 28 Colombia COL DNF
AC Juan Sánchez 22 Spain ESP DNF
AC Ventura Díaz 22 Spain ESP DNF
AC Kouflu Alazar 29 Ethiopia ETH DNF
AC Guremu Demboba 25 Ethiopia ETH DNF
AC Amousse Tessema 28 Ethiopia ETH DNF
AC Megra Admassou 25 Ethiopia ETH DNF
AC Ferenc Stámusz 26 Hungary HUN DNF
AC János Dévai 20 Hungary HUN DNF
AC Ferenc Horváth 21 Hungary HUN DNF
AC Győző Török 25 Hungary HUN DNF
AC Hendrik Brocks 18 Indonesia INA DNF
AC Rusli Hamsjin 22 Indonesia INA DNF
AC Theo Polhaupessy 27 Indonesia INA DNF
AC Sanusi 27 Indonesia INA DNF
AC Peter Crinnion 21 Ireland IRL DNF
AC Sonny Cullen 26 Ireland IRL DNF
AC Séamus Herron 26 Ireland IRL DNF
AC Mahmood Munim Iraq IRQ DNF
AC Hamid Oraibi Iraq IRQ DNF
AC Itzhak Ben David Israel ISR DNF
AC Vendramino Bariviera 22 Italy ITA DNF
AC Masashi Omiya 22 Japan JPN DNF
AC Jo Jae-Hyeon 22 South Korea KOR DNF
AC Lee Seung-Hun 22 South Korea KOR DNF
AC Pak Jong-Hyeon 21 South Korea KOR DNF
AC No Do-Cheon 23 South Korea KOR DNF
AC Adolf Heeb 20 Liechtenstein LIE DNF
AC Louis Grisius 23 Luxembourg LUX DNF
AC Ahmed Omar Morocco MAR DNF
AC Mauricio Mata 21 Mexico MEX DNF
AC Filiberto Mercado 22 Mexico MEX DNF
AC John Bugeja 27 Malta MLT DNF
AC Joseph Polidano 20 Malta MLT DNF
AC René Lotz 22 Netherlands NED DNF
AC Lex van Kreuningen 22 Netherlands NED DNF
AC Wiesław Podobas 24 Poland POL DNF
AC Ramiro Martins 18 Portugal POR DNF
AC José Pacheco 18 Portugal POR DNF
AC Mário Silva 19 Portugal POR DNF
AC Francisco Valada 19 Portugal POR DNF
AC Gabriel Moiceanu 26 Romania ROU DNF
AC Aurel Șelaru 25 Romania ROU DNF
AC Domenico Cecchetti 19 San Marino SMR DNF
AC Sante Ciacci 18 San Marino SMR DNF
AC Vito Corbelli 19 San Marino SMR DNF
AC Maurice Coomarawel 20 Sri Lanka SRI DNF
AC Gösta Pettersson 19 Sweden SWE DNF
AC Ali Ben Ali 27 Tunisia TUN DNF
AC Mohamed El-Kemissi 29 Tunisia TUN DNF
AC Bechir Mardassi 30 Tunisia TUN DNF
AC Rubén Etchebarne 23 Uruguay URU DNF
AC Rodolfo Rodino 23 Uruguay URU DNF
AC Juan José Timón 22 Uruguay URU DNF
AC Alberto Velázquez 26 Uruguay URU DNF
AC Francisco Mujica 24 Venezuela VEN DNF
AC Clyde Rimple 23 West Indies Federation WIF DNF