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Boxing at the 1948 London Summer Games

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Host City: London, Great Britain
Date Started: August 7, 1948
Date Finished: August 13, 1948
Events: 8

Participants: 205 (205 men and 0 women) from 39 countries
Youngest Participant: NED Moos Linneman (17 years, 58 days)
Oldest Participant: NOR Kaare Gundersen (38 years, 360 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): 24 athletes with 1 medal
Most Medals (Country): ITA Italy (5 medals)


When Olympic boxing resumed after its’ twelve year break, it was under the auspices of a new governing body. The Fédération Internationale de Boxe Amateur (FIBA) was dissolved and replaced in 1946 by the Association Internationale de Boxe Amateure (AIBA). The former having lost credibility due to the behavior of some its’ officials during World War II.

A larger than expected entry forced the re-scheduling of the first round of competition. All contests were due to be held during the second week of the Games on a temporary bridge laid out over the Empire Pool at Wembley, but an extra day’s boxing had to be slotted in and this took place at the Empress Hall at Earls Court, the venue for a number of other sports. 205 boxers took part, more than any other previous Olympics and more nations were represented (39) than ever before.

One thing remained the same however; the standard of refereeing and judging was strongly criticized though in fairness it had proved impossible, due to the long period of war and lack of international competition, to judge the standard of officials especially from countries outside Europe. The AIBA eventually banned 19 judges (out of 56) and 17 referees (out of 37) who they believed were not of the standard required.

The weight limits in each division, which had remained static since 1920, were adjusted to metric measurements, e.g., the light-heavyweight class limit changed from 175 lbs./79.38 kg. to 80 kg./177 lbs.