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Fencing at the 1924 Paris Summer Games:

Men's Épée, Individual

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Host City: Paris, France
Venue(s): Winter Velodrome, Paris
Date Started: July 10, 1924
Date Finished: July 11, 1924

Gold: BEL Charles Delporte
Silver: FRA Roger Ducret
Bronze: SWE Nils Hellsten


With 67 competitors, it took four rounds of round-robin pools to determine the 12 finalists. The final pool consisted of four Frenchmen, four Belgians, two Italians and lone fencers from Sweden and Denmark. The defending champion was France’s [Armand Massard], who qualified for the final. In the end the gold was won by Belgian’s [Charles Delporte] who won eight of his 11 bouts. Four fencers tied for second with seven victories – Massard, [Roger Ducret] (FRA), [Émile Cornereau] (FRA), and Sweden’s [Nils Hellsten]. The four met in a round-robin barrage to determine 2nd thru 5th place. Ducret and Hellsten won two bouts each and then faced each other in a barrage for the medals, with Ducret winning silver, Hellsten settling for the bronze.

Ducret had already won gold in Paris in the individual foil. He competed in five fencing events at the 1924 Olympics, skipping team sabre, and won medals in all five events. Delporte competed at three Olympics – 1920, 1924, 1928 – winning this gold medal and a silver medal in team épée in Paris.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Charles Delporte 31 Belgium BEL Gold
2 Roger Ducret 36 France FRA Silver
3 Nils Hellsten 38 Sweden SWE Bronze
4 Gaston Cornereau 35 France FRA
5 Armand Massard 39 France FRA
6 Virgilio Mantegazza 35 Italy ITA
7T Géo Buchard 30 France FRA
7T Léon Tom 35 Belgium BEL
9T Peter Ryefelt 30 Denmark DEN
9T Paul Anspach 42 Belgium BEL
11 Renzo Compagna Italy ITA
12 Ernest Gevers 32 Belgium BEL
7T p1 r3/4 Luis Lucchetti 21 Argentina ARG
7T p1 r3/4 Mário de Noronha 39 Portugal POR
7T p1 r3/4 Raoul Heide 35 Norway NOR
7T p2 r3/4 Carl Gripenstedt 31 Sweden SWE
7T p2 r3/4 Charles Biscoe 48 Great Britain GBR
7T p2 r3/4 Domingo García 28 Spain ESP
7T p2 r3/4 Eugène Empeyta 31 Switzerland SUI
7T p2 r3/4 Ramón Fonst 40 Cuba CUB
7T p2 r3/4 Allen Milner 28 United States USA
10T p1 r3/4 Henri Jacquet Switzerland SUI
10T p1 r3/4 Ivan Osiier 35 Denmark DEN
12 p1 r3/4 Frédéric Fitting 24 Switzerland SUI
7 p1 r2/4 Gustaf Lindblom 40 Sweden SWE
7 p2 r2/4 Rui Mayer 35 Portugal POR
7 p3 r2/4 Willem Hubert van Blijenburgh 42 Netherlands NED
7 p4 r2/4 Joseph Misrahi Egypt EGY
8 p3 r2/4 Conrado Rolando 19 Uruguay URU
8 p4 r2/4 Sigurd Akre-Aas 26 Norway NOR
8T p1 r2/4 Frederico Paredes 35 Portugal POR
8T p1 r2/4 George Calnan 24 United States USA
8T p1 r2/4 Krikor Agathon 23 Egypt EGY
8T p2 r2/4 Pedro Nazar 31 Argentina ARG
8T p2 r2/4 Wouter Brouwer 41 Netherlands NED
9 p3 r2/4 Tryfon Triantafyllakos Greece GRE
9 p4 r2/4 Pieter van Boven 25 Netherlands NED
10 p2 r2/4 George Breed 47 United States USA
10 p4 r2/4 Wenceslao Paunero 37 Argentina ARG
10T p3 r2/4 Bror Lagercrantz 29 Sweden SWE
10T p3 r2/4 Robert Frater Great Britain GBR
11 p1 r2/4 Martin Holt 43 Great Britain GBR
7 p1 r1/4 Kostas Nikolopoulos Greece GRE
7 p2 r1/4 Héctor Belo Uruguay URU
7 p3 r1/4 Domingo Mendy Uruguay URU
7 p5 r1/4 Ramíro Mañalich Cuba CUB
7 p6 r1/4 Arthur Lyon 47 United States USA
7 p7 r1/4 Jan de Beaufort 43 Netherlands NED
7T p4 r1/4 Eduardo Alonso Cuba CUB
7T p4 r1/4 Theodoros Foustanos Greece GRE
8 p1 r1/4 Viggo Stilling-Andersen 31 Denmark DEN
8 p2 r1/4 Félix de Pomés 35 Spain ESP
8 p3 r1/4 Constantin Antoniades 32 Switzerland SUI
8 p5 r1/4 Salvador Quesada 37 Cuba CUB
8 p7 r1/4 António de Menezes 33 Portugal POR
8T p6 r1/4 Robert Montgomerie 44 Great Britain GBR
8T p6 r1/4 Jan Tille 33 Czechoslovakia TCH
9 p1 r1/4 Johan Falkenberg 22 Norway NOR
9 p2 r1/4 Frithjof Lorentzen 27 Norway NOR
9 p4 r1/4 Josef Javůrek 47 Czechoslovakia TCH
9 p5 r1/4 Santos Ferreira Uruguay URU
9 p7 r1/4 Francisco Bollini Argentina ARG
9T p3 r1/4 Miguel Zabalza 27 Spain ESP
9T p3 r1/4 Josef Jungmann 36 Czechoslovakia TCH
10 p1 r1/4 Carlos Miguel 31 Spain ESP
10 p2 r1/4 Ahmed Mohamed Hassanein 34 Egypt EGY
10 p7 r1/4 Jens Berthelsen 33 Denmark DEN