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Fencing at the 1936 Berlin Summer Games:

Men's Épée, Individual

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Host City: Berlin, Germany
Venue(s): Tennis Courts and Tennis Stadium, Imperial Sports Field, Berlin
Date Started: August 9, 1936
Date Finished: August 11, 1936

Gold: ITA Franco Riccardi
Silver: ITA Saverio Ragno
Bronze: ITA Giancarlo Cornaggia-Medici


The epée turned into a bonanza for Italy and, for the first time in Olympic history, Italians took all three medals available. [Franco Riccardi], a wealthy wine producer from Milan, lost only twice in the whole competition. Riccardi had been a member of the Italian team that won gold in 1928 and silver in 1932 but this was his one and only appearance in an individual event at Olympic level.

Behind him placed teammates [Saverio Ragno] and 1932 champion [Giancarlo Cornaggia-Medici] with European champion [Hans Drakenberg] of Sweden just missing a medal in 4th.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Franco Riccardi 31 Italy ITA Gold
2 Saverio Ragno 33 Italy ITA Silver
3 Giancarlo Cornaggia-Medici 31 Italy ITA Bronze
4 Hans Drakenberg 35 Sweden SWE
5 Charles Debeur 30 Belgium BEL
6 Henrique da Silveira 35 Portugal POR
7 Raymond Stasse 23 Belgium BEL
8 Ian Campbell-Gray 35 Great Britain GBR
9 Béla Bay 29 Hungary HUN
10 Khristos Zalokostas Greece GRE
6 p1 r3/4 Michel Pécheux 25 France FRA
6 p2 r3/4 Roman Kantor 24 Poland POL
7 p1 r3/4 Hans Granfelt 38 Sweden SWE
7T p2 r3/4 Frédéric Fitting 36 Switzerland SUI
7T p2 r3/4 Siegfried Lerdon 30 Germany GER
8 p1 r3/4 Antonio Haro 25 Mexico MEX
9 p1 r3/4 Paulo Leal 35 Portugal POR
9 p2 r3/4 Hervé, Count du Monceau de Bergendael 26 Belgium BEL
10 p1 r3/4 Jean Hauert 24 Switzerland SUI
10 p2 r3/4 Henrique Vallim de Aguiar 39 Brazil BRA
6 p1 r2/4 Egill Knutzen 22 Norway NOR
6 p2 r2/4 Ioan Miclescu-Prăjescu 44 Romania ROU
6 p3 r2/4 Antonio Villamil 31 Argentina ARG
6T p4 r2/4 Gustavo Carinhas 28 Portugal POR
6T p4 r2/4 Raúl Saucedo 31 Argentina ARG
6T p4 r2/4 Rezső von Bartha 23 Hungary HUN
7 p1 r2/4 Cornelis Weber 36 Netherlands NED
7 p2 r2/4 Preben Christiansen 22 Denmark DEN
7 p3 r2/4 Willem Driebergen 44 Netherlands NED
8 p1 r2/4 George Tully 21 Canada CAN
8 p2 r2/4 François Duret 25 Switzerland SUI
8 p3 r2/4 Marcel Boulad 31 Egypt EGY
9 p1 r2/4 Pál Dunay 27 Hungary HUN
9 p2 r2/4 Frederick Weber 30 United States USA
9 p3 r2/4 Erik Hammer Sørensen 33 Denmark DEN
9 p4 r2/4 Nicolae Marinescu 29 Romania ROU
10 p1 r2/4 Aage Leidersdorff 26 Denmark DEN
10 p2 r2/4 Thorstein Guthe 24 Norway NOR
10 p3 r2/4 Tomás Barraza 28 Chile CHI
10 p4 r2/4 Gustaf Dyrssen 44 Sweden SWE
6 p1 r1/4 Mahmoud Abdin 29 Egypt EGY
6 p2 r1/4 Antoni Franz 31 Poland POL
6 p3 r1/4 Gustave Heiss 31 United States USA
6 p4 r1/4 Josef Kunt 32 Czechoslovakia TCH
6 p5 r1/4 Ricardo Romero 36 Chile CHI
6 p6 r1/4 Frank Righeimer 27 United States USA
6 p7 r1/4 José Martínez 23 Mexico MEX
6 p8 r1/4 Ernst Röthig 30 Germany GER
7 p1 r1/4 Nicolaas van Hoorn 31 Netherlands NED
7 p2 r1/4 Robert Bergmann 31 Czechoslovakia TCH
7 p3 r1/4 Henri Dulieux 39 France FRA
7 p4 r1/4 Denis Dolecsko 32 Romania ROU
7 p5 r1/4 Vladimir Mažuranić 21 Yugoslavia YUG
7 p6 r1/4 Dimitar Vasilev 32 Bulgaria BUL
7 p7 r1/4 Ennio de Oliveira 24 Brazil BRA
7 p8 r1/4 Konstantinos Bembis Greece GRE
8 p1 r1/4 Charles de Beaumont 34 Great Britain GBR
8 p2 r1/4 Karl Hanisch 36 Austria AUT
8 p3 r1/4 František Vohryzek 29 Czechoslovakia TCH
8 p4 r1/4 Roman Fischer 20 Austria AUT
8 p5 r1/4 Moacyr Dunham 27 Brazil BRA
8 p7 r1/4 Mauris Shamil Egypt EGY
8 p8 r1/4 Krešo Tretinjak 31 Yugoslavia YUG
9 p1 r1/4 Otto Schröder 34 Germany GER
9 p3 r1/4 Douglas Dexter 49 Great Britain GBR
9 p4 r1/4 Ernest Dalton 39 Canada CAN
9 p7 r1/4 Rudolf Weber 33 Austria AUT
10 p1 r1/4 Bertrand Boissonnault 29 Canada CAN