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Gymnastics at the 1932 Los Angeles Summer Games:

Men's Individual All-Around

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Host City: Los Angeles, United States
Venue(s): Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Date Started: August 8, 1932
Date Finished: August 10, 1932
Format: There were 10 exercises, as follows: Compulsory and optional on the horse vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar, rings, and pommelled horse.

Gold: ITA Romeo Neri
Silver: HUN István Pelle
Bronze: FIN Heikki Savolainen


The individual all-around consisted of compulsory and freestyle exercises on five apparatuses – horizontal bars, parallel bar, pommelled horse, rings and horse vault. In Los Angeles the floor exercises were not included in the all-around as they would later be. The total points on horizontal bar, parallel bars, pommelled horse, and rings were divided by two, with the result of the horse vault divided by four and added to the total, yielding a maximum score of 150.000 points.

The outstanding gymnast was [Romeo Neri] from Italy, who clearly dominated the competition and won by more than six points ahead of the others. In places 2-5 the gymnasts were separated by only 0.55 points. The silver medal eventually went to the Hungarian [István Pelle], slightly ahead of [Heikki Savolainen] from Finland. All three had also been participants in 1928 at Amsterdam, with Neri placing fourth in all-around. Neri and Pelle would also compete in 1936, while Savolainen would have the longest career of any Olympic gymnast, competing through the 1952 Olympics, during which time he would win nine medals and six bronze medals. His six bronzes is still, through 2012, the all-time record for most Olympic bronze medals won, since equalled by four other athletes – [Aleksey Nemov] (RUS-GYM), [Franziska van Almsick] (GER-SWI), [Merlene Ottey-Page] (JAM-ATH), and [Harri Kirvesniemi] (FIN-CCS).

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Romeo Neri 29 Italy ITA Gold 140.625
2 István Pelle 25 Hungary HUN Silver 134.925
3 Heikki Savolainen 24 Finland FIN Bronze 134.575
4 Mario Lertora 34 Italy ITA 134.400
5 Savino Guglielmetti 20 Italy ITA 134.375
6 Frank Haubold 26 United States USA 132.525
7 Oreste Capuzzo 23 Italy ITA 132.450
8 Fred Meyer 21 United States USA 131.650
9 Mauri Nyberg-Noroma 24 Finland FIN 129.800
10 Al Jochim 30 United States USA 129.075
11 Frank Cumiskey 19 United States USA 129.025
12 Franco Tognini 24 Italy ITA 127.275
13T Einari Teräsvirta 17 Finland FIN 122.700
13T Ilmari Pakarinen 21 Finland FIN 122.700
15 Martti Uosikkinen 22 Finland FIN 121.075
16 Miklós Péter 26 Hungary HUN 119.200
17 Michael Schuler 30 United States USA 114.925
18 Toshihiko Sasano 20 Japan JPN 108.475
19 Péter Boros 24 Hungary HUN 105.775
20 József Hegedűs 22 Hungary HUN 105.750
21 Shigeo Homma 28 Japan JPN 103.100
22 Takashi Kondo 20 Japan JPN 101.925
23 Yoshitaka Takeda 21 Japan JPN 88.500
24 Fujio Kakuta 21 Japan JPN 85.300