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Sailing at the 1932 Los Angeles Summer Games:

Mixed Two Person Keelboat

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Host City: Los Angeles, United States
Venue(s): Port of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Date Started: August 5, 1932
Date Finished: August 12, 1932
Format: Eight races. Point system scoring, with yachts scoring one point for finishing a race and one point for each yacht defeated in the race.

Gold: USA United States
Silver: GBR Great Britain
Bronze: SWE Sweden


There were seven boats in what was the first Olympic appearance of the Star class, although it has since become the best known Olympic class and has been on the Olympic Program continuously since 1932. The Star boat had been invented in 1910 by Francis Sweisguth and William Gardner at Long Island, but was only introduced to the 1932 Olympic Program on the initiative of Dr. [Manfred Curry]. Some of the skippers also started in the Snowbird class, which made it difficult for them to compete in both races. Seven races were held. The dimensions of the Star boats was as follows\: length 6.92 meters, width 1.73 meters, sail area 27.92 square metres, weight 680 kg, and draft 1.02 meters. The class identifier was a five-pointed star. The boat was designed for a crew of two persons.

In Los Angeles the American crew of [Andrew Libano] and [Gilbert Gray] dominated the event in their boat, Jupiter, leading from the start with a win in the first race, and winning five of the seven races to take the gold medal. The British crew of [Colin Ratsey] and [Peter Jaffe], sailing Joy, was similarly second throughout, after trailing only the Americans in the first race, and won the silver. Canada seemed to have the bronze medal in hand after six races, but when they finished fifth in the final race, and Sweden placed second, the two boats ended up in a tie, necessitating a sail-off, which was won by the Swedes in Swedish Star in a sail-over, as Canada's Windor did not come to the line.

Final Standings

Rank Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Jupiter USA Gold 46
2 Joy GBR Silver 35
3 Swedish Star SWE Bronze 28
4 Windor CAN 27
5 Tramontane FRA 26
6 Holland NED 14
7 Springbok RSA 7