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Equestrianism at the 1936 Berlin Summer Games:

Men's Jumping, Individual

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Host City: Berlin, Germany
Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Imperial Sports Field, Berlin
Date Started: August 16, 1936
Date Finished: August 16, 1936
Format: One round.

Gold: GER Kurt Hasse
Silver: ROU Henri Rang
Bronze: HUN József von Platthy


The event consisted of only one round of the course. The course was designed by August Andreae, who also designed the cross-country courses. The jumping course had 13 fences and 20 jumps spread over 1,050 metres. The one double and three triple combinations had to be jumped from both sides. The obstacles were between 1.30-1.60 metres in height, but for the jump-off most obstacles were raised and some distances were changed, with the water jump widened from 5 to 5.50 metres.

German [Kurt Hasse] and Romania's [Henri Rang] tied with only 4 faults and entered a jump-off. In the jump-off they again tied on faults, with 4, but Haase won the gold medal based on time, 59.2 to 72.8 seconds. There was a three-way tie for third place, also requiring a jump-off for the bronze medal. In the jump-off, both Hungary's [József von Platthy] and Belgium's [Georges Ganshof van der Meersch] rode a clean round, with von Platthy winning the bronze medal on time, 62.6 to 69.0 seconds.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Horse Medal F JOF JOT
1 Kurt Hasse 29 Germany GER Tora Gold 4.00 4.00 59.2
2 Henri Rang 34 Romania ROU Delfis Silver 4.00 4.00 1:12.8
3 József von Platthy 35 Hungary HUN Sello Bronze 8.00 0.00 1:02.6
4 Georges Ganshof van der Meersch 37 Belgium BEL Ibrahim 8.00 0.00 1:09.0
5 Carl Raguse 34 United States USA Dakota 8.00 4.00 1:02.4
6T Xavier Bizard 37 France FRA Bagatelle 12.00
6T Maurice Gudin de Vallerin 39 France FRA Ecuyère 12.00
6T Cevat Kula 34 Turkey TUR Sapkin 12.00
6T Johan Greter 35 Netherlands NED Ernica 12.00
6T José Beltrão 30 Portugal POR Biscuit 12.00
11T Henry de Menten de Horne 39 Belgium BEL Musaphiki 15.00
11T Jan de Bruine 33 Netherlands NED Trixie 15.00
11T Arnold Mettler 31 Switzerland SUI Durmitor 15.00
14 Manabu Iwahashi 28 Japan JPN Falaise 15.25
15 Renzo Bonivento 33 Italy ITA Osoppo 18.75
16T Gerardo Conforti 33 Italy ITA Saba 20.00
16T Marten von Barnekow 36 Germany GER Nordland 20.00
16T Heinz Brandt 29 Germany GER Alchimist 20.00
16T Domingos Coutinho, Márquês do Funchal 39 Portugal POR Merle Blanc 20.00
20 Takeichi, Baron Nishi 34 Japan JPN Uranus 20.75
21T Luís Silva 34 Portugal POR Fausette 24.00
21T Heinrich Sauer 24 Austria AUT Gloriette 24.00
23 Henri van Schaik 37 Netherlands NED Santa Bell 24.50
24 Arthur Qvist 40 Norway NOR Notatus 25.00
25T Arne Francke 32 Sweden SWE Urfé 27.00
25T William Bradford 40 United States USA Don 27.00
27T Miloslav Buzek 36 Czechoslovakia TCH Chroust 28.00
27T Saim Polatkan 28 Turkey TUR Schakal 28.00
29 Constantin Apostol 32 Romania ROU Dracustie 28.75
30 Jörg Fehr 24 Switzerland SUI Corona 29.00
31 Hans Iklé 30 Switzerland SUI Exilé 30.50
32 Rolf Örn 43 Sweden SWE Kornett 31.75
33 Ottmár Szepesi 34 Hungary HUN Pókai 35.00
34 Cornelius Jadwin 40 United States USA Ugly 37.50
35 Hirotsugu Inanami 27 Japan JPN Asafuji 39.00
36 Janusz Komorowski 30 Poland POL Dunkan 47.25
37 Gerhard Egger 27 Austria AUT Mimir 47.50
38 Jean de Tillière 35 France FRA Adriano 51.25
AC Rudolf Trenkwitz 30 Austria AUT Danubia DNF
AC Yves Van Strydonk De Burkel 28 Belgium BEL Ramona DNF
AC Capel Brunker 37 Great Britain GBR Magpie DNF
AC Bill Carr 35 Great Britain GBR Bovril DNF
AC Jack Talbot-Ponsonby 29 Great Britain GBR Kineton DNF
AC Elemér von Barcza 31 Hungary HUN Kopé DNF
AC Fernando Filipponi 44 Italy ITA Nasello DNF
AC Halfdan Petterøe 30 Norway NOR Schamyl DNF
AC Henrik Skougaard 26 Norway NOR Felicia DNF
AC Michał Gutowski 25 Poland POL Warszawianka DNF
AC Tadeusz Sokołowski 30 Poland POL Zbieg II DNF
AC Toma Tudoran 33 Romania ROU Hunter DNF
AC Prince Gustaf Adolf 30 Sweden SWE Aida DNF
AC Julius Čoček 36 Czechoslovakia TCH Chostra DNF
AC Josef Seyfried 40 Czechoslovakia TCH Radmila DNF
AC Cevat Gürkan 28 Turkey TUR Güdük DNF