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Canoeing at the 1960 Roma Summer Games

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Host City: Roma, Italy
Date Started: August 26, 1960
Date Finished: August 29, 1960
Events: 7

Participants: 173 (145 men and 28 women) from 24 countries
Youngest Participant: SWE Else-Marie Lindmark-Ljungdahl (18 years, 77 days)
Oldest Participant: SWE Gert Fredriksson (40 years, 280 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): 7 athletes with 2 medals
Most Medals (Country): HUN Hungary (6 medals)


The 1960 Olympic canoeing program was very different from the 1948-56 program. Women now had two events, a singles and doubles kayak event. Men no longer would contest events over 10,000 metres, so instead of eight events, there were only five men’s canoeing events in 1960. Men raced singles and doubles in both kayak and Canadian canoes over 1,000 metres. The fifth men’s event was a 4 x 500 metre kayak relay, the only time this event has ever been contested at the Olympics, although it was conducted at the World Championships from 1950-75.

The canoeing program was held on Lake Albano in the Alban Hills of Lazio, 20 km southeast of Roma. The rowing events were also contested at this site in 1960. One innovation on the lake was the development of a buoy marking system, since always referred to as the Albano Buoy System.