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Sailing at the 1936 Berlin Summer Games:

Mixed One Person Dinghy

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Host City: Berlin, Germany
Venue(s): Kiel Fjord, Kiel
Date Started: August 4, 1936
Date Finished: August 10, 1936
Format: 25 points for first-place in each race, with scoring down to 1 point for 25th place.

Gold: NED Daan Kagchelland
Silver: GER Werner Krogmann
Bronze: GBR Peter Scott


This class was termed the Olympic Monotype, as in 1924, but the two classes were much different. The 1936 Monotype class was actually known as the O-jolle, or Olympiajolle, and was designed by Hellmut Wilhelm Strauch in 1933 specifically for the 1936 Olympics. It was a Bermuda rig, also called a Marconi rig, with a specific design of mast and rigging.

The competition was held in boats provided by the organization. Each of them was named after a German city; the eventual winner [Daan Kagchelland] sailed in the Nürnberg (Nuremberg). The regattas were affected by the poor weather. Competition had to be suspended for an hour and a half on the first day due to stormy weather. Although the races were held, rain and heavy wind gave an advantage to the heavier sailors. By contrast, the remaining days were plagued by a lack of wind, causing the races to be postponed on three occasions.

The battle for the gold was between Kagchelland, German sailor [Werner Krogmann] and Briton [Peter Scott]. The latter took the lead on the first day, being joined by the Dutchman after four races. The sixth heat proved vital, as Kagchelland sailed to victory with Krogmann and Scott way back. The Dutch sailor would need only a 10th place in the final race to secure the gold. However, Krogmann and Scott collided, causing the British boat to forfeit and drop to bronze medal position. Peter Scott was the son of Robert F. Scott, the famed polar explorer who died on Antarctica in 1912 after losing the race to the South Pole to Norwegian Roald Amundsen.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Daan Kagchelland 22 Nürnberg NED Gold 163
2 Werner Krogmann 35 Rostock GER Silver 150
3 Peter Scott 26 Potsdam GBR Bronze 131
4 Erich Wichmann-Harbeck 35 Mainz CHI 130
5 Giuseppe Fago 29 Augsburg ITA 115
6 Jacques Baptiste Lebrun 25 Leipzig FRA 109
7 Tibor Heinrich von Omorovicza 37 Königsberg HUN 102
8 Willy Pieper 25 Köln SUI 99
9 Frank Jewett 19 Angerburg USA 97
10T René Nyman 19 Bremen FIN 93
10T Thor Thorvaldsen 27 Hamburg NOR 93
12T Sigurd Christensen 25 Kiel DEN 92
12T Charles Eriksson 28 Sweden SWE 92
12T Anton Ström 26 Sweden SWE 92
14 Eugenio Lauz 30 Heidelberg URU 91
15 Dietz Angerer 32 Breslau AUT 86
16 Reg Dixon 36 Dresden CAN 84
17 Erik von Holst 41 Brandenburg EST 78
18 Leon Jensz 21 Poland POL 71
18 Jerzy Dzięcioł 24 Poland POL 71
19 Karlo Bauman 22 Konstanz YUG 65
20 Demir Turgut 27 Cuxhaven TUR 63
21 Ernesto Mendonça 34 Hannover POR 62
22 Norio Fujimura 21 Essen JPN 55
23 Albert Van Den Abeele 29 Danzig BEL 54
24 Walter Heuer 44 Lübeck BRA 39
25 Miloslav Brepta 33 Czechoslovakia TCH 31
25 Vítězslav Pavlousek 25 Czechoslovakia TCH 31