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Cycling at the 1956 Melbourne Summer Games:

Men's Road Race, Individual

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Host City: Melbourne, Australia
Venue(s): , Broadmeadows, Victoria
Date Started: December 7, 1956
Date Finished: December 7, 1956
Format: 187.73 km. mass start race (116.6 miles). 11 laps of a 17.0665 km. course.

Gold: ITA Ercole Baldini
Silver: FRA Arnaud Geyre
Bronze: GBR Alan Jackson


Italy’s [Ercole Baldini] was the heavy favorite. In 1954 he had broken the world amateur record for the hour ride, and earlier in 1956 had won the World Championship in the individual pursuit. The course was a fairly hilly ride of 11 laps of a 17.0665 km. course, with two large climbs that both peaked at 12% grades, the second of which over a full kilometre as the riders turned onto Pascoe Vale Road. The race was delayed when two Irish nationalists attempted to start the race. Officials removed them and they then joined 200 supporters in passing out Irish nationalist literature. Baldini always rode near the front of several breakaways, and on the 8th lap, he dropped everybody and rode the final 50 km. on his own, winning by almost two minutes. After his victory his victory was protested by the French and British, claiming he had been assisted by the photographer’s car. The protest was dismissed. Later in the year, Baldini broke the world hour record, shortly after turning professional. In 1958 he won the Giro d’Italia for his major victory as a pro. He had a solid professional career, but never quite realized the hopes of the Italian tifiosi, who were looking for him to be the next Coppi.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal M T
1 Ercole Baldini 23 Italy ITA Gold 5-21:17
2 Arnaud Geyre 21 France FRA Silver at 1:59
3 Alan Jackson 23 Great Britain GBR Bronze at 1:59
4 Horst Tüller 25 Germany GER at 1:59
5 Gustav-Adolf Schur 25 Germany GER at 1:59
6 Stan Brittain 25 Great Britain GBR at 2:23
7 Arnaldo Pambianco 21 Italy ITA at 2:23
8 Maurice Moucheraud 23 France FRA at 2:23
9 Magdaleno Cano 23 Mexico MEX at 2:23
10 Lars Nordwall 28 Sweden SWE at 2:23
11 Paul Nyman 27 Finland FIN at 2:23
12 Michel Vermeulin 22 France FRA at 2:23
13 Ramón Hoyos 24 Colombia COL at 2:23
14 Bill Holmes 20 Great Britain GBR at 2:33
15 Anatoliy Cherepovych Soviet Union URS at 2:33
16 Mykola Kolumbet 23 Soviet Union URS at 2:33
17 Karl-Ivar Andersson 24 Sweden SWE at 2:33
18 Reinhold Pommer 21 Germany GER at 3:21
19 Harry Reynolds 21 Great Britain GBR at 3:27
20 Roland Ströhm 28 Sweden SWE at 3:27
21 Juan Pérez Chile CHI at 4:21
22 Erich Hagen 19 Germany GER at 5:21
23 Norbert Verougstraete 21 Belgium BEL at 5:30
24 Gustaaf De Smet 21 Belgium BEL at 5:30
25 Guremu Demboba 21 Ethiopia ETH at 5:41
26 Veselin Petrović 27 Yugoslavia YUG at 5:41
27 René Abadie 21 France FRA at 6:11
28 Dino Bruni 24 Italy ITA at 6:11
29 Pat Murphy 23 Canada CAN at 6:11
30 Franz Wimmer 24 Austria AUT at 6:11
31 Gunnar Göransson 23 Sweden SWE at 9:28
32 Viktor Kapitonov 23 Soviet Union URS at 9:28
33 René Deceja 22 Uruguay URU at 10:41
34 Aurelio Cestari 22 Italy ITA at 13:03
35 Viktor Vershinin 27 Soviet Union URS at 13:04
36 Mesfen Tesfaye Ethiopia ETH at 13:08
37 Kim Ho-Sun South Korea KOR at 13:20
38 Zehaye Bahta Ethiopia ETH at 13:20
39 Pablo Hurtado 24 Colombia COL at 13:32
40 Jaime Villegas Colombia COL at 13:32
41 John O'Sullivan Australia AUS at 15:41
42 Frans Van Den Bosch 22 Belgium BEL at 16:59
43 Joe Becker 25 United States USA at 16:59
44 Jim Nevin 25 Australia AUS at 25:45
AC Jim Nestor 36 Australia AUS DNF
AC Jack Trickey Australia AUS DNF
AC Walter Bortel 30 Austria AUT DNF
AC Rudolf Maresch 21 Austria AUT DNF
AC Kurt Schein 25 Austria AUT DNF
AC François De Wagheneire 19 Belgium BEL DNF
AC Jimmy Davies Canada CAN DNF
AC Fred Markus Canada CAN DNF
AC Jorge Luque Colombia COL DNF
AC Jaroslav Cihlář 32 Czechoslovakia TCH DNF
AC Jiří Opavský 25 Czechoslovakia TCH DNF
AC Jiří Nouza Czechoslovakia TCH DNF
AC František Jursa 23 Czechoslovakia TCH DNF
AC Palle Lykke Jensen 20 Denmark DEN DNF
AC Negousse Mengistou 24 Ethiopia ETH DNF
AC Tetsuo Osawa 20 Japan JPN DNF
AC Im Sang-Jo 26 South Korea KOR DNF
AC Gaston Dumont 23 Luxembourg LUX DNF
AC Rafael Vaca Mexico MEX DNF
AC Felipe Liñan Mexico MEX DNF
AC Francisco Lozano 24 Mexico MEX DNF
AC Shazada Muhammad Shah-Rukh 30 Pakistan PAK DNF
AC Saleem Farooqi 16 Pakistan PAK DNF
AC Muhammad Naqi Mallick 28 Pakistan PAK DNF
AC Din Meraj 31 Pakistan PAK DNF
AC Bobby Fowler 24 South Africa RSA DNF
AC Jimmy Swift 25 South Africa RSA DNF
AC Jan Hettema 23 South Africa RSA DNF
AC Abe Jonker 22 South Africa RSA DNF
AC Hylton Mitchell 30 Trinidad and Tobago TTO DNF
AC Butch Neumann 24 United States USA DNF
AC George Van Meter 24 United States USA DNF
AC David Rhoads 24 United States USA DNF
AC Walter Moyano 22 Uruguay URU DNF
AC Eduardo Puertollano 22 Uruguay URU DNF
AC Alberto Velázquez 22 Uruguay URU DNF
AC Franco Cacioni 23 Venezuela VEN DNF
AC Domingo Rivas Venezuela VEN DNF
AC Arsenio Chirinos 21 Venezuela VEN DNF
AC Antonio Montilla 21 Venezuela VEN DNF
AC Trần Gia Thu South Vietnam VNM DNF
AC Nguyễn Hw Thoa South Vietnam VNM DNF
AC Ngô Thành Liêm South Vietnam VNM DNF
AC Trung Trung Lê South Vietnam VNM DNF